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Paws, Reflect and Learn with Katie

Paws, Reflect and Learn with Katie

By Katie McKnight
"Dogs are beneficial to our mental and physical health." Many new dog owners find that statement hard to swallow. It's true, but it takes work to get there. We are happy you found our podcast, filled with dog training tips and information as to what is going on in your dog's brain. Your host, Katie McKnight, is a canine behavior practitioner and certified dog trainer. She is also the co-owner of ISCDT - The school for Dog Trainers. Welcome, dog owners, rescue personnel and those with a passion for dog training. We strive to help you and your dog live a happy life together.
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Episode 22: How Do I Stop My Dog From Following Me?
We provided five reasons your dog may follow you around the house when you return home after the work day, along with tips to help put some space between the two of you You can print the tips from our blog: Information on the Premack Principal can be found on our Youtube Channel: If you want to learn more about ISCDT or study dog training, visit We welcome questions about this week's topics or  other topics. Did one of our tips help you?  We want to hear about it.  Visit us at Until next time, Katie
March 29, 2021
Episode 21: How Do You Fix Bad Dog Training
Often times we attempt to fix an annoying problem with our dog, but end up creating a larger problem.  Once a dog behaves a certain way (example:  jumping on guests, begging from the dinner table, stealing from counters) can we change that behavior?  The short answer is yes.  It take patience and some tough love to solve the issue and create a behavior that we desire. Today's episode discusses how you can accomplish this task using BF Skinner's theory of operant conditioning * Want to learn more about dog training, visit to enroll in our online dog training course.  This course consists of 18 lessons.  Students work with dogs throughout the training and their personal mentor guides them by watching a series of videos submitted by students evidencing their work with dogs.  Learn how to teach commands and build on those commands so they can be applied during real life situations, regardless of setting or distraction level. We love to chat with fellow dog lovers.  Want to speak with us?  Send us an email at Source:  Webster, Jerry. "ABC: Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence." ThoughtCo, Aug. 28, 2020,
February 22, 2021
Episode 20: Pet Loss. It's Normal to Grieve The Loss of your Pet.
When I lost my first dog, insensitive comments were upsetting and made me feel guilt over mourning my dog for so long.  Comments like: "You're family is healthy, be grateful," made me wonder if I was selfish or stupid feeling so sad over her loss.  Of course I was not wrong.  She was my best friend.  Our family member.  We had the right to mourn her. So today, we have listed some hurtful comments mourning pet owners hear.  We have also provided alternate responses people can use when comforting a pet owner who recently lost their four-legged fur baby.
January 19, 2021
Episode 19: How to deal with a dog who fears a family member.
One of the most disappointing behavior problems dog owners face is when their new rescue dog fears a family member.  Why does this happen?  What can you do to overcome this issue.  The most successful way to help your new dog learn to trust a family member is patience.  Check out the other nine tips in today's episode. Blog article on this post: Youtube video: Check out this awesome accolade :  ISCDT was listed as one of the top 8 online dog trainer schools.  Here is the article: If you are interested in learning how to train dogs professionally, visit us at  We would love to help guide you while you learn the craft of dog training.  Should you have questions, please contact us at  
January 1, 2021
Episode 18: Puppy Temperament Assessment
Imagine if your newly adopted emotional support dog turned out to be an independent dog who did not enjoy spending time with you or your canine travel companion suffered from intense fear?  It would be a disappointing life for you and your new dog.   On several episodes of this podcast we've provided steps you should take to ensure you pick a puppy or dog who fits well with your new family.  In this podcast we add another suggestion:  puppy temperament testing.   Learn about Volhard's 10 assessment tests, the rating system and tips to help you get the most accurate results  for testing a puppy's temperament.  Whether you are looking for a working dog or family pet, temperament testing in the first step in finding the perfect fur baby. This is a ton of information.  If you would like a printed transcript of this podcast, visit and click on our blog.  The information will become available on our site by December 25, 2020. If you have questions about our program for new dog trainers or have questions, please feel free to contact us at Happy holidays!
December 22, 2020
Episode 17: Holiday Puppies! When is the best time to bring your new pup home?
Tis the season for puppies!  This episode provides tips to help you decide the best date for you to welcome your new pup home.  We've also provided a few short tips to help you once that adorable pup (or rescue dog) arrives. Want a FREE resource guide on housebreaking your new puppy?  ISCDT is offering their housebreaking guide for free.  We will even throw in one free email correspondence with our certified dog trainers to help you with housebreaking issues you struggle with after instituting all the rules we provide in our guide.  We have used this guide to housebreak thousands of dogs.  We are pleased to provide it to you FREE OF CHARGE as our holiday gift to you for following our Podcast. Want to get to know us better?  visit our interactive dog trainer Facebook page Dog Trainer Geeks.  Here is the link: You can check out our regular Facebook page too: Want to learn more about ISCDT and/or receive our blog posts?  Visit
November 30, 2020
Sweet 16 Episode: The Premack Principal
Are you familiar with the Premack Principal?  You may not know the term, but guaranteed you use this principal in your daily life - when dealing with children, animals and possibly adults.  Learn how the Premack Principal helps your dog training efforts by motivating dogs.  Show notes: Reach me at Learn more about ISCDT's hands-on dog trainer courses (online and in person) at Dog Trainer Geeks on Facebook can be found at Novastar Rescue's Facebook page and the Santa Paws' Activity can be found at: Novastar's contact information is:  Address: 14682 Highway 333, Dover, Arkansas  72837 Phone number:  501-920-7311 Website: Thank you to for the beat separating each section
November 24, 2020
Episode 15: How Anthropomorphism Can Affect Dog Training Efforts
Welcome to Season 2.  This week we discuss what happens when we forget our dogs are a different species, who think, act and learn differently than us?  We create behavioral issues for our animals.  Today's episode provides several tips to help us overcome issue due to this human behavior.  Want to read our blog post on this issue? Visit Want to study dog training?  Visit to learn about the programs we offer. Join the conversation on Facebook.  New dog trainers, aspiring dog trainers and dog training enthusiasts gather on our friendly Facebook group to discuss everything dogs.  Visit us at  
November 17, 2020
Episode 14: Halloween Safety Tips
Welcome to Episode 14, where we provide Halloween safety tips to keep your dog and children safe and healthy - from halloween costumes, decorations, creepy visitors  and food safety.   This is the last episode of the season.  Season 2 will kick off on November 16. In the meantime, you can visit us  on our facebook page - dedicated to dog training tips for dog owners and dog trainers. CALLING ALL NEW DOG TRAINERS, ASPIRING DOG TRAINERS AND DOG TRAINING EUTHUSIASTS.  Come check out our new Facebook group.  Training dogs is often a field where we work alone.  Come learn new tips, read articles for dog trainers, compete in challenges and show off your skill.   This is where you can meet nice, likeminded people who have a passion for dog training.  Visit Want to study dog training?  Visit to learn more about our dog training program.  
October 25, 2020
Episode 13: Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog!
This episode of Paws Reflect and Learn with Katie is jammed with information you should take into consideration before welcoming a dog into your family.  Too many times we pick a dog based on their adorable face and sad eyes and then later regret the decision.  What amount of energy can you tolerate?  What size dog do you want? Puppies can turn into very large dogs. Are your kids ready?  Are you ready for the 14 to 16 year commitment and all of the health issues that can arise. We are going to discuss over 13 topics for you to think about before rescuing your dog. Welcoming a dog is a lifelong commitment. We want to make sure everyone is happy. Want to read the article? Visit If you want to learn how to train dogs, visit us at  Our 18-lesson course will prepare you to work with dogs professionally.
October 7, 2020
Episode 12: Humping, Licking and dogs in multi-dog homes
A listener asked which breeds of dogs do well (or don't do well) in multi-dog homes.  We have that answer and tips to help you find a second or third dog.  A second listener wanted to know why her dog humps and licks her.  Do you have this problem?  If so, we have the likely reasons for the behavior and ways to stop it. Want to read the blog post written on each question?  Visit:   and We mention Novestar rescue.  You can find them on Facebook: (fundraiser page) (their rescue page) Want to study dog training?  Visit our website at to learn about the courses we offer. If you would like to share information about a rescue you support, have a question you'd like us to answer or want to learn more about dog training, email me at If you enjoy our podcast, please like, subscribe, leave a review and share with your friends.  Your help will grow our fanbase. Check us out on Facebook:
September 21, 2020
Common Dog Behavior - Why they do it and how to stop it. Episode 11
In Episode 11 we discuss common dog  behavior that, at first is cute, but can become increasingly annoying. We'll also give you tips to stop the behavior.  The behaviors include scent rolling, tail chasing, poop eating and dogs reacting to their own reflection. Want to read about these behaviors, check out our blog at Interested in becoming a dog trainer?  ISCDT offers in-person training and online training.  Our 18-lesson, online program has you working with dogs.  Not only will you learn from our written lessons, you will apply those lessons to real life.  Learn more at Interested in following us on social media?  Here are some links to find us Facebook: Twitter: @ISCDTrainers Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
September 8, 2020
Get your dog to sleep later and tips for a stress free vacation with your dog
On today’s podcast we discuss how you can travel with your dog - without the added stress.  We also answer a question that soooo many people are looking for the answer to:  how do I get my dog to sleep later? Today you will learn 8 proven tips to help your dog sleep in. The written material for these two topics can be found at the links below: Get dogs to sleep later: Travel with your dog without added stress: Fur Babies Rescue (the rescue we spotlight today) can be found on Facebook at: If you would like to contact us to ask questions, provide stories about your dog or about studying dog training. Email me at: Our website can be found at :
August 8, 2020
Remorse and Spite: Are Dogs Capable of These Emotions (Episode 9)
We often meet dog owners who accuse their dogs of demonstrating spiteful and/or remorseful behavior.  We understand why people feel this way.  Today we will discuss whether dogs are capable of spiteful and remorseful behavior?  If not, what is actually going through their brain. Our blog article on this topic will post shortly. You can visit to read it.  During our episode, we mention Ms. V (Violet), a 3 month old dog looking for her forever home.  You can learn more about Ms. V. and Novastar Rescue by visitin If you are looking to study dog training, visit  ISCDT offers in-person and online dog trainer courses that have student working hands on with dogs.  Visit today to learn more. What topic would you like us to discuss in an upcoming podcast?  Email Katie at to let us know.   I apologize for the editing of this podcast.  There are a few spots that are a little choppy.  It does not affect the information we share, just isn't a perfect as we'd like.  This is a new venture that has us learning skills we have never used before.  Each week is a new learning adventure.  We strive to make each podcast episode better than the last.  Thank you for following us.  We truly appreciate the time you spend listening to our tips each week.
July 25, 2020
Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby (Episode 8)
Many dog owners believe their dog changed one the baby was born.  They think jealousy is the cause for the dog's behavioral problems.  In reality, the problem may likely be that the human changed once the baby entered the house.   Prepare your dog for a new baby months before the baby is born.  Today we are providing tips to help you along with this goal. Want the written version?  Visit Want to watch the video on Youtube: Rescue dog:  Montana is available through Fur Babies Rescue in East Rockaway, NY. To learn more about Montana or other available dogs or to request an adoption application, visit Have questions about the podcast or our online course for dog trainers?  Visit
July 15, 2020
11 Tips to Find Dog Training Success - Episode 7
How many times have you heard someone say, "When the dog trainer leaves, the training stops working."  This often happens for several reasons.  Reasons that are easily rectified.  Honestly, your dog trainer acted as a teacher to prepare you to train your own dog.  Following these 11 tips will help you gain the success you set out to find when hiring a dog trainer. Want to study dog training?  Learn about our school at Follow our blog for this information in writing.  We also provide additional tips on our social media outlets.  Facebook: Twitter: @ISCDTrainers Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
July 7, 2020
10 Tips to Increase The Bond with Your Dog
At times of year and different times in our lives routines change.  This can include different work schedule, attending school,  long periods of time away from the house to care for other things, a new baby, new relationship and even bringing another dog home. While we are enjoying a busier life (which is sometimes a great joy to us), our dogs can feel lonely and sad.  While we have so many outside influences in our lives, our dogs only have us. The good news, we can easily fix the bond with our dog. We provided 10 tips to help increase the bond with your dog.  These tips will also help with when adopting a new dog. Written blog on this subject can be found: A video on the subject can be found: Want to share your story? I would love to hear from you.  Email me at If you are interested in studying dog training, either in person or online, visit our website:
June 24, 2020
Get Your Dog to Follow Commands Around Distractions - Episode 5
Does your dog follow commands well at home when you are alone, yet the dog fails to follow commands in public or when guests arrive?  You wonder if stubborn behavior is the problem.  If you haven't taken the time to generalize dog behavior, that may be the real culprit.  In this podcast, we provide step-by-step tips to help you generalize behavior so your dog follows commands regardless of the distraction level and setting. You can read the transcript of this podcast, which includes a list of tasks you can follow in order to achieve success in generalizing behavior.  The blog post can be found at Want to check out the youtube video instead of reading the post?  Visit Want to work as a professional dog trainer?  ISCDT offers an online course and in-person courses for students looking to study the craft.  Visit for more information.  Reach Katie by email at Follow us on Facebook:
June 17, 2020
Prepare Your Dog for your Return to Work
With Covid 19 stay-at-home orders relaxing, many people are heading back to work.  We want your dog prepared and ready for your departure.  This podcast is not limited to just this time.  The information in this podcast will help anyone who spent an extended period of time home with their dog, now prepare to return to work (including teachers on summer vacation).   This includes puppies and older dogs rescued during Covid 19 and over summer vacation. Start using each of these 10 tips now, so you can return to regular life with limited stress for your dog..  If you'd like to read the transcript for this podcast, visit Want to contact Katie, email her at
June 3, 2020
Episode 3: Shaping Dog Behavior
Today's episode teaches dog handlers how to teach new commands and behaviors using the shaping technique.  The Shaping process allows us to teach dogs new commands/behaviors by breaking the behavior down into small steps. When the dog learns one step, another is added, until the full behavior is understood.  Shaping engages the dog because rewards are given throughout the learning process. The reading material associated with this podcast can be found by clicking  The blog post provided includes a short video. You can also find the information on our youtube channel by clicking If you have any questions relating to this material or have any further questions, email me at  Interested in learning the craft of dog training, you can enroll in our online course or in person course through our website 
May 27, 2020
How Do I Effectively Marker Train My Dog?
Marker training is a simple way to communicate to your dog which behavior you desire.  In this lesson, we provide a wealth of information about the dog training technique and provide troubleshooting tips should your dog struggle with the positive-training technique.  If you would like to read the notes and view the short supporting video, click the following link:    You can also view the complete video on marker training on Youtube Should you have further questions, you can inbox us through or email me at   #markertraining #dogtraining #chargingthemark
May 17, 2020
Ep. 1 - Charging the Mark in Dog Training
Charging the mark teaches your dog to understand that a sound or signal means that a treat is coming. Once the marker is charged, meaning the dog understands the technique, we use it to teach commands and new behaviors through training.  In this episode we explain how to charge the clicker and also the verbal marker.  We use the word "yes" as our verbal marker.  You can choose any word your prefer. While we did not discuss marker words for deaf dogs, we want you to know that the same rules apply. The only difference is that visual markers are  used rather than sound markers.  Some examples of visual markers are hand signal (thumbs up), vibration collar or light.    The written version on this topic, along with supporting video, is available at
May 16, 2020