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The JoyGasmic Life

The JoyGasmic Life

By Elena Harder
Hacks, Tools and Mindsets for Conscious Mothers to create a coherent Culture of Love for their family, ending cycles of abuse, and getting their sanity back post awakening, post trauma, or post COVID19.
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Do you have what it takes to be a homeschooling mom? with Lizz Quain
Are you scared to make the leap into self-directed learning?  It feels scary to trust that your children will learn what they need to learn to thrive. But keeping your kids in the awful, authoritarian, bully filled, and antiquated traditional school...
August 1, 2020
What is it really like to be a conscious parent? with Faraaz Ali
Being a parent is hard.  We often live lost in a fear of judgement, fear of uncertainty and the fear of evolving.  Maybe you feel that you do not have their shit together, yet you are supposed to be the adults, parents, or leaders in your family If...
August 1, 2020
The Nature of the Feminine Flow with Natalia Kantor
Natalia is a Feminine Leadership Coach. She coaches women to lead using their Feminine Power. Once women discover how powerful the feminine truly is, they discover the secret to their 'effortless power' and stop wasting time and energy on 'powerless effort' that eventually burns them out, breaks down their bodies and relationships. This is for you if you struggle with: anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm from your workload exhaustion from having too many things to do all the time disappointment in not achieving the results you want for your lifestyle business What Will You Learn? How to show up powerfully and have charisma out of this world Create powerful relationships Take powerful leaps in their business or career and break glass ceiling What is the most important thing for us to share in our interview? How sexual energy is the fuel for all of the above and how it's power has been hidden behind shame and poor education. How do listeners get a hold of you?
August 1, 2020
Secrets to handle your picky eater at mealtimes with Danielle Binns
Danielle is an expert in Family nutrition and picky eating who helps parents that are worried their child will have nutrient deficiencies. We also cover whether picky eating is okay, or needs to be squashed.  How to feed kids who wont eat, so you can...
August 1, 2020
You can become anything, or anyone you want... Tara Philips
How do you make a change if you're scared of being stuck getting the same results. Could you actually make meaningful changes in your relationship, vocation, finances, fitness, health, mindset. What if your whole life has changed in ways they never...
August 1, 2020
Live Demo of Hypnosis for Self Belief - Chris Minor
Chris supports his clients through hypnosis with anything from smoking, to weight loss, to sexual issues and anxiety/depression/ptsd. In this episode Chris takes me through a process to believe that I can do what I want to in business.  We also talk...
August 1, 2020
Ana Orzoco - Self Love During Covid
We all need a space to be with ourselves, and sometimes it is hard to find it. Ana Orzoco is an executive, transformational coach and social entrepreneur.  She helps others with not being appreciated, finding self love, and not getting the results they want. She helps them find space to connect with themselves, more self love, and consciousness, After 15 years of experience in business consulting, Ana have realized people spend their lives filling up expectations that are not aligned with who they are. And people are not fulfilled.  She has dedicated her career to help people find center again, to be able to accomplish what is really meaningful. "I am all about Empathy at this moment. I want to be able to multiply empathy, because i understand connection is the best way to raise our society's wellbeing."
August 1, 2020
What is the true journey of inner work? with Debbie Rad
Debbie Rad is a clinical hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist. She works with people who are willing to transform their lives, leave the issues behind that might be holding them back to live their life to their best capacity. "My mission in life is to share the wisdom I have learnt through my own life experiences and the amazing Rapid Transformational Therapy to help other people transform their own lives. Having experienced the incredible hardship and trauma of being in war-torn Yugoslavia, in the midst of the chaos of war for 5 years, I fled the country with my infant daughter with just the clothes on my back and moved halfway across the world to Australia as a refugee. I arrived here not even being able to speak the language and found myself having to recreate a new “normal”.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but during my journey I found myself putting one foot in front of the other determined to make a better life for us. Now as I look back I realize that during this time I suffered deep depression but couldn’t allow myself the luxury of taking care of my own mental and emotional health.  So to cope I immersed myself in self-help books, meditation and anything that I could to help me get through.  Slowly I realized through absorbing all this wisdom including wonderful works such as Wayne Dyer, that I was beginning to adopt and implement the practices of self-care and self-love and rebuild my own life and inner strength – that it was possible to give our mind the “right” instructions to reshape our lives. So it was no surprise that I was drawn to the amazing work of Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy – the next natural step was to train to be a Certified RTT Therapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. The tools I have learnt from RTT and been able to share with so many others are truly life transforming.  I have created a safe and compassionate space to help people just like you navigate through your own personal challenges and rediscover yourself.  I can help you because I have taken this very same journey and have proven to myself it can be done.  It is truly possible to change your life! How do listeners get a hold of you? instagram: @becometherapy
August 1, 2020
If life feels un-livable and unchangeable, it's time for this. - Julie Leonard
If you've ever worried that you are wasting your life. You'll never be happy. That you will be all alone. That you won't find love. What if the root problem is a belief you have that 'this is who I am' and it can't change.Maybe you've tried stuff in the...
August 1, 2020
Michael Hsu - If you run from the emotional fear, you're telling your body it's real like a bear.
Excerpt from the longer episode. In this vulnerable session, Michael walks me through a session with his breakthrough Emotional Strength F.I.S.T. Process.  We reveal the old intergenerational patterns that have kept me feeling "being invisible is...
May 28, 2020
Nola Peacock - How to Build a Truly Healthy Relationship with your Kids, (so they don't hate themselves) - Full Episode
Nola shares her top tips from 40 years as a professional working with kids that you can use to make sure your kids feel listened to, cared for, and LOVED!
May 28, 2020
How to find Peace with your Eternal Soul through COVID-19 and Past Life Regression - Daniel Rekshan
Daniel and Elena wander through the unique experiences that having touched your eternal soul gives when it comes to being peaceful with potential loss of life. We cover:What Happens to the Soul during Trauma and How Do We Heal It?Is Bipolar because of...
May 28, 2020
Michael Hsu - Intergenerational Trauma Healing (LIVE COACHING) - PART 1
What does emotional healing really look like? In this vulnerable session, Michael walks me through a session with his breakthrough Emotional Strength F.I.S.T. Process.  We reveal the old intergenerational patterns that have kept me feeling "being...
May 28, 2020
Creating the Psychological Space to Leave Abuse Requires Time and Space Away, to Find Your Clarity - Elena Harder
Elena shares her story about how she found a physical and psychological space to get the distance from her abuse to choose a different future for herself.  Listen to the Full Interview with Ron Waline about How Nature Heals Us...
May 7, 2020
How Nature Holds and Heals Us - Elena Harder Interviewed by Ron Waline - FULL EPISODE
Ron Waline of interviews Elena Harder about how Nature helped her in rough patches of history, Van life, packing up and leaving in a week, and her world traveling adventures, and how Nature was a guiding force for all of it.
May 6, 2020
Moms Role in Keeping Poor Eating Patterns Around - Elena Harder
If your kids eat like crap at home. I'm sorry to say it, but it's actually your fault.  Now what are you going to do about it?
May 5, 2020
It's Okay to Feel Upset that You Did Everything Right And STILL Have a Special Kid - Nicole Cunningham
After home birthing, breastfeeding, and "doing everything right" Nicole shares her vulnerable feelings of disappointment that her daughter was special needs.
May 4, 2020
Learning to Heal with Your Family - Elena Harder
Elena shares about how she found healing by talking with her family, and how it's okay if your family NEVER gets you (there are other options)Listen to the Full Interview with Ron Waline about How Nature Heals Us...
April 30, 2020
Finding A Sit Spot, Someplace to Be Completely Safe to Be Yourself in Nature - Elena & Ron Waline
How choosing a spot in nature to return to every day was incredibly psychologically nurturing in an uncomfortable time in Elena's life.
April 29, 2020
Hacking Oxytocin and Learning To Mother My Son after Post Partum Depression by Hanging Out with Other Peoples Kids - Elena Harder
Turns out Elena was a better mother to other peoples kids than her own, and a quick lesson in oxytocin to explain why.
April 27, 2020
3 Top Homeopathic Remedies to Bring Your Sanity Back as a Stressed Mom - Nicole Cunningham
Nicole shares 3 Homeopathic remedies that most stressed moms would benefit from. Including my favourite, "bitch in a bottle"
April 25, 2020
The Special Gift Of Perspective that Our Special Kids Bring to Everyone - Nicole Cunningham & Elena Harder
Keeping perspective is sometimes the only thing that keeps you sane on rough days.  How keeping the even harder times in perspective can help us find joy in practicing little wins every day.
April 24, 2020
Cut the Sugar NOW! Why As a Mother of a Special Needs Kid You NEED To Be EXTRA Vigilant when You Grocery Shop - Nicole Cunningham and Elena Harder
Did you know that sugars are hidden in almost all modern processed foods? Even the health food products? If you know this, but aren't 100% ON checking all the time, this is the episode for you.
April 23, 2020
5 Diet Shifts to Help Your Special Kid, and Save You Money on Therapy in the LONG TERM - Nicole Cunningham
Nicole lists the 5 shifts that are crucial for supporting your Special Kid for long term health, and a few things that are expensive that you can cut out, to fund your new organic diet.
April 22, 2020
My Special Kid's Win, Is A Win for All of Us, No Matter How Small - Nicole Cunningham
Nicole explains the mindset that helped her come to peace with her "A type Perfectionism" as the mother of her special needs daughter.
April 22, 2020
Homeopathy, Myasms, and Why Your Genetics DON'T Have to Predict Your Future Health - Nicole Cunningham
What exactly is a Myasm anyways?Nicole helps in shifting your perspective from "Genetics" to "myasm" and how this may be the piece of distance you need to shift your family's future health.
April 21, 2020
When you have a "special" child you HAVE to look outside the box for solutions - Nicole Cunningham
If you've tried all the western medical suggestions for helping your special needs kid, Nicole has some words of wisdom and inspiration to encourage you to keep looking for solutions to help support your child's best future.
April 21, 2020
Michael Hsu - Intergenerational Trauma and How Corona is Clearing it All Out
What if CoronaVirus (COVID19) was actually the cause (or effect) of massive Karmic clearing on the planet.  If you missed the waves in 2010, 2012, 2015, or 2017, this may the awakening ride of your life.
April 20, 2020
If What You Are Doing Isn't Working...You NEED to Commit To Making A Change For Your Family - Nicole Cunningham
At what point do you decide it's time to make a change? Nicole has poignant insight that NOW is the only moment you can choose to make change.
April 20, 2020
How to Get Yourself OUT of HULK Mom and Be Calm (Bulletproof Moms Invitation)
Elena shares about some of the content that is covered in the Bulletproof Moms Course and how to connect to work with her.  Listen to the Full Interview with Ron Waline about How Nature Heals Us here
April 17, 2020
Be Careful What You Say To Your Children, Your Words Craft How They Feel Safe In the World - Elena Harder & Ron Waline
How you speak to your children about the world informs their worldviews in ways you can't imagine.  Ron and I give two examples of things NOT to say, that we've heard from others.
April 17, 2020
Karen Camerato - How to Effectively Grieve and Heal after Loosing a Child, (Plus the top 3 myths that keep you in pain and feeling you aren't ready to heal) - Full Episode
Karen Camerato is a Grief Coach and Child Loss Mentor who works with those grieving a devastating loss, especially Mothers grieving the loss of a child, to return to a productive life of meaning and purpose.Following the death of her 8 year-old son...
April 9, 2020
Paula Hopwood: Fear is a Liar - Full Episode
Life is all about turning dreams into reality for inspirational speaker, best selling author, master intuitive, certified coach and Goddess Paula Hopwood.For many years Paula’s life was filled with abuse and extreme negativity. A life with abundance,...
March 27, 2020
Holly Booker: Healthy Eating for the Whole Family (Without the Battles) - FULL EPISODE
Holly is a retired paramedic and now a registered holistic health and nutrition counsellor. She specializes in helping people shed excess weight through creating sustainable lifestyle changes such as eating more plant-based foods, reducing stress, and...
March 27, 2020
Dealing with Being Different All The time - Elena Harder
When you worldschool, you're always the outsider.  But you don't need to let that make you feel like an outsider.
March 27, 2020
3 Quick Ways to Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables - Holly Booker
Don't hide veggies from your kids, make them yummy instead.  Holly shares 3 ways to easily get your kids more excited about vegetables and high nutrition foods.
March 27, 2020
Take the Pressure Off: How to Stop MAKING Your Kids Eat Healthy - Holly Booker - Short
If you feel like you have to force your kids to eat healthy, check out this simple hack to make it easy for you to simply offer foods, and feel complete peace about what your kids do after their food is served.
March 27, 2020
Why It's SO IMPORTANT Your Kids To Help With Meals and Sit at the Table and Eat With You - Holly Booker
If you feel like serving your kids meals infront of the TV or Tablet is WRONG, you're 100% correct.  Here's how setting better boundaries when they are little, can solve a whole host of health problems later on in life.
March 27, 2020
How Living with Wolves Helped Paula Hopwood Understand How to Create A Safe Space in Her Home
The year I visited Paula in person she was living in a rural area, and wolves were killing livestock on everyone on her street.  Except her house.  Listen as she shares what she did to protect herself, her animals, and her family.
March 27, 2020
Helping Kids with Special Needs Enjoy Their Healthy Foods More - Holly Booker
If your kids are ASD or special needs, feeding them healthy food can be more complicated because of sensory issues.  Holly has some great tips on how she helped her daughter find foods that were nutritious AND delicious, even with a picky palate.
March 27, 2020
Dealing with Your Picky Eater Saying Your Food is "Disgusting" - Holly Booker
There's nothing worse as a mother than spending hours making a meal that your kids turn their noses up.  Here's a power packed trick that will help you change they way they talk to you, and give you feedback on how to better cook things they will love...
March 27, 2020
Two Food "Types" You NEED to Boost Your Immune System for COVID19 and ONE you need to stop eating RIGHT NOW! - Holly Booker
Wondering how to eat healthier during COVID19? Holly has some quick and easy tips on foods to eat more of, and one you MUST avoid.  You probably already know it, but her reason WHY will blow your mind.
March 27, 2020
Using Kundalini Energy to Clear out Old Programs Through Surrender - Paula Hopwood
What exactly does it feel like when you go about opening Kundalini energy to transform your experience?
March 27, 2020
Bev Roberts - The Real Reasons Why You're Exhausted, and How to Give Yourself Permission to Rest
Bev Roberts is a corporate escapee, closet triple threat entertainer and wellbeing transformation coach who loves to beach walk, live a low-tox life and speak out on how dismissively people with invisible illness like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia are...
March 27, 2020
How to Understand WHY accessing Kundalini Energy Clears You, Through NLP Collapsing Anchors Concept - Elena Harder
Why does that Kundalini energy wipe out any worries or anxiety? This mini-episode shares exactly that.
March 27, 2020
Lightworkers Clearing out the Corona Virus with Love - Paula Hopwood
While the world is in fear with COVID19, Lightworkers have already gone through their dark night of the soul, and are ready to be the guiding light through to a New Earth.
March 26, 2020
What is REAL Shadow Work, and How to Be Kind To Yourself as a Mother during COVID-19 - Monica Pelayo
Monica has been a student of ACIM ( A Course In Miracles) for over 2 decades and found the work of the Shadow through the brilliant work of Debbie Ford she became a certified Integrative LifeCoach and was personally trained by Debbie.She has found that...
March 26, 2020
Fear is a Liar - Trailer - Paula Hopwood
What if your fear wasn't true at all? What if the things you feared were simply reminders to open up to the brilliance of life.
March 26, 2020
The Deep End of Mom Guilt - Elena Harder
Elena's vulnerable and inspirational story of a moment which changed the course of her life forever, and inspired her to create Bulletproof Moms. Order your copy of the physical book for and get the 7 Days of Love Project as a bonus....
March 18, 2020
How do you shut up your mind so you can meditate? Getting Out of your Head w Nature
Quick hack for how to quiet the mind with imagination, and nature.
March 3, 2020
You're not alone in Judging Yourself for Failing at Self Love - Leona Wallace
If you've ever found yourself judging yourself for "sucking at self love" this is the one for you.  We all do it.  The question is, how quickly can you catch yourself, and forgive yourself. Join the 7 Days of Love Project Click Here ===> ...
February 29, 2020
It's Time to Stop Healing and Start Receiving! - Leona Wallace
If you've been obsessed with your "healing journey" it's time to let it go, and move into the new paradigm of your "receiving journey"Join the 7 Days of Love Project Click Here ===>
February 29, 2020
A healthier perspective on ANOTHER layer of the Healing Onion - Leona Wallace
Instead of beating yourself up for "having to process THAT THING **Again**" listen to what Leona has to say about how to perceive the moment, and find more self love as you continue your healing journey.
February 29, 2020
Being Mothers who Stand Up for a Generation of Enlightened Children - JB Owen
We are responsible for educating our children to be wise enough to see that they are the solution to the problems of our time, and to be empathetic about how us "old timers" deal with those problems (sometimes really badly!!)Join the 7 Days of Love...
February 29, 2020
What Happens When Private School Wants to Diagnose Your Kid and You Say NO - JB Owen
JB pulled her kids out of private school and took them on a year of worldschooling.  This is how it all started. Join the 7 Days of Love Project Click Here ===>
February 29, 2020
You Don't Have to be Wealthy to Worldschool - JB Owen
Worldschooling started for Elena when she realized she didn't have enough money to keep living in Calgary on her income.  JB shares a story about how she traveled without being on a big budget.
February 29, 2020
Dealing with Negative Social Media Comments on Your Life - JB Owen
Haters gonna hate, but don't let them bring you down.  JB talks about how she handled the judgments on how she was parenting and worldschooling with her kids.Join the 7 Days of Love Project Click Here ===>
February 29, 2020
Breaking out of "The Teachers Know Best" into "What's Best for the Family" - JB Owen
When her son was about to be held back and diagnosed, JB used that as inspiration to create something different for her family.
February 29, 2020
How Storytelling Heals Us, and How Ignite Books are Fuelling that Fire - JB Owen
Stories are how we connect, share wisdom, and bond with different people.  JB shares the passion that got her started on publishing anthologies of peoples most vulnerable stories. Apply to Write your Own Ignite Book the 7...
February 29, 2020
Helping Your Kids Dealing with Bullying around Worldschooling - JB Owen
Kids can be so mean.  Here's how JB's kids handled the criticism and their friends dis-interest with their worldschooling experiences.Join the 7 Days of Love Project Click Here ===>
February 29, 2020
Waking up at 50+, Jumping Through Timelines, and Finding Love Again - Alyson Thiessen & Jim Brodie
An inspiring connection to source energy, these two are lit up about life, each other, and what it is to live Awoken, and free from the consumerism and experiences of their past lives as "successful in career" people.
February 27, 2020
Why are there so many single moms - Elena Harder
Why ARE there so many single moms? Short and sweet thoughts on how this "epidemic" of undersupported moms happened.
February 27, 2020
How we are Born Shapes Life (and how to change it if it sucks!) - Nattalia Walkker
So much of our life is actually a repetition of our past imprinting. The Lymbic Imprinting theory says it actually all starts when we are in the womb.  Nattalia is a birth doula, and has supported 100's of births.  We talk about how this imprinting...
February 27, 2020
What exactly is energy healing - Cherie Ann Day
Cherie is an accomplished energy healer and advocate for pleasure. Join us for an in depth exploration around what exactly is energy healing, and how can it be helpful in your life.
February 27, 2020
How to Do Self Soothing During Relationship Conflict - Elena Podcast
When you're in the middle of a fight, it doesn't seem like a great time for self soothing.  But in reality it's the BEST time, here's some quick and easy tips to get yourself back into feeling calm, so you can communicate instead of fight with your...
February 27, 2020
Why do we get stuck and move AWAY from pleasure? Olivia Bryant
It's okay to say no to things you don't want to do.  When we fully express out NO, there is space for pleasure to rush in.  How to tell the difference between laziness, ambivalence and hidden pain, and how to create a pleasure challenge for yourself in...
February 27, 2020
What is our True Potential - Dolphin Kasper
After literally delivering over 2,000 individual talks, workshops or programs, to over 100,000 people.  Here he explores with me what is really possible in our lives when we live outside of the rules of "regular society"
February 27, 2020
How to get unstuck from fear - Elena Harder
If you're feeling paralyzed by fear, this one is for you. I go over some of the best bio-hacks and tricks for getting back into the parasympathetic nervous system, and feel calm again.
February 27, 2020
What can really be healed with radical self love - Candice Bell
Candice shares her wild healing journey with massive illness, and how committing to Radical Self Love brought her back to full health, and connection with her true purpose.
February 27, 2020
How to Deal with Doctors and Shame - Elena Harder
Asking for help around mental health can feel terrifying, and especially for a "new age seeker" like me who has a bit of a chip on their shoulder about the "western medical complex"  Here's some real and raw tips around how to handle your own shame and...
February 27, 2020
What is an old story and how do you change it - Elena Harder
Sometimes we get caught in "old stories" of who we were, and how we used to respond.  This is quick and dirty reminder that your old stories do not NEED to define you, and you can be better right now.
February 27, 2020
How to be Beautifully Selfish - Suz De Jong
Sometimes we  can judge ourselves around being selfish or taking care of ourselves.  Join Suz and I as we discuss why it's actually HELPFUL to be selfish, and how to do it gracefully.
February 27, 2020
How to Heal Mom Trauma and Be a Conscious Mother - Jordi Klassen
In this raw and vulnerable interview, Jordi and I talk about our journeys as single mothers, and what it really means to us to be conscious mothers.
February 27, 2020
Feeling Fake in Self Love - Elena Harder
Some real practical advice a bout what to do if you feel fake about loving yourself. Join the 7 Days of Love Project Click Here ===>
February 27, 2020
Worldschooling For Brains and Charity with JB Owen on Never Playing Small
A mom who took her kids out of a private school to do a year of worldschooling.
February 25, 2020