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By Stavya, Saurabh and Nihar
At Khoj, the aim is to help almost ready fresh graduates navigate their lives and careers, answer overwhelming questions and hopefully take them one step closer to achieving their true potential.
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Episode 2: Bridging the Industry - Academia gap.


Episode 6: BC (Before Corona) vs DC (During Corona)
On account of the ongoing pandemic, the job market worldwide has suffered a huge blow. This has resulted in many falling out of work and struggling to find new work due to the expectation gap which has been created in the market. In order to understand how the general recruitment processes have changed and how one should adapt himself/herself in order to stand out amidst a surge of applications, we sought the discerning view of Rohit Bane, senior manager for Analytics at Zynga Bangalore, to share his experience on the above topics.
April 13, 2021
Episode 5: Tu Beer Hai !!
Today, everybody wants to create something of their own. Whether it’s a business proposition, or a travel blog, or an Instagram page to showcase one’s photography skills…..we all are entrepreneurs in our own little way. Also, the pandemic has given us time to introspect and discover new talents and ideas which has inevitably led to a surge in the concept of self-driven innovation.  What is it that drives entrepreneurs who make it big? What is it that they go through to sustain something they have started on their own? Is it always a cake walk? And is an entrepreneur, as portrayed and glamorized by social media, truly his own boss? These are themes which co-founder of Monk Entertainment Viraj Sheth will address in this episode. If you liked this episode and are curious to check out our previous episodes and blog, please visit
April 3, 2021
Episode 4: The Journey of a Master’s student – The Virtual Roundtable Conference (PART 2)
This episode takes-off as a continuation of Part 1 of the roundtable conference where our panelists Devyani Tikle, Ankit Chopda, Megh Shukla, Rohan Chaudhary and I dissect our journey as a master’s student in terms of the job & internship opportunities, the challenges we faced before, during & after their study, and the pointers to keep in mind before signing up for the course/university/country.  If you’re looking to pursue a master’s degree and are befuddled by the ocean of opportunities in front of you, we strongly recommend you make time for this one! If you liked this episode and are curious to check out our previous episodes and blog, please visit 
March 26, 2021
Episode 3: The journey of a Master’s student – The Virtual Roundtable Conference (Part 1)
Today’s episode is a very special one for reasons more than one. We have an eclectic mix of panelists pursuing (or recently completed) their master’s in Australia (Devyani Tikle), Germany (Ankit Chopda), India (Megh Shukla) and the US (Rohan Chaudhary). Saurabh has taken up the dual role of a moderator as well as a participant sharing experiences of master’s in Netherlands.  It’s also the first and only episode in a video format. That’s because it offers our audience a more personalized experience of their journeys in various phases right from their motivations to pursue a masters right till completion. To avoid an overload of information, we have split the episode into two parts (the content of which is explained in the beginning of today’s episode). Part 2 will be released next week. 
March 19, 2021
Episode 2: Bridging the Industry - Academia gap.
In the second episode of Khoj, we reached out to many young professionals- individuals who have started their careers in the last 2 years and tried to understand what problems they faced when they started working. Reflecting on these problems, we tried to tackle them one by one while with a flavor of Dutch work experience and how many young Indians can benefit from adopting some practices early. So in this Khoj for the perfect career we bring to you bridging the industry academia gap.
March 12, 2021
Episode 1: Finding your passion
In this episode we explore topics like true passion, the possibility of having multiple passions, the need to step out of your comfort zone, difference between passion & hobby and much more. We are very fortunate to have Prashant Gade on board to share insightful experiences on his journey from being confused about what to pursue to finding his true passion. This ultimately led to the conception of Inali Foundation: A non-profit organization that offers affordable assistive health care services (in the form of low-cost prosthetic arms) for all sections of the society.
March 5, 2021
Episode 0: The people behind the voices.
In this episode, the three of us will be introducing the theme of the podcast, our motivations for developing it and a sneak peak into the content we have lined up for you in the coming weeks. We hope you have a great time listening to us. Stay tuned and stay safe 
February 25, 2021