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Subject to Revision

Subject to Revision

By Josh Davis
Josh Davis has gone through hell and back in his pursuit to happiness. Drug and alcohol addiction turned him to a path that wouldn't allow him long on this earth. Even still, Josh climbed from the depths proving that no matter how dark it got, there's always a way out.
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A Powerful Discussion

Subject to Revision

A Powerful Discussion

Subject to Revision

Personal Story
Listen in to get a better understanding of who Josh Davis is and find out where your own similarities lie. Josh is an expert speaker with the knowledge to help you and your loved ones through recovery.
July 12, 2020
A Powerful Discussion
In this episode Josh Davis and his guest Derrick Arthur have a very enlightening conversation about being aware of your surroundings. Experience is one hell of a teacher in life and these two will let you know how to open your mind. 
July 09, 2020