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Kairos Chats

Kairos Chats

By Kairos Church
Conversations with believers to encourage and lift up the body of Christ!
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Episode 5: God is More Than Enough

Kairos Chats

Episode 6: The Need for Member Care
This week, we speak with Joel & Christine White about their experience serving as missionaries overseas, particularly in the area of member care.  Join us in our conversation to take a look at some of the unseen realities and challenges of ministry and missions and how the Lord encourages us to pursue healthy relationships in the midst of cultural differences.  Special thanks to: The Whites Music Composed by: Donald Liang Hosted by: Esther Chialim
November 22, 2020
Episode 5: God is More Than Enough
This week, we have the great pleasure of speaking with Sandy Choi, who recently returned from serving in Southeast Asia through our AMI 1-Year Internship Program.  She shares about her journey of faith and how the Lord had stripped her of her idols and reminded her that He is more than enough and the only one that can satisfy.   Special thanks to Sandy Choi Music composed by Donald Liang Hosted by Michelle Wang
November 15, 2020
Episode 4: Partnership with God
We are starting a new mini-series on the topic of missions.  In this episode, we chat with Grace (Kim) Ng, who cultivated a heart for missions at a very young age.  Hear her testimony and how the Lord has been continuing to grow her in her understanding of missions.   Special thanks to: Grace Ng Music composed by: Donald Liang Hosted by: Esther Chialim
November 8, 2020
Episode 3: Parenting in a Pandemic
In our last episode of this short series: Journeying through A Pandemic, we talk with 4 different moms juggling through the role of motherhood in the midst of a pandemic.  Whether you are a mom, have friends who are moms, or just want to hear from a perspective of mothers, this is a great listen for all of us as we grow in our ability to care for others.  We hear stories about the challenges they face as mothers, fears they carry, and growth in their leaning on the Lord during this season.  Join us as we enter the minds of our mothers at Kairos Church.   Special thanks our mothers: Jessica Yoon, Esther Chen, Jessica Bantigue & Anna Nguyen Music composed by: Donald Liang Hosted by: Esther Chailim
September 27, 2020
Episode 2: Feeling Stuck and It Sucks
How do you deal with feelings of helplessness? In this week's episode, we continue our discussion on ways we can actually take healthy steps towards combatting these debilitating and paralyzing feelings.  Special thanks to Ryanna Navaroli & Lorriane Ichiyasu Lau Music composed by: Donald Liang Hosted by: Esther Chailim
September 20, 2020
Episode 1: Unhealthy Relationship with Control
It’s clear that this pandemic has affected every single one of us in different ways, but what has been most unexpected is how it has played out in our spiritual and emotional health.  In this series, we will talk about how this pandemic might have affected our emotional health and touch on topics like anxiety, depression, and guilt. We want to talk about how our emotional health ultimately has affected our spiritual health and help us walk towards a place of groundedness in our faith journey.  Special thanks to Lorriane Ichiyasu Lau Music Composed by: Donald Liang Hosted by: Esther Chailim
September 3, 2020