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Conversations with Kat & Tully

Conversations with Kat & Tully

By Kat and Tully O'Connor
Welcome to Conversations with Kat & Tully where we explore Conscious Relationship, our journey through parenthood & deep dive into all things lifestyle creation. We are excited to share some magic with you all. You can come find us on Instagram at @the.kat.oconnor & @tullyoconnor
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Ep. 07 - ASK KAT Motherhood, relationship and business
In this episode Kat answers a number of different questions from you guys in regards to her journey so far with motherhood, business and relationship. Youtube video on jealousy mentioned in the podcast: Jealousy in Relationship: 8 steps to overcome Jealousy: Come hang out with us over on instagram: Kat: @the.kat.oconnor Tully: @tullyoconnor Ignite: @ignite.couplescourse Time Stamps: What is current motherhood mantra 2:20 How did you start communicating with baby spirits 4min What do you wish you would have known before motherhood 9:20 Co-sleeping and sex 12:15 Is being a mum everything you dreamed of? 17:25 Biggest challenge post partem 20 Biggest advice for pregnant mums 23:20 Get family support while choosing type of birth 27:25 Dealing with different partner values 32:25 Managing jealousy in relationship 46:25 Becoming self employed 52:02 How do you stay motivated 1:16:40
October 26, 2020
Ep. 06 - ASK TULLY Holistic Well-being, Understanding Men, Emotional Intelligence & Fatherhood
Show Notes -ASK TULLY 2:16min - When Tully started his spiritual journey 9min - What lead to Tully leaving physiotherapy 13min - How did Tully put aside general male ego and get in touch with himself 14:30 - Next step for men 17:25 - How women can support their man 21:15 - How man can connect with other men 23:40 - How to encourage a dynamic reversal in the relationship 25:45 - What is the biggest resistance in men 27:38 - What helps Tully call in emotions and abundance 33:03 - How Tully handles strong ‘negative’ emotions 36:40 - Tully’s Routine 40:53 - How Tully still gives to Kat and Rafi when his cup is empty 43:50 - How to support a new father 46:30 - First fatherly instincts 48:10 - Releasing the fear of becoming a father 49:20 - Tul’s parental inspirations 53:55 -  Tul’s communication to Raif 57:20 - ways woman can Encourage man to open up 59:20 - How does Kat bring out the best in Tully
August 06, 2020
Ep. 05 - The Foundation of Conscious Relationship
Enrolments close for our Ignite Couples Course on August 1st! Find details here: Show Notes:  - Where it all started  - Tully’s relationship experiences 6min  - Kat’s relationship experience 10min  - Where Kat and Tul started 13:20min  - Going from role mate to soul mate 15:20  - Power of Communication 24:35  - A different way to grow 26:40  - Where can we thrive and check our privilege 32min  - Radical Responsibility 35:28  - The 3 pillars of Conscious Relationship 43:40  - Masculine and feminine 46min  - Navigating conflict 52min  - Ignite course: 
July 28, 2020
Ep. 01 - Conscious Conception, Baby Prep and Becoming a Mum and Dad
In this Episode we talk about our journey into parenthood & how really it began years before we ever conceived. We speak about the emotional, spiritual, mental & physical journey of becoming parents and calling in a soul. We reminisce on our spirit baby communication, and our journey of not conceiving in 2018. Navigating Tully not yet being ready, and Kat being very ready. How we moved through grief each month while still respecting each other. We then explore how we prepared ourselves for a conscious conception, And how we opened up to a baby with a fear burning ceremony and letter to our future child. We share moments that we have never shared before. Alongside some conscious conception experts that you can work with too. CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION RECOMMENDATIONS : Casey Hone : Instagram @thevillagebirthkeeper Holliea Fairleigh : Instagram @shakti_healing. Jeremy Princi : Instagram @holistic_lifestyler
July 23, 2020
Ep. 02 - Pregnancy as a Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother
In this episode we share our story of pregnancy, from finding out, through to birth. We dive into the challenges and the gold of each trimester and discuss how it impacted us emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We explore what a rite of passage is and how to create an empowering experience of pregnancy, and especially through the initiation from maiden to mother. We talk about hormones, navigating pregnancy as a team, and share intimate moments of our pregnancy journey with our first son Rafi.
July 23, 2020
Ep. 03 - Birth Prep and Experiencing a Home Birth (Through the Eyes of Dad)
In this episode Tully shares his experience of preparing to become a father and what home birth was like for him. We begin at what he thought birth was to be before he met Kat. He shares his perspective on hypnobirthing. There are a Lack of resources for men around birthing so Tully shares what it was like to be birth support for Kat. He then shares his story of the birth of his first son Rafi.
July 23, 2020
Ep. 04 - Creating An Expansive & Nourishing Postpartum, Community Care and Nurturing A New Family
In this episode we share our journey of a nourishing, expansive and thriving post partum journey. We share the things we didn’t expect and a bit about our Breastfeeding journey. We discuss the transition into the mother role, how to set Boundaries, And how we had our beautiful community nourish us in many different ways (alongside the challenge of receiving) We chat about the collective mindset of authentic sharing and how that can sometimes look like struggle but also thriving needs to be part of the conversation. There are no rules, you make the rules. This episode is all about the importance of preparing for post partum the way we prepare for birth.
July 23, 2020