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The Underground with Ryan Moore and Justin Loncaric

The Underground with Ryan Moore and Justin Loncaric

By Justin Loncaric
Each week we will dive into what it means to build, nurture, and live in communities everywhere!
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Tyler Cameron - I'd Rather be Golfing....

The Underground with Ryan Moore and Justin Loncaric

Rick Allen - Behind Every Small a Family...
The episode kicks off with a rousing discussion about the Olympics and the Russian figure skater caught up in the doping allegation.... The guys quickly shift to their guest..... Returning for a second appearance on the show, Rick Allen joins them to discuss the ups and downs of having his family around while running his incredibly successful store, Otis and Allen.  The family feel and personal service as well as the shifts in his business that he was forced to make over this pandemic are top of mind.  If you run a business with your spouse and your family, you're going to want to hear this episode! You can order online from Otis and Allen here:
February 18, 2022
Linda Moss - A Savior We Shouldn't Need....
Linda Moss is an extraordinary human who went through a terrible tragedy. Her family lost their father in 2019 to a completely preventable situation in the hospital.  A pressure wound or bedsore got so terribly infected he couldn't recover.   Something as simple as a daily checklist or a 2 min conversation may have saved him. Listen to her incredible story here and please take heed.  Advocate for your loved ones and keep them safe! You can find her efforts on the following links: Here are the links to the platforms Linda knows to be “Change Agents and Patient Advocates”. Dedicated to the advancement of wound prevention and management #stoppressureinjuries Patients for Patient Safety CAD/Health Excellence CAD-improving patient safety #EssentialTogether. Providing companionship, basic essential needs and assistance to LTC and Hospital patients. And Linda's FB page here:
February 03, 2022
The Destination is as Important as the Journey
In this episode, the guys give us an update post SNOWMAGEDDON in Ontario! Ryan, sitting comfortably in his dads Florida home, experienced some crazy weather himself!! Then they turn to goals.... The most important part of building a business!   Begin with the end in mind and build your business from there! And most of all....THINK BIGGER!! Please subscribe so we know you love us!!  
January 23, 2022
Stuart Websdale - Guest Inspection....
The guys open the episode by talking about their respective xmases and jump right into their first guest of 2022. Stuart Websdale of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections stops in to discuss....well inspections! How Stuart got in, where he came from and how he runs his current position.  The importance of an inspection and some of the highlights (or lowlights!) of Stuarts inspecting days come to light! Stuart is an awesome guest with LOTS of great information.  If you're in the market and are frustrated by the fact that you aren't able to include a home inspection clause.....this episode will be for YOU! If you are in need of Stuarts services, you can reach him here: Stuart Websdale (289) 828-4837
January 17, 2022
The Christmas Special 2021
Our special guests return!  Chris and Dan, Ryan and Justin's bestest best friends... Topics include: -a review of the year for each of them -Justin saves a baby -Naples ruined the NFL for Chris -Dans special news -Ryan know a little guy They guys also receive a surprise call from the man of the season himself:  Santa calls in and goes over the boys wish lists.... And we find out the status of the "Slobberknocker".....if you know....#catdust Merry Christmas, Happy safe out there and we will see you in 2022!
December 22, 2021
Joe Seyler - Retired Podcaster, DJ, Radio Man....Gentleman!
If you've ever thought about starting your OWN podcast....this episode is for YOU! Former host of Those Dad Guys(, a brilliantly funny and charming podcast out of Burlington ON, sits down to discuss life after the podcast that took their show to the airwaves on AM radio!! The guys give you a first hand look into how to start a podcast and the different ways you can go about it! What equipment is required??   What are the barriers to entry??   ARE THERE TOO MANY!??!!?  NEVER! There is so much info here you don't want to miss a second!!  And some great stories dropped in for good measure... If you're in need of a great party DJ, someone who will LITERALLY break his own leg to get the room bumpin, you're gonna want to get Joe Seyler. You can reach him here:
December 01, 2021
Jivan Sanghera RETURNS! Why aren't you VARIABLE?!
This is an episode that can be classed as education.  But it can also be classed a sharp kick in the ass with a boot.   Jivan brings his expertise in the mortgage world to expose the realities of what is happening out there at the moment.  As we come the back side of whatever this Covid Pandemic has caused, the guys talk about what to do next.   Like anything, if you listen and learn, it could MAKE YOU MONEY.  If you choose to do nothing...well....good for you! Enjoy! to find Jivan!
November 16, 2021
The Halloween Episode
Our spooky episode begins with a couple of ghost stories before we bring on our special scary guest... Brandon Chiasson from Ontario's Most Haunted joins us for a conversation about ....well....GHOSTS!! How his team works, how they find some of their evidence, their favourite tools and more! I'll also say, Brandon shared (OFF MIC) some of his upcoming evidence to be released in his next episode.....OMG..... You'll find his episodes HERE: Honestly...scared the crap outta us!!  And by the way this episode may be cursed because we talked about a cursed doll! Listen at your own risk!! Bwaaahahahahahhahaha...
October 31, 2021
A New Company....A New Opportunity!
Justin started a NEW company in Sept and the guys talk about it!!   What is!??   Who cares!?  WE DO!!   It's a creative tool to help sellers sell for more!
October 25, 2021
Vaccines.....Do we love or hate them? (UGH I know!!)
In this episode the boys discuss Ryan's run in with an Anti-vaxxer at work.   They go over their personal thoughts on the overall situation and discuss some of the other conspiracies and realities that have flown through the media recently.   Please enjoy....and go get vaxxed people!!
October 05, 2021
Season 2 BEGINS!
The boys are back with a summer update and a political message!! Ryan has been busy preparing some of our NHL hero's for the upcoming season and Justin has been busy real estating and starting a NEW company!  Listing Loans launch this past week! Don't forget to like, and subscribe to our show!
September 23, 2021
Evan Bouchard - The NHL is calling.....
They are BACK!!  Back a the Pond recording and back....together in the SAME ROOM!  (Socially distanced of course!) After a few weeks of rest and relaxation(yeah right!) the boys are back with a bang! They recount Justin's trip to Algonquin park with his boys.  Ryan's scariest BEAR encounter, and the guys talk about the scariest cities they've ever been to.  Then our NHL guest gets straight off the ice and sits down with us for a chat! Evan, a BURLINGTON NATIVE, talks about what it's REALLY like in the NHL.  And if it lives up to his childhood expectations. The conversation shift to his off ice habits, including the video games he enjoys. And finally a chat about how many coaches elite athletes have....From food to money, everything is a learning opportunity! You can follow Evan on his Instagram here - And don't forget to Like...Follow...Sub to the Noties when we release new Eps! (this is what the kids are saying now right?!?)
July 13, 2021
The Scavenger Hunt and the Zamboni Salesman!
As we begin the episode, we are missing Ryan as he was late to the party!! We talk about Justin and Gina's upcoming Family Adventure Race Scavenger Hunt.   It's a FREE fun event where families will get to travel across  Burlington learning a ton about the city and completing challenges along the way.... Prizes for winners and the real winner is all of you!!   Sign up HERE : To finish, Ryan FINALLY shows up and tells us about his Zamboni.  It's for sale....and it DOESN'T actually cut grass....Even though it's been all over TSN cutting grass. Enjoy the episode, subscribe and leave a comment if you like what we do!
June 16, 2021
Its a shame we have to talk about this....
While the banter throughout the episode is fun, the main point of this episode is our disappointment in the treatment of the LGBTQ2+ community in the Halton Catholic School system.   Having come from the system, we are saddened to hear of their lack of support at such a fundamental and simple level.  We have, at 33 min into the episode, community members that have created an initiative to show the LGBTQ2+ community that there is love and support in the community.  No matter what the school board does.   All the proceed from the sale of their signs went to Reach Out Centre for Kids in our community.  If you are struggling and need help, click here to get it Thank you.
June 10, 2021
Justin's Emergency Hospital Visit....
As the boys get going, they give us a breakdown of Ryans garden.  His red and white Canadian pride look! As we slide into game 3, JT is top of mind.  The devastating hit and the game in general. The Leafs have a lot of work to do now! Then the big news of the week!  Justin went to Emergency this week with chest pains.  He goes over the story and what is going on with him.   And finally....we can't leave an episode without talking about technology of some kind!  Bitcoin is front and centre.  Ryans recent ups and downs are discussed.  If you want more amazing content, more amazing, comment and subscribe!!
May 24, 2021
Kim Sopko - We Didn't Start the FIRE!!
Ryan starts the episode with his terrifying tale about his recent FIRE SCARE!!  Yes, the Burlington Pond nearly burned to the ground!! If not for a few serendipitous moments, and Ryans quick thinking..... Then they introduce Kim Sopko.  Kim is the Public Education Officer for the Burlington City Fire Dept. Topics include the main causes of fire in your home, carbon monoxide, when to replace your smoke alarms and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you can get away with burning a chimnea in the urban area of Burlington as long as you have a pack of hot dogs!! Kim also reveals some secrets about the firetrucks ability to control traffic!! All of the city initiatives can be found here: Including the city program to provide smoke alarms for seniors across the city!! Like and subscribe to get more great content like this!!
May 19, 2021
Joel Macleod - Here Comes the Political Circus!!
They guys start the show by talking about Ryans growing notoriety at the Burlington Pond Hockey Training Facility.  Recent articles in the Hockey News, and other publications relating to Darnell Nurse have blown up the Moore's phone lines!! The boys bring in Joel Macleod.  Creator of the 905er podcast (available wherever you can find your podcasts!).  Joel comes on to talk current events. Everything from Covid response, to city initiatives for expansion, road works, Waterdown becoming a part of Burlington and MORE!  This episode get's political.....And we have opinions!!   You can find Joal on the 905er Podcast here: Like, subscribe and leave a comment (but only if it's positive!!!)
May 11, 2021
Brandon Chiasson - Ontario's MOST Haunted....
To open Ryan and Justin Discuss Justin's recent trip to get his vaccine and the side effects that he has experienced.   The guys slide into conversation about what scares them the most. Ryan has a crazy story about an uncle who liked to scare them as kids!!  This sets up their guest perfectly!  Paranormal investigator and podcast host Brandon Chiasson from Ontario's Most Haunted Podcast joins the call to discuss everything paranormal!! From how he got into it, to the scariest thing he's ever caught during an investigation. You wouldn't even know it, but while recording, the guys actually captured a female voice in the background.  And wasn't Ryan's Mom.  See if you can find it! And finally we discover that Ryan does NOT want to ever go on an investigation, he doesn't like messing with the paranormal.....hmmmm....? You can find The Ontario's Most Haunted Podcast wherever you consume your daily podcasts on THIS link:
May 05, 2021
Lisa Crapsi - We Built this City.....
The boys talk about some of the things they have missed in the last year.  Ribfest, Sound of Music.....The City of Burlington puts on some AMAZING festivals!  And they can't wait to get back to them! Then they introduce Lisa Crapsi.  Lisa is the recreation co-ordinator for the Recreation, Community and Culture Department of the City of Burlington. She brings us her new city initiatives: -Together We are Burlington -Community Support Fund -Block Connectors  -The Great Disconnect Screening! All amazing initiatives to bring our city and the communities within our city together! If you want to get involved, reach out to Lisa at Go to for more details on the events above!
May 03, 2021
Bob Miller - The Worlds TOUGHEST Race....
If you think you've had it hard, you need to listen to this episode! Ryan and Justin discuss some of their most iconic athletic feats.   Bob Miller joins the chat.  Bob made Canada proud by finishing on the PODIUM in the WORLDS TOUGHEST RACE!!   We get a detailed play by play from the man himself on the in's and outs of Adventure Racing and the Eco Challenge he competed in for the Amazon Prime TV show!  Even some behind the scenes stories you don't get to see in the show. You HAVE to hear about the mental side of this sport and the stories of enduring pride and excitement about the racers and their Fijian hosts.  You can watch the race HERE! And you can try adventure racing at Bob's annual Ontario event called the Wilderness Traverse.  ENTER HERE And don't forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to get more amazing content like this!!
April 23, 2021
Mike Fitzpatrick - What a Man What a Man What a Mighty Good Man...
The focus today is HEALTH!! The guys break out the convo with Greg's(Ryan's dad) vaccination story. This leads us, very quickly into our guest! Mike Fitzpatrick is a celebrated wellness mentor and business owner who believes that putting a band aid on the problem is the last resort. We need to focus on creating healthy lifestyles before the problem occurs!! They discuss vitamins, exercise, and mental health.  All that before diving into the struggles of men during this pandemic.   Keeping healthy can be hard enough, asking for help, in a world where we are conditioned not to as men is even harder!! You can find some great info about Mike and his business here - MIKE FITZPATRICK INSTAGRAM Don't forget to LIKE and subscribe to hear more of this amazing content!!
April 19, 2021
Invisalign and Cottage Stories...
Justin notices that Ryan is talking funny.... It turns out he just had his Invisalign braces "installed".... The guys turn to Justin's recent day in Muskoka and Wasaga beach showing homes.  Which leads them down a path of favourite cottage moments!  From tubing to UNO, they go over what makes for great cottaging in Ontario! To wrap up, they get a little political!!  Talk about conspiracies and Bill Gates....yay! To get more of this GREAT content, subscribe NOW!!  Do it....Now....I promise we will get better at this!
April 13, 2021
Avery Lockland - The PEN Mightier than the SWORD!
The boys start the chat by talking about the things they read as kids.  Ryan focused his time on sporting publications while Justin waded through the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.... This leads them to a short convo about the most published books on the planet.   Our guest is awesome this week!  Avery Lockland is an editor and writer and is in the middle of writing his new book Hue and Cry. Topics such as the craziest ideas that have come across his desk or teh merit of comedy writing and everyones favourite books are batted around! Avery also goes into detail about his new book Hue and Cry.  A post-apocalyptic story about a town called Tormid where they sacrifice a child to their God every 13 years in thanks for keeping their town safe!  The book centres on Allison, who accidentally got pregnant and now her son is next in line to be sacrificed! You can get first access and pre-orders for the book here: Don't forget to comment and subscribe to hear more content!!
April 10, 2021
Mikael Kingo - Tales from a 16 Year Old Philanthropist....
What were YOU doing at 16 years old.... Ryan and Justin have memories of chasing girls and messing around in high school.  Meet Mikael.  An OHL drafted player (Peterborough Petes) and an all around incredible 16 year old human.  While playing high level hockey, and juggling practice and school and family time, Mikael has taken the time to give back.   His Goalie Giveaway has become and amazing opportunity for a young hockey player that doesn't have the same opportunity to be able to get the equipment he or she needs to play! Mikael has also created Sunny Isles.  A hockey themed clothing brand where proceeds go to charity.   Honestly, this is one of the most incredible interviews we've done.  Someone at this age taking the initiative to make the world a better place....We can use more of this. Thank you Mikael.... If you'd like to nominate someone for the goalie giveaway, you can email Mikael - Follow his journey on Instagram - You can find the Sunny Isles clothing line here - Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe for more amazing humans like this!
April 02, 2021
Injuries, Fisheries and Population Statistics....Sounds fun Right?
Ryan's groin strain opens the pages on some of their worst injuries.  Ryan's hockey injuries are much worse than Justin's minor baseball injuries! The only thing that Justin has that compares are the blisters he sustained during his first 150km adventure race.   Which leads the guys into a convo about the Eco Challenge Fiji, a 10 day adventure race that was turned into a reality TV series following the event.   Then it was time to get serious....Justin recently watched Seaspiracy.  A documentary on the fishing industry and it's impact on the world. Finally, to close out the show, the conversation swings to things we like to eat...go figure, the balance of the environment and animals around us and the way that nature works to take back abandoned areas.  Including areas like where the Sochi Olympics were held!   Rate and review, and don't forget to subscribe!
March 30, 2021
Kaleb Streeter - Go North Young Man...
The episode doesn't start well.... Justin messes up the intro right off the bat!! Justin reveals how tired he is after being out until 230 am with a client. A client who brought out a good bottle of bourbon.... To make things worse, as Justin introduces the guest for this episode, he totally messes that up as well.... Kaleb Streeter joins the boys from Orillia Ontario. He has been a realtor there for the last 5 years.   We get is origin story, his love for the addictive side of real estate.  It's not what you think!   Justin and Kaleb also realize that it was one year TO THE DAY that they met!!! We finish the episode with some crazy real estate stories, including Justins introduction to 1200 pounds of human and Kalebs creepy Silence of the Lambs story!!  You are going to want to hear this one!! You can find Kaleb in Orillia here: Don't forget to rate and review, and subscribe for more great UNDERGROUND content!!
March 30, 2021
You did WHAT to your face?
It's a lively day as Justin is having a visit from a nurse to take his blood for a new insurance policy.  He is adamant our listeners should look into it if he dies suddenly in the next 6 months.... From insurance to injuries we chat about the devastating and fatal injury a Russian hockey player faced this past week.  The scariness of the sport and what, if anything, can be done about those dangers.   From there we get an update on a few things including Ryans teeth, Romans teeth, and more.  Plastic surgery becomes the focus. And to wrap it up, a few knew show suggestions are front and centre.  And the boys compare their Netflix Top 10 to make sure Netflix isn't messing with us.... Don't forget to subscribe!!
March 22, 2021
Jamie Kozub - A Serial Entrepreneur....
The boys start the episode with a chat about their love of food.  Particularly the new spicy dill chips Justin found at Costco... The conversations shifts gears and they discuss Justin's love of Yellowstone....If you know.  And Ryan watched Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime.  So, you know...his review! Then we introduce our guest.  Jamie Kozub is an entrepreneurial savant.  Having bought his first business at 24 years old, Oakville Sight and Sound, he has used the years of experience to build several successful brands in Ontario. Including his latest venture that dropped this week:!  A convenient online ordering platform for consumers to get incredibly fresh fruit, veg and other produce to their door at or lower than grocery store pricing.   Jamie saw a gap in the market during Covid where growers and suppliers of this produce, who normally supplied restaurants, were looking for a way to get to the end consumer!   So he's bringing healthy fresh produce to you while supporting LOCAL farmers and suppliers. launched on March 15th! OH YEAH....and thanks for supporting us through 40 episodes!!! Don't forget to subscribe and comment on our podcast for more great guests!
March 22, 2021
The ROYAL Update! and The ROMO SHOW! (Proud Dad Moment!)
The boys go through a bunch of updates including the fact that Ryan is now a celebrity.  SPOILER....He was on Sportcentre this week!!! Ryan reveals he is getting Invisiline in the next couple weeks! And the moment you've been waiting for:  Ryan and Justin's take on the British Royal Family v. Meghan Markle Scandal! Finally we close the episode with a class project that Justin's son Roman did this past week. He had to record his OWN podcast episode!  Justin was Romans first guest...and Roman edited the entire thing himself! Please enjoy the ROMOSHOW!! Like and Subscribe for more great content!!  
March 13, 2021
Dave Sumner - The King of the Muffler Bearings....
Everybody has their "GUY"(OR GAL!!). You've got one for roofing, for flooring, to cut your hair and, of course, to fix your car. This "guy" is Dave Sumner.  He happens to be the only person Justin trusts to fix his personal vehicles. It also turns out, Dave comes from a family of auto wreckers....go figure. And, he's actually pretty funny!  Who knew!! The group talks about cars today!!  What to look for when buying, what we need to know about maintaining them. If you want to get ahold of Dave for anything automobile related, call here - 905-616-6116 Don't forget to like, and subscribe to hear MORE great guests!
March 13, 2021
You Called this Place a WHAT??
The guys get into it about the name of "the Underground" recording space.  From there, they dive headlong into some WWII history and talk about gratitude and the Lancaster Bomber! They literally appreciate the fact that we aren't getting carpet bombed on a daily basis..... The upcoming vaccines, Tiger Woods and a break down of the Toronto Maple Leafs defense round out the latter part of the episode... Like, Subscribe and Leave a review, let us know what YOU want to hear!! 
March 04, 2021
Jeremy Sims - A DAD Among Men.....
The guys start the episode with some banter about Ryan's dad selling his condo in Florida.  Just questions Ryan on whether or not this means the end of Greg's Florida stories! Ryan also tells us about the "Florida Man" Google's pretty funny.... All the talk of Ryan's dad leads them into their guest!  Jeremy Sims, founder of the Oakville Dad's Facebook group.   Jeremy talks about a range of topics, from why and how he started the group to some of their charitable efforts.   Ultimately he proves that there is still good in the world and through all this hardship!!   The Dad's have even helped the victims of a house fire get back on their feet!!! To finish, Justin issues a challenge for the OD's....Get more "streams" on THIS episode than the BURLINGTON Dad founder had on HIS!!!! If you're a dad who lives or works in Oakville, take a look at this group for fun, laughs, help and support - Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe fotr more of this amazing content!!
March 04, 2021
Tyler Cameron - I'd Rather be Golfing....
The boys gripe about some first world problems at the beginning of the episode.  Ryan's couch is delayed and Justin's wife's iphone 12 is on major backorder.....pfft. This leads them into their conversation with Tyler Cameron.  He's the founder of  A genius site that allows dads to take advantage of virtual "help" in order to live more productive lives.  We open the gates into the service and find out exactly what kinds of things Tyler has seen come across his plate.  Dad's love BEER...who knew?!? Tyler's company is all about helping! He shows us how he can remove some of the BS from our lives and allow us to ....well....drink more beer and golf more.  Which is actually code for "hang out with your family more".  You can reach out to Tyler's team at Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast for more amazing guests like this!!
February 24, 2021
Hani Selbak - Sometimes it Feels Like.....Somebody's WATCHIN MEEEEE!
Ryan and Justin get right into a conversation with Hani Selbak.  Local Burlington guy, owner and operator of Premium Investigative Services Inc, and all around really fun guy!! They dive in right away to Hani's beginnings in the P.I. business at a grocery store!  He started as a humble security guard catching people stealing from the store!   Hani brings his interactions to the show and gives us some of his favourite moments from those early days creeping around the local shop! Then we get into his current business and some of the incredible....literally belly laughing moments, that have made his career enjoyable.   From body surfing to golfing to cheating husbands, this show is so much fun! You can get in touch with Hani if you need a P.I. here -
February 24, 2021
Investments and Other REALLY BORING Stuff
The guys start out with an update of Ryan's Covid Beard.  SPOILER - He's ready to say goodbye! Talk of the world beginning to open back up again has Ryan in good spirits, The Pond is ready for customers! The conversation takes some dips and dives across investments in real estate, Ryan's recent Bitcoin investment and options trading.  To finish, the apple/google debate rages when we find out that Ryan is getting the newest Iphone 12 Pro Max.  A break down of some of the cool features this phone has sparks the discussion.  Ryan thinks he has Justin converted....or maybe not.  Perhaps it's the LIDAR that pushes him over the edge?? Don't forget to check out our Instagram page for more content! Like and subscribe for MORE really great content....hopefully nothing more about electric vehicles...
February 18, 2021
Jennifer Morris - Connecting the "How you Feel Comes from How you EAT" Mindset
The guys start out discussing some of their food vices.  Their habits and food they love.   The conversation shifts to some of the changes they've made during Covid with relation to how they eat! Then we invite Nutritional Coach Jennifer Morris into the conversation. She talks bout why she got into the industry and some of the "horror" things she saw having been in the pharmaceutical field prior to her focus on healthy whole food nutrition.  We have a discussion about the "optimal human diet"....Is that attainable??? If you want to know about Ketones and the potential benefits to you, you'll want to have a listen to this.   Get ahold of Jennifer on her FB page here - And don't forget to subscribe for more amazing podcasts coming your way!
February 18, 2021
Rebecca Mountain - Yeah I Grew Up in a Cult...Wadda Ya Gonna Do About It??
Ryan and Justin start the episode off with a candid discussion about the state of their lives in the current COVID situation.   And that leads to some revelations about how sad Justin is to see his kids go back to school.   Rebecca, our esteemed guest, hopes to turn things around in our brains!   Together they bust some huge "victim mentality" truths and work through what it means to "self sabotoage"..... Then Rebecca tells us her story...A tale of fear and control.  She grew up in what could have been categorized as a cult but for one criteria!  She talks about how she realized what she was doing and how she broke free from the mental restraints that had been placed on her and how she leverages this today to help people succeed at higher levels.  It culminates with a REALLY BIG CAR ACCIDENT!....Yeah...You're gonna want to stick around for this one.   And to finish, Ryan opens up about his potential for having CTE.  His time in hockey has given him many things, the worst of them being several BAD concussions.  He tells us about how he has been slowly coming to grips with some of the emotional effects of what he's been going through for most of his adult life.   This one is deep folks!  Rebecca is a High Performance Life Coach and can be found on her website(with little to no makeup!!) -
February 10, 2021
Marshall Dane - When I Say Right On....You Say Right On!!!
Recorded in the balmy depths of a November afternoon at the Pond, this episode does not disappoint! Ryan and Justin start the show talking about their childhood memories around music.  The music that shaped their "road trips" when they were kids. This leads into them realizing they BOTH love country music and it played a big part of who they have become! Then Marshall takes centre stage.  The "origin story" of how Justin and Marshall first met kicks off an incredible conversation with an incredible human.   Marshall has endless amounts of energy and passion for life.  He tells us stories about playing in front of big crowds, writing music and his first guitar! Marshall has a soft spot for people in the northern parts of our world and has travelled to their lands and connected with their culture in a deep way.   This is an insightful look into the mind of a great Canadian Artist who loves performing. Stick around to the end where Marshall plays a song for us, his newest release, Out Crowd!  On Delores O'Riordan's guitar no less! You can listen to Marshalls music on Spotify -
February 10, 2021
The Update Episode
We have a bunch of stuff to update you on! Justin bought a car, and his rink is in skating condition! Those Dad Guy's sent us a GIFT !!!  And you'll want to know what it was! Technology becomes another big topic as we discuss Justin's new Peloton and what it can do. Ryan reminds us of his "fire hydrant" physique. And we get an update of this year's NHL season.  Or.....Ryan's thought's on whether or not the Leafs will win the cup.  Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and if you want MORE content.... Follow us on Instagram for some behind the scenes stuff!
February 03, 2021
Spencer Jenkin - Canadian Legend in the Making
What's more Canadian than a double double drinkin', syrup guzzlin, flannel wearin, beard sportin HOSER, eh?? Spencer has become an internet sensation, having been featured on the CBC, TSN, NHL Hockey Night in Canada and MORE! In this in depth interview, we figure out what makes a man like this tick?  Where do his ideas come from?  What is next for this budding super star...I mean Bur seriously, you want to know what tree juice is?  Or what a Gretter is?  You'll have to listen to this episode.  And maybe you'll have a few laughs along the way as you bask in true Canadiana! Honestly, Spencer's work is hilarious!   Find it here on Instagram: Youtube: TikTok:
February 03, 2021
Peter Lang - Who doesn't like BEER!?
We start the episode with a brief recap of our Christmas and New Years festivities.   While we long for connection, we both agreed that our holidays were really great! After this wonderful walk down our memory lane, we invite Peter Lang on to the show! Pete is the Co-Founder of Post Game Brewing and their main product is Locker Room Lager. We talk a little about the brand and why it was so important to the team to create something to bring people together.  And how they wanted to fill a gap in the market of craft beers - a smooth lager rather than a hoppy IPA!   The future of Locker Room and other products as well as their long term goals for opening a local brew pub.... Bottom line, get your Locker Room Lager delivered right to your home HERE: And don't forget to pick up some Locker Room Gear!!!
January 26, 2021
Ashley Couto - Get Your HEAD Right and the Rest Will Follow!
In this episode we go deep into the depths of our souls!   But seriously, with everything going on at the moment, mental health is SO IMPORTANT! Ashley, a business and mindset coach and one of Justin's mentors, talks about the importance of mindset now more than ever.  She talks about the importance of routine in order to keep control of your day. We chat about how professional athletes prepare themselves for battle with their "battle armour"... And we talk about the weight our dogs have gained over this pandemic!  And the reason why WE might be eating more while staying home. This is a truly enlightening chat with a truly enlightened human.   We were blessed to get her on!!  Please enjoy! You can reach out to Ashley on Instagram  -  and on her website at
January 26, 2021
Brad Joseph - The Best Car Buy You Could EVER MAKE!
In our weekly "live" series we start by discussing the UP TO DATE real estate stats for Burlington.   Justin gives his thoughts on what things are doing and where we might be going.   Ryan discusses his townhouse and his plans for a future move.  The conversation shifts to Justin's recent car purchase which he's picking up on Friday.   Going down that "road" (see what I did there?) we invited Brad Joseph, 40+ year car salesman and manager, to the show to talk buying cars.   Brad gives you insider info on how cars are sold and the best ways to negotiate.  Should you lease or finance??  Brad will tell you!!   There is tons of great info in this episode!!  Don't forget to like and subscribe!!  And give us a follow on Facebook!
January 20, 2021
The Real Estate Extravaganza Episode!
If you are looking for an update on the state of the market from Toronto to Burlington, look no further! These titans of industry tell us their tips and tricks for securing the right agent, working through MULTIPLE OFFERS, and much more. We end this amazing conversation with some crazy stories from the industry.  Let's just gets a little spicy! If you want to reach out to April and Stacy, go to their website at Their Facebook page is and if you'd like to get ahold of Ara, you can find him here -  and find his Facebook profile here - And don't forget that Justin's team is always available for a chat - 
January 20, 2021
We couldn't be more excited to do a crossover, simulcast, same day release of this episode with Burlington's own "Those Dad Guys"! Paul and Joe welcomed us into their wonderful virtual studio for a chat about backyard hockey rinks, sandwiches and the three dads in the virtual room begin dreaming of a life before kids (with the help of Ryan.....who doesn't have any.....we think....). And don't forget a Those Dad Guys signature moment - "The Dad Joke of the Day!" - Which Ryan and Justin absolutely rocked! One day we will all look back and say...."It all started with a pannetone".   And by the way, Those Dad Guys are ACTUAL cartoons in real life! You can visit Those Dad Guys podcast on! You can find them on the Facebook at Enjoy!
January 15, 2021
The Richest People in the World (Spoiler, it's NOT US!)
A weekend of TV has left Justin with questions. He's confused about the plot line of the movie TENET.   While Ryan ponders which movie sequels are better than their originals. And after watching the new Tiger Woods documentary, Justin goes deep into lists of the richest people in the world.  Along the way we find out the most interesting facts about highways and their road markers, movie popcorn seasoning and so much more! Enjoy!
January 13, 2021
Ray Wood - G'day Mate! A Masterful Guide to Marketing Yourself RIGHT!
I know...sounds enthralling right??   Do you own a business?   Do you want to MAKE MORE MONEY during these unprecedented times?   You are going to want to listen and listen carefully!   Ray talks about lead funnels, The effectiveness of paper marketing and SOOOO much more. This is a head turner!  There is so much packed into this one that you'll need a pen and paper! You can find Ray on any of these sites: (where you can find Rays' Podcast!)
January 13, 2021
Hockey, Family and Sandwiches, The Things We Love
In our first fully virtual episode, we talk a little bit about the upcoming NHL season and how the bubbles might work.   The conversation shifts to food, where we discuss our favourite sandwich toppings.  This takes us down memory lane where we talk about our old family recipes.  Yellow Chicken and Fleckle are the stars of this convo! In talking about our recipes we discover some interesting facts about each other!!  One of Ryans ancestors had to defeat 3 knights in battle!  And One of Justin's grandfathers received medals in WWII for saving lives!   Finally, in a stark 180 degree turn of events we talk outdoor rinks.  How best to build them and keep them going.  The best way to get perfect ice....You'll want to hear this if you've got the itch.
January 06, 2021
Hayley Verrall - This girl can SING!
In our chat with Hayley, a Burlington native, we talk about her inspiration for songwriting and her first guitar! She talks about opening for the likes of Burton Cummings and others, the importance of connecting with others in the "biz" and her passion for love songs! She's delightful and dag nabbit she can sing! Check out her newest single and her entire catalogue on Spotify - If you want to book Hayley for a future gig or you want to see her live FB performances, click here -
January 05, 2021
The Christmas Special - HO HO HO!
Sit around the fire with us and enjoy some holiday spirit!   We chat about our worst Christmas gifts, and the merit of what makes a real Christmas movie...Including Justin's total ignorance of the name of the main villain in the movie Die Hard. Some of our favourite holiday traditions are discussed along with our overall distain for fruitcake and Ryan's clever use of the Elf on the Shelf. Then the tables turn....Somewhere during our conversation about Dan's Slobberknocker Family Christmas party, the convo shifts to Justin's complete and utter hatred for cats.  Trust's ridiculous!  #catdust And finally, to top it ALL off!!  We get a call from SANTA himself!  Reminding us all that he's ALWAYS watching! We want to wish all of our listeners a Merry Christmas!  Be safe, don't drink and drive and enjoy the holiday's! Thank you to Pete Lang at Post Game Brewing for the Locker Room Lager - Thank you to OTBX_Air for their generous presents which were shared during the episode as well - Don't forget our FREE CCM HOODIE giveaway!!  Just listen and find out what the worst Xmas gift Justin ever gave to his wife.  Then find our FB or Instagram pages (FB - - IG ->podcast_) and write the name of the gift in the comments on the XMAS SPECIAL POST.  Lastly, SHARE The post with your friends!! And VOILA you'll have a chance to win the hoodie!!  Draw will be held on Dec 31, 2020! All necessary precautions were taken to respect all of the most current social distancing policies. 
December 24, 2020
How to Hurt Someone in Hockey(Not REALLY!)
In this bonus episode recorded last month, we figure out the best ways to play hockey safely.   Some of the changes in the game over the years. Discuss(again) the merit of electric vehicles... Go over our favourite Christmas traditions, including Ryans drunk uncle! You can find Ryan here - Yu can find Justin here -
December 23, 2020
Lisette Kingo - Nobody Has to Be Alone....You Can Be their Angel!
Lisette is the founder of the Angel Project in Burlington.   This charity runs with ZERO overhead and literally leaves no person behind.   Their objective:  Make sure every person has someone to be there for them.... Sounds crazy, right? Just listen to the first 7 minutes.  Hear about her young patient whose parents abandoned him.  And the lengths they went to make sure he had someone to lean on. Their BIGGEST need this year - money....Please donate. Are you someone who cries easily?'re going to shed a tear here.  You can support the Angel Project here - -
December 23, 2020
Gina Faubert - I Love My Kids, I REALLY DO!! (I Promise!)
It's been tough. The impending lockdown isn't going to make it easier! So in this episode we talk to Gina Faubert.  She's a certified life coach and founder of Radiant Girls.   Gina walks us through what our kids might be thinking right now.  And how we can help them work their way through these crazy times! Seriously, if you're a parent.....You're not going to want to miss this one! You can find Gina here - -
December 23, 2020
A Halloween Recap....In December...I know....Shut it...
We spend some time recapping our Halloween experience this year.  We know it's December!!  Who cares!?? Break down a nostalgic look at the cell phones we used to have. (Does anyone still use BBM??) And Justin tells us about the making of his "V" card....yikes. Check out the Vcard here: And you'll want to hear our chat about Hummers on the moon. (Get your mind out of the gutter!). And what about all these electric cars??? Are they really the future?
December 18, 2020
Devin Keller - You Can't Miss THE GRAND POOBAH!
How do you take your business, real estate or otherwise, to the next level??   This guy knows.  Flat out...bottom line...he's the Grand Poobah of digital marketing. OTBx is the leader in the space and Devin gives us the secrets behind, content, video, websites and MORE! If you own a business and you're looking for more exposure, this is an episode for YOU! You can contact Devin here - You can follow their Instagram here -
December 16, 2020
Derek Moore - You'll Need Your Vitamin D For This One...
Derek Moore owns Herc's Nutrition Burlington. He wants everyone to know that that the supplement store is NOT full of muscle heads!   He won't bite and he pulls back the curtain on Justin's addiction to energy drinks....ahem.... Learn the secret sauces that every one should be taking to keep healthy every day!  And how he helps each individual customer find optimal health! Follow him here for amazing sales and supplemental info(see what I did there?!) -
December 16, 2020
Becky Kellar - This Interview is GOLD! Literally...(Oh Canada!)
What's that Doug Gilmour?  Who's ring is bigger?  Becky is an incredible athlete, coach and philanthropist.   She's been a part of 7 ....count 'em SEVEN gold medal winning hockey teams!   If you think about excellence, you think about a name like Becky Kellar. We talk about the the Canada/USA rivalry, the Olympic experience and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She...Is...Awesome. Check out the work she does with the Angel Project here - And her website -
December 16, 2020
Jaclyn Santamaria - You Can Eat DOUGHNUTS and Lose Weight?!??
We get into some of the MYTH's of dieting.   Why cutting calories shouldn't be your first instinct!   And why, as a society, we are harming ourselves more than hurting ourselves by constantly restricting calories.   Oh yeah, and Jaclyn also tells us why it's OK to eat doughnuts while you're trying to lose weight!   She's a powerhouse with food.  And with weights!!  She's an incredible guest and she gives us some GREAT info! Find Jaclyn here -
December 09, 2020
Glenda Shortt - The Queen of the North (Well, the Orchard anyway...HA!)
Glenda came from a life of keeping Canada's borders safe. She lives in one of the newer communities in Burlington:  The Orchard. And all she did was start a happy little group to help try and get a fence built. 7 years later with over 3200 loyal followers, she's become a driving force for change in our community. Find out why she started the "Our Orchard Community" group and what she does to keep things happy and fun. Also, find out about some of the initiatives that she has helped work on to make this community a better place. Glenda's FB page -
December 09, 2020
Jivan Sanghera - This Ain't No Gatorade Incident....!
Jivan has been helping families for YEARS.  Helping make their home ownership dreams come true! For all of the help he has given, it's no surprise that there were many people that had a hand in shaping his incredible career.  It's all about the relationships!  All the way up to his appearances on CBC News and his writeups in Yahoo Finance.  With all of his success, he shares his gratitude with the people that gave him his start... We don't just find out about the latest mortgage solutions, we pull back the curtain to find out about the man behind the brand.   You can reach out to Jivan here - - 
December 02, 2020
Jana Harrigan and Michele Moore - Wonder Women....In REAL LIFE!
Pioneers and innovators in their sports, Jana Harrigan and Michele Moore have blazed a path for young Canadian girls everywhere! We discuss their humble beginnings to their major successes, the difference between individual sports vs team sports, what it takes to be the very BEST, what they are doing now and how you can benefit from their experience, and how far women's sports have come over the years. Make no mistake, these two are not just a powerhouse on the ice!   Reach out to Jana - Reach out to Michele on instagram - @mooreedgesandpower
December 02, 2020
Social WHAT?
We dive into some of the highest rated youtube channels to find out what kind of money we COULD be making! It kind of goes off the rails after that.... Ryan: Justin:
November 24, 2020
Dylan Moscovitch - Oh Canada! Olympic Dreams Come True!
Dylan tells us what it's like to step on the Olympic ice, what it's like to be involved in an Olympic games.  He also gives us some insight on what it takes to be an elite athlete, the best of the best! We also get into some of the initiatives that Dylan is helping to drive awareness to!   You can find Dylan on Instagram: AND Twitter: Ryan: Justin:
November 24, 2020
Peter Winstanley - When you're this big they call you .....Dad!
From their humble beginnings in 2013 to their massive group of over 4700 members, making change across the city of Burlington ON just takes a simple post on FB.   Find out why...and who the men behind this incredible group are! The Burlington Dad's (Gentlemen Only) are on FB  - and online -
November 16, 2020
Kim Fitzpatrick - The word of the day is GRATITUDE!
If you're feeling down and need a boost, take a listen!  Kim is a business owner, mum, dog mum, and a BAD ASS woman!   She knows perspective and understands what it means to be grateful for everything she has.... Follow Kim on Instagram - Get one of her amazing Legacy Headbands here -
November 16, 2020
Jess Lenouvel - Who Coaches the COACHES??
Have you ever wondered what the perfect "coach" for you might be?  Perhaps you're looking for some great inspiration, motivation, and revelation!  Dig deep into the mind of marketing genius Jess Lenouvel to find out what a great mastermind can mean to you. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, you won't want to miss this one!   You can find Jess at Follow her instagram at
November 16, 2020
Who the HECK are these guys??!!
Well it's an intro episode!  Take a listen and find out who we are and why we're doing this crazy stupid thing! Spoiler:   Both of us are from Burlington, extremely handsome and very intelligent! We talk about hockey, home, a purple Chevy Cavelier and frosted tips.... You can find Ryan on Instagram You can find Justin on Instagram @justinloncaric
November 16, 2020