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By Jeremy W Jones
Master the art of thriving at life. Imagine sitting in with some of your most interesting friends as they talk about the lessons learned from building careers in the field of making people better. We'll teach you tips and tricks you didn't know existed while breaking down new research into action item steps you can do right away... (and have some laughs along the way)!
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Thrivestry Podcast 020 Season Finale, JJ’s Abs, Favorite Episodes, Changes for Season 2


Podcast 022 selecting a good workout program and the myth of constantly varied
If you can’t do Thrivestry, what sort of things should you be thinking about when selecting a program or if you are creating your own programming, what are some of the ‘big rocks’ you should be paying attention to? The importance of constant improvement. Why you need to repeat workouts? Why is programmed skill work so critical? Should you be doing ‘random’ workouts? Watch it on YouTube!
October 31, 2019
Podcast 021 Season 2, say no to bad workouts, will lifting weights make you bulky
Season 2 is here! We are changing the format a bit for this season. We are going to be talking more about workout programming and going over the prevailing 'myths' we see regularly in the fitness/exercise world. Today we talk about 'bad' workouts, how to spot them, what are the red flags for bad workouts, and what should you do when you visit a gym (or a friend recruits you) and you have to decide how to approach a bad workout. We also talk about the myth "lifting weights will make me bulky". What it takes to actually build muscle and why you shouldn't be worried about bulking up if that isn't your goal! Watch it on YouTube:
October 09, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 020 Season Finale, JJ’s Abs, Favorite Episodes, Changes for Season 2
Season 1 Finale! We talk about our favorite episodes and go through some of our favorite infographics. Then I talk about my upcoming article “I Did CrossFit For 15 Years and This Is What It Did To My Body” (with a sneak preview of my abs). Then we go on to talk about how season 2 will be different and what you can look forward to when we kick that off in a few week.  YouTube Link so you can see the infographics and abs:
July 23, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 019 Identity Principles and Decisions Part 2
We continue the talk about Identity, Principles, and Decisions. What does the car you drive and how you drive it have to do with Identity and Principles. What are the positives and negatives of each category? How can we 'tack' toward our goals rather than fight the headwind? Is a 'strong gym community' an asset?  YouTube Link Here: 
July 09, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 018 - Identity, Principles, Decision Fatigue, and are Ortho Surgeries Worth it?
 Principles are rules that we set for life. What are the drawbacks to principles? What do they have to do with your identity? How can we use principles to combat decision fatigue? What can we do about negative identities or principles that are holding us back? How does this apply to gyms and gym ‘communities’. Then we go on to talk about this article: Why might this be? Does this mean that we should never get orthopedic surgery?  YouTube Link Here: 
June 27, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 017 Flowers make you feel better and passion exploitation
 We switch things up and go over two separate studies that had interesting/obvious results. The first one was regarding how flowers and plants made patients in the hospital feel better and have better outcomes. Article here:  The second one is how people who are passionate about their jobs/businesses tend to be taken advantage of (and how society tends to think it is okay). We talk about what this means for gym owners and coaches in the mico gym industry. YouTube Here: 
June 24, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 016 - Coaches Mentors and Rebuilding Cartilage
How coaches and mentors help us improve (and what is wrong with the medical system). Doctors are good at fixing when you are broken, but they are not experts in keeping people healthy. The sickness, wellness, fitness curve. Working with an expert makes sure you are not wasting your time and energy as well as keeping you accountable. Then we go on to talk about how our bodies build new cartilage and this article:   YouTube Link here: 
June 15, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 015 – OODA Loop and how people around us affect our behavior
Observe, Orient, Decide, Act was a concept that Colonel Boyd created to help dissect the decision process for fighter pilots, but the OODA loop has been shown to have uses in many other situations and fields. You can use the OODA loop to help you change your own behavior, or if you are a coach, you can use it to help people change their own behaviors. Then we go on to talk about this article: What sort of subtle ways are we affected by the people around us? Us vs them? Do we eat more when we are eating with someone else? Do we work out harder when we are with others?   YouTube Video Link:  
June 07, 2019
Thrivestry podcast 014 EDC as a fitness program and concerts better than yoga
Research has shown that experiences make you happier (than buying 'stuff'), your 'general physical preparedness' program should enable you to do the most stuff and take advantage of opportunities and challenges as they come up. I have come up with a graphic that provides a visual of this concept. The 4 components are Strength, Cardio, Skill, and Play. Where do physical activities fall on this chart? How can you use this chart to make sure you have the right amount of balance?  Then we go on to talk about some "research" (using the term loosely) that points to the observation that going to live concerts may be better for longevity and well being than Yoga and dog walking.  Is this a real "study"? Why might this effect be real? Living in the moment vs watching the 'replay'.  YouTube Video here (with diagram):  EDC and Venn Diagram article here: 
May 30, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 013 – Partners in crime for habit formation and getting outside as effective as medication
We start with some video of me doing the jet boots on the water (and having an epic fall), then we go on to do a bit of a follow up with the ‘trigger’ conversation from last week. After that, we talk about how you should partner or team up with friends to help you establish new habits and routines. Then we go on to talk about this article: which covers some of the more recent research about how being outside reduces stress levels and has been shown to be as effective as prescription medication for ADHD kids. 
May 22, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 012 - using habit triggers for good habits and how diet sodas don't help you lose weight
Triggers are the event or feeling that starts a habit (bad or good), We can use triggers to help build good habits, but we can also use awareness of triggers to help us avoid the bad habits we are trying to avoid. Then we give some good examples of triggers that might help you!We also talk about a study that showed that teenagers drinking diet soda only ended up consuming almost the same number of total calories as those who drank full calorie soda. Kids who drank both diet and regular soda consumed more calories than both!  
May 16, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 011 - Feedback that is immediate is better than later and why men do not go to the doctor
To make change in the long term, focus on short term feedback. Why keeping track of simple data points on the key things you want to change is better than the most detailed plan that goes far out into the future. The multi-tool model for fitness. What sort of things does JJ and GG track. Then we go on to talk about the problems with getting men to see the doctor and how they are trying to fix it.  How can we use this to make our gyms more inviting to men? Then GG and JJ go toe to toe about the differences in the healthcare system for women and men. 
May 11, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 010 - More strength focus details and Aerobic work affecting strength work research
More details about our 6 week strength focuses. JJ's "thinking cap". When you should be doing the same weight, and when you should be adding weight. The differences between a 'focus' and a dedicated 'cycle'. The fact that daily gym programming shouldn't be a temperamental 'race car' and more like a daily commuter car or pick up truck. Then we talk about why lifting and metcon is better when we do the 'cardio' after the lifting portion: and why lifting after a metcon/cardio is not ideal. 
April 24, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 009 - Habit Stacking, Fecal Transplants, and Gut Bacteria changing Autism systems and brain chemistry
We can use our daily routines to "insert" new habits that we know are good for us. James Clear Article here: How does willpower work? Terms of Endearment and M&Ms. How JJ eats healthy. We talk about this article: . Yes... that says Poop Transplants. We talk about the limitations of this study, and what it means beyond helping ASD folks. Should you take probiotics and what are prebiotics.
April 19, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 008 Taking vacations and breaks, being fit is better for mental health than money
Why are vacations and breaks so important? How can you be more productive while taking more breaks? What can you do to set yourself up to take a 2-3 week vacation? Fitness as a little black dress or a multitools. Seth Godin article on Freelancer vs Entrepreneur:     We also go over this Yale and Oxford Study talking about how people who keep up with their fitness tend to have less 'bad' days than people just like them (who don't exercise and possibly make more money). Article here:  
April 12, 2019
Thrivestry Episode 007 Introducing Anne, talking about our Spark program, and a paradigm shift about procrastination
In this episode you'll get to meet Anne Lundy. She started off as a friend of my wife, then one of my early clients 12 years ago or so. She currently coaches classes and personal training sessions and helps me with our Spark program! Then we go on to talk about a huge mental shift in how to view procrastination. It isn't that you are lazy, or busy, or have poor self control... it has to do with your feelings. Here is the article: 
March 28, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 006 Strength Focus Overview and What is a Calorie
In this episode we are going into the weeds a bit on the strength focus used in the Thrivestry main gym program. We cover: How the focus works.  Why it works.   How it affects the other parts of the program.  How the strength movements build momentum for each other.  How the super sets allow us to hit two other critical types of movement training. We also talk about the purpose of the next strength focus (cleans) and some scaling options for ring dips. Video version of this week's podcast so you can see the graphics:  Here is an article where I talk about the strength focus in even more detail:   Then we go on to talk about the history of the Calorie (how it was invented). What are the limitations of using Calories? Why is the Calorie so entrenched in our society? Here is the full article! 
March 21, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 005 - Special Guest Chandler Walker
I talk with Chandler Walker, owner of Stone Age Fuel and CEO of the 'Culture of Care' service which helps people through education and mentoring from a psychology perspective. We also talk about social media, and getting out and doing fun experiences. I APOLOGIZE in advance for the audio! For some reason, the mic we used made us alternatively loud and quiet. But it is still a great episode, I swear!
March 15, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 004
The "Improving the Average" technique for creating improvement. Can we just focus on 1-2 things, and only look at the last 3-4 days, and make significant change? Can we use a simple +, -, and =, scoring system and not worry about trying to force ourselves into huge changes? What is the psychology around this method? What is the deal with the headline "My mother’s vegetarian diet contributed to her early death. We should all learn from it"  Link here: 
March 07, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 003
Decision fatigue, buyers remorse, and wasting our energy on things that aren't helping us improve. How is 'buyers remorse' related to repeating the CrossFit Open workouts? 5 Reasons Why Repeating CrossFit Open Workouts Is a Bad Strategy Long Term What can we do to prevent decision fatigue, and how can this make your life easier? We also talk about THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE thing I have ever done (tried to eat the "Kitchen Sink" - a giant ice cream sundae). What is the deal with this 'pizza is healthier than cereal' headline? Is it really true? How should you warm up your pizza in the morning
March 03, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 002
We talk about the 'push pull' model of making changes and getting out of a "rut" as well go over the "40 Push Ups" test for cardiovascular disease. Can tests and research like this really help folks be more healthy? What are the pitfalls of looking at research?
February 21, 2019
Thrivestry Podcast 001
Introductions and what this podcast is about. Co-hosts JJ and GG talk about the mission to change lives as well as the podcast/audio book revolution that is happening now. 
February 15, 2019