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The Stick

The Stick

By Jimmy Flame
The Stick is brought to you by (tH)inkSlinger! "Where words collide!" Each episode host Jimmy Flame narrates either a player spotlight from baseball's vast archives or an interesting event from baseball history. New episodes spring up all the time, so be sure to subscribe and tune in regularly. The Stick hits it outta' the park every time! Produced by House Of Fire Productions.
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Ep 10 Dodgers Win! Thanks To Blundering Statistics

The Stick

Ep 10 Dodgers Win! Thanks To Blundering Statistics

The Stick

Ep 10 Dodgers Win! Thanks To Blundering Statistics
The Dodgers first World series victory since 1988 brings up a lot of questions. The game has changed since Gibson's HR thanks to advancements in statistical analysis. But is this good for baseball? Jimmy Flame opines on this episode of The Stick!
October 28, 2020
Ep. 9 Player Profile: Cesar Cedeno
Dubbed “The Me decade” by Tom Wolfe, the 1970s saw events ranging from the rise of disco to the fall of Saigon, and ultimately the dramatic fall of disco. In baseball, meanwhile, it was all about cool hairstyles and mini-dynasties, with the A’s, Reds and Yankees each winning two—or in the A’s case, three—World Series in a row. It would seem, then, that the talent was condensed around a few teams. But that’s not true. There are other players, and, in fact, other teams to consider as well. No, really! There are. In this episode of The Stick, Jimmy Flame narrates the player profile of Cesar Cedeno. Brought to you by
July 04, 2020
Ep. 8 Player Profile: "Wee Willie" Keeler
William H. “Wee Willie” Keeler was one of the smallest players ever in major league baseball at 5-foot-4, 140 pounds. But he had one of the biggest bats in the game, both figuratively and literally, weighing up to 46 ounces. Jimmy Flame narrates this episode's Player Profile! Sponsored by
July 03, 2020
Ep. 7 Remember The Blast: Andy Oyler's Famous Home Run
Ever since Babe Ruth launched Major League Baseball into the live-ball era with his majestic home runs, stunned fans have been asking: "How far did that go?" Well way back in 1905 Andy Oyler of the Minneapolis Millers hit a ball that left people completely flummoxed. Including the opposing St. Paul team on a particularly rainy day.  Check out the story plus other odd baseball facts that are too strange to be made up, RIGHT HERE! On The Stick, hosted by Jimmy Flame. Produced in part by (tH)inkSlinger and House of Fire Productions.
June 26, 2020