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Junior League of Cincinnati Podcast

Junior League of Cincinnati Podcast

By Junior League of Cincinnati
Join the Archives Committee of the JLC as we chat with members about their experiences in the league.
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1. Darlene Kamine

Junior League of Cincinnati Podcast

14. Communication Council
In this episode, explore the Communication Council with Leslie Touassi as she interviews Meredith Comin, Jamie Humes, Haley Elkins, and Sam Bodner about their time as Comm Council VPs in the JLC. 
April 13, 2021
13. Avon Tennis Tournament with the JLC
Join Madalyn Vershay talking with Chris Stubbins and Janet Simpkinson about the JLC involvement in the Avon Tennis Tournament. You will also see this piece from the Archives featured in the Winter 2021 Perspectives JLC Magazine. 
April 10, 2021
12. Museum Center JLC Exhibit Part 2
In this episode, join Jenn Shafer Beeson talk with Lisa Dye about her work in preparing for the Junior League of Cincinnati Centennial Museum Center exhibit. 
March 11, 2021
11. JLC New Member Bus Tour
Join Leslie Touassi as she discusses the New Member Bus Tour in Memory of Linda Appleby with three of our Sustaining Members: Angie Carl, Amelia Crutcher, and Danielle Deja. Learn about the history, highlights, and areas around Cincinnati where the JLC has made an impact. 
February 25, 2021
10. Program Acceleration with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank
Listen in to hear when Leslie Touassi met with Rebecca Bryson and Brittany Gruber about the Program Acceleration Committee and their work with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. 
January 27, 2021
9. Kids in the Kitchen!
Join Leslie Touassi in talking with Vicki Marsala Calonge about the past signature project,  Kids in the Kitchen!, and how their work has continued to help the community. 
January 12, 2021
8. Museum Center JLC Exhibit Part 1
In this episode, Jenn Shafer Beeson interviews Erica Wainwright from the Cincinnati Museum Center about the JLC Centennial Exhibit. 
January 12, 2021
7. Program Development Process December 2020
In this episode, Katie Dulle, Chair of Program Development, joins us to discuss the process involved in selecting a program for the Junior League of Cincinnati, the current updates as of late December of 2020, and what members can look forward to in the upcoming months.  Thanks for listening! - Leslie Touassi, Chair of Archives Committee, The Junior League of Cincinnati
December 31, 2020
RefugeeConnect Part 2
Hello and Welcome! Last time we met with Erin Rolfes and Brooke MacDonald Olson who each contributed in tremendous ways the Junior League of Cincinnati, specifically with RefugeeConnect. In this episode, we welcome Anne McKenna and Robyn Lamont to discuss the later phases of RefugeeConnect and the process involved in making it the 501(c)(3) organization that it is today. Thanks for listening! - Leslie Touassi Member of The Junior League of Cincinnati 
May 29, 2020
5. RefugeeConnect - Erin Rolfes and Brooke Olson
In this podcast episode we will examine one of the Junior League of Cincinnati's signature projects, RefugeeConnect. 
January 14, 2020
4. Fernside - Priscilla Ungers
On this episode of the Junior League of Cincinnati's podcast, Priscilla Ungers, current sustainer and former President of the League, discusses Junior League's involvement in Fernside: A Center for Grieving Children. Fernside is the second-oldest children's grief center in the nation, and continues to serve as a valuable community resource today.
December 3, 2019
3. Susan Shelton and MindPeace
In this episode of the Junior League of Cincinnati podcast, Emma Morehart talks with Susan Shelton, who served on the JLC committee that launched the non-profit MindPeace and is now its Executive Director.
November 4, 2019
2. Augusta Forker Interview 1988
This episode of the Junior League of Cincinnati comes straight from the JLC archives. This 1988 interview with our second president Augusta Forker (1921-1922) was originally produced by Saralou Durham. Augusta talks about the early days of the JLC and her experiences within it. Join us for this glimpse into our history!  The Junior League of Cincinnati podcast is now available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcast listening apps - Please subscribe today! If you have a suggestion for the podcast, please email us at
October 1, 2019
1. Darlene Kamine
Welcome to the first JLC Podcast! In this episode, we talk with Darlene Kamine about her experiences in the league, including the founding of ProKids. Plus, we get to hear a bit of little known league history. Please enjoy! If you'd like to suggest a member for us to talk to, please email us at
September 2, 2019