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Inspo by J.Co

Inspo by J.Co

By Jennifer Coleman
Welcome to the inspo by J.Co podcast, where we help you find inspiration in the little things so you can do the big things. Sharing your gifts and talents so that others, in turn, discover theirs— that’s what life is all about! Let’s have a convo about inspo!
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Ice, Ice, Yikes!
When winter weather wreaked havoc in my area, I had to find a way to deal. The answer? Step by Step (ooo, baby)
February 22, 2021
Quote Connection
Hear about a funny way I connected to an inspirational quote! What’s on your salad??
February 10, 2021
The impact of a simple whistle
Inspiration can be packaged in unlikely sources—hear how a famous whistler burned a memory that impacted my future work as an educator.
February 7, 2021