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Curing The Leadership Development Dilemma with Dr. Janet

Curing The Leadership Development Dilemma with Dr. Janet

By Janet Lockhart
This Podcast series offers practical insights, causes and cures to Leadership Development failures. The world has changed. For the most part, leadership development efforts are still decades behind. Let's change this!

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Synchronous virtual training; how much do you "really" know about it?
In this episode, Janet Lockhart-Jones of Project Partners Consulting Inc. and Brian Kadish of State Farm share with listeners their expertise in designing, creating, implementing, and facilitating virtual training events. Together Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones and Brian Kadish have over 30 years of Enterprise Learning and Development expertise. Dr. Lockhart-Jones has designed and delivered synchronous virtual training for clients worldwide for the past 15 years and is an expert on the subject.   In this episode, Brian and Janet will dispel a few myths, discuss challenges organizations tend to face when implementing synchronous virtual training and why the theory and practice behind webinars are vastly different from synchronous learning. Brian and Janet will also discuss the need to design virtual training events to allow for maximum learner interaction and engagement.  This is one of many podcasts to come from Brian and Janet.
May 12, 2020
Leadership in Crisis: The Burning Case for Principles, Values and Ethics in Today's Leaders
Did you know that over 1500 CEOs either resigned or were ousted in 2019? Did you know that of these 1500, many lost its leader due to unscrupulous behavior?  If this type of behavior is going on at the top, what can those who are in charge of designing and implementing leadership development programs do at their level? Listen to the Podcast to find out.
January 09, 2020
Why do the wrong people get placed in leadership roles?
This Podcast episode explores the critical relationship between direct reports and managers/leaders. When employees have to work for bad, unqualified, or incapable leaders, this has an adverse impact on every aspect of the business, including retention and engagement. But why do organizations struggle greatly with getting leadership development and leadership role assignments right? This Podcast will provide much needed insight to HR, Talent Management, Senior Leaders, and L&D professionals who are have witnessed this is want to do something about it. 
December 18, 2019
Finally, a definition of leadership that works (and crushes others).
Organizations still struggle with defining leadership and this presents problems for those in a leadership role or new to leadership. This also creates problem for those designing leadership development programs. With Dr. Janet' s definition, this problem is resolved.
November 23, 2019
Leadership Development: The Mandate
In this first episode, you will learn more about this series, the author, Dr. Janet and the case she makes for getting Leadership Development right and the journey she will take listeners on.
November 18, 2019