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Who Art'd?

Who Art'd?

By Kaitlin Gould
Deep dives into creative minds.

Kaitlin Gould is an actor, mover, creator, writer, aerialist, and a bit of a know-it-all. Her love for art, and desire for knowledge has taken her on an exciting journey in discovering various art mediums. On this podcast we explore the vast variety of unique artists who are truly one of a kind.

Cover Art by Khalif J. Gillett
Theme song created by Floraviolet.
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Who Art'd? Shawna Peña Downing

Who Art'd?

Who Art'd? Samantha Jo Davis
We. Are. Back. BB! Welcome to a fresh new season of 'Who Art'd?' after a much needed break. We are going to feature a bad ass artist once a month and celebrate them. CW: This episode discusses a lot of mental health issues, including suicide, trauma, and eating disorders. I am HONORED and delighted to share the mic with my very first (probably last?) in person guest: my friend, coach, and mentor, Samantha Jo Davis (@sayjodavis)! Sam is an aerialist, choreographer, dancer, and member of Kansas City Aerial Art's professional company, Aerhart. She also owns and runs Samantha Jo Proofing (@samanthajoproofing) -- for women with shit to say. And wowza, does this fierce human have some powerful SHIT to say. 
July 30, 2021
Who Art'd? Athena Louise Hyacinth
In this episode, I have the absolute delight to talk with Athena Louise Hyacinth of Bodhi Theatre. They are a Kansas City producer with an exciting background in theatre arts (including producing the first full length version of my play, 'Mirrors'). We talk about mental health, what it's like being a pop singer, social justice theatre, and how small acts can make a big impact. Get ready for a thoughtful, insightful episode with this joyful soul.  Bodhi Theatre is currently producing a virtual production of 'Roar: The Musical' for Kansas City Fringe Festival this year. Check out Bodhi Theatre's social media and KC Fringe's website to learn more and get your tickets, and support local theatre artists. 
May 19, 2021
Who Art'd? Logan Black
In this episode, you are going to learn a ton about the dance of darkness: Butoh! I talk with actor, director, producer, Butoh dancer/choreographer, and an absolute DELIGHT of a person: Logan Black! We discuss his background and training in Butoh, while reminiscing on our show 'Scream in Blue' and live performance. We also discuss Shakespeare, how to find and keep your joy in this industry, performing in Japan, and that time his dance partner got arrested. 
May 12, 2021
Who Art'd? Floraviolet
In this episode, I am joined by the one, the only, the creator of this podcast's very theme song: Floraviolet! From David Byrne's book to performing in front of Father John Misty, we nerd out hard in this episode. We also talk about her record label, UN/TUCK (@untuckcollective), which is doing important and amazing work for the queer and trans community of Kansas City. Like and follow to learn more and see how you can help and support them.  Floraviolet is a Kansas City based musician, producer, and mixer. Her album 'Shrinking Violet' is available now. She also is a co-founder of UN/TUCK. You can also stream with Floraviolet -- @floramoirai! 
May 05, 2021
Who Art'd? Shawna Peña Downing
Get ready for a thoughtful, fun, interesting episode with Shawna Peña Downing (@shawnalaceyart)! A master storyteller, Shawna shares ideas and stories about creating visual art. I learn so, so much about painting and art as we discuss intellectual property, creating in new and interesting ways, resourcefulness, space, and more!  Shawna Peña Downing is a multidisciplinary artist: an actor, theatre maker, visual artist, educator, and all around crafty person. She is based in Kansas City, and has product available for purchase on her website. Check out her work on instagram, or on her website: 
April 21, 2021
Who Art'd? Carlos Rivera Marrero
Episode 4: I. Am. So. Excited. To. Share. This. Episode! The talented, wonderful, absolute DREAM of a human, Carlos Rivera Marrero, joins me on this week's episode. We cover all of the worlds problems, including: mental health, theatre horror stories, changing the industry, accessible theatre, re-enacting the Passion of the Christ, and more. You'll laugh. You'll cry. Get ready for a thoughtful conversation with one of the most creative and talented artist's around.  Carlos Rivera Marrero is an actor, writer, and theatre maker from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and currently based in NYC. They received their B.A. in Theatre from the University of West Georgia, and went on to graduate from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting 2 year conservatory. Since graduating Carlos has focused on approaching work that centers around the queer experience. Their latest play ‘What Ifs and What Is’ is set to open later this summer as part of New York Theatre Festival.
April 14, 2021
Who Art'd? Khalif J. Gillet
What. An. Absolute. Dream! I have the delight of talking with the one, the only, the multitalented, the radiant Khalif J. Gillet! An actor, spoken word artist, creator, writer, poet, painter, visual artist, photographer, co-host of Acting Black--he truly can do it all. Khalif has worked all over the country, and has created thoughtful, socially conscious, profound work. This week, Khalif joins me to discuss all his talents, theatre adventures, the emo kid look, birth charts, and more! 
March 31, 2021
Who Art'd? Grayson Bradshaw
It's Episode 2! In this week's episode, I talk with the iconic clown himself, Grayson Bradshaw. With a background in physical theatre, movement, dance, performance art, and Dell'Arte, this is one special episode! We laugh, we laugh some more. Maybe we cry? Needless to say, with Grayson, we are going to have a fun time. 
March 24, 2021
Who Art'd? Courtney Seyl
The very, very (very, very) first episode of 'Who Art'd?' is off to a great start! Technical difficulties aside, I talk with playwright, director, and fellow podcaster Courtney Seyl about how she got into theatre, studying abroad, and some of her favorite, wildest stories. Plus, we have a laugh and introduce the first installment of 'Guess the Fartist.' 
March 17, 2021