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Sensual Mastery Academy

Sensual Mastery Academy

By Kalindi Jordan
These podcasts are sharing information and insights from my years of running courses and 1 to 1 sessions with women, couples and teenagers around how to transform and deepen their sexual intimacy. To live a nourished, vibrant, creative, healthy and empowered sexual life.
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How to start regaining connection and pleasure after child birth.

Sensual Mastery Academy

Sexploration series episode 2
This a a live Q and A webinar recording. Some of the topics that I discuss on this episode are : Menstrual cycle emotional health Rejection Importance of working out what we want and don't want Self honesty and staying in self connection Staying connected with your vagina
June 17, 2021
Sexploration series episode 1
Welcome to the first episode of my new sexploration live webinar recordings. This is where anonymously women ask me written questions about anything to do with sex, intimacy, pleasure, relationships, woman's sexual health and vitality. I then answer them live! Each episode is different as I have no idea what the questions are going to be. This episode we explore : How to encourage more fulfilling kissing Finding it difficult to climax and really wanting to Yoni Steaming Sexual frustration
January 21, 2021
How to start regaining connection and pleasure after child birth.
I am sharing about the positive effects that using a Jade egg can have on our relationship to our pelvis especially after child birth. I share some of my journey and also the transformations that clients have shared. Also a few keys tips for reconnection to your sexual self after child birth.
January 15, 2019