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Josh and Tom Devour the World

Josh and Tom Devour the World

By Joshua Batenhorst
Featuring performer/improviser/comedian Tom Chalmers and CEO of Bright Star Touring Theatre, Josh Batenhorst, this podcast discusses what the hosts have been "eating/drinking and thinking" over the past week, both literally and figuratively, and then includes an interview with a real-life working artist, creator or thinker who share what they've been devouring. Each week also includes a take from Tom and an original song from Josh!

Devour with us!
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Episode Twenty-One: Ehren Cruz, Transformative Coach, Experience Catalyst

Josh and Tom Devour the World

Episode Twenty Three: Joe Zimmerman, Comedian
Joe Zimmerman has a soothing voice. A long-time Asheville resident, Joe has carved out his own highly successful path through the comedy world finding his way onto stages like "The Late Late Show," John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show and the Montreal "Just for Laughs" festival. We catch Joe just before he comes back to Asheville for an August 18th appearance at the Orange Peel! We devour ice cream, Phish, birds, golfing and stonks as we catch up and devour with the fantastic Joe Zimmerman. Devour with us!
August 17, 2021
Episode Twenty-Two: Glenis Redmond, Imagination Activist and Poet
Glenis Redmond returns to devour with us as the first ever return guest on the Josh and Tom Devour the World podcast! Glenis shares so much about herself and her journey as a poet, cancer survivor, Gigi, mother and Black Carolinian. We learn about her most recent trip to The Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montogomery, Alabama - a pilgrimage that is still resonating with her and a story that we are sure will resonate with you.  We also devour topics such as mixing metals, mixing jello, mixing jello shots, portobello mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, mushroom foraging, and Questlove's recent documentary film "The Summer of Soul." Come devour with us!
July 14, 2021
Episode Twenty-One: Ehren Cruz, Transformative Coach, Experience Catalyst
Ehren Cruz has made a real shift! After seven years as Artistic Director with the world famous Lake Eden Arts Festival, Ehren found himself in need of a change when the pandemic hit and there was no art to direct. So some soul searching and a few months later, Ehren has launched a career helping people to transform their mental and spiritual states - sometimes involving experiences with psychedelic and entheogenic substances. Ehren shares all he is learning as he moves into this exciting field and we get a chance to devour it all with him along with other topics like Catching (particularly 22), Falling, Tripping, and Barbecuing. Devour with us!
June 29, 2021
Episode Twenty: Alli Marshall, Author/Poet, Owner of AM/FM Broadcast
Alli Marshall has been devouring the arts and entertainment scene in Asheville for years. As the long time A&E columnist for local Mountain Xpress weekly news journal, Alli has scene just about every band, dance/theatre troupe, and comedian that has graced a stage in Asheville. As a performer and poet, she's created works of her own for the Asheville Fringe Festival (among other stages) and is now working to help local artists elevate their own voices as an artists' media consultant in her new venture - AM/FM Broadcast. We sit down with Alli and devour hot summer topics like the Asheville music scene, watermelon, swimming pools, Ikea and much, much more! Devour with us!
June 19, 2021
Episode Nineteen: Kim Roney, Asheville City Council
Kim Roney is in it for her neighbors. Whether its advocating for public transportation, affordable housing, or better access to the process of city government, Kim Roney has been serving the city for 14+ years as an advocate and now as a member of the City Council. We devour the most recent decisions facing the city including the upcoming budget fight and the recent decision to remove the Vance monument.  Plus we hear Tom's take on recent sports fan misbehavior and Josh gives us one song in two different octaves - that's two, two, two octaves in one!   **Please note, this episode was recorded prior to the recent appeals court decision to halt removal of the monument so this discussion does not cover that topic. Devour with us!
June 7, 2021
Episode Eighteen: Claude Coleman, Jr. - Ween, Sound Space @ the Rabbit Motel
What a thrill to devour the world with Claude Coleman Jr.! Claude is the owner and manager of Sound Space Rehearsal Studios at the historic Rabbit Motel in downtown Asheville, a mulit-instrumentalist, and probably best known  as drummer with the psychedlic punk rock country funk band Ween.  Claude joins us to devour on topics such as his new project (the aforementioned rehearsal studios), children's books, how he chose Asheville, and his "longest standing side gig" drummer for the "Karaoke from Muskogee" house band. We find out about all that and more as we devour the world with Claude Coleman Jr.! Devour with us!
May 29, 2021
Episode Seventeen: Heather Maloy, Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance
Heather Maloy is super busy! On top of directing the amazing Asheville-based ballet company, Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance, which brings international dancers to Asheville every summer for amazing artistic experiences, she is also producing shows outside in two brand new spaces in Asheville and Winston-Salem AND moving!  She slowed down just enough to devour a bit of the world with Tom and Josh on this weeks episode.  Topics include peanuts, sketch comedy, famous last words, and why Josh gets so emotional when he sees and dance performance. You'll get emotional too when you hear this episode!  Find out more about Terpsicorps and get tickets to their upcoming performance "Outside" by visiting Devour with us!
May 25, 2021
Episode Sixteen: Pete Weiss, Mix/Master Master
Pete Weiss is a musician and audio engineer who has mastered and mixed sound for some of the best names in showbusiness - Warren Zivon, Devo, The Jayhawks, Type O Negative and Cher!  Pete teaches us all about the the art of mixing, the difference between that and mastering, and we also devour a wide variety of topics from returning to long working days, Time Loop movies, great radio stations, Beyond Burgers, mezcal negronis and much, much more! Devour with us!
May 13, 2021
Every episode of the show ends with an original song from Capt. Josh. With Fifteen Episodes under our belt, we decided to share a collection of just the songs. It's also Mother's Day weekend, and like his cowboy heroes from the Willie Nelson tune, the Josh would rather "give you a song than diamonds or pearls." So for all the moms out there, here's fifteen songs with plenty of fun interstitial memories from our first three and a half months of podcasts. Let your ears devour with us!
May 8, 2021
Episode Fifteen: Liz Whalen Tallent - The Orange Peel/Rabbit Rabbit
Liz Whalen Tallent's father called on her to help for a summer gig back in 2006 to help out around Asheville's iconic Live Music Venue, The Orange Peel. 15 years later, she's still managing the venue which has become synonymous with Asheville's Live Music scene - hosting legendary acts from the Smashing Pumpkins to the Beastie Boys and live comedy like Duncan Trussell, Tig Notaro, and Marc Maron. She's also launched downtown Asheville's newest outdoor venue - Rabbit Rabbit - a joint venture with Asheville Pizza.   As if that wasn't enough, Liz has also been busy during the pandemic working with NIVA - the National Indepenedent Venue Association - which works with more than a thousand venues nationwide to petition Congress for help, resulting in the recent Shuttered Venues Operators Grant.   We talk music, activism, and life during the pandemic along with Oscar binging and dirt. Tom tells us to turn it down and Josh turns up the sauce with a "Spaghetti Western" tune!  Devour with us!
April 28, 2021
Episode Fourteen: Dr. Yele Aluko, Chief Medical Officer, Ernst & Young
Dr. Yele Aluko is the Chief Medical Officer of the Americas for Ernst & Young and he is working on some of the most complicated issues of our time in one of the most complicated industries - Health Care. As devourers of the world we sit down with Dr. Aluko to talk about how consumers interact with the health care system, we discuss the root causes of health inequity, and what health consumers can do to help ensure better health outcomes when they need to interact with the system. We also talk peach flavoring, this week's seitan offering (mmm...."Lamb"), bone-in ribeyes, quality listening and Q-tubers. Devour with us!
April 23, 2021
Episode Thirteen: Jessica Tomasin, Echo Mtn. Records/Connect Beyond Festival
It's a "baker's dozen" of episodes for Josh and Tom, and joining us for this episode is one of Asheville's own, the amazing Jessica Tomasin!  Jessica is the General Manager of Echo Mountain Studios and the brain trust behind the Connect Beyond Festival. We connect with Jessica about the festival, the studio and beyond with topics like Tom's dream/Jessica's nightmare meal of seafood salad, the Connect Beyond book club, the many changes in the music industry, Saturday Night Live and Jessica's musical project with Ben Hovey - Golden Graveyard. Then stick around after the break to hear Tom's take on celebrating Easter and Josh sings a song about what to do with his body when he dies. Devour with us!
April 14, 2021
Episode Twelve: Peter Adamson, The History of Philosophy Podcast
Peter Adamson is Professor of Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany and King's College in London, and he has a story to tell - namely "the Entire History of Philosophy With out ANY Gaps."   Peter has been telling this story via his podcast "The History of Philosophy" for more than ten years with his delightful offering that focuses on the contributions of different philosophers or philosophical concepts each and every week. Peter joins us to specifically give us some insight about what some of the philosophers have said about "devouring," (especially"eatin' and drinkin') as well as sharing some of his insights about approaching such an epic challenge.  Topics include Reese's peanut butter eggs, "akrasia," fish sandwich season, vegetarianism, the autobahn, and much more!
April 7, 2021
Episode Eleven: Mike Dillon, Vibraphone Shaman
On "Episode Eleven" we turn it up to "Eleven" with inimitable vibraphone visionary, Mike Dillon. Mike is a musician and firebreather of a performer/songwriter. Over the past year he's recorded not one, not two, but three albums of new music. We discuss his records, his process and his take on all things from music to politics to life on the road. Speaking of the road, his live shows are not to be missed and he will appear in Asheville at a socially distanced outdoor show with Brian Haas on April 7 at One World West Brewing! More info and tickets can be found here.  Topics devoured include dogs, dog whistles, conspiracy theories, jazz, algoriithms, stand your ground laws, the Bad Brains, Ween, Fishbone and much, much, more!   You can devour Mike's latest albums here, here and here. Come, devour the world with Mike Dillon....and us!
April 6, 2021
Episode Ten: Stephanie Morgan/Chloe Taylor - Musician/Voiceover Actor
We catch up with the one and only, Stephanie Morgan! An Asheville staple on the music scene with projects like stephaniesid and Pink Mercury, she has taken her talents to the West Coast where her voice is making waves as voice actor, Chloe Taylor. We devour and demolish on the topics of multiple personas/personalities, hiking, "fast woods," turtles, meditation and much, much more!  And of course, a timely take from Tom and a weekly offering from the muses by Josh - a song intended for two voices...but performed by one. Devour with us!
March 26, 2021
Episode Nine: The Get Right Band - Silas Durocher and Jesse Gentry
The Get Right Band celebrates 10 years of wowing audiences this Friday evening at the Salvage Station in Asheville, NC. Nearly a year after their most recent release "Itchy Soul" 2 of the trio's members join Josh and Tom to devour all subjects! The menu includes feelings, maturing, English Bagels, Confucius and a little bit of birds and the musical bees.  You can find the album here: Come devour with us!
March 17, 2021
Episode Eight: Angie Flynn-McIver, Theatre Director/Coach
Angie Flynn-McIver is a powerhouse. Whether working to produce and direct shows with Asheville's premiere professional theatre company, NC Stage, or as a coach for speakers and presenters with her company Ignite: CSP, Angie has proven over and over again that she has the wherewithal to perform at the absolute highest echelons of achievement. She also happens to be the first person that Josh ever met in North Carolina! We tell that story and devour on a variety of subjects including books, book clubs, unexpected gifts, the word "wherewithal" and a variety of other topics on this week's episode. Come devour with us!
March 11, 2021
Episode Seven: Gar Ragland, Founder - Citizen Vinyl
Gar Ragland is a man on a mission! As a long-time producer of musical artists, he saw an opportunity in the vinyl record industry and is making the most of it with his new project, Citizen Vinyl - a full scale vinyl record press located in the Asheville Citizen-Times building in downtown Asheville. What started out as a pure manufacturing project as become a multi-faceted venue with artisan deli, coffee, craft cocktails, a record store and full recording studio! We're glad he carved out a few minutes to talk about this vinyl pressing project along with pressing subjects like bacon presses, printing presses, waffle irons, and ecoystems complete with producers, consumers and decomposers. We were impressed!   You will be too! Devour the world with Josh, Tom and Gar Ragland!
March 4, 2021
Episode Six: Glenis Redmond, Poet
How do you introduce the amazing Glenis Redmond? She is a poet, educator, author and "imagination activist." She's also a daughter, mother, grandmother, and voice of hope and inspiration. She's also an "ear hustler," who listens with her skin and believes in miracles. Find out all that Glenis has been devouring recently and how it has shaped and focused her work. Topics include: Birds, cheese, more cheese, horse movies, "Joe Pera Talks With You," poetry vs. philosophy and much much more!   Devour with us! Please subscribe and review!
February 26, 2021
Episode Five: Jim Bernfield, Filmmaker (Me To Play, 2021)
Jim Bernfield is a 49ers fan and GrapeNuts enthusiast who found his real calling as a professional filmmaker - a skill that is well-evidenced in his latest work, Me To Play, showing now through February 25th, 2021 as part of the Slamdance Film Festival. The documentary follows actors Dan Moran and John Christopher Jones, both living with the debilitating effects of Parkinson's Disease, as they work to mount a production of Samuel Beckett's play Endgame; a play that Beckett wrote as a response to the death of his own mother and aunt from Parkinson's. We discuss the ins and outs of this captivating story, Jim's personal relationship with the cast, his own relationship with Parkinson's as the son of someone who suffered from the disease, as well as Jim's collegial relationship with our own Tom Chalmers.  Also covered - Apple Fritters, the great GrapeNuts mystery of 2021, experiential film-drinking, and more! We end with Tom's Take about living with our own discomfort and Josh's Mardi Gras offering in honor of the voodoo queen of New Orleans, Marie LeVeau.  Devour with us on Josh and Tom Devour the World!
February 17, 2021
Episode Four: Aaron Price, Musician
This week, Josh and Tom Devour with Aaron Price - Asheville musician and fellow member of Reasonably Priced Babies Improv Comedy! Aaron has a new recording out - Voyager - which you can find on bandcamp - - and in this episode we devour and demolish the inspiration for the various tracks on the record, catch up with Aaron after his birthday festivities, talk a little about what we miss devouring and are tired of devouring and we get a special Zoom Bomb appearance by a very special MYSTERY GUEST!  
February 12, 2021
Episode Three: Nate Barton, Visual Artist
Visual Artist and educator Nate Barton joins us to devour and demolish on the subjects of art, creativity and gallery openings in the age of Covid. Nate's latest gallery opening "The Creative Well" will be at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts and on Zoom this Friday, 2/5/21 at 4:30 pm. You can find Nate's work on his website - - and more about the exhibition at Other topics: Meditation, Dr. Pepper, Gummy Vitamin THCDKs, teaching and mid-life crises in the digital age. Also Tom delivers his take about the actions of a politician who shall not be named and Josh delivers his song with the theme "magical beasts!" Let us devour!
February 4, 2021
Episode Two: "Michele Scheve and Matt Mittan, Radio Entrepreneurs"
Michele Scheve (Slice of Life Comedy, Asheville Disclaimer, Biz Radio/Buzz Radio Asheville and AshevilleFM) and Matt Mittan (Biz Radio Asheville, Buzz Radio Asheville) join us to devour and demolish! This Asheville duo discuss what they've been devouring - from Cheeto Puffs to Smarties to some of Asheville's favorite local music as part of their new venture BuzzRadioAsheville! We catch up after many months away as old friends do, and then we finally record it on the third try after internet interruptions and poor execution on the part of one of our hosts. Here's a hint on whose fault that was - (It wasn't Tom).  Check out to support live music and enjoy this episode with Matt and Michele!
January 30, 2021
Episode One: "Alex Bradley"
Alex Bradley is the powerful trumpet sound you hear all around town in Asheville, and all over the world as a member of Empire Strikes Brass among many other projects! In this episode we devour Alex, get the history of his horn-playing and how he gets his inspiration. Also devour topics like mandarin oranges (vs. corporate "Cuties"), washed-flour seitan, bacon, "hen in a basket," mushroom powder, Andy Frasco, Budos Band and more...always more! Be sure to devour Alex Bradley on this Spotify Playlist: Devour Alex Bradley
January 22, 2021
Josh and Tom Devour the World - Episode Zero - "The Pre-Show Show" - with Guest AND Host Tom Chalmers
Featuring performer/improviser/comedian Tom Chalmers and CEO of Bright Star Touring Theatre, Josh Batenhorst, this podcast is designed to take a look at consumerism, the hosts' personal consumer habits, and how those habits affect/effect what they create. Each episode discusses what the hosts have been "eating/drinking and thinking" over the past week and then includes an interview with a real-life working artist, creator or thinker. This week we discuss fancy take-out, Plato's Republic, Steve Sax Syndrome and the Coffin Corner Kick, the American bungling of funerals and religion during Covid and we go in-depth with our host, Tom Chalmers, about how he got to be one of Asheville's favorite funny guys!
January 14, 2021