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Welcome to the Ideasforsocial.org podcast, where incredible solutions around the world going to be shared and inspire next set of solutions for community empowering, refugee help and smart nation.
Reaching the NordKapp 71°10'21” - Inspiring stories while travelling
I planned for 2 years to take a break in my life taking an inspiration from people different part of the world whom I met in south east Asia. They changed the way how I should be living my life. How I should be spending my time. Thankgod am able to make it happen. It’s a Long trip that I wanted to reach the extreme north of the world. I didn’t plan it but what happened before that and after that changed how I see things in my life and how I should be living life. I met diverse of people who changed all misconceptions about the world. Am thankful for them. I want to share those stories with you.. it’s extremely a peaceful, funny, happy and words cannot explain. Am going to share about it and make you happy if I can :)
March 24, 2019
We are going to share, brainstorm, inspire ideas that can spark solutions for community empowering, refugees help, smart nation, open governance, etc
February 26, 2018
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