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Rising Up Early

Rising Up Early

By Babeth Ebeka
Bible teachings to infuse your prayers with faith and fire! This podcast brings the word of God that has the power to save and transform lives.

Elizabeth "Babeth" Ebeka is the minister and founder of Jesus for All Evangelistic Ministry, making disciples on fire for Jesus.

Text and WhatsApp 301-375-0306
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Episode 11. How God's Provision Came Unexpectedly

Rising Up Early

Episode 11. How God's Provision Came Unexpectedly

Rising Up Early

Exercise Spiritual Authority
Christians often live consequences of the enemy attacking them because they don't exercise authority. Come find out what Jesus has already done for us and how to exercise that authority. This episode will add fire to your faith in prayer. It will give you confidence that you can walk in the victory of the cross. 🙌🏾. [Matthew 28:18; Luke 10:19; Genesis 3:16]
November 3, 2021
Episode 14. The Reason for Pentecost and How We can Benefit From It Today.
In Acts 1:14 we learn that the disciples were together in continual devoted prayer until the Holy Spirit came down. Prayer is prerequisite to revival!! We need to devote ourselves to prayer so that we can continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The power of God has come to make us witnesses. He wants us to experience God's power as described in Luke 4:18 - we preach the Gospel, heal the brokenhearted, set the captives free, Amen!!!
September 14, 2021
Episode 13. A Testimony of Total Restoration
In our final episode of tbe series Blessings in the Desert, our special guest Helena Cabral shares how the Lors restored her after Bell's Palsy. We learn that our God still restores those who walk with him. He did it for Shadrach, Meschah, and AbedNego when he saved them from the fiery furnace. He can do the same for you. May this testimony release the faith for a miracle in your life today. You can reach Pastor Babeth for prayer or bible study on our website or on social media by searching for jfaministry.
November 14, 2020
Episode 12. How God Bypassed Qualifications
Bonus Testimony! Episode 6 of Blessings in the Desert series is a story of our Heavenly Father's favor when we are not qualified. Hallelujah! Our special guest Tonza Webb-Ramseur shares how God sets her on the right path for continued career growth! Be encouraged and share with someone else. You can reach us by phone or text message at 301-375-0306 for prayer. Jesus for All Evangelistic Ministry makes disciples on fire for Jesus. Visit us and follow us on social media and YouTube to receive spiritual strength daily. God bless you!
November 6, 2020
Episode 11. How God's Provision Came Unexpectedly
In Episode 5, we welcome our special guest Esther Hayes. She shares with us how, during this pandemic, the Lord moved to provide at a new level, from an unexpected source! It was like sending a raven to feed Elijah! Be blessed, be encouraged with this testimony of Blessings in the Desert.  Remember to share so someone else will be blessed.  We love to hear from you, so send us feedback on our website or on social media @jfaministry
October 30, 2020
Episode 10. How The Patient Became The Blessing
Episode 4 presents another special guest, Marquita Brewer. Listen to this marvellous testimony of the patient who became a blessing for the hospital. Truly God makes all things work together for our good. Amen! This is our new series Blessings in The Desert, God works miracles in our lives no matter our circumstances. Hallelujah!
October 23, 2020
Episode 9. How She Received A Surprise Healing
In Episode 3 of our series Blessings in the Desert, our special guest sister Angela Freeman shares how the Lord surprised her with healing of a pain that was there for years! Learn some principles of faith in this episode!
October 16, 2020
Episode 8. How God Stepped Into Their Careers
In Episode 2 of Blessings in the Desert, a double blessing for their family. Kathleen and Reggie Adams will share with us how God stepped into their careers to do exceedingly beyond what they asked or thought. Blessings in the Desert is a series of testimonies of the power, the favor, and the glory of God working for His children during the pandemic global crisis. God walked with His people for 40 years in the desert and He was with them 24/7 in the pillar of cloud daily and the pillar of fire nightly (Deut 26)  Hallelujah! We can also expect our God and Father to take care of us while the world is going through a desert. handle @jfaministry on all social media.
October 9, 2020
Episode 7. How A Car Accident Became A Blessing
This is the first episode of our new series Blessings in the Desert. Our guests will be sharing how the Lord has showed up gloriously for them during this COVID-19 global pandemic. In this episode, we hear how God works every thing for good for our guest Nichelle Walker. Exodus 13:22 declares that the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire never left the people of Israel and during 40 years in the desert God was mighty in their midst. In Deuteronomy God reminds His people that neither their shoes nor their clothes wore out during all those years. Hallelujah, Similarly, God has been with his children during these difficult times, and we are glad to bring hope and joy to all our listeners with these testimonies. **** Elizabeth "Babeth" Ebeka is the minister and founder of Jesus for All Evangelistic Ministry, making disciples on fire for Jesus. This podcast brings the word to increase fire and faith in your prayers and in your daily walk.  YouTube Facebook Instagram Text and WhatsApp 301-375-0306
October 2, 2020
Episode 6. Biblical Instructions for Hard Times
From the Old to the New Testaments there is a prophetic view of the signs of times. In this episode, I am sharing what the Lord has been teaching me about these hard times of the spread of coronavirus - COVID-19 and what his children should be doing. I pray for all who hear to understand from the message of the Holy Spirit. Amen
March 21, 2020
Episode 5. You Are the Best Prophet of Your Life
In this episode I draw lessons from Jeremiah 1:9-10 and Hebrews 10:27 teaching us that the word of God in our mouth will be established, so when we pray we have to believe what we are saying. Our words have power. Amen
March 12, 2020
Episode 4. The God of All Flesh
Today, I am sharing with you from Jeremiah 32. God is for you who you believe Him to be. When we pray we must believe that all flesh is subject to God. Amen
March 5, 2020
Episode 3. Pleading with God in Prayer
In Isaiah 1:18-20 God invites us to plead with him like in a courtroom. In this episode, I share how you can do just that.
February 28, 2020
Episode 2. Don't Give Up but Grow While Waiting on God's Promises
Today, I want to encourage you not to give up when you find yourself in front of a stubborn enemy. I take you through the experience of Moses delivering the children of Israel from of Egypt. God's promises are never denied, they will certainly happen no matter the enemy that you face.
February 20, 2020
Episode 1. Believe Beyond What You See in the Natural
Today, I am sharing with you how to keep your faith when the answer to your prayer seems to be delayed. Our natural eyes cannot see what our faith receives in the spiritual realm. We can't figure out how God will answer our prayer. So, we just need to stop looking around or trying to anticipate God's next move. We have to close our eyes to the natural things and continue to believe what we received by faith. Amen!
February 12, 2020