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Marketing is Everywhere!

Marketing is Everywhere!

By Josh Mendelsohn
Real life examples of kick ass marketing done by normal people. No BS or inside buzzwords. All in 10 minutes or less.

Hosted by Josh Mendelsohn.
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Episode 3: The best upsell ever

Marketing is Everywhere!

Episode 5: How Dude Perfect's authenticity builds life long fans
Today we’re talking about respecting your customers in an authentic way by looking at YouTube sensations, Dude Perfect. Authentic is a word that gets thrown around a lot in marketing circles. Be who you are and people will respect you. Don’t talk from a brand, talk from a person. Don’t hide your mistakes. All of this is good advice. But it only works if you are conscious of how who you are impacts your customers. Here are two quick stories that sold me on the DP guys being consciously authentic and how it builds fans for life. Show links: Dude Perfect Youtube Channel Dude Perfect Documentary talking about their fans
July 21, 2020
Episode 4: The Good and Bad of Brand Extension
Brand extension is hard.  By brand extension I don’t just mean adding a second or third product or offering to your business that is an obvious choice. I mean venturing into territory that is a little but different than what you are already known for. One the one hand, it creates an opportunity to increase your revenue by selling more to your existing customers. On the other hand, you may be risking whatever good will  - or brand equity - you have developed in the minds of your customers by trying to sell them something they don’t want, or at least don’t want from you. Unfortunately, when this is done poorly, it can lead to confusion or even sink a business completely. On this episode I look at 2 examples of brand extension in the food industry. One that failed and one that has been a success. The Diner at Bagels By Us and Phantom Gourmet food and beverage festivals. Show links:
March 17, 2020
Episode 3: The best upsell ever
When you think of companies that are amazing at up-selling customers, you probably don't think of a kids activity. But in all my years of marketing, no one has a more effective up-sell than Elite Freestyle Karate. Learn how they do it! Show links: Elite Freestyle Karate Nate wins a medal
February 21, 2020
Episode 2: Great email marketing for aspiring beer snobs
Today I'm talking about awesome email marketing from Allagash Brewing. I love beer. I mean really love it. IPAs, double IPAs, wheat beers, lagers. The stronger the better. And yet I know way less than you’d imagine about the actual differences between the different styles and the details of how they are made.  Which is painfully clear whenever I get into a conversation with a fellow beer connoisseur because I do a lot of faking and nodding and smiling. That’s why I love the approach that Allagash Brewing has been taking with their email marketing over the past few months. Listen to hear how they are taking me from beer lover to beer expert. Show notes: Read beer facts from Allagash Brewing Check out my website at
February 14, 2020
Episode 1: Building Brand Recognition: The name of the brand is... Cowboy Mouth!
Welcome to the Marketing is Everywhere podcast, where I highlight great marketing that I run across in my day to day life as a dad, husband, consumer, and in today’s case… music fan. Today we’re talking about great branding… in the form of the band Cowboy Mouth. Learn how the New Orleans based band stands out amongst the crowd by delivering, and repeating, a great brand experience every time they take the stage.  Show links: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Cowboy Mouth Live on Spotify
February 7, 2020
Introducing... Marketing is Everywhere!
I’m announcing a brand new podcast and you’re probably thinking - great, another marketing podcast. But this one is a little bit different.  I won’t be talking about the big brands and tech darlings you’re used to. I’ll be featuring great marketing that I run across in my day to day life, often that isn’t even done by marketers - and talk a little bit about what we as marketers can learn from it. Forget Apple, Nike, Slack, and Geico. I’m talking about Elite Freestyle Karate, Allagash Brewing, Running Brook Camps, the band Cowboy Mouth and many more. And always in 10 minutes or less. I hope you’ll listen for a different view of marketing.  Coming soon to all of your favorite podcast services. Subscribe today!
February 4, 2020