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Make Ideas Reality

Make Ideas Reality

By Justin White
This podcast is dedicated to everyday creative hero's (making their ideas reality) I hope to inspire you with stories, give you courage to leave your comfort zone, think big and be the bad-ass creator you were meant to be.
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Jennifer Bower ( J. Bower Engraving )

Make Ideas Reality

Work Less, Live More - The Swedish Maker
We live in a world of things. A consumerist black hole.  It’s been proven that Consumerism forces people to work harder, borrow more and spend less time with loved ones. It gets in the way of fulfilling relationships and negatively affects our overall well-being. But we are all doing this dance So how do we change the music. My guest today Pierre, The Swedish Maker has thrown his dreams of an iPhone 13 and dusted off his gramophone. In the effort to stop his consumerist life crisis and start enjoying quality family time and the freedom working less and living more. In this episode Pierre shares with us the steps taken towards so far his dreams of living a simple country life We delve into Pierre’s life crisis. We talk about the positives and negative around uprooting your life to pursue a dream The importance of having the support from your partner We look into the things you could cut down on to help you pursue a similar dream. The Swedish Maker: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
August 02, 2022
Innovation = Staying Relevant - Barnaby Dixon
Innovating is about staying relevant. Our world is constantly evolving, it’s impossible for a creator to remain relevant if they don’t innovate. When a creator continuously innovates, they are more likely to stay relevant.  Imagine if Jimmy Diresta only made things on the band saw. Would he be as relevant as he is now? My guest Barany Dixion is an innovator in his field of puppetry. Barnaby is at the forefront of design, movement, video and stage production. He is a true artist. In this show we talk about where it all began Staying the course even when friends and family didn’t support you Barnaby unveils his process of making and idea realty We then get down into how he has innovated over the years in, design, production and probably the most important aspect his mindset. Barnaby Dixon  Youtube: Instagram:  Justin White (Garage Avenger)  Website:   Instagram:   YouTube:   Patreon:
July 05, 2022
Pushing through hard times - Steinar Caspari (Spotlight)
Pushing through hard times takes a certain type of gumption. Steinar Caspari a professional graffiti artist shares with us here in this spotlight episode his journey of working a day job and painting 500 portraits having never painted a portrait before.    
June 17, 2022
Making Dreams into Products - Giaco Whatever
My guest today Giacomo Di Muro otherwise known as “Giaco Whatever” Knows a thing or two about pushing through those barriers that seem to stop most of us developing and selling a product. He seems to not only push through but smash through those barriers. Well.... at least leap over them like Super Mario. Giaco has pioneered his way into product design and manufacturing from his humble beginnings, as a maker on YouTube channel Giaco Whatever. Today we delve into the way he sees the world and how that has shaped the way he approaches his work. Giaco shares with us what has been critical to his success We dig deep into how he turns an idea into reality such as the maker knife And we hear about his newest Kickstarter project NOSHORTCUTS Giaco Links: YouTube: Website: Instagram: Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
May 31, 2022
Tools Are Overrated - Andy Birkey (Spotlight)
This is another Spotlight episode with Andy Birkey talking about why tools are overrated. An interesting little chat and perhaps something to think about. Enjoy  Andy Birkey Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
May 13, 2022
The Maker Pilgrimage - Kristin & Justin
In a world of technology, we turn to our phones and computers to find like minded people. We find them on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter and decide lets make a group chat or discord server where we can connect on another level, but most of us still feel disconnected regardless. Something about text chains and video chats just don’t cut it. So how does one foster true connection with somebody. Well the easiest way is through a shared experience. A pilgrimage Today Kristin and I will be talking about Technology and its impact on us We’ll share our experiences and what we learnt on our pilgrimage to Makers Central. A large Creative Expo, in Birmingham England. Then we’ll discuss some possible controversial improvements for the event And to finish What the ultimate pilgrimage would look like for us. Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
May 05, 2022
Maker Fluency - Andy Birkey (Spotlight)
What is Maker Fluency? Well Andy Birkey has coined the term and tells us what it is and how we can use it to become better at our craft.  Andy Birkey Justin White (Garage Avenger)  website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
April 18, 2022
Embrace Your Inner Nerd - Nerdforge
Embracing the inner nerd is philosophy, my guests today Martina and Hansi from Nerdforge seem to have adopted.  In this episode Martina and Hansi share with us their origin story, Nerdforge comic book No.1 They talk about de-weaponizing the word nerd.  Embracing who you are and letting go of what others think We get an insight into how they separate work and relationship.  You’ll hear how they turn their nerdy ideas into reality. To finish we hear what the future could hold for nerdforge. Martina and Hansi have grown their youtube channel pretty quickly using this philosophy of embracing your inner nerd. So some great lessons to be learnt   Hope you enjoy. Nerdforge Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
April 05, 2022
Importance of Play (Spotlight) - Hans Meier
The importance of Play is more than we can fathom. In this Spotlight Episode with Hans Meier we talk about the importance of play Hans Meier Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
March 16, 2022
Boost Engagement - Matthew Dicks
Matthew Dicks. 5x Moth Grand Slam story telling champion. Author of 7 novels and the non-fiction book Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, And Change Your Life Through - The Power Of Storytelling. In today’s show Matthew walks us through how we can boost engagement by being able to tell a compelling story. We then discuss the don’t of storytelling and Ways to generate story ideas Using a tool he calls Homework for life. To finish Matthew deconstruct one of my latest project video (oh god)  so you can learn from my example what to do and more importantly  what NOT to do. This show is jammed packed with actionable advice so please get ready to take notes Matthew Dicks Download my Video Format here: Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
March 01, 2022
Thinking Big - Paul Jackman
Thinking big it widens your horizons, taking you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. The ability to ‘Think BIG’ is one of the cornerstones of success, but we’ve all had big lofty new year’s resolutions and 3 weeks in we’ve thrown in the towel. What does it actually mean to think big? And how do we achieve those big goals without falling flat on our face 3 weeks in? My guest today Paul Jackman of Jackman Works is known for his scaled up BIG projects but today we won’t be just probing him about that. We’ll be talking about how he thinks big. We’ll hear where it all begun for him. Paul lifts the curtain on his creative process And we hear about, how thinking big has brought friends, sponsors and even tv networks knocking. Paul Jackman Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
February 01, 2022
Kinetic Art - Ivan Iler
It's fairly well known that the inspiration for Velcro came from cockleburs caught in the hair of George de Mestral's dog, and that Leonardo da Vinci drew on the bird's wing for ideas for his flying machines. It seems that humans have been attempting to copy nature for a very long time. This impulse continues today with my guest Ivan Iler who is known for his metal kinetic sculptures and his artistic flare. You might know him from the Netflix show Metal Shop Masters but Its been a long road from his humble beginnings. Today we’re going to talk about Ivan’s story We delve into his fascination of mimicking movement in nature You’ll get a peek behind the curtain of Ivan’s creative process and We discuss controversial travesty of the Metal shop Masters. Even if you have never heard of Ivan Iler your ears are in for a treat. Links: Ivan Iler Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
January 04, 2022
Hobby to Business - Ethan Abramson
In these times of the side hustle and trying to break free from of our mundane day jobs. Many of us are looking towards turning that hobby into a business. There's a clear distinction between a hobby that makes some money and running an official business.  And That’s what can sometimes trip us up when trying to make a living doing what we love. Today my guest Ethan Abramson owner and designer of an acclaimed New York, furniture company shares his story and the insights he’s gained interviewing others that have made the jump. On his podcast “building a furniture brand”. We talk about the right time to jump from hobby to business The importance of defining your niche, The neglected aspects of market research, Where most fail in pricing and budgeting, and how to actually, sell something. Even if you never want to turn your hobby into a business. Chances are you know someone that does. This episode could really make a difference. Ethan shares a lot of knowledge here. So, let’s get into the show. Ethan Abramson links Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
November 30, 2021
A Makers Superpower is...? - Mike Troxel
How a Maker can Change the World! In a society that seems to feel ever more distant and unengaging. Where you mostly hide behind a screen even when socializing. You hardly know your neighbors and cultural events are not favored over watching the squid game on Netflix. It all seems a little grim, but we as makers have the power to change this. Though it sometimes brings us down with self-doubt and a healthy dose of impostor syndrome, making is an incredible anti-depressant. It is cathartic. It is addictive. It traps us in a spiral of positive thinking that can only ever create a good people. For those engaged in the maker community this is clearly evident. And Who better to change the world but us. Today we are going to talking with Mike Troxel about his experiences of using his creativity to impact his local community. We deep dive into his story He shares with us some of his projects and the impact they had. We talk about why you as a maker are one of the most important assets to your local community. And Mike suggests some ways you as a little maker in your little workshop can make an impact and engage others to change the world. If you’ve wanted to make an impact and engage others to change the world. Then I hope this episode will inspire you to take action. Mike Troxel: Instagram Facebook Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
November 02, 2021
Advice is Dangerous! - Justin Wood
Stop Listening To Peoples Advice. They’re not helping you. Everybody’s got something to say about what you do. People you know, people you love, people you hate. Even people you’ve never met. They all want tell you what to do, what to think, what is right or wrong. How to be better, live your life, and further your career. But… no one knows what’s best for you because they are not you. and you should really stop listening to them. In this podcast My guest Mark Justin from Justin Wood is going to discuss why life became amazing when he stopped listening to others. He talks about: The impact others had on his decisions in school and as a young adulthood that led to a Life of insufferable anxiety in a high paid IT career. He then talks about the how he dug himself out of that situation and took the steps towards working with something that truly made him happy …. Woodworking If you have been given bad advice in the past. Or felt you never had the support of friends or family This episode I hope will give you an understanding where that bad advice or lack of support came from. And how to analyze advice in the future to ensure you make the right decisions for you. Heaps to unpack in this episode so lets get into the show. Links:  Justin Wood: Instagram: Etsy:
October 05, 2021
The stories behind tools - Hand Tool Rescue
My guest today Eric from Hand Tool Rescue gets his high from delving into the stories of the old and forgotten tools of the world. Digging up patents and talking with collectors from all around the world to understand the story behind the tool. In this episode Eric shares - The real reasons why he really loves restoring tools. - The stories behind finding and attaining those rare tools - He shares some crazy Patent stories, - Along with the weird and wonderful people of tool collecting. -  And we finish up talking about his White whale. The one tool he desires most. The stories behind the tools! We are biologically wired to enjoy a good story. That’s often why we love digging up the past and in Eric’s case, digging up the weird and wonderful world of old tools. From the time cavemen sat around campfires and told stories about a challenging bear hunt or a fishing adventure – stories offered an effective mechanism for knowledge transfer. From this perspective, the campfire was the social media platform of the day. That congregated all community members to engage in an in-person information exchange. And that’s how communities developed shared identities and culture. Likes, comments, and shares were all given verbally As time passed, these campfire stories were transformed into legends that were passed from one generation to the next. Today, the new campfire is Netflix or YouTube. We use these and other platforms to get entertainment The power of storytelling whether it’s a movie, political campaign or youtube video, is built on the timeless three-act story structure: 1) Setting 2) Conflict 3) Resolution The stories behind the tools are no different And today I’m hoping Eric will share with us some of the stories he as come across when getting his oxytocin high from researching, finding and restoring old tools. QUESTIONS: 1) What is it about old tools that really gets your rocks off? 2) What is your most treasured tool and what’s the story behind it? 3) Often, some of these tools you are hard to find and attain which adds to their story. What’s the one tool that stands out with regards to finding and attaining it? 4) You do a lot of research especially in weird and wonderful world of patents. Is there a particular patent story that has captivated you and made you want that tool even more? 5) Collecting old things you often have to deal with “special “people with “character” Has there been collector or individual that has captured your imagination with their story? 6) What is your “white whale” tool and what’s its story? RAPID FIRE 5 1) What is something people get wrong about you? 2) What is something you like doing that has nothing to do with making or restoring? 3) What project is completely priceless that you could never sell? 4) What does happiness look like? 5) Who should be the next guest on the podcast?
September 01, 2021
Yes = Success - Jimmy Diresta
THE PODCAST IS BACK!!! Today I’m talking with the infamous Jimmy Diresta Who is kind of known for saying Yes to most opportunities. He tells us where his philosophy came from. We discuss his biggest breaks that have come from saying yes. Along with the worst thing that could happen from saying yes. Jimmy talks about where he draws the line and says no and how he balances his time with partner Taylor between all his other commitments. We’ve all heard Jimmy on a thousand other podcasts answering all the same questions so I hope in this episode you will hear a side of jimmy you haven’t heard before. Jimmy Diresta links Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
August 03, 2021
Calculating Risk & Teaching - The Red Smith
Today’s guest The Red Smith a maker from southern France talks about teaching and why it’s so important and how taking risk will always end with reward. We all remember that one teacher that made school hell for us. An uninspired, by the book, not giving a shit supposed teacher. They say teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. Yet we have all experienced a teacher like this. What about risk. Are you one to overthink a situation. Go through all the possible outcomes then never pull the trigger? Red gives some unique points of view on these topics Heaps to unpack in this episode Enjoy! Links
November 21, 2020
Networking Power - John Graziano (Graz Makes)
Active networking is vital to professional growth and it is no different in the creative and maker communities. Networking is often confused with just the business and selling side of things. Networking though is actually about much more than that. Its about building long-term relationships, providing value and a good friendship over time. My guest today John Graziano from Graz Makes. He talks about his journey of how he found himself alongside some of the maker elite, such as Paul Jackman and Jimmy Diresta. We also talk Video Production and how his day job as a video producer has ruined Game of Thrones for him and we’ll learn some small ways of thinking about video production that could help you produce better videos Lets do this! Links Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
November 14, 2020
Navigating Self Doubt - Bob Clagett (I Like To Make Stuff)
I’m talking to a little unknown maker/ youtuber Bob Clagett. We are delving into his experience with self-doubt and how he only really began to encounter it later in life. We touch on his upbringing and the factors that can contribute to self-doubt later in life such as, past mistakes, Comparison, Feeling out of your comfort zone and Fear of failure or success Self-doubt occurs when we lack confidence or feel incapable of doing things we need to do. People who doubt themselves experience uncertainty around things they can’t control or worry about things not going according to plan. A certain level of self-doubt is good because it indicates that you understand what you need to improve in order to do a better job. However, persistent fear and self-doubt can hugely affect your life It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Bob and I know you’ll get something from this episode. So.... Lets do this! Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
November 06, 2020
Own Your Truth - Kristin and Justin are back
Have you ever felt just off about a project, or something feels not quite right in your life but you’re not sure how to change it? It’s painful and stressful to feel like you’re potentially living a lie. Like you’re hiding who you really are, saying what you think other people want to hear, and doing things you don’t actually want to do just because you’re supposed to.... Start a YouTube channel or post on social media constantly. Sometimes we don’t recognize we’re doing this. We just know we feel off, or something feels wrong, and we’re not sure how to change it. It makes sense that a lot of us struggle with being true to ourselves Due to popular demand and my lack of organizational skills Kristin my wife has come in an episode early to share her perspectives on owning your truth. We touch on 10 things you can do, to align yourself to own your own truth and be proud to be the person you are.  We reflect on the some of the most amazing guests on this podcast from past episodes. to end I drop a bomb, so be sure to stick around for that. hope you get something from this episode. Lets do this!! Kristin White Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
October 31, 2020
Trust Your Gut -Jonathan Jamieson (JJ Leathersmith)
Taking a leap of faith and trusting your gut takes courage, but it used to be standard operating practice. Intuition and instinct kept humans safe for thousands of years, but as we’ve evolved, we’ve learned to lean on data, discrediting our gut as dangerous. My guest today Jonathan Jamieson From JJ Leathersmith. Has honed his intuition over the years, and shares his journey of finding himself stranded in Mozambique trusting his gut to use his last amount of money to make a leather backpack of all things. That decision ultimately changed his life forever and he hasn't looked back Jonathan and I also talk about the advantages of trusting your gut over your head. and how you can build those gut trusting skills by implementing some simple techniques into your daily routines. Man if you are not inspired by this podcast I give up. So buckle up and get ready to get inspired and Lets do this! BTW his work is awesome and you should go check it out and support him. JJ Leathersmith Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
October 24, 2020
Making vs Buying - Grant Alexander ( The Grant Alexander)
Have you got friends or family who think, because you like to make things you want to build them a shitty coffee table? or Do you feel guilty buying something that you could have easily made. Well today I’m talking with Grant Alexander, a Canadian maker and youtuber. About Understanding and knowing when and how to say NO to those pesky in-law friends or family when they drop the bomb that they want you to build something. We also talk about Making vs Buying - The things you might want to consider when faced with the choice of making something or buying it. We are going to analytically look at the pro and cons of making over buying and how you can possibly save your marriage by knowing when to buy instead of make that thing your wife or partner wanted. I hope you all enjoy. Let's do this! Grant Alexander Links: Inspiration Nation Shout out: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
October 23, 2020
The Toolbox Excuse - Daniel Jansson (Switch & Lever)
In this episode I’m talking with Daniel Jansson from Switch and Lever Daniel shares his journey of traveling around the world and how that  has influenced his creativity. And we touch on his experience in Italy with Giaco from GiacoWhatever.  We talk about the toolbox excuse. How to flip NOT having the right tools to your advantage and . We then get into the importance of communication, in your videos, social media and more importantly face to face. One on one This episode is packed with take aways. I hope you enjoy ! Switch & Lever Links: Inspiration Nation Links Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
October 10, 2020
Grit - Brett Mcafee (Skull & Spade 13)
In this episode I’m talking with Brett Mcafee from Skull & Spade 13. We talk about Grit – No not sandpaper. No Grit as in – having the intestinal fortitude to push through hard times We talk about how "grit" got him in the position to work with the god father himself Jimmy Diresta for over 3 years. and all the benefits and sacrifices that came with that. We also touch on having a bad relationship with numbers and his unique way of looking at the numbers when you are starting youtube. This episode is packed full of hard-hitting truths and some great take away’s. There is an 2 ½ hour unedited version of this podcast for all true skull and spade 13 fans on my patreon. It’s a public. So no need or pressure to sign up just click the link and enjoy. Regardless I know your and going to get something from this episode  lock yourself away in you workshop and get ready to be inspired and Enjoy Brett Mcafee - Links Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
October 03, 2020
Take a Risk - Kieran Donnelly (Make Fail Repeat)
In this episode I’m talking with Kieran Donnelly from Make Fail Repeat- we talked about His Journey of becoming a maker. How he uses constraints to help turn his Ideas into Reality. Along with his philosophy of saying Yes, and how that leads to doors opening, and amazing opportunities. Like being part of the HBO series game of thrones for over 6 years. In addition we talks about: taking risks and how that leads to  personal and professional growth. There is a lot in this episode. I hope you enjoy. Let’s do this!! Kieran Donnelly Inspiration Nation Rab: Stephen: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
September 26, 2020
Overwhelm - Gus Dixon (Man Cave Makings)
This week I finally locked down Gus Dixon from Man Cave Makings. A self proclaimed maker of all things. Gus has a really cool modern industrial style that oozes detail. He shares his journey on how he got into making. We talk about the overwhelm with trying to be a maker and content creator. We also interestingly touch on having a bad relationship with time and how that affects your mental state.  Heaps of take a ways in this episode.  Man Cave Makings Links: Inspiration Nation Mike Patey: Scott Turner: Martin Calcagno: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
September 19, 2020
Bernie Solo - Works By Solo
This Episode Bernie Solo joins me. If you think you know Bernie. Think again! You are probably going to learn something you never knew about him in this episode. A truly epic journey of creativity, filled with opportunities, pivots and innovation. Enjoy. Bernie Solo Links: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Instructables: Inspiration Nation: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
September 12, 2020
Justin D. White (Interviewer becomes guest on Because We Make Podcast)
This Episode is a little different. I have decided to share with you the episode of the Because We Make podcast when I was a guest.  For those who don't know much about me. You will get a little insight into my journey. What's weird is I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about. As you all know that have been listening for a while. That is not the case LOL. Regardless I hope you have a listen and get a taste of another podcast that may be of interest to listen to.  Because We Make Podcast link: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
September 05, 2020
My Crazy Morning Routine - Talking with Kristin
Kristin is back! which means it been 10 episodes already. In this episode I talk about my some what crazy morning routine. I'll explain every step and why I do them. Kristin shares her two cents on how this has changed not only me but her as well. Hope you get something from this episode. Enjoy Kristin's new Instagram: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
August 28, 2020
Vincent Ferrari & Ethan Carter (Because We Make Podcast)
This week I have another podcast on my show. Vincent Ferrari & Ethan Carter the hosts of "Because We Make" Podcast join me to share their journey's as creatives and makers and how they came together. A great duo with a similar mission to this podcast.  Links: Vincent Ferrari -    Ethan Carter - Because We Make Podcast - Inspiration Nation: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
August 22, 2020
Dan Rees - Zebrano Woodcraft
The Etsy Wooden Ring King Dan Rees from Zebrano Woodcraft joins me on the show this week. He tells us his journey from working in a call center, getting athletes foot in Australia, nearly getting violated by the fuzz in London to then eventually building a successful ring making company. Dan is a fun dude and there is some good laughs had by us in this one. hope you all enjoy. Dan Rees Links: Download FREE "Guide To Making Bent Wood Rings" here If you're interested learning more about ring making then check out my course "Next Level Wooden Rings": Inspiration Nation - shout out Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
August 15, 2020
Ollie Allen - Designer / Maker
This week I'm back in the UK with Ollie Allen the talented Designer / Maker. This episode we hear about the real guy behind the TV show and all the accolades. He shares the hard hitting true about trying to keep his businesses alive and face the reality of who he is. Ollie Allen Links: Inspiration Nation Shout outs: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
August 08, 2020
Tony Rouleau - Hillview Wood & Metal
This week I had the absolute pleasure to interview. The kind and talented Tony Rouleau from Hillview Wood and Metal. Hear Tony's journey of how he got into machining and why his tools are so sort after. If you are not familiar with his work I suggest you go straight to Instagram after this episode and drool over the tools that Tony makes. One doesn't often use the word perfect for things made in a basement but Tony's work is an exception. Hope you enjoy.   Tony Rouleau Links:   Inspiration Nation Shout out:   Justin White (Garage Avenger)  Instagram:  YouTube:  Patreon:
August 01, 2020
Hannes Hagen - The pursuit of perfection
This week I have the super nice Hannes Hagen from Germany AKA Unbehagen_ on  Instagram. A talented maker with an eye for detail. I call him a wolf in sheep's clothing in the intro, because from the outside he looks like everyone else but in reality he is far from it. A genuine, giving and creative person I feel honored to have gotten to know. Enjoy Hannes Hagen Links: Inspiration Nation Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
July 25, 2020
Emiel Noorlander - The Practical Engineer
This week the awesome Dutchman Emiel Noorlander "The Practical Engineer" joins me on the show to talk about his journey to becoming The Practical Engineer along with how he chooses his projects and his creative process when prototyping and building. He also shares some interesting insight into why he changed from speaking English in this videos back to his mother tongue of Dutch. I really got something from this episode and I hope you do too. Enjoy The Practical Engineer Links: Inspiration Nation Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:   
July 18, 2020
Matt & Jonny Browning (Brothers Make) - Making For Good
I had the absolute pleasure to chat with Matt and Jonny from Brothers Make this week.  There is all kinds of things in the podcast. Seriousness, silliness, inspiring stories and practical information. I had a blast with these two. I hope you enjoy. Brothers Make Links: Inspiration Nation: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
July 11, 2020
Kjell Otto "Kjellski" - The Real Godfather
This episode I have the real Godfather himself. No not Jimmy Diresta. The real godfather pulling all the strings in the maker community. Yes it is Kjell Otto! Kjell is a german maker that plays a key part in the maker community of just spreading kindness and enthusiasm. I will tell you the story of why I believe he is the godfather. In addition you are going to hear Kjell's story and learn about and absorb his "giving" ethos. Enjoy! Kjell Otto Links: Inspriration Nation: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
July 04, 2020
Matt Gottesman - Doing the Work is the Shortcut
Matt Gottesman..... Founder, editor and chief of HDF magazine, The Hustle Sold Separately Podcast, and media and marketing consulting.  Matt has become a friend of mine and we sit down and discuss creativity and mindset. There are so many nuggets of gold in this episode I hope you have a pen and paper ready. Enjoy.  Matt Gottesman Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
June 27, 2020
Justin and Kristin - Dealing with Gremlins
Kristin is back! This episode we are talking about dealing with gremlins. The things that stop you having confident and being the person you were meant to be. I share my journey and how I've approached dealing with my gremlins. I hope you get something from this episode.  Book and podcast links; Gary Vee - Slove for Happy - The Hustle Sold Separately- Own the Day - The Creative Curve - Our links kristin - Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
June 20, 2020
Luke & Cilla Smith - PLSmithed
Luke and Cilla Smith join me on the show this week to share who the people really are behind "May For Makers" These guys are one of the little guys and started a movement that has impacted so many. It just goes to show you that you don't have to be a youtube superstar to start a movement in the community. It was an absolute pleasure talking with them hope you enjoy PLSmithed links: Inspiration Nation Shout outs: Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
June 13, 2020
Matt Thompson - Thompson Woodworks
This week I have the awesome inventor Matt Thompson from Thompson Woodworks on the show. He has had quite a few viral videos of his inventions.  It all started with his beer delivery  outdoor lounge chair. To now dog petting machines and automatic sausage grill and dispenser picnic tables. They are truly just fun and make you smile. I apologize for the bad audio and I also felt i was a little off my game as it was quite late in the evening.  Regardless Enjoy.  Matt Thompson - Links: Inspiration Nation Shout outs Justin White (Garage Avenger) Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
June 06, 2020
Jennifer Bower ( J. Bower Engraving )
Jennifer Bower from J Bower Engraving joins me on the show this week. We have a real  candid chat about the art of engraving and the critics she has faced.  On the fun side we talk about her love affair with Harrison Ford and her Jeep. Hope you all enjoy. Jennifer Bower Links: Inspiration Nation shout outs: GA Nation Link:
May 29, 2020
Q.Bless (I know what do you but........ What do you do?)
Swedish artist Q.Bless shares her journey of becoming a full time artist. From leaving art school and bombing graffiti walls to comic illustration and sculpture. She is a talent worth checking out and following. Enjoy Q.Bless    Find Me @ instagram Patreon
May 23, 2020
Evan VanBuhler (
Evan VanBuhler  - Online Direct Marketing Specialist for Talks with me about their marketing strategy focused around makers and creatives.  I hope you get something from this episode that might help you in the future, work with a forward thinking company such as  Enjoy Get in touch with Onlinemetals Inspiration Nation: Join the GA Nation
May 16, 2020
Rasmus Loen
Come join me with Rasmus Loen at his forge at the Follo Museum in Drøbak Norway. We talk about how he got into forging and the way he thinks through his creative process when belting iron with hammers. The audio was a was not the best here cause i forgot to check if Rasmus had turned on his mic. He hadn't :) Nevertheless enjoy Intstagram:    Website: YouTube: Inspiration Nation shout-outs Ben Morris: Jørgen Stray; Terje Smistad: Jamie Reader:
May 09, 2020
Lindsay Murphy ( Lindsay_creative)
This week I've got the super creative Lindsay Murphy to share with us how she went from NASA engineer to artist/maker/mother/blacksmith. A great story  with a humbling hit to the ego and the vulnerability to say I don't know what I'm doing can you help me.  I think every episode is good but  I really hope you enjoy this one.  Lindsay Murphy - Inspiration Nation Victoria Patti - link: -
May 02, 2020
Tony & Carmen Matthews (Superfly Autos)
Superfly Autos, - Tony and Carmen Matthews are a husband and wife team, traveling the world pursuing their automotive passion.  By showing their soul through their photography and storytelling.  Their publication has grown to reaches millions. As they share the stories of cars and more importantly the people behind them.  Their Journey has had them working with rappers such as Breal - tv celebrities such as Jay Leno  and that guy down the street that just loves his VW beetle.  They’ve bucked the status quo all the way, saying to the world “This is how we roll”. There is so many little tips and insights on their process of building Superfly Autos. Which is easily translatable to your own creative field.  hope you enjoy this insight into a different creative world and use the information to grow your own passion into making a living.  Superfly Auto links
April 25, 2020
Tyler Bell (Tyler Bell Makes)
We are back! Tyler Bell joins me on the show for the first episode after my little break.  He shares his story of how a potato canon went wrong and exploded in his hands. It was from this day on he realized he needed more of that in his life. Much to his mothers disgust. We talk projects, his creative process and all the normal shenanigans of Random question, story time and hack attack. Enjoy Tyler Bell Youtube - Instagram - Jake Waldron ( The Maker Monster ) YouTube - Instagram - Justin White ( Garage Avenger ) Garage Avenger - Patreon Instagram -
April 19, 2020
Start With Why (Raw with Kristin & Justin)
Kristin and I back to talk about our journey. In this episode we talk about the next hurdle I faced when trying to find my way.  Always trying to see how I could make money not how I could make myself happy.  My harebrained business idea never felt right. That's when I focused on "Starting with WHY" Mentions: Simon Sinek:   Brene' Brown:
March 08, 2020
EP:19 - Nick Zammeti (The Man Behind "Makers Central")
This Episode I manage to talk with Nick Zammeti about his YouTube journey. He shares some tips and tricks about creating a successful YouTube Channel. We then talk all things Makers Central. In the end Nick shares an exclusive new project that could change the maker world forever. So stay tunes till the end Nick Zammeti: Instagram: YouTube: Makers Central: Podcast mentions: Andy Birkey: Bobby Duke: Derek Laura Kampf: Jimmy Diresta: Izzy Swan:
March 01, 2020
EP: 18 - Marcel Teugels (Wood & Metal Restorer)
This Episode Belgian Restorer Marcel Teugels tells us his story of how he got into into restoration. He gives us an insight into a world of old things and old ways. He has a knowledge of things that not many old men would know, let alone a man so young as Marcel. I learnt something from this podcast I hope you do too.  Mentions: J.L. Burrell: Inspiration  Nation: Not Only Wood: Unbehagen:
February 23, 2020
EP: 17 - Nicole Duke (Not just a wife and mother)
Nicole Duke. Not just Bobby Duke's wife but so ,much more. In this episode Nicole gives us some real insight into their journey from struggling to pay the bills. To riding the YouTube roller coaster. She drops some truth bombs about all the highs, lows and the affect on their family.  She also shares her new found passion for pottery and how working next to Bobby can be super intimidating. Some real gold nuggets in this episode. Enjoy Inspiration Nation: Andy Birkey: Makeit_ soph
February 16, 2020
EP: 16 - Ellen Meijer (Crafts with Ellen)
This episode brings the genuine Ellen Meijer from Crafts with Ellen in for a chat. She tells us her journey of how she got to be working along side one of the most influential female makers in the world Laura Kampf. We talk about whats next and the struggles in just taking a one step at a time. I really hope you enjoy this podcast. It was an absolute pleasure to capture her journey for you all to hear. Ellen Meijer: Podcast Mentions: Alex Pole: Jimmy Diresta: Brett Mcafee: Jessie Uyeda: Laura Kampf: Maker summer school: Inspiration Nation: Makeit_soph: Redsmith: Ashely Minney:
February 08, 2020
EP: 15 - James McEntee ( Malt & Make)
This episode we talk with James McEntee from Malt & Make He tells us his story, but unlike most podcasts before it. We talk about his contentedness to keep his creative endeavors as a hobby, not a career.  James also fundamentally changes the format of the show. To my disgust.  James McEntee  Inspiration Nation: Mentions Kjell Otto: Refuse Reuse: Tanda Madison: Storytime: Mentions Brothers Make: John ( multi tool products)
February 02, 2020
EP: 14 - Karoline Hinz (Prop Shop Berlin)
This  episode the extremely talented Karoline Hinz from "Prop Shop Berlin" tells us her story of how she got her insane skills in all things prop making and sculpting. She also has difficulty answering the Random Question and commits sacrilege during inspiration station. She is a truly talented, amazing person. Enjoy. Inspiration Station: Fools with Tools Podcast                                            
January 26, 2020
EP:13 Andy Birkey - "You are weird... I like you."
This episode I have the infamous Andy Birkey on, to share his life story and philosophy. We talk full contact creativity and "Maker Fluency" A truly great podcast worth sitting down for a listen.  Andy Birkey - Inspiration Station Jake Waldron - Jennfier Bower -
January 19, 2020
EP: 12 Steinar Caspari (Graffiti Artist / Master)
Something a little different this episode.  Steinar Caspari a full time commercial graffiti artist talks to us about his 20+ year journey of becoming a full time graffiti artist. His work is truly amazing. Please go check him out link is bellow. Steinar Caspari - Other mentions Smugone - Insane 51 - Daim -
January 12, 2020
EP: 11 Dan (Dandles) Wonky Workshop
Back to regular programming with Dan from Wonky Workshop.  Dan is a lovely guy with a passion for stroking wood and teaching others. Not necessarily in the art of wood stroking but loves to share his knowledge.  In this episode we hear Dan's story. We talk about when trusted people fail to guide us correctly and the different approaches to teaching people. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to give me your feedback on this episode or the podcast in general. Thank you all for listening so far. 
January 05, 2020
EP: 10 Breaking Point - Rebuilding your better self
To celebrate the podcast reaching double digits. I brought Kristin (wife) back on, to talk with me about hitting your "breaking point".  In this episode I share some heavy stuff that happened to me and how this moment became the catalyst, to proactively make change in my life. I hope you get something from this episode. 
December 29, 2019
EP: 9 Dan Gamble (Curious Maker Dan)
This Christmas avoid the family and escape to your safe place "the workshop" to listen Dan Gamble's (Curious Maker Dan) story. In this episode I travel to Melbourne, Australia to "specifically" to talk face to face with Dan.  Super interesting chat Hope you get some value form this episode. DM me with suggestions if you didn't. Merry Christmas Everyone. thanks for your support so far.  Notable mentions: Gil Poznanski Scott Turner Jimmy Diresta Jake Waldron Andy Pugh Nick Zammeti
December 21, 2019
EP: 8 Jake Waldron (The Maker Monster)
This episode The Maker Monster aka Jake Waldron chats with me about; How the maker monster came about. He talks about the challenge of resisting the sofa and doing the work instead . We talk dreams and lizard brains.  I hope you enjoy this podcast.  If you dig it please make sure you share with other weirdos like us so they can enjoy it too.   Notable mentions: Laura Kampf: Know Expert: Brett Mcafee: Tyler Bell: FWT Podcast:  
December 15, 2019
EP: 7 - Nate Wilshere (Simply OrN8)
A podcast for all those thinking of, or already full-time makers. This podcast features the charismatic Nate from Simply OrN8. We talk about his process of going into full-time making. Workshop life balance. He highlights and honors his wife's contribution to the family and his making career. He tells us a story when he was falsely arrested at gun point, along with other shenanigans        Links to amazing people mentioned in this podcast.   Make Your Own Way Podcast Rob from Prickly Sauce   Brothers Make                   Shark Attack                       Ash and Axe                        Art work studio Sangsang
December 08, 2019
EP: 6 Andi Heal (AHBespoke)
In this episode I'm talking with the talented carver/ sculptor/ maker Andi Heal from AH Bespoke. We get an insight into his story. The challenges he has faced and continues to face. We talk about the outside pressures to fit the status quo. The importance of having the right people around you. Along with story time, hack attack and the general chit chat. Hope you enjoy. The Beard x 16       Johnathon Whittaker Bobby Duke Arts    
December 01, 2019
EP: 5 Terje Smistad (Awesome In Progress)
Great chat with the Norwegian Viking - Terje Smistad from Awesome In Progress.  We talk about the importance getting out of your comfort zone and engaging with community. Angle grinders and getting handsy.  Had my mic failed on this one. So still ironing out the kinks with this podcast. Crafts with Ellen Alex Pole Al's Hack Shack Karoline Hinz Brothers Make
November 23, 2019
EP: 4 Jørgen Stray (Banana Man)
This episode is probably the most handsome podcast you will listen to..... In this episode I talk with Jørgen Stray an amazing craftsman and metal caster. We hear how he got started in his niche craft. Talk aluminium bananas. Touch on the difficulties of selling what you make. And he shares some tips and tricks of the trade.  I apologize for the scratchy mic. I wore the wrong jacket.  I learnt my lesson shotes: Everyday Creative Hero' Marcel Teugels Black Beard Projects Brett Mcafee Crafts with Ellen
November 17, 2019
EP: 3 Hans Meier
Had an amazing chat with Hans Meier in this podcast. we talk about, skateboards being illegal in Norway.  The importance of play.  Just starting not procrastinating ,  The math of innovation and our terrible school system.  Creative Hero Inspiration I hope you enjoy
November 08, 2019
EP: 2 Kristin Paus White (aka the ball and chain)
Have you got someone in your life that you wish would support you a little more in your dreams? In this episode I interview my wife about putting up with me!  I hope you can take something away from this episode that makes you see things from their side. Having that someone in your life that supports you in what you do is important but just as important is to take care of them as well.
November 02, 2019
Make Ideas Reality - E1: Why start this podcast.
This is the very first episode of my podcast. In this episode I'm going to tell you: WHY I started this podcast WHO am I, What's my story WHAT you can look forward to. I'm Justin White aka the Garage Avenger. You can find me on all social media. Send me a DM and I'll be sure to get back to you.  Check out the links below Youtube: Instagram: Facebook:
November 02, 2019