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The Thread Wellbeing Podcast

The Thread Wellbeing Podcast

By Kathryn Farrell and Teresa Corso
The main objective of the coversation sharing space The Thread is to share teachings that inspire listeners to connect, learn and take action for positive change, as well as deepening awareness and understanding.
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Music Psychologist Dr Marco Susino

The Thread Wellbeing Podcast

The Heroine's Journey with Kellie Stirling
Tonight we speak with Kellie Stirling from a Heroines Journey. Kellie is an adventurer of body mind and spirit. Her programs are rich with wisdom and understanding of the female body and it’s cycles.  Enjoy the depth of conversation shared and the variety of topics that make up the Heroines Journey Website:
October 10, 2021
Call To The Stone Producer Asher Bowen-Saunders
Meet Asher, a creative activist, Earth lover, Dancer and Zenthai shiatsu practioner. We celebrate the launch of the short dance film Call To The Stone and hear how this project beautifully has come to be. Be inspired by her message and mission and connect to her spirit which shines through in this interview. Website: Youtube: 
August 29, 2021
The best of humanity in hard times with Eugene Wong
We are excited to introduce you all to Eugene Wong, a life and leadership coach an all round amazing human.   Eugene speaks on the importance of story - telling and leaving a legacy, on the power of performing arts and the need to understand life purpose .   Website:
August 08, 2021
The custodianship of Dancing up Country with Brittany Jane Laidlaw
In this episode we speak with Brittany Jane Laidlaw a Somatic Ecologist, Dancer and Accredited Wayapa Practitioner.   Be immersed with Brittany’s sharing as we discuss connection, dance & movement, caring for country and so much more. Website: 
July 25, 2021
The gift of COVID as shared by Hawaiian Elder Kumu Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio Gore
We are in a moment in tim where history is being created. COVID has presented the world collectively with challenges in areas we never knew it could, it's given us all the choice but to dig deep within ourselves. Hawaiian Elder Kumu Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio Gore shares what this moment in history means for her and how the Hawaiian values can help us all come back to living in gratitude in the toughest of circumstances. This conversation was a divine download of information that The Thread Wellbeing Podcast are very proud to share with you listeners.
July 11, 2021
Conscious Creator Kattimoni Dawn Beames Founder of New Earth Arising
What could life look like if we used our mind and the power of love to create our world? Take a deep dive with us and Kattimoni in this podcast as we discover what transpired in Kattimoni's world as she conciously created her life before her in the name of love. Kattimoni is truly an inspiring and determined woman who embodies much widsom and lifes energy, reflecting this out into the world in order for all to vibrate higher. Website:
June 27, 2021
Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day and future visions with Jamie Marloo Thomas and Sarah Jones
Founders of Wayapa Wuurrk, Jamie and Sarah share with us their vision of this years "More than a word" Reconciliation Week focus. Hear from these incredible story tellers as we delve into the past, and reconcile for an inclusive and representative future in a bid to encourage all Australians to own their history.   Website:
June 06, 2021
Rest in Peace with Zinta Harris Founder of Resolve Estate Law
Resolve Estate Law's Principal and Founder Zinta Harris speaks with us about her approach through law to help those in their most challenging time, death. Zinta's passion and drive to help create a harmonious transition through contested wills is a breath of fresh air. Zinta is a lawyer with purpose and vision to adapt the way of traditional law practices to bring about a human element. In a time that's overwhealming and confusing for most, Zinta's approach is compassionate and heartwarming. Website:
May 23, 2021
Reclaiming who you are with Deb Miller Founder of Aunty I's
Proud Kanolu Woman Deb Miller shares with us the wellbeing centre she's founded for women and girls experiencing hardship. Deb has come from a domestic violent relationship background and has turned that experience into a positive in heliping girls and women reclaim their connection with self and thrive within their own worth.   Deb is a joyous woman who's vision is also guided by her ancestors. Website: 
May 16, 2021
Mother's Day Special Episode
As a way to honour mother's and those who take on the role of a mother we have put together messages from seven beautiful women who share storiesand values that have been passed onto them from their mother figure. We acknowledge this day brings a variety of emotions so delve into this topic with sensititivy as well as joy. We hope you like it
May 09, 2021
Children of Vietnam Veterans: Scott MacKenzie, Trev Harwood and Ken O'Brien
Today we honour all war veterans and the families attached to their service. We speak with three incredibly courageous men who are Children of Veitnam Veterans to hear their stories of division and unity within society. These are raw and real stories, which The Thread Wellbeing was very honoured to hold space for. Healing comes in many forms, and these three men, Scott MacKenzie, Trev Harwood and Ken O'Brien highlight how their 'mateship', inherited through their fathers service, can bring true understanding between one another. Website:
April 25, 2021
Multicultural unity and division with a focus on racism
In this new series "Beyond the surface" we speak with international panelists about social issues that affect us all. Tonights first episode of the series we speak to 8 panelists from around the Globe on multiculturalism, racism and unity. Each guest Dr Farvardin Dailiri, Dwayne Bannon Harrison, Jo Baldwin Trott, Rev Kasey Corbin, Caroline Durham, Josh Holliday, Girish Makwana and Alan Latu share personal stories and views, in the aim of opening the dialogue around these core issues and seeing life from their perspective. Together we can create a new narrative.
April 21, 2021
Relationship Chord Cutting facilitator Onkartej Lam
Onkartej Lam is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Women's Wellness Coach. Tune in to hear Onkartej's story of how she came to be sharing God's light and work in the healing space. Her personal journey of relationship chord cutting brings a sense of ease and harmony to an otherwise painful time, learn how you can step into a place of gratitude and forgiveness to truly move on from past relationships that can keep you stuck. Find out more:
April 04, 2021
Iranian Refugee Dr Farvardin Daliri (OAM) shares a message of hope and harmony with community.
Dr Farvardin Daliri (OAM) takes our breath away in this raw and yet truly heart warming account of why he is led to work within multicultural inclusion within Community. His vision for harmony, unity and joy after what his life has been is enough to make anyone get shivers down your spine. We are blessed to have spoken to this gem of a human. Website:
March 28, 2021
Water Therapist, Attuned Dancer and Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Czapnik
Rebecca heard the call to work with water whilst on her travels, since then she has embodied the fluidity this element brings. Rebecca speaks about the healing properties of water, learning to trust and be receptive to the wisdom it holds. "We don't know how much we're holding until we let go" This is a beautiful share from a woman who shares a special gift. Website:
March 21, 2021
A successful work, life balance with Financial Planner Joe Stephan
In this joyous conversation with Joe Stephan we receive the integrity and visions of two generations of financial planners. ‘Leading a family, leaving a legacy’ is a power statement we delve into whilst hearing Joe’s story of his father, a proud migrant from Egypt. In this episode we gain insight into what a successful work life balance looks like. Website:
March 14, 2021
All things Regeneration with Josh Holliday from the Regen Room
Founder of The Regen Room, Josh Holliday speaks with The Thread about the program he offers to activate passion and purpose. Josh shares with us his personal story of how he came to be in a place of giving back to community. It's a joy to listen to Josh's enthusiasm for life and hear where true regeneration is needed in order for positive change to occur. Website:
February 28, 2021
Harnessing the power of our mind with Kasey Corbin from Moving Mountains Motivation
In this compellingly inspirational discussion with Kasey L Corbin we hear his perception on how to create our world by taking possession of our minds. Kasey's personal story is captivating and raw and his determination to continue to do better, be better and give motivation to the world around him is infectious. Website:
February 21, 2021
Valentine's Day Special with Kumu Brenda and Robert Gore
The beloved Kumu Brenda shares with listeners not only her beloved hubby, but also their vision on love. Unconditional love for self and how to remain open to relationship despite the external and internal changes we all go through. No matter if you're single, going through a divorce, in a happy marriage or partnership this deeply special episode will highlight what true love is. Find out more: Green Smoothie Information: Brand: Natures Sunshine, Product: Ultimate Green Zone
February 14, 2021
Dr Dinesh Palipana; a true superhero of the year
Dr Dinesh Palipana shares with us his story and vision.   Through the depths of depression to soaring to new heights, championing inclusivity and equality for people with disabilities in the medical world, we get to hear this inspirational man making his an empowering mark on the world. This is a story of true awe inspiring hope.
February 07, 2021
Happy New Year with Kumu Brenda
Kumu Brenda shares how to transition into the new year after all that was 2020. Traditional Hawaiian Elder Kumu Brenda shares in this episode a beautiful way to clean the slate from the year of 2020 and to create our new world in 2021.. This is a truly special gift to all those who tune in.
December 29, 2020
Tigre Health and Fitness Founder Hannah Jayne Whittaker
Shares with The Thread her focus on women's health and that through her coaching how she gets the best out of female performance using techniques targetted at the female body and cycles. Hannah has infectious energy and this is heard and translated in this chat. Website:
December 14, 2020
Founder of Oyinde Enterprises, Holistic Ancestral Healer Professor Jamela Franklin
Professor Jamela Franklin is a naturally gifted healer. Born with the talent to delve into other rhealms her purpose is to help those to heal either physcially, emotionally, mentally or ancestrally. Join in this converstaion to hear this truly incredible woman share her talents and her offerigs. Website:
December 06, 2020
Music Psychologist Dr Marco Susino
Marco shares with The Thread his reserch within emotion in music and how cross culturally this is such a complex topic. With a wealth of knowledge and deep rooted passion he brings a new perspective to the idea "Music is a Universal language" Website: 
November 29, 2020
Retired War Veteran & Extreme Photographer Tom Kualii
Tom Kualii, a respected Hawaiian Photographer, War Veteran and cherished friend, shares openly the challenges faced my many Veteran's.   In honour of Movember, Tom agrees to speak with us to shed light on PTSD, life challenges and his love for Nature and his beloved Hawaiian Island. Facebook:
November 22, 2020
I'm Just a Man Founder Jim Skivalidas speaks on men's mental health
It is the month of Movember and we have been blessed to share speakers near and far, young and old, male and female on the topic of mental health for men. Jim Skivalidas shares with us his amazing collaboration with rock and roll music and the raw vulnerability it takes in sharing when you're not OK. His work is inspiring and this conversation is truly welcomed. Website:
November 15, 2020
Publisher of men's mental health awareness book "Being Fine" Jo Baldwin Trott
Jo shares with The Thread her journey through the police force and her determination for equal gender representation in a time where we need it the most. As a brand specialist and publisher of Proper Books, Jo highlights the importance of integrity and deeper messages. In her new book "Being Fine" she interviews 15 different people around men's mental health and breaks down 'the other F word'. Website: 
November 08, 2020
Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness Founder Dwayne Bannon-Harrison
Dwayne speaks with us about the accessibility of spirituality in men. He paints a real picture of how we can bring both social and spiritual into our world. Dwayne is doing amazing work and we had such a ball talking to him. Website: 
November 01, 2020
Meditation Teacher Dean Sedrick Gardner
The Dean at Barbara King School of Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia, Sedrick Gardner shares with The Thread his life as a meditation teacher and this path has led him to know. Website:
October 18, 2020
Raising awareness in Frocktober with Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor, an Ovarian Cancer survivor shares her journey to health again and now is living an abundant life of health and vitality. Tune in to hear her message and her motivations. Instagram: 
October 11, 2020
Raw is beautiful Founder Lauren Minicozzi
Lauren shares with The Thread her journey through body dysphormia, which she has struggled with since a very young age. Lauren's story faces her shadow side, and courageously questions where this negative feeling toward herself began and how to create a better relationship with herself, and thus, those around her. Lauren is now inspiring any person who sees their body through a toxic lense to cultivate a different story with the help of her guided steps along the way. Website:
October 04, 2020
Moving Mountains Motivation Founder Kasey Corbin
Speaks to us about his journey through poverty, addiction, the lowest points of his life which led him to be incarcerated. From that point on he knew he needed to change the course of his future, he needed to write a new story... And that he did. This is a truly spine chilling account of overcoming all the conditions he had in his way. Website:
September 28, 2020
Sustainability Panel around environmental sustainability and wellbeing
Co-Founder Artemis Pattichi from the Southbank Sustainability Group, Founder Diana Barnett from Cultivate Impact and Co-Founder Melissa Tuliranta from Trash Bags On Tour speak with us about our responsibility, our actions and our collective power to move toward a future that's good for all. Links: / / https://
September 20, 2020
Metta Nerine Paterson Founder of Get Your Sing On
Metta shares not only her journey through what has lead her to run voice empowerment workshops, she also shares the highs and lows and lessons along the way that's made her come to a complete understanding that life is magical. Metta is a vocal coach with the pure intention to be completely in our voice and to reclaim our power within ourselves. Website:
September 13, 2020
Genna Kenny Founder of Ohana Yoga
Gena shares with us the depth of her work as a yoga instructor tapping into the nourishing components of the parasymathetic nervous system and balance in general. The Thread was blessed as Gena shared a short practice to drop us into a felt experience through this recording. Website:
September 08, 2020
Evan Englezos Musical Director and Founder of Live in the Saddle
On this Father's Day special we air the beautifully passionate and humble Evan Englezos who shares so openly his love for music. Evan speaks about how music touches us in ways that surprise us and when we create music together the energy that's generated. Website:
September 06, 2020
Ursula Dutkiewicz, Ceramic Artist
Ursula speaks with The Thread about her connection to earth through her 30 years of experience working with her hands in clay. Ursula is a volunteer with Tree Sisters and shares her creativity and grandmother wisdom to truly be the voice of the trees. This is a heartfelt and powerful discussion. Website: 
August 30, 2020
Artemis Pattichi Founder of Light Up Healing
Artemis shares an energetic and uplifting chat with The Thread about so many things! Her experience with anxiety and depression has given her a deep understanding of what looking inside ourselves can truly do. Artemis' work as a metamorphic practionier, a form of energy healing is truly fascinating and listening to her is so enriching. Website:
August 19, 2020
Self Care Practices from The Thread
Teresa and Kathryn share some of their self care practices after speaking with Dr Stuart Naughten a psychologist who specialises in relationship counciling.  These self care practices have helped them navigate through the unknown time that COVID has presented. @thethreadwellbeingpodcast
August 16, 2020
Dr Stuart Naughten Psychologist
Dr Naughten speaks with us about mental health within individuals and relationships and the added affects COVID 19 is having as a result. Dr Naughten shares tools to help those acknowledge their emotions and how to move forward. Website:
August 16, 2020
Filiz Halil, founder of Infinite U
Filiz graciously and joyously speaks about her soul work and her internal compass that keeps her creating her healing sprays. Filiz is the representation of flow in human form and encourages all of us to start to tap back into the flow within us. Website:
August 09, 2020
Kumu Brenda, Honoured Traditional Hawaiian Elder
Kumu Brenda is a master teacher in traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi healing, an awe inspiring Hula Dancer, and a spirited Ho'oponopono practioner. Tune in to hear her speak of the values Hawaii posesses that can help our world. Website:
August 02, 2020
YARN Australia's Founder Warren Roberts
Warren speaks with The Thread about the true meaning of an all inclusive Australia. Sharing his vision of the Australian Dream including storytelling as a basis to build meaningful relationships. Website:
July 27, 2020
One Little Warrior Woman Jem Stone
Jem Stone speaks with The Thread about her powerful work as a Wayapa Wuurrk practioner as well as Rebirthing Breathwork. We touch on the essence of life, the breath and how this answer to life has been right under our nose the whole time. Website:
July 27, 2020
Wayapa Wuurrk's founders Sara Jones and Jamie Thomas
The Thread is blessed with the founders of Wayapa Wuurrk to bless their first episode. Facilitatos Teresa Corso and Kathryn were truly excited with this inaugural conversation as they touch of the importance of reconnecting back to Mother Earth during the time of COVID. Website:
July 27, 2020