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By Keziah Hofmann
Just a normal, teenage girl, trying to live life with as much love for others as I can and sharing my random thoughts and opinions.

"It's wrong to do nothing, when you have the power to do something." - Chuck Black
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Depression And How To Deal With It


Depression And How To Deal With It


What Needs Changed
Hey y'all! This episode is about something God has laid on my heart to share...I feel very fed up about this, and believe that we as Christians need to stand up, and change.
October 05, 2021
Speak Truth
Hey y'all, this is super short, but I felt compelled to just say this real fast while I had the chance. Have an amazing day!! 😁
June 17, 2021
Ambitions, Time Not Wasted + Dreaming Again
Just my thought on ambitions and pursuing your dreams and not just wasting your time on random, useless things.
April 09, 2021
Depression And How To Deal With It
Hey y'all!! I just wanted to share some tips on how I have been able to deal with depression, as this has been something of a true struggle for me. Enjoy listening!
March 22, 2021
Before The Relationship (And Some Advice for Guys + Girls)
Hey, y'all!! Today I am sharing some tips on guys and girls and basically before you get into a romantic relationship. Enjoy!!
March 15, 2021
Prayer, Opposition + Being Tested #1
Hey y'all!! It's my very first podcast episode. Today, I am talking {mainly} on three subjects, which God has been teaching me about....Having a prayer time, when people oppose you and asking God to test us, in our lives. Enjoy!
March 09, 2021