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7 Figure Girls Podcast

7 Figure Girls Podcast

By Katrina Harvey
The 7 Figure Girls provide the sharing of experiences for the empowerment of women. The podcast is a platform for people to live, laugh, learn, and embrace the wisdom of everyday women making extraordinary advances in life. Join our Pageant Queen host, Katrina as she explores the seven pillars of faith, finance, growth, goals, glow(up), glamour and generosity as you CROWN yourself with knowledge.

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Learn. Grow. Crown.

7 Figure Girls Podcast

Angel Radcliffe - Financial Educator/Author - Part 1 of 2
Angel Radcliffe, Financial Educator and Author has an authentic conversation about the impact of finance during childhood, the financial strategy of budgeting and the importance of quarterly budget reflection. This is just a little wisdom shared in part one of our two part financial conversation. 
August 11, 2022
7 Figure Girls... Where You Been?!!!
I know, I know... Where have we been?!!! Listen to this quick episode for an update on 7FG and to get a little motivation. Remember to Learn, Grow and Crown!!!
July 28, 2022
7 Figure Girls Podcast Update - Katrina "Hurricane" Harvey
Join us and listen to the update about 7 Figure Girls Podcast! We back!!!
October 21, 2021
Andrea Nicole Sledge – The Queen of Queens & Kings
She is not only a Pageant Queen and the Executive Director of The National All World Beauties and Man of Distinction Pageant, she is a movement all by herself. Are you getting ready to compete in pageantry? Listen and learn from the 12 State National and Lifetime Pageant Title holder. Join us as we discuss entrepreneurship, pageantry, and the love of competition. Get to know the brand maker, Andrea Sledge. Aligns with the pillars of: Finance and Glamour. 
April 24, 2021
Senyah Haynes – Author/Creator of Jayla’s Jaunts
Please welcome Senyah Haynes, the author/creator of Jayla’s Jaunts to the 7 Figure Girls Podcast. Enjoy this conversation that takes you around the United States by way of children’s literature. Senyah will tell us about her wonderfully historical creative idea to educate and entertain with her multiple talents. Also, we’ll get to know about this renaissance woman and her thoughts around many topics. For more information on Jayla's Jaunts reach out to Senyah at:   Aligns with the pillars of: Goals and Glow(up).
March 18, 2021
Enduring Covid During the Texas Storm
Host Katrina the Hurricane speaks on her experience of having covid and the impact of the winter storms in Texas. 
February 26, 2021
That's My Best Friend...
Episode 1 S2 – That’s My Best Friend – Dorthea Fenner Listen as one of my best friends and business partner, Dorthea Fenner, talks about multiple things under the sun. We discuss how we came up with the idea of 7 Figure Girls, knowing each other since the age of 14, how it seems so hard for women to maintain life – long friendships, and just share words of wisdom.  Join us for the conversation!
January 07, 2021
Blindian Love: Love in a Beautiful Package
Join the conversation with Keisha and Cyriac Mathew as we discus the journey of their relationship, marriage, and building their family. Learn about what it means to be a Blindian family in the 21st century.  You'll see just how alike they are, how their Blindian intermarriage has strengthened them individually and how they are raising their children to be socially aware with activism in their community. Come and share the beautifully packaged love of one of the happiest married couples I know.  Aligns with the pillars of: Growth; Goals; Glow(Up)
December 04, 2020
Talkin' with Tanesha - Lupus, Crowns, and Business - Tanesha Townsend
Meet Tanesha Townsend of Houston, TX. She is the business owner of SWAG STYLES Mobile hair styling which specializes in natural hair care. As a Lupus Warrior/Survivor, she is most importantly, an advocate for the Lupus community. She has a passion for educating others about Lupus, resources, and motivating others through living her best life. Discover how Lupus was the springboard for her business and how pageantry allows her to spread her message of Lupus Awareness on a major platform.  
November 20, 2020
Lovecraft Country - For the Love of Lovecraft - Part 2 of 2
Part 2 of 2 - Join us as we continue the conversation about the amazing horror drama show on HBO that has amazed us all and become an instant cult classic in only 10 episodes. Lovecraft Country is full of historical facts, cultural significance, and explores the brilliance of developer, Misha Green, based upon the novel by Matt Ruff. We review the multi layered themes presented in the episodes and offer our opinions on the characters of Atticus, Leti, Montrose, George, Hippolyta, Dee, Ruby and etc. Let's finish the conversation about Lovecraft Country with our distinguished panel of avid fans. 
November 05, 2020
Lovecraft Country - For the Love of Lovecraft - Part 1 of 2
Part 1 of 2 - Have you seen Lovecraft Country? This amazing horror drama show on HBO has amazed us all and become an instant cult classic in only 10 episodes. Join us as we discuss why we adore the writing, historical facts, cultural significance, and the brilliance of this television series developed by Misha Green and based upon the novel by Matt Ruff. Join us as we review the episodes and appreciate the characters of Atticus, Leti, Montrose, George, Hippolyta, Dee, Ruby and etc. Start with Part 1 and come back for Part 2. 
November 05, 2020
When the Pregnancy Ends - Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness Month (October) - Keisha J. Mathew
October is Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness Month and 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a loss. On September 30, Chrissy Teigen brought forth this topic as she shared the loss of her unborn son with the world. This sparked a conversation between Keisha and I about the loss we’ve experienced, how we are dealing with it and how more women need to share their experience, so we know we aren’t alone. Join us as we discuss this topic that touches more women than we realize. Share how we healed, helped each other and hopefully will spark more to share and heal with each other. Plus we just have a good conversation with each other!
October 22, 2020
D.I.V.A.S Build Futures - A'sha Scott
Join us as we listen to Founder/Owner A'sha Scott about her non-profit D.I.V.A.S Build Futures (DBF). In our conversation, we learn about A'sha Scott, her life experiences, how she built DBF, the purpose of DBF and how its celebrating its 6th year in existence. A'sha also discusses the future of the program and assisting young women to develop into womanhood. Learn more about D.I.V.A.S Build Futures and how you can help/donate, log on to
October 08, 2020
Learn. Grow. Crown.
Learn about the founder of 7 Figure Girls (7FG), the creation and the pillars of 7 Figure Girls.
September 24, 2020
7 Figure Girls Introduction
This is an introduction summary of the 7 Figure Girls Podcast.
September 21, 2020