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Ep 48: How to Negotiate Your Salary and Find Purpose with Work Bigger’s Belma McCaffrey

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Kick Ass in Life is a weekly podcast to help you get hired fast, be smart with money and be happier and healthier. Hosted by Laura Eshelman, this podcast helps you stand apart in a sea of sameness and get noticed. Through episodes with focused, quick tips as well as interviews with professionals, this podcast highlights stories of success, failure and everything in between. So go out there and Kick Ass in LIFE. Connect now and submit your questions at or Instagram

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How to Negotiate Your Salary
Negotiation is hard. You are awesome for even trying! Many people don’t and they lose out of thousands of dollars over the long term. Don’t settle—you know how hard you’ll work. It would really suck to get in a job you’re working your ass off for, just to know Jim in the cubicle next to you with the same job and title gets paid $10k more because he asked for it. Would you be happy about starting a new job under those circumstances? It’s also financially smart in the long term. By not negotiating to start with your first job, you can lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. Don’t leave money on the table. They expect you’ll negotiate. It’s all part of the process. In this episode, we talk all about how to set yourself up for success when negotiating your salary. We talk about how to determine what to ask for in your salary, how to strategically ask so they say yes, the additional negotiables you can build a case for (think vacation, title, flex time), how to build up your confidence to make the ask, and how to handle rejection if they don't give you what you want -- it's never over! In this episode, it's all about getting PAID.  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: NEW EBOOK KICK ASS WITH YOUR MONEY: Send me a voice message: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
October 13, 2019
How to Create a Dream Career, Not Just a Dream Job with Nissar Ahmed
Nissar Ahmed is a career guru. He runs which offers resources for job seekers and freelancers including a podcast, tools, a job board and information to succeed in the job search. From starting out in a career in sales to running his own business today, Nissar has a lot to share on entrepreneurship, the job search and more. In this episode, we talk about how you can skip the traditional job search process, how to create a dream career, not just a dream job, how to start a path in entrepreneurship and how to fall in love with the process, which will lead to the outcome you want. So many good takeaways for all of the job seekers and dreamers out there.  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: For More on Career Metis: Send me a voice message: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
October 6, 2019
How to Create a Resume that Gets Noticed Fast
A resume is THE most important tool in your marketing and branding toolbox, but most people are lazy and do a not-so-great job of writing one. Their resume looks like everyone else’s, includes generic duties and responsibilities, and invariably flies under the radar of a recruiter. Boring resumes simply don’t get noticed. They go straight into the black hole of applications. You need to create an excellent one (and it’s really not that hard—I promise!). Think about how recruiters see your resume. They typically spend less than six seconds on each resume they review—six seconds! That’s not a lot of time. At all. If you’ve gotten through the black hole and a real person sees your resume, congratulations! That’s a huge win. Now you need to have a kick-ass resume that lasts past those first six seconds and gets you an interview. In this episode, I talk about how to craft the perfect resume that gets noticed quickly. From talking about your job wins to designing it, your resume is the NUMBER ONE tool in your toolbox so you might as well make it shine!  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: Send me a voice message: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
September 29, 2019
How to Pitch Yourself in an Interview with CEO Laura Meyer
Laura Meyer is the founder and CEO of a startup helping companies with their Amazon strategy. She originally moved to NYC without a job and started strategically looking for opportunities through networking, cold calls and more and eventually found her way to Amazon. What she learned at each step allowed her to start and run her own successful business called Envision Horizons, which she started at 25 and is thriving today. In this episode, we talk about how to shamelessly network, how to kick ass in the interview process (hint-- if you do what she says you will get the job), how to create such a great impression that they will pay you what you’re worth.. She also shares what she looks at in candidates when she makes hiring decisions when it comes to resumes, presentation and getting noticed. If you want to get past the black hole of applications and get hired fast, this episode is for you. KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: For More on Laura Meyer visit: For More on Envision Horizons: Send me a voice message: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
September 22, 2019
How to Prepare for an Interview
Preparing for an interview is not easy. You have so much going on during the job search and you've finally gotten an interview - yay! You want to make a great impression and arrive prepared and confident. But it's hard to keep the stress at bay. And there is nothing worse than a bad interview where you feel off, don't have the answers to their questions and where you keep stumbling over your thoughts (or worse, not having any thoughts at all). In this episode I talk all about how to prepare for an interview. From doing the right research on the company to the key questions you need to prepare for, to what to wear, this episode answers all of your top questions on the in-person interview. You'll arrive confidently and make a kick-ass impression and hopefully get the job offer!  I've also created an additional resource for how to prepare so email me if you'd like it at  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: Send me a voice message: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
September 15, 2019
How to Hack Your Job Search with CEO of Edvo, Shireen Jaffer
The job search process is not easy. What’s super frustrating is the lack of responsiveness of companies after you apply to the "black hole of applications". Once you apply you don’t know where your application goes.  Shireen Jaffer is working to change that. Shireen is the co-founder and CEO of Edvo, which she calls your job search on autopilot. It’s a venture-backed startup that works as a matchmaker between companies and candidates to close the gap and to fast track the interview process. Shireen has always wanted to help candidates navigate the job search, whether it be her friends and advising them to network and make real connections or a company that does that work for you. We talk about how to make real connections, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to leverage your existing networks, and how to add value to those connections, How to leverage the power of the internal referral and how the one-click apply is not leading to the outcome you want - it is not about how many applications you submit, but rather how many offers you get. Such good advice for all of the job searchers out there! KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: ‎ For More on  Shireen visit: For More on Edvo visit: Send me a voice message: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
September 8, 2019
Listener Questions: How to Land a Job as a Producer, Find More Creativity at Work and How to Find Internships
I’ve gathered your questions! You've emailed me wanting advice on the job search process. You've asked how to get a job. How to get noticed. How to find a more fulfilling career.  In today's episode, I do my best to answer your questions based on my personal experience. I answer:  A recent grad who just moved to NYC and would like some advice on how to get a producer role at a large company  Someone who can't get anyone to give a second look to her resume, even after revising it multiple times  Someone who is not fulfilled in his current role and would like to find a more creative job but feels STUCK   A journalism student eager for the first year but unsure what to major in and how to find internships  You're never alone in questioning your career, your path, your industry or your job. It's good to ask these questions! I want to help you. I do this for you. I only want you to kick ass in life!  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: Email me with your questions: Theme song by Qusic.
September 1, 2019
How to Find and Succeed in Internships
Reuben Stern is the director of the New York Program at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. His background spans many different newsrooms including being the managing editor of the Columbia Missourian as well as experience at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Budapest Sun, and the Los Angeles Daily News. Reuben made the pivot to education to teach the next wave of journalists by running its program to teach and support Mizzou journalism students interning in New York each semester. He’s an expert in internships - what to do and what to avoid. Reuben and I talk about how to find internships, how to succeed in your internship and how to pursue your passion even early on in your career (yes it’s possible). This advice also applies when you are starting a new job. We also talk about new and emerging fields to look for future opportunities.  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: For More on Reuben visit: For More on the University of Missouri School of Journalism: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
August 25, 2019
How to Have More Energy by Listening to Your Body and Eating Well
Cristy Powers is a health coach, wellness blogger, recipe creator and pilates instructor who is passionate about helping others feel their best through the foods they eat and the decisions they make.  Something as simple as choosing what you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel. Do you have a brain fog? Do you start crashing in the afternoon so you reach for the chocolate at 3p.m. ? I know I do, and it always starts an evil cycle of tiredness and crankiness.  When I avoid the easy sugars, I have more energy and feel happier and more stable. The path to finding a good balance is different for everyone. There is no one set path to wellness.  Cristy and I talk about a way to eat to reduce inflammation. We talk about what is in our foods, how to create foods you actually want to eat, how to listen to your body when you eat, and how to find the right balance for you in your health journey.  We also talk about other ways you can control stress through practicing self care. KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: For More on Cristy visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.  
August 18, 2019
How to Craft an Expert Cover Letter and Stand Apart in Your Job with Editor-In-Chief of SELF
Carolyn Kylstra started as Editor-in-Chief of SELF just as it was transitioning from a legacy print brand into a digital-led media organization. On a deadline to create a strategy, an editorial plan and voice for the brand, Carolyn took on each challenge, and the media industry quickly took notice. SELF is an award-winning wellness media brand that values accuracy in an oversaturated wellness industry. SELF seeks to help people to live healthier lives.  Carolyn took her passion for both storytelling and health and find her niche in wellness media. She's worked across the industry at media companies such as Cosmo, Men's Health, Women's Health, and BuzzFeed before starting at SELF. As a hiring manager for many roles, Carolyn has looked over 1000 resumes and cover letters and explains how a hiring manager looks at your marketing materials and how to format your cover letter and portfolio. We also talk about how to stand apart in your career, how to deal with feelings of insecurity and how to manage up smartly.  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: SHOW NOTES: For more on Carolyn visit: and  For more on SELF visit:  For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic. 
August 4, 2019
How to Be a Travel Storyteller with Rachel Rudwall
Rachel Rudwall is a travel host, content creator, writer, producer and photographer, but simply at her core, she’s a storyteller. She’s traveled all around the world including all continents and 70 countries. She shares how travel drives her as she’s inspired by the human interactions that fuel her and teach her as well as the landscapes that keep her invested and grounded. She recently became an Explorer’s Club fellow, alongside explorers such as likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Elon Musk and Buzz Aldrin.  What is so cool about Rachel is she was determined to set out a path for herself by creating her own opportunities by traveling and hosting on her own. That then led her to tell stories for media outlets, brands and publishers. I love Rachel’s perspective on work and how to stand apart in your industry. It’s clear she puts thought and effort with the choices she’s made and has done it through consistent, dedicated work.  We talk about how to create your own opportunity, how to network by creating authentic connections with others, how to take feedback (especially when everything feels personal), how to deal with imposter syndrome and how to explore the world without breaking the bank.  KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: KICK ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: KICK ASS IN LIFE SHOW NOTES: For more on Rachel visit: or For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic. 
June 23, 2019
How to Explore Your Curiosities + Pay off Student Loans with Dani Fankhouser
Dani Fankhouser got her first full-time job thorough a Craigslist search. When she graduated undergrad during the recession, she couldn't find a company to hire her. So Dani decided to go to grad school in journalism and started to pursue her curiosities. She taught herself Ruby, completed a 200-hr yoga program, created a social network for  enthusiasts, wrote an ebook and is currently pitching her second to publishers.  Dani is clearly someone who gets shit done. She sets a goal and works on achieving it through a systematic approach. She wanted to pay off her student loans so she decided to scale down and figure out creative ways in order to do that. Dani shares you never know where your opportunities will emerge so be open, keep searching  and explore your curiosities -- and soon you'll discover what you're interested in.  Today's episode is a bit about money and a bit about life. We talk about how to land that first job, how to pay off your student loans, how to analyze your finances and how to start a side hustle. Dani also shares some ideas of how you can start exploring your own  (hint - it’s easier than you think).  For more on Dani visit: For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic. 
June 10, 2019
How to Find Your Creative Voice and How to Treat Anxiety with Art
Leah Suzette Noumoff is an artist and wants to encourage others to be artists too. Creating art allowed her to move away from feelings of anxiety and depression and move toward self care and acceptance. Leah found a way to develop a carer, pursue art and take care of herself at the same time. She’s made it her mission to encourage others to find their story and purpose through a creative outlet whether it be music, art, dance or more -- She believes everyone is creative and empowers others to find their creative voice.  We talk about how to start a creative practice, how anyone can pursue art, how to address feelings of anxiety, and how to uncover your purpose through art.  For more on Leah visit: and  For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic. 
June 2, 2019
How to Reach out to a Recruiter and How to Stand Apart in a New Job
Stephanie Dennis is a recruiter and a host of two career podcasts - Unpacking and Career Talk . She knows about how to get noticed in a job search because she is responsible for finding the right candidates for a variety of different types of roles. You probably have heard you need to get the attention of a recruiter, but what does that mean -- and who are these mythical recruiters? Today I wanted to dispel the mystery behind a very important role of the recruiter, how to get noticed the right way, and how to reach out without annoying them. We also talk about how to stand apart in the job search,  how to take feedback, how to kick ass during the the first months of a job and how to show you’re ready for more responsibility at work.  For more on Stephanie visit: and For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic. 
May 19, 2019
How to turn your side hustle into full-time with Chelsweets
Chelsey White (aka Chelsweets) has created and shot a ton of really cool cake recipes. She considers herself a blogger, baker and content creator. Her cakes are both cute and delicious - and she’s inspiring a whole new generation to start baking. She initially began her career as a CPA and loved to bake to release stress from staring at Excel spreadsheets for 12 hours per day. We talk about how she made the pivot to turn her hobby into her full-time job which is such an inspiring story. We talk about she got started, how she comes up with a cake recipe or design, how she knew it was time to pivot to baking full time and how to start your own a side hustle in a super smart way.  For more on Chelsey visit: or For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
May 12, 2019
How to Get Organized in a Job Search with Stephanie Domanski
Stephanie Domanski worked as a CPA and a project management consultant but her real super power is solving problems. Beyond being a master problem solver, she is someone who wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector but couldn’t get a company to look at her or take her seriously - so what did she do instead? She created her own opportunity. We talk about how to handle a no, mastering the job search through a systematic approach and following your curiosities to turn them into a career. She takes her problem solving approach and applies it to the complexities of a job search breaking it down into simple terms. That’s where we start this conversation. How do you get a new job?  For more on Stephanie: Instagram @sdomanski and @dogsontherun_hoboken and  at For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
May 5, 2019
How to Create Your Own Opportunity with Katie Quinn
Katie Quinn is the definition of a creator. She has a podcast, a food and travel YouTube channel and created an avocado cookbook. She started her career in the NBC Page program, then worked as a video journalist at Now This News and attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Now she's self-employed working in London and takes on any projects that peak her interest. We met when we worked together on a project for Travel Channel and I've loved staying updated with her projects and pursuits. Her enthusiasm for food, travel and content creation contagious. In today’s episode, we talk about how to create your own opportunity or a side hustle, what it’s like being an influencer, how to work abroad, how to deal with imposter syndrome and more.  For More on Katie Quinn visit: and For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
April 28, 2019
Ep: 49 How to save money without sacrificing with the Fiscal Femme
Ashley Feinstein Gerstley of the Fiscal Femme is working to demystify money. She just released her book the 30-Day Money Cleanse and she has so much to share about how to be smart with money including how to break our bad habits around money and create new ones. Ashley’s perspective is it’s not about sacrificing. but rather It’s about creating money goals and living a fab life now. Ashley and I talk about the importance of getting started early, how to pay down debt, how to create money routines, how to think about a budget as “happiness allocations” and how to complete your own money cleanse. For more on the Fiscal Femme Visit: or For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
March 24, 2019
Ep 48: How to Negotiate Your Salary and Find Purpose with Work Bigger’s Belma McCaffrey
Belma McCaffrey is all about finding purpose in work. She created the Work Bigger community to redefine work so it’s a vehicle for creativity, impact and living a better life. We talk about how Belma transitioned from the media world of Conde and the Associated Press to a path of entrepreneurship and the top lessons she learned early in her career.  We also talk about how to find joy and purpose in what you’re doing, how to focus on what you’re uniquely great at, and how to get what you deserve in a salary negotiation. It’s inspiring how Belma is really thinking about the future of work.   For More on Work Bigger visit: For more on this podcast visit: Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
March 16, 2019
How to Speak Up and Make Money Moves with Lori Kaufman
Lori Kaufman is an entertainment and pop culture aficionado who has turned her passion into her career. Her approach was to seek out a way to match what excited her (entertainment) with a job in the corporate world leading her to iN DEMAND. Now Lori now works in affiliate and partnership marketing at Music Choice. Early on in her career, Lori tried to find ways to get out of her comfort zone and gathered as many learning experiences as she could through internships and leaning into opportunities. Lori encourages others to speak up and make their presence known, step into the role and contribute to the conversation. In this episode, Lori shares how to stand apart, how to go above and beyond, how to rise through the ranks and how to ask for the money you deserve. Incredible insight for every stage of your career. (Reshare from November)  For more on  Lori Kaufman visit:  For more on this podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
March 10, 2019
Ep 46: How to Create Authentic Connections with Jennifer Moon
Getting a job is all about WHO you know. You can do that through knowing and meeting more people, but how? One way is through networking. Networking is a dirty word. We think of it as stuffy, crowded room meeting all types of people who are just there to collect a business card and move on. However, true networking  is all about creating authentic connections.  Jennifer Moon is a media professional who now works with a suite of TV networks to strategize how fans can watch what they want via digital and on demand. She started her career as an actor In New York City where it's critical to create an immediate connection with the audience. Beyond talking about how Jennifer got started, we really dive into how to network in a way where you’re making real connections, where to look for networking opportunities, how to track your connections and how to keep your connections warm and follow up the right way.  For more on Jennifer Moon: For more on this podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
February 24, 2019
Ep 45: How to turn rejection into a job offer with the Muse's Alyse Kalish
Alyse Kalish is a writer and editor at the Muse. She was first rejected for an internship at the Muse, but that didn't stop her. She was tenacious and followed up the right way up to land an internship in a later semester. Once she was in the role, she showed energy and enthusiasm to be unforgettable and get a job offer.  Now Alyse now writes about careers at the Muse. She shares how her energy and enthusiasm for her internship helped her stand apart early in her career. She gives some  pro trips for how to craft a resume, cover letter and portfolio to cater to the job you’re looking for. She also shares tips on how to negotiate your salary before accepting a job offer. Alyse also offers some excellent ways to take care of yourself when you’re not working. This episode is jam-packed with takeaways for how to kick ass in your career.  For more on Alyse and to read her articles: For more on this podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
February 17, 2019
How to pay off debt and do a no-spend challenge with Jen Smith
Jen Smith paid off $78k of student loans in two years and she wants to help others be smart with money through her Modern frugality blog and her Frugal Friends podcast. She also wrote a book called the No Spend Challenge Guide to share how you can go on a no spend challenge to kickstart your savings goals. We talk about how to make a budget that works, how to build up an emergency fund, how to pay off debt and how to deal with credit cards. We also dive into side hustles and how to form multiple income streams. Today’s episode is all about how to be smart with money.    Visit Jen’s blog at  For more on this podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
February 10, 2019
Ep 43: How to Promote Yourself with The Muse’s Abby Wolfe
Abby Wolfe is a career coach and writer and editor at The Muse, a website for career advice, workshops and to search for jobs. Abby is the type of person who always has a side gig and who has been able to transition to making the full time freelance life work.  We talk about how to find the right job fit, knowing when it’s time to move on from a job that’s not serving you, how to not take things personally at work, how to network the right way and how to handle imposter syndrome. We basically talk about IT ALL.   For more on the podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
January 27, 2019
Ep 42: How to Land a job in Television and Stand Apart
Mark Scholnick dreamed of working in television. He was basically a human TV guide growing up. So he thought, someone works in television, why not me? He got his start as an assistant at NBC and worked his way up for the past 15 years through different roles at Bravo, E! and Viacom and now does media consultancy work. Mark has expert advice about what to do to to stand out during your first job, how to create authentic connections through networking and how you create your brand where you are the go-to person people trust.  For more on Mark visit:  For more on the podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
January 20, 2019
Ep 41: Be Open to Opportunity with Fairygodboss' Mary Pharris
Mary Pharris is the Director of Business development at Fairygodboss, which is a website and career community for women. It provides career connections, jobs, advice and more. Mary started her career in campaign fundraising and worked for Barack Obama in 2012, and then she eventually made the switch to working for a startup. Her job path has not been linear and Mary shares the importance of being open as possible to what paths your career could take. We also talk about the importance finding a company with a mission, seeking the value out of entry- level work, how to stand apart and how to cultivate your network.  For more on Fairygodboss visit For more on the podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
January 13, 2019
Ep 40: How to Make Plans for the New Year that Work
Resolutions are out - plans are in. In this episode, we do a deep dive to how to make goals for the new year. I’ve taken some quick tips from the experts in habits and happiness including Gretchen Rubin with her Happier Podcast, Chris Gillibrou with Side Hustle School, and the Secrets of the Most Productive People Podcast with Charles Duhigg. I also dive into the SMART framework for making goals that work. It’s time to start making plans for this year for the things you want to achieve in your professional and personal life - not to mention goals just for the hell of it. Go Kick Ass in 2019.  For more on the podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
January 6, 2019
Ep 39: Looking Back on This Year's Kick-Ass Guests
Good work everyone! We got through the year. And what a year it was. I hope it was great for you. But if not, the new year offers a chance for a fresh start. The past year has been a year full of helpful insights for how to stand apart, get noticed, negotiate your worth, find your passion and make your mark. In this episode, I look back upon some of my kick-ass guests from 2018 with some of my favorite tidbits of advice. If you like what you hear, dive into each episode for more from how to push through failure to how to seek out your passion. Each guest has unique insight and experience to help you on your own job path.  Cheers to a new year full of career success, money moves and taking care of yourself. Be proud of you and every step forward. Have a happy holiday and see you in 2019.  fFor more on CoolWorks visit For more on the podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic 
December 22, 2018
Ep 38: How to Find a Career Path that Makes You Feel Bright
CoolWorks is simply, cool. It’s a job search site where you can find temporary work in some of the country’s most beautiful places. Kelcy Fowler found a seasonal job at the Grand Teton National Park to feed her desire to get out and be productive, and it changed the course of her life. Starting as a desk agent she moved on gain year-round experience in HR. Then CoolWorks offered her a dream job. She now is a jack of all trades at CoolWorks and is super passionate about helping others find their path to find what makes them feel bright and excited about on the inside. Kelcy shares the value of taking a risk, the importance of finding your own path and living a life full of intention. Kelcy aspires to be the person she’d be proud to be and wants you to do the same. For more on CoolWorks visit For more on the podcast visit Email me: Theme song by Qusic.
December 16, 2018
Ep 37: How to Turn A Passion Into A Career
Job paths are not linear. There is no straight road to any career. Ron Bosch’s career had a bumpy start and it was super hard for him to feel motivated getting through school. When Ron finally graduated, he started to feel hopeless he’d never find a full-time job in his area of study. Just when Ron felt like giving up, he answered a random Craiglist ad that kickstarted him on his career path. He now works as a producer at Music Choice making videos with Latin artists. Ron has a lot to share about not giving up, keeping in contact with those willing to take a chance on him and being open to new opportunities. Email me at: Learn more about the podcast at: Theme song by Qusic.
December 9, 2018
Ep 36: How to Land a Job in NYC
Amanda Thomas Whitfield’s dream was to work in New York. She wanted to move to NYC and her boss in Philly said, just go do it. So she did. After landing a job through the power of connections, she now works as a manager of ad sales at Music Choice. Amanda shares how to be patient, how to pivot when necessary and the importance of career sponsors. Email me at: Learn more about the podcast at: Theme song by Qusic.
December 2, 2018
Ep 35: How to Hustle, Take Risks and Get Started
Margaret (“Peggy”) Kim is an award-winning journalist and media powerhouse. She began her career years ago as an overnight news desk assistant. At first, it was a challenge to feel like the small tasks working the graveyard shift would lead her to become a journalist. However, Peggy's dad gave her advice to lay her foundation brick by brick. She then changed her attitude, and started putting in the effort for the small tasks to be entrusted with the larger tasks. And she kept moving up by gaining experience at Alloy Media, The History Channel, MSNBC, Court TV, CBS New Productions, NBC Sports, NBC Olympic Unit, ABC Sports and ABC News and more. Peggy now runs her own content studio and network, and nonprofit to help others in the media industry. She has major advice for getting started, how to take risks and how to hustle. Email me at: Learn more about the podcast at: Learn more about Peggy at and Theme song by Qusic.
November 25, 2018
Ep 34: How to Make Money Moves
Lori Kaufman is an entertainment and pop culture aficionado who has turned her passion into her career. She now works in affiliate and partnership marketing at Music Choice. She has a lot to share about how to stand apart, how to rise through the ranks and how to ask for the money you deserve.
November 18, 2018
Ep 33: How To Succeed in Your Internship
Jen Mackin has a super cool job helping prepare college students for internships abroad. She knows what hiring managers are looking for and what makes a successful intern. We chat about what you can do to set yourself apart through creating a unique story, learning real-world experience and managing the discomfort and nuance of working abroad. From writing a killer cover letter submitting a resume that gets noticed, every detail is important to land an internship. Once you do, it's up to you to get noticed, get experience and make your mark.
November 10, 2018
Ep 32: How to Set Goals That Work
Kim Mills sets goals and she wants you to as well. She’s created a framework to get to the WHY of the goal so you actually achieve it. By drilling down to the desired outcome of what you really want to achieve, it will help you distill the why. Great advice for anyone just getting started undertaking a goal of any size. Creating that starting point for setting goals will help you move forward. So go kick ass and set some goals!
November 4, 2018
Ep 31: How to Make Meaningful Connections
Jen Louie is the Founder and CEO of Kinvite, socially conscious events and ticketing platform. She first got her start as an admin assistant at Google where she was eager to learn as much as possible and make her manager’s life easier. She did this by being detail-oriented, constantly following up and being authentic. She quickly rose through the ranks and now runs her own business based on the power of a sincere invite. Jen talks about how to make meaningful connections, how to stand apart and how to make the leap to entrepreneur.
October 13, 2018
Ep 30: How to Deal With Failure and How to Stand Apart with Vanessa Tencati
Vanessa Tencati kicked ass in her first internship and made it known she wanted a job after graduation. Sure enough, that dedication, follow-through and communication paid off. Vanessa hasn’t stopped in her career, always taking opportunities to put herself out there, even as a self-described introvert. Vanessa shares the lessons she’s learned in her first years of her career including dealing with failure, how to stand apart and how to take care of yourself when you’re not working.
October 7, 2018
Ep 29: How to Turn An Internship into a Job with Kari Ickert
Kari Ickert's boss told her that what made her unique is that she was innately curious during an internship. That curiosity helped her kick ass in that internship & they offered her a full-time job. Kari just kept impressing her managers and kept getting promoted. Her story helps to show how to stand apart in an internship to get hired fast. Getting a job after an internship is never a given. It's RARE! It's vital to take every opportunity to impress the hell out of your managers and show them your value.
September 30, 2018
Ep 28: How to Take A Vacation
Too many of us don't take those vaycay days that are due to us - and why? It could be because we're worried about leaving the office and spending time away. Take those vacation days! They are owed to you. In this episode, we talk about how you can leave everything organized while you're out so you can relax while on your vaycay. Set that out of office and just enjoy your time off. You'll come back refreshed, recharged and reinspired. Theme song by Qusic
September 16, 2018
Ep 27: The Biggest Reason You're Not Hearing Back
If you're looking for a new job, are you getting past the black hole of applications? All applications go there but few get plucked from there and get noticed. If you're not hearing back, you're probably doing this ONE thing wrong. Here's how to fix it so you get noticed and get hired fast.
September 9, 2018
Ep 26: September is the New January - Let's Set Some Goals
You check your calendar. January is four months away. September is just another month. You’re done with school, so why should you think about September as a transition time? Why not? Why should we wait until January to check in on our past goals and make new ones? January is still months away. In those months we can accomplish a lot. September is a great time to check in with our goals and see how far we’ve come and how much we have to to do. Let's set some goals in the area of personal, career, family/friends, relationship and with money. I break down some book recommendations from Gretchen Rubin, James Altucher, Jen Sincero and Robert Kiyosaki to help you kickstart your goals. Let's Kick Ass this September!
September 3, 2018
Ep 25: Why Surrounding Yourself with Good Friends Matters
You are the average of your five closest friends. Are they good? Who you surround yourself with on a daily basis matters for your health, happiness and future success. In this episode, we look at examples from different books such as You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and Choose Yourself by James Altucher. Why having a good, supportive friend group matters. For more visit: Theme song by Qusic.
August 27, 2018
Ep 24: How to Master a First Round Interview
If you don't kick ass in the first round interview, you won't get any further in the interview process. In this ep, we cover how to master that first round interview, what to avoid and how you can stand apart.
August 19, 2018
Ep 23: Avoid these Mistakes When Applying for a Job
I just went through 200 resumes to search for one intern. I saw a lot of mistakes! I share the insider tips from the eyes of the hiring manager in how they approach your application and what you can avoid so you stand apart and get hired FAST.
August 10, 2018
Ep 22: How to Start Saving Now for Your Safety Net
Saving money feels super hard, especially if you're starting from nothing. Never fear. These simple tips and easy swaps to curb spending will help you on the path to build up your emergency reserve of money for whatever you may need. Email me: or visit for more tips.
July 27, 2018
Ep 21: How to Make Meaningful Connections At Work
We all know we should be making connections at work with our colleagues, managers and more, but how do we do it? And When? These allies in the workplace are critical to our success but we're rarely putting in the work to make those connection. In this episode we break down how to do it right.
June 25, 2018
Ep 20: How to Maximize Your Internship
Learn how to kick Ass and make the most out of your internship -- how to be memorable, learn as much as you can and make connections that will propel you further in your career. If you have questions, email me Visit for more pro tips. I'm here to help YOU. Theme song by Qusic.
May 13, 2018
Ep 19: How to Interview Like a Rockstar
Intimidated by the interview process? Duh. Who isn't - interviewing can be super challenging, but it's critical in the job search process. In this episode, I break down the interview so you can feel prepared and confident going into one of the most stressful job search moments. Be authentically you, show some personality and rely on your preparations so you can confidently kick ass during the interview. For more email me at or visit I'm here to help YOU. Theme song by Qusic.
April 29, 2018
Ep 18: Graduation Checklist for May Grads
Are you graduating in May? Don't freak out! With this checklist you'll have an action plan going into your graudation so you feel prepared and ready to kick ass in the job search. For more email me at or visit I'm here to help YOU. Theme song by Qusic.
April 7, 2018
Ep 17: How to Write a Cover Letter to get the Hiring Manager's Attention
No one enjoys writing a cover letter, but it's vital to give a hiring manager the first glimpse of YOU. It shows you can write and convey ideas, it paints a picture of your experience beyond your resume and it's just one other element to sell yourself. To get an interview, it's critical to nail the cover letter. Let's break it down. For more email me at or visit I'm here to help YOU. Theme song by Qusic.
January 29, 2018
Ep 16: Dos/Don'ts of How to Reach Out for Advice Coffees or Informational Interviews
Struggling with what to write in your email for an informational interview? Fear no more. I list all dos/don'ts for how to reach out and get an informational interview that won't annoy the other person. Instead, it will get them to say YES quickly so you can impress the hell out of them. For More visit…tional-interview/ and email me at
January 21, 2018
Ep 15: How to Pay Yourself First & Start Saving from Nothing
How can you start a savings account when it feels like you have nothing? It's simple - just get started. You can start doing this even if you have a next-to-nothing paycheck. Let's talk about how to start building up your emergency savings account now by paying yourself first. And that's only the beginning. For more visit:
January 14, 2018
Ep 14: Where To Look for a New Job Opportunity
Have you ever struggled to get started in a job search and not known where to get started? In this episode, I talk about where to look for job opportunities. From using the resources online to your network, there are a few places you should always be searching for a job. 2018 is the year of YOU. If one of your goals is to find a new job this year -- get started and start searching. Theme song by Qusic.
January 7, 2018
Ep 13: How to Create Goals You Can Actually Keep
It's 2018. Happy New Year! This is the time of setting new goals for the upcoming year. Have you given thought to what you'd love to accomplish in the new year? Try following these few steps to create goals you can actually KEEP! Read more at Theme song by Qusic.
January 1, 2018
Ep 12: How to do the Whole 30
Have you heard of the Whole 30? It's simply 30 days without dairy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and grains. It's a really fun way to start out the new year by prioritizing health. It's hard - sure - but the benefits you get out outweigh any challenges you may have! Kicking Ass is all about the different facets -- so try kicking ass in your health for 2018. January is a great opportunity to start fresh! You can read more about It starts with Food by Melissa Hartwig. Or visit for more tips and tricks. Theme song by Qusic.
December 26, 2017
Ep 11: Create a Kick-Ass Online Portfolio
If you aren't online you aren't anywhere. Create an online that shows how awesome you and helps get you your next job. For more visit Theme Song by Qusic.
December 20, 2017
Ep 10: How to Avoid Stress and Stay Sane this Season
The winter is filled with stress and anxiety! It's even more stressful if you're job searching. Practice these quick tips to help you stay SANE this season. For more visit Theme Song by Qusic.
December 11, 2017
Ep9: Help! I'm graduating in December
Are you graduating this December? Congrats! Here are the things you need to do NOW to get ahead and differentiate yourself from your fellow graduates. For more tips visit Theme song by Qsic.
December 3, 2017
Ep 8: How to Rock an Informational Interview
Learn how to prepare and how to master an informational interview. People want to help you so use this time to network and learn as much as possible. For more visit Theme song by Qsic.
November 27, 2017
Ep 7: Exploring Temp Agencies when Looking for a Full-Time Job
Looking for a full-time job? Sometimes a temp agency can be the answer to tide you over to your full-time gig. How do they work? What can you learn from them? When should you use them? We discuss it all on this week's Kick Ass in Life. See More @ Theme Song by Qsic.
November 22, 2017
Ep 6: Craft Your Elevator Pitch
Learn how to craft a compelling elevator pitch to help you make a positive impression on whomever you meet. No elevator needed. Check out more @ Theme song by Qsic.
November 10, 2017
Ep 5: How to Network Like a Pro
Networking can be really scary. You mean I have to willingly meet STRANGERS? Don't worry. It doesn't have to be with a few quick tips. Check out more @ Theme song by Qsic.
October 26, 2017
Ep 4: Manage your first-day job jitters
How do you control those first-day job jitters? It's easy. It all has to do with preparation! Theme song by Qsic.
October 22, 2017
Ep 3: How to deal with Rejection in the Job Search
Rejection sucks. Hearing no sucks. You’ll hear a lot of that. No, you’re not the right fit. No, we don’t have opportunities now. No, we don’t need you. No. No. No. For more check out Learn how to deal with Rejection during the job search. Theme song by Qsic.
October 15, 2017
Ep 2: Create a Badass Resume to get hired FAST
Create a resume to get noticed and help stand apart from the crowd. You'll get hired fast when you use a few of these pro tips. See More @ Theme song by Qsic.
October 8, 2017
Ep 1: Looking for a job? Just Get Started!
From a couch to Kansas to finding her first job in New York City Laura talks about how she found her first full time job. Being willing to start anywhere is huge to be able to get hired FAST. For more, check out Theme song by Qsic.
October 8, 2017
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