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Inspiration Now with Keith Delmar

Inspiration Now with Keith Delmar

By Keith Delmar
Inspiration Now offers another way for Keith to share the good stuff and keep the inspiration coming. Join him for a motivational boost as he develops and shares his passion on his way to becoming a motivational speaker.
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Fear of starting, not knowing, and change
This month's episode is just me talking through some reassuring points for me.  The episode includes some tips on how I get started with projects, get through the points when I don't know something, and how I manage change.
November 21, 2019
#2 Kindness - Stella Delmar -
Pretty straight up :)  Here I interview and get interviewed by my daughter Stella (aged six and a half).  We take this special time together to talk about kindness, fear, and what to do when someone isn't treating you very kindly. It was a pretty special night for me to share my work with Stella, to share my mission to spread love and kindness in the world.  It was a small opportunity to show her that I don't have it all figured out and that I'm willing to try something new like his podcast to push the boundaries.   After the podcast, we enjoyed some yummy Japanese food and then went home to enjoy even more yummy home-cooked food.  And if you know anything about food at our house, it's yummy, thank you Maree Delmar.   Enjoy the show!
October 16, 2019
#1 Resilience - Paul Rangiwahia
Meet Paul Rangiwahia, Artist, Keynote Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Keith & Paul talk about Resilience in episode #1.   Visit Paul's website at Mental W.O.F. (Warrant Of Fitness) Special thanks to Manifold for hosting our podcast.  Check out Manifold New Plymouths favorite co-working space. Thanks so much for listening! Keith
September 25, 2019