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Finding my freedom

Finding my freedom

By Kevin Winsett
This podcast is about my life and how i went from being pro working musician to frustration and quitting for 10 years. Then starting back up playing again, and going back to school to learn to build guitars, while accidently having a spiritual awakening in the process.
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Episode 30 Interview with Sarah Martinus Core Shamanic Practitioner

Finding my freedom

Is the woke Left going to far, Sam Harris, The Clintons, Meghan Markle |Episode 32
Hi in this episode i ask the question has the woke left gone to far? are we on a fast track to crazy town or is this going to be the new normal ?
September 14, 2022
Sarah Martinus part 2 | Episode31
Hi this episode is the 2nd part to this interview we talked about how our intuition works for us and how the different modalities can add to our lives. You can find her at
September 01, 2022
Episode 30 Interview with Sarah Martinus Core Shamanic Practitioner
Hi This episode i talk to Sarah Martinus a Core-Shamanic Practitioner Musician and Artist. We talk about her modality and were it came from.
August 18, 2022
Why i left the left | EP 29
Hi this episode i talk about how i left the democratic party or better yet how the extreme democrats left me.
July 20, 2022
The Cyrille Autin interview| EP28
Hi this episode i have a chat with Cyrille Autin a actor/filmmaker who love america and its people.  His youtube channel is And can be found on facebook Cyrille Autin. For guitar stuff go to
July 13, 2022
Finding inspiration without reward | EP 27
Hi this podcast talks about how to find inspiration without reward. And when it feels like nothing in moving.
July 06, 2022
Episode 26 Sunni Leilani
HI i catch up with Sunni Leilani and we talk about her record and her lifes passion.
June 29, 2022
When it all falls apart
Hi, this is about when do you say ok it's enough, and when nothing goes right, and everything breaks. Do you dig in or do something else?
June 22, 2022
Can to much positivity be toxic ?
This episode, i talk about toxic positivity and how it can become a reality when going through a big change in life
June 17, 2022
The struggle is real
Hi in this podcast i talk about how it has been trying to get my side projects going and working thru the frustration and setbacks
June 08, 2022
Beginer Guitar Series | Name the guitar parts
HI i am making a new series To Help Beginner Guitar Players get started. and this is the first video learning the names of the guitar parts.
April 22, 2022
Episode 21 Sunni Leilani
Hi this episode is a interview with Sunni Leilani a singer songwriter and poet we talk about her life and her new record
April 12, 2022
Episode 20 | letting go of all expectations
Hi, this episode is about how i came to realize that i was following my passions while letting go of expectations
March 19, 2022
How i was led to the R.V. lifestyle | Episode 19
Hi heres the video i made to go along with the podcast. i guess i can upload video now so i am trying it out
March 03, 2022
Episode 19 | How i manifested the living full time in my R.V.
Hi, this episode i talk about how i live full time in my rv, and how i started this lifestyle and manifested a new R.V. within just a few months of working in Texas. I am accepting new students for online guitar lessons. MY email is - Instagram is - Facebook is - facebook page is - Youtube Channel is - web site is - Main youtube channel is -
February 25, 2022
Episode 18 | The Guitar Player James Humphres interview
Hi, this is the episode were i interview a guitar player from my hometown James Humphres. We have a conversation about tone, what he listens too and some local heroes plus we talk about what gets us up in the morning to chase our love of music i hope you enjoy it. His instagram is My email is
February 18, 2022
Episode 17 | Are you a Blue Ray Starseed ?
Hi, In this episode i talk about the concept of starseed and how i resonate with it. I talk about the different types and how you might resonate with a starseed. Heres my email feel free to reach out.  Email
February 12, 2022
Episode 16 The first interview with Devon Yeider
Hi this is the podcasts first interview with Devon Yeider a musician based out of Kalamazoo Michigan He has his own solo acoustic show called the DamnHandsomeDevil and we get together to talk about the scene in kalamazoo and how he has made his own path in the area to play his music his way. Youtube is instagram is my email is  Feel free to reach out anytime thanks for listening
January 26, 2022
Episode 15 | Yes you are creative
Hi, in this episode i talk about creativity and what it means to me to be a creative and explore ideas and act on inspiration.  
January 19, 2022
Episode 14 | Hard lessons, reiki, school, stalkers, moving to Austin and wrapping things up
Hi, this episode is about what happened with the 2 stalkers i had and starting school recovering my stolen rig meeting a wonderful reiki master and moving to austin and how all this has completely changed my life. email=kdw8245! youtube= facebook page=  facebook= instagram=kevinwinsettmusic
January 09, 2022
Episode 13 | Making a name in the Phoenix music scene, a lot of subbing for guitar players, and the stalkers.
Hi all in this episode i talk about moving to Arizona, getting my name out there, and the stalkers I am accepting students for online guitar lessons if your interested my  email  =  Facebook =
January 05, 2022
Episode 12 | My first reiki session, akashic records reading, playing gigs with my cousin.
This episode talks about reconnecting with my younger cousin and how instrumental he was for helping my get back to live playing and going to my first reiki session, getting a akashic reading, finding a guitar building school and moving to Arizona.
January 04, 2022
Episode 11| my spirit animal totem, more synchronicities and closing out this cycle .
Hi this episode is about my spirit animal totem, and more synchronicities for closing out this cycle in the last two weeks. 
December 30, 2021
Episode 10 | Building my new reality, musical and spiritual synchronicities.
Hi this episode is about following the signs to rebuilding my new musical life and getting in touch with my intuition.
December 25, 2021
My magic is music mini podcast
This was a blogpost so i added audio to it and its a mini podcast now about some of my thought about this process.
December 24, 2021
The profound dreams episode
Hi, this is just a mini episode about a dream i had the other night, i originally wrote about it in my blog post but decided to add audio. Thanks for stopping by.
December 23, 2021
Episode 9 | Shamanic synchronicities, Michigan jams, and a guitar workshop.
Hi, This episode is about moving back to michigan, getting better at meditating using shamanic practices, and taking a weekend guitar maintenance workshop in nashville that led me to eventually going back to school to learn to build guitars. I also reconnected with old friends, and the whole time being led to my new path by the universe.
December 20, 2021
Episode 8 | The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Tarot, and making guitar videos.
H, this episode is about how i started my youtube channel building guitars. And how the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Tarot and Eckhart Tolle helped to teach me about meditating, getting rid of what no longer serves you and the universe guiding my journey from now on. Thanks for listening if you want to reach out my email is
December 16, 2021
Episode 7 | Living in Alabama, my 2nd marriage, and my battle with non narcotic medications.
Hi this episode is about my move to alabama and reconnecting with a old friend and getting remarried, getting a dna test, and divorced while i was married. plus my battle with non narcotic meds, and the moment i couldn't live my life in this way any more. thanks for listening if you want to reach out feel free to email me youtube is kevinwinsettmusic insta is kevinwinsettmusic and
December 12, 2021
Episode 6 | My life after music, addiction and my negative mindset was out of control.
Hi in this episode i talk about starting antidepressants, drinking and negative mindset. Quitting music and still traveling all over the country. Thanks for listening and i appreciate you stopping by. My email is if you want to reach out. 
December 10, 2021
Episode 5 | Living with my addictions, Codependency, and lack mentality in MN and ND
Hi, this episode is about my time in Minneapolis and North Dakota and how my addictions, codependency and lack mindset  Really started affecting my life and my choices. While playing on the road and traveling full time. thank you for listening. Email is
December 08, 2021
Episode 4 | My first paid gig's, Promises i made to myself, and moving to Memphis and Minneapolis
This episode is about finishing high school, and getting out on my own. Moving to Memphis, and getting my first paid gig. Making promises to myself that i keep, and moving to minneapolis. i had to cut the episode short due to equipment problems so the next one will be longer. Thanks for listening. 
December 07, 2021
Episode 3| The church, my step dad, discovering and the blues.
This is just a litle background about my relationship between my step dad and the church theres the early teen years and guitar lessons and the blues.
December 03, 2021
Episode 2 | The early years.
In this episode i talk about my  early life and how the events that happened Good and bad in my life affected me, and my love for music.
December 01, 2021
Episode 1 | My hometown, and the family i was born in.
This is the start of my story a little background of my hometown and some of my family history.
November 25, 2021
Hi i am Kevin Let me introduce myself
 This a brief outline and introduction on what i want to talk about for this podcast.
November 21, 2021
November 20, 2021
November 20, 2021