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Everyday Excellence

Everyday Excellence

By Jode Allen
Join your host, Jode Allen, as we explore what it means for the ordinary, everyday person to excel in healthy, meaningful and powerful ways. We'll dismiss the hype of the super-achievers, high-power performers, and Pinterest Perfect comparisons that often lead to feelings of overwhelm, shame and failure. An excellent life is not just reserved for the gifted, the rich, or the beautiful. It is available to every one of us. And it comes through understanding and practicing simple principles of excellence every day.
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Episode 1 - Everyday Excellence

Everyday Excellence

Episode 10 - 5 Simple Principles To Help keep You Healthy
Staying healthy is on everyone's mind right now. This is an unprecedented time in our history with so much of the world and our entire society facing the disruption of a pandemic like none of us living have ever experienced. But with this disruption comes a great opportunity to make some long needed adjustments in our habits of health. It is also an opportunity to fall into some very destructive habits if we are not careful. In this episode I will share with you 5 simple principles that, if you will keep top of mind and focus on during this period, you will come out on the other side of these current events stronger, healthier, more energetic and happier than you were going in. In addition, I have made a special offer for all of my listeners during this quarantine period. Go to and get your free Habit Finder Profile. Along with that profile you'll get a 60-90 minute coaching session (up to a $300 value) completely free. My goal is to serve you and make sure you have every opportunity to get to your next level during this period of time.
April 01, 2020
Episode 9 - Facing Your Giants
I suspect that there is a 50-75% chance that if you are listening to this you are probably experiencing one of the most difficult times of your life right now. You may feel like you are up against giant problems and you can't take one more thing going wrong. I'll be honest, I would rank myself in that category. But I'm optimistic. I'm feeling encouraged and strong and I want to share with you some encouragement and hope that you are stronger than you think you are and you will continue to get stronger. So, hang in there and listen up for a few minutes. Special thanks to Jon Kovach, Jr.for inspiring this episode.
March 20, 2020
Episode 8 - Love Yourself and Simplify: An Interview With Brandi Sorenson
Brandi loves "crushing myths of 'Normal'." As the wife of an oil field worker they have lived a gypsy lifestyle, often living in a camper trailer for many of the last years. But as a busy wife and mother, she faces the same challenges every mom faces and wonders whether she's giving her kids and family the best opportunities. But how do you find and create joy in your own life without going crazy, losing hope and giving in to a mediocre life? Listen to Brandi as she shares how she learned to break free from feeling stuck and struggling to find joy into building a meaningful and purposeful life--especially as a mom. She shares two key principles of how to learn to love yourself and allowing yourself to simplify in order to create a better and more meaningful life. Please also check out Brandi's Podcast, Sister to Sister and her website at where you can book a free 30 minute call with Brandi where she will teach you the basics of these principles and how they can apply specifically to your life.
March 05, 2020
Episode 7 - Who are you? Interview With Chip Eisley
You're going to love this interview with my good friend Chip Eisley. Chip is a speaker, life coach and couples coach, business owner and all around awesome guy. We start with one simple question: Who is Chip? His answer is profound. Listen to how he answers that question and the process he went through to discover who Chip is. You're going to find some great ideas and hints to uncovering more of who you really are. It all starts from there. To receive the PDF document that Chip offered at the end of the episode go here. (NOTE: at the time of publishing, technical difficulties are preventing us from posting the link here, so stay tuned, or email me at and I'll make sure you receive a copy as soon as it's available). You can reach Chip through his page at Chip also runs a support group for men called the Battalion of brothers. You can get more information on the Facebook Page at You can also find support for couples at his Couples Kingdom page.
February 21, 2020
Episode 6 - Simple Consistency Is Key: An interview with Michael D. Young
Today I have with me a special guest, Michael D. Young. Michael is a good friend, a loving husband, a father of 2 incredible little boys, a school teacher, singer/songwriter, and novelist. But he approaches excellence in his life in such an unassuming way that you may never even realize it even if you know him. I know I didn't realize it until I saw that over the last year, Michael dropped over 100 lbs on his way to taking back control of his health! Then I got really curious. That is no small feat. I wanted to know what drove him to take on such a big challenge that most of us struggle even attempting. What got him started? What kept him going? How has this mission to improve his physical health impacted the other areas of his life. In the process of getting to know Michael better, I found that he has uncovered and put to use some principles that are absolutely key for anyone seeking to raise the level of their life. I also learned of several other excellent things that Michael is working on and excelling at using the very same principles of consistency and persistence.  You can check out Michael's written works on Amazon: And Michael's Podcast - Chapter and Verse:
February 12, 2020
Episode 5 - Are You Coachable?
Finding real and lasting change in our lives requires that we commit to mastery--mastery of different areas and aspects of our life. Not just repeating the same conventional wisdom and practices that got us to where we are now. Reaching toward excellence will require that we quit thinking that we know it all or that we can master what we need through our own experience. It will require that we align ourselves with others who have achieved what we want to achieve and are doing what we want to do. We can gain decades and centuries of experience and wisdom and accelerate our own results to a matter of weeks, months or short years by finding the right experts, coaches and mentors to guide us. But the big question is, are you coachable? How willing are you to learn from those who you engage to teach you? In this episode, I will cover 4 levels of coachability and offer some ideas for you to best take advantage of the opportunities that lie all around us to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the shortest amount of time. I also invite you to allow me to offer you the opportunity to take the Habit Finder Assessment. It is a tool that I use with all  my coaching clients to help quickly target habits and patterns of thinking that may be sabotaging your growth or gifts that you may be under-utilizing. Right now you can take the assessment and get a free debriefing session on the assessment results with me by going to I'm confident you will be illuminated by the process.
February 08, 2020
Episode 4 - Victor or Victim: Taking full control of your life.
Are you a victim or Victor? Do you know what it means to take 100% responsibility and control of your life? In this episode I will talk about the difference between the victim and the victor mindset and how we can learn to make the circumstances that we want in our lives and not be a victim to our circumstances or what happens to us. I'm going to talk about how taking responsibility is different than taking blame or giving blame. By taking responsibility we empower ourselves 2 reach for excellence regardless of what happens to us.
February 01, 2020
Episode 3 - A structure For A Successful Life
When seeking to create a more excellent life, it is important to create a structure to guide how you implement, monitor and improve your philosophy of life. Without structure, life will just become chaotic and mediocre. A structure gives you the ability to intentionally identify where you need to focus your efforts and what actions will be most effective in helping your create a healthy, successful life. There are many different and good structures that you can build your life around. In this episode I will share with you the structure that I have developed that helps me stay focused and balanced (as best as I can) in keeping my life moving toward excellence every day. It consists of a synergy between Healthy Mind and Body, Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Finances.
January 23, 2020
Episode 2 - Building and Excellent Personal Philosophy
Our Personal philosophy--how we see and interpret our world--dictates the beliefs, choices, actions, habits and destiny of our life. It's like the sail of a sailboat. Depending on how it is set determines the progress we make in working with the winds of life; our circumstances. In this episode we will discuss the importance of an excellent personal philosophy and simple steps you can take to build yours.
January 15, 2020
Episode 1 - Everyday Excellence
Welcome to the inaugural episode of this podcast. In this first episode we will talk about what Excellence is and what it means for the ordinary everyday person like you and I. We all want to feel like we are good, like we are of value, that we are enough. But we often struggle along our way through this life to do that and find true happiness and fulfillment. We each have an inborn desire to be excellent. But how do I be excellent if I'm not meant to be a superstar singer, athlete, actor, entrepreneur, etc.? I just want to be a great mom or dad or shop owner. Do I have to do something great to be excellent? Do I need to be excellent to be happy? Take a listen and let's find out.
January 08, 2020