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Balanced Entrepreneur

Balanced Entrepreneur

By Jessica Dennis
Hey, I’m Jess Dennis. I help ambitious moms who desire a meaningful income go from feeling unsatisfied and unsupported to being prepared and equipped to leverage the right traditional business model for their skillset.

I believe every mom deserves to feel worthy and be allowed to make the money she wants.

Using my Balanced Entrepreneur Approach, I help women determine their vision and take action on their dreams as they move into their purpose.
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012: New Business Announcement

Balanced Entrepreneur

017: The unexpected difficulty of finding joy as we age
It's been a HAAAT minute! But I'm back! In this episode I am updating you on my schedule, my life, what it's like to live in the in between and happiness. I'm finding that happiness is shifting for me. In my 20s, I found a lot of happiness imagining my future potential accomplishments and the life I would create for myself. Now that I'm in my late 30s, I'm finding that I've accomplished what I set out to do and I've done it. Listen, I know life isn't over in your 40s and beyond but it's different! We did the wedding, we bought the houses, had the careers and birthed the babies. And sure, all of those things were great, but what do you do when you find yourself at the other side of all those dreams? I'm finding that my source of happiness and joy has shifted and that's what I'm talking about in this episode. I hope you'll join me for the conversation.  Like all episodes, I want to know what you think! DM me on Instagram @balanced_entrepreneur to share your thoughts with me directly. I might even feature you on my next episode! 
June 24, 2021
016: Wrestling with Anxiety, Fear and Identity Crisis Post-Pandemic
For the past year, life has looked nothing like normal for many of us. COVID shut the world down in early 2020 and forced many women and parents out of the workplace and into their homes to homeschool children and create a place of safety in a world full of uncertainty. We've been living in this "new normal" for a while and now, as the world begins to open back up, many of us are experiencing different fears and anxieties while wrestling with shifts in identity. In this weeks podcast episode, I share my own experience with those concerns and what life looks like for me and my family as we navigate back to "normal". We talk about the difference between fear and anxiety and how to bring back habits that serve our future selves. Enjoy!
May 13, 2021
015: Navigating the season of stillness that comes after quitting
What happens when you quit? In episode 13 I talked about why I'm a quitter and why you should be one too. I share why it's sometimes necessary to cut something off before transitioning to something else. That cutting off might come in the form of quitting a job, selling a business, ending a relationship, a divorce or any number of ends to something important. What happens after you walk away and quit? This podcast episode is all about that time. I'm in it now so it's easy for me to speak to it. I sold a business at the beginning of 2020 that I had built over the past eight years. The business was a big part of my identity and who I was, selling it left a massive hole in my perception of personal worth, value and social community. Everything in me wanted to find that next thing as quickly as possible so that I didn't have to sit in that pain, but I had to. There is so much purpose in our pain, but that doesn't change the fact that going through it absolutely blows. If...scratch that, WHEN you find yourself on the other side of quitting this is the podcast for that season. What does it look like to be okay in the stillness and boredom? What does it look like to learn from the pain rather than ignore it? I hope you enjoy this episode all about that next phase. 
May 06, 2021
014: If kids are so resilient, why do so many adults have childhood trauma?
Today’s episode is all about COVID-19. I’m recording this podcast while battling through COVID myself, interviewing my girls about their experience as kids through quarantine and then having a lively conversation with my friend and guest Lindsey Chevalier. While conversation with the girls I ask them to share their thoughts on this quote, “‘Kids are resilient’ is one of the most B.S. lines to come out of the pandemic. If kids are so resilient, why do we have a generation of adults still talking about childhood trauma? Kids are vulnerable. Their mental health is just the easiest to ignore.” In the second part of this episode I have a deep conversation with my friend Lindsey about her experiences during COVID for her and her family and why she’s fired up about the way we’ve treated kids. We dive into gender and racial issues happening in our country right now and share our vulnerable real thoughts surrounding these controversial topics. Find Lindsey on IG: @lindseychevalier
April 20, 2021
013: When to Quit and When to Stick in Your Career
"Just don't quit." This is the anthem in the direct sales industry and I'm sure others. The idea is that if you just stick it out, you'll eventually be successful. That quitting is the only surefire path to failure. But I'm here to tell you that's crap. In fact, knowing when to quit is as necessary as identifying opportunities. So why then do so many of us feel fearful about quitting? That's exactly what we're identifying in this podcast episode as I lay out some of the most important career moves that involved quitting in order to pivot directions. Whether you call it quitting, pivoting, folding, or switching paths, knowing when your season is up will be one of your greatest strengths. In this episode, I identify four symptoms I experience every time I know it's time to make a move and the biggest things that hold me back from taking the next step. 
April 13, 2021
012: New Business Announcement
Finally I get to tell you what I'm working on!!! For weeks I've been sharing snippets of my new business adventure and today is the day I finally get to share allll the details!  Drum roll please... My business partner Casee Hawkins and I have signed on with a brand new franchise called Face Foundrié out of Minnesota! Face Foundrié ( is an open-concept facial bar that takes facial services out of the spa environment to create an approachable, focused method to skincare services. Since working together in Rodan + Fields, Casee and I have fallen in love with skincare and we're excited to take this new leap in our entrepreneurial journeys. We've signed on for the entire state of Wisconsin and will begin rolling out locations throughout the state starting fall 2021. Our first location will be in Appleton, WI and we want to know from YOU where we should head next! We have our sights set on Milwaukee, Green Bay and more.  Thank you for supporting us in this journey, this is just the beginning!
March 22, 2021
011: The Biggest Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship
Whether you're starting your first business or your fifth business, this is my number one tip for all entrepreneurs in any stage of the game. We have this perception of entrepreneurs as these bold, courageous, tough-as-nails type personalities, when in my experience, humble and honest is the safest route to success. In this podcast episode, I share how managing the downside has lead to incredible upside potential, not putting it all on the line, or betting the farm. As entrepreneurs, we have responsibility for the business baby we're nurturing and part of that responsibility is taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of the business. Managing the downside gives us that peace we absolutely need in order to show up as the best versions of ourselves. Whether the business starts from $1,000 or $100,000, managing the downside is the most important piece of the puzzle for any entrepreneur. 
March 16, 2021
Work Hardish Play Hardish
How we do anything is how we do everything. Therefore, when we work hard, like real hard, we also tend to play equally hard. I've spent the last 12 years thinking this was just how I was created. I'm an "all in or all out" person so I accepted my work and play equally hard as just how I was built. But at 38 years old, starting my seventh business, I'm doing things differently. I'm learning that how we recover makes all the difference in how fast we move forward. This time around I'm balancing how hard I work because I know it'll dictate how hard I recover and that recovery will impact how quickly I can move forward. I've never done things this way because I always thought I had to be the hardest on myself, that if I weren't hard on myself I would lose my edge. In this season, my edge is taking care of myself so that I don't need to lean completely out. It may feel like I'm moving slower on a day-to-day basis but long-term it'll allow me to move faster. What about you? Do you work hard and play equally hard? What would happen if you chose self-love and compassion instead? Would your recoveries be more gentle?
March 05, 2021
08 The Biggest Secret to Generate More Sales
This podcast episode is for anyone in sales, and...spoiler alert, everyone is in sales! We're all in a position of leadership and in order to be successful, part of our role is to persuade our audience to take action. Whether you're a mom, a waitress, a marketing exec, an entrepreneur or a teacher, your success depends on influencing those around you to do something or take action. And the more effective you are in your communications, the better the outcome. So what's the key to success? Is it being passionate about whatever it is you're "selling"? Is it loving what you do? No. In this episode, I share the number one tip to being more successful in your role and I bet the answer will surprise you. Enjoy!
February 22, 2021
09 Balance for the Naturally Unbalanced (like me!)
If we're just getting to know each other, you might think that balance is my thing because I'm just really good at it. I get that and I'd probably think the same thing! I mean...I wrote a book called the Balanced Entrepreneur. But, would it surprise you to know that balance is my thing because I'm a naturally very unbalanced person? It's true. I'm a super black and white, extreme, maybe obsessive compulsive type. Balance has become my thing because I need it and I need to work so hard at it. If you relate, this episode is for you! I share why balance has become important to me and I share examples of times in my life that have been incredibly unbalanced where I've needed to deliberately readjust. Enjoy!
February 18, 2021
Unmasked with Emily Paulson - Drinking Culture
Have you ever taken a step back and wondered why alcohol seems to be a prerequisite to adulting? Likely not. We're bombarded with advertisements, movies, messages, social media and general cultural acceptance of the use of alcohol. Prior to my exploration of my relationship with alcohol and the role it plays in my life, I never thought to question these messages that surround us every single day. I assumed, like most, that alcohol use was normal, part of a healthy diet and mostly safe. In the past four years (basically since Emily has been so open about her journey) I've begun my own journey of diving into the world of alcohol. I've listened to audio books, read books on the subject, checked out podcasts and blogs, and deepened my relationship with Emily through thought-provoking conversations around the topic. What I've learned is nothing short of eye-opening. Wherever you're at with your relationship with alcohol, I hope that you choose to listen in on our conversation. Emily is a wealth of knowledge and today, dedicates herself and her work to other women working through the recovery process.  You can find Emily's book on Amazon, Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life and find her online at:
February 02, 2021
The Balanced Entrepreneur Book : Letter to Reader & Introduction
In the podcast today I am sharing parts of my book! Since imagining a podcast, this is something I've wanted to do, read part of my book to you. Today I am sharing the Letter to the Reader and the Introduction. I hope this gives you the general taste and overall flavor of the book. Enjoy!
January 26, 2021
"Am I an alcoholic?"
Since deciding to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol, I've received a lot of questions. Questions like, "How do I know if I have a problem?" and "Am I an alcoholic?" I used to ask those questions but I don't anymore. I don't find those questions particularity insightful or even helpful. A better set of questions started asking myself were "What do I want my life to look like? And, what role, if any, does alcohol play in it?" Those questions led to better answers and those answers led me to the journey I'm on today with eliminating alcohol from my life.  In this episode I talk about the fire we're all playing with and how alcoholism is a spectrum. The alcoholic no longer means just the homeless guy on the street, but could be the mom in carline. It's time we wake up to this massive industry and open our eyes to the deception all around us. Think about this...alcohol is the only substance that once you stop, you're labeled as having a problem. That's just messed up! 
January 19, 2021
Building again in network marketing - The honest to goodness truth
In this episode we're talking all about the Network Marketing/MLM/Direct Sales/Social Selling/Social Commerce (call it whatever you want) industry. Specifically, we're talking about building again or more than once. Many people look into this industry when a friend, colleague or family member brings them an opportunity. They evaluate the industry based on a single company, and like me, think they'll be with one company forever and ever amen. But what if you like the industry but need a change in companies? That's what we're talking about today. Jenny Taylor is back to join me in this honest conversation about the struggles, pitfalls, watch-outs and ultimately, the benefits of building again. If you're someone evaluating the industry for the first time or with a company but interested in adding to that portfolio or making a switch entirely, this episode is for you. We don't hold back and we share what it's really like to make a massive transition. Our hope is that our stories, our struggles and our path can help others on a similar journey. Enjoy.
January 06, 2021
How to make a decision when you're feeling stuck
We've all been there… We've come to a crossroads where a decision needs to be made and we're fearful of making the right or the wrong decision. I've been there many times and  2020 was no exception. I've made more scary, big life-altering decisions in the last year and a half than I think I've ever made and it's the reason I believe I'm on the most purposeful path. The problem with decision making is that we think not making a decision is safer than than actual decision. When we're fearful of the outcome, we're more likely to sit in indecision. But indecision has a way of turning your entire life upside down. In this episode we talk about how to make big, scary decisions. I share 4 tips I use when making big decisions, along with 2 things I never do. This episode is for anyone facing a challenging decision that they're hesitating to make for fear of what will happen next. 
December 15, 2020
December 15, 2020
December 15, 2020
Unmasked - Leveraging 2020 challenges as a catalyst for change
For the very first Unmasked event my guest is Jenny Taylor. Jenny has been a friend and colleague since 2012. We met when we joined our first network marketing company and continue to work together to this day. I chose Jenny as my first guest for Unmasked because her leadership style is one of total service and grace. When you listen to Jenny's advice and story you will feel at peace. Her way of doing business is is radically peaceful and authentic, her style is a breath of fresh air.  Unmasked: An online event to bring women together while putting on facial masks for self-care and simultaneously taking down the masks we wear every day to have an honest conversation around struggles we’re all facing. Jenny Taylor is a leader in the Network Marketing space and fosters a culture of collaboration, integrity, and freedom. She’s built a multi-million dollar organization, and has a unique perspective and insight on building team culture, servant leadership, balancing motherhood and career, and designing a life you love with the people you love. She lives by the idea that women are better together, and believes that collaboration and linking arms are the keys to business and life success. Jenny loves to share her experiences in coaching people through fear and doubt, to build a successful business on their terms...with no alarm clocks!
December 11, 2020
Welcome to the Balanced Entrepreneur Podcast
Heading into 2020, my goal was to create a podcast. I personally love podcasts therefore it felt like a natural fit to create one for my audience. And then COVID hit and I found myself locked in my four walls with three girls and couldn't even fathom having enough peace to record my thoughts, let alone have any cohesive thoughts. But the year is not over and we're moving forward imperfectly. I'm happy you're here and I look forward to bringing you content that makes a difference in your life, like it's making a difference in mine. Much love friend. 
December 11, 2020