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Kiki and Kibbitz

Kiki and Kibbitz

By Brianna Politzer Blacet
We break down reality TV as though it was, like, totally real! We moduce a variety of podcasts on Real Housewivs, Below Deck, 90 Day Fiancé. Let the wild ride begin!
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#157 Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 11, Ep. 2: Licked Up and Down!
All the ladies accept Jackie head to Lake George...and Teresa couldn’t be happier about it. While everyone acknowledges that Jackie’s comment about Gia was an analogy, they know that you don’t. Mention. Teresa’s. Kids. In the van on the way, Teresa admits that Evan in her type (so was the rumor about jealousy?). Jackie stays behind to buzz her sons’ hair and teach her kids that you don’t have to be friends with people who don’t treat you. (If only we’d all learned this earlier in life, right?) Frank and David go on a date. Melissa and Jennifer make up (we’ll see how long that lasts!). Teresa blames the tequila. DM us at @kikiandkibitz on Instagram and let us know what you thought about the episode!
February 28, 2021
Trailer: Below Deck Saling Yacht Season 2!
Get ready for a wet and wild new season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht! 
February 28, 2021
#156 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 17: Reunion
It’s over, people! My Seanna has dropped anchor for the final time in Season 8. It was no Real Housewives reunion, no matter how badly Andy wanted it to be. Chess won’t take the bait and acts like she and Rachel had put their problems to rest after the first two charters (gurrl, we saw the video). Ashling is just as boring and conflict averse. Elizabeth is dressed like a skater and calls Chess a bully (deflect, much?). Eddie won’t call Shane stupid, but somehow lets us know how he feels anyway. Rachel looks amazing, but it can’t hide her crazy. Izzy looks radiant. She’s not sad that Rob didn’t show, and neither were we. James’ eyebrows look better than ours do, dammit! Somehow, they completely neglected any mention of the most poignant moments of the season, but we noticed (as did the entire Internet). In the end, nothing was lost, nothing was gained, but it was a fun ride. Stay tuned until the end for a big announcement. Suffice it to say, it’s the end of an era. Bon voyage!
February 24, 2021
#155 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 11: Three's a Party
Mary K. (@AngelasBraPurse) guest hosts on this episode. We talk sh*t about absolutely EVERYONE and weigh in on who’s a good couple, who’s likely to stay together (pretty much no one), and who’s a major asswipe (almost everyone). We love Julia, hate Brandon (who blames Julia for the pregnancy scare), celebrate Yara’s sarcastic humor, and agree that Natalie is probably a serial killer, even though *maybe* Mike’s behavior was more suspicious than we previously thought. Even though we vowed never to cover Stephanie and Ryan again, we HAD TO, because…OMG, did you SEE this episode? We agree that Rebecca and Zied truly love each other, but point out that love is not enough to make a marriage successful. Throuples don’t work — prove us wrong. Let Mary know how much you love her! DM her on IG or Twitter and/or Brianna at @NotThatBrianna (Twitter) or @KikiandKibbitz (Instagram). Feel better, Brad! See you next week!
February 22, 2021
#154 Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 11, Ep. 1: C U Next Tuesday?
Where. Are. The. RECEIPTS? Tre's running around telling anyone who'll listen that Jackie's husband is cheating on her at gym. Will this be story of the season? Please tell me it is not, or I'll have to quit podcasting two episodes in. Either that, I or want to see the naked pics so I can verify for myself and count every freckle on his tight little butt (did I say that out loud?). Well, I can say anything I want, because it's my first solo podcast and there is no other co-host here to smack me on the nose and tell me to stop. Salient points: 1) Margaret and Jennifer suck, 2) I have fear-based alcoholism 3) I need Jackie's cute little ruffly pink dress 4) Is it time for bed yet? Lemme know what you think! DM me at @NotThatBrianna on Twitter or @KikiandKibbitz on IG. 
February 18, 2021
#153 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 16: Premature Evacuation
Below Deckers, we hope you’re ready for all this. It’s the last episode of the season and we’re in our pajamas, drinking, and just being who we are. How else can we cope with the aborted season, the COVID flashbacks, and the intersection of reality TV and actual reality? This is some heavy shit. After Elizabeth’s departure, the crew goes to dinner and the poor girl’s cake arrives anyway. Rachel is irate that everyone seems to be dancing on her friend’s grave. Meanwhile — cake, people. Cake. The next day, after a failed throw-her-under-the-bus session with the Captain, Rachel decides to walk it off and try to work with Chess anyway. Ironic, because…there ain’t gonna be no more working this season. It’s over. So what else can you do, besides start drinking? No one knows what’s going to happen. Borders are closed. People are self-isolating. It’s sheer chaos. In the end, some fences are mended, other relationships remain unresolved (despite some inauthentic efforts), and someone gets a well-deserved promotion. It’s a wild ride…and the real-life ride still isn’t over. In the end, there’s not much more to say except, hopefully the reunion is a little more upbeat. Real life is hard enough. Right? If you want to see us in our silly pajamas, head over to the @KikiandKibbitz Instagram and have a drink with us. Cheers!
February 16, 2021
#152 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 10: The Devil's Work
If there are themes to these episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, this one would be either “Stranger in a Strange Land” or “The Bloom is Off the Rose,” at least where it comes to the two Ukrainian women and their men. Mike clearly HATES Natalie. And it sure seems like Yara hates Jovi, too. Or maybe we’re just projecting our own opinions here. Another theme is “cute kids on FaceTime.” We loved seeing Harrey and Auri connecting across the airwaves. Zied looked so happy to see his niece, too. Too bad Rebecca wasn't as happy after the young blond bombshell (who came from where? we still can't figure that out!) started talking to her man. We don't even address Stephanie, Ryan, the psychic, or the hula hoops, for reasons we explain. Girl, BYE. 
February 16, 2021
#151 Below Deck, Jessica More Interview (yay!), plus Season 8, Ep. 15: Don't Cry for Me Antigua
There’s More to love on this episode! Below Deck Med 3rd stew Jessica More stops by to hang out, spill just a little bit of tea, and tell us about her real life off camera. And yeah—she’s just as beautiful and charming in person as she is on screen. Find out about what’s she’s up to now (hint—she’s a chief stew!), who she’s dating, and what’s she’ll be up to next. But don’t stop here! Go to the @kikiandkibbitz IG account and see the video interview. After that, we even get to a bit of this week’s Below Deck episode. Oh, but, who really cares when you’ve got Jess on the show? ENJOY!
February 10, 2021
#150 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1 Ep. 13: Season Finale
The season finale of RHOSLC is here! While Stacy and Jordan are sad to see it end, our Salt Lake City snow queens really bring it for their farewell week. Mary finally leaves her closet, and it’s pretty clear that she’s never led a choir before. The Beauty Lab opening is a triumph and a spectacle- blush and bashful clouds, Meredith’s (pre-Covid) face mask, Lisa’s scheming and Jen’s questionable apologies. America finally learned what a stanchion is (thanks Heather and Whitney!), but it’s obvious that Jen didn’t learn anything from the fights in Las Vegas. 
February 5, 2021
#149 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 14: Hide the Salami
It’s Elizabeth’s 30th birthday and everyone (wait, make that no one) is celebrating. Her day starts with another lecture from Francesca, who’s so frustrated with her that she’s crying. The Queen of Versailles comes aboard, demanding pickled jalapeño quail eggs, while her low-maintenance husband eschews champagne to drink sweet tea out of a styrofoam cup. Later, the couple sympathizes with Captain Lee, since they, too, lost a child to a drug overdose (crushing!). Meanwhile, their kids — too young to drink in the U.S. — get trash fish (to use Jen’s word), making Ashling nervous. She lies about the hot tub being out of order to get them to bed as soon as possible. Will Liz get fired? Find out next week!
February 3, 2021
#148 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 9: The No Bang Theory
Brandon *kind of* confronts his parents, who practically self-destruct when they hear the news that he and Julia want to move out. His mom cries crocodile tears while his dad throws a fit because he doesn’t want to be strong-armed by his son’s fiancé. Finally, mom concedes that “maybe” she can compromise on the engaged couple sleeping in one room (how benevolent). Jovi thinks Yara is lying about being pregnant…but not so fast, party boy. He’s mystified how she got knocked up so fast (one hint, dude: you had sex without protection). Stephanie comes clean to Ryan about her tryst with cousin Harris, but it turns out he’d known for ages. Andrew is living it up in Mexico and thinks nothing of asking Amira to go quarantine in…SERBIA? Rebecca’s friend and former boss, Mel, grills Zied and makes Rebecca cry. Hazel and Tarik look for a brown girl who doesn’t have bad breath. 
February 2, 2021
#147 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1 Ep. 12: Sinners in the City
What happens in Jen Shah’s imagination, stays in Jen Shah’s imagination. RHOSLC x Vegas continues with an endless meltdown of circular logic. After HITTING Heather, threatening to drown Whitney, and trashing Meredith’s marriage (OK, actually, Meredith did have a boyfriend), Jen still feels like she is owed an apology. She is a victim.. of her own delusions? Stacy and Jordan are obsessed with celeb hypnotist, Kimberly Friedmutter’s, psychic energy- which is zero patience for Jen's psycho energy.
January 29, 2021
#146 90 Day Fiancé Season 8, Ep. 8: Unsure and Insecure
It’s Groundhog Day on the farm and Julia is shoveling sh*t. We get it, girl. No, he not man. Yes, we hate him, too. We want you move now and no more sneaky room! The cashier at the drugstore wishes Yara good luck. Not sure if she had good luck or not getting pregnant with Jovi’s baby. But Mazel tov from K&K. Amira’s back in France, which is definitely the best news on this episode. Hopefully, she’ll get a clue and STAY THERE. He’s not worth it, Amira! Mike’s mom comes to visit and he and Natalie set a wedding date. Sigh. Let’s be real, none of these people should be together. Our advice to all of them: WEAR CONDOMS. Stay safe everyone…see you back here next time!
January 24, 2021
#144 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 13: James' Big Cannoli
This week’s Below Deck was light on content but still managed to piss us off. We’re sick of James and Elizabeth and their whole vapid “love affair.” But these two idiots deserve each other. We start with James trying to make Liz jealous by ogling all the “fit birds” on Rob’s IG. Eye roll emoji. Everyone gets antibiotics on this episode. Too bad they don’t cure stupid. Lil’ Gigi the dog poops on the poop deck (ok, it’s not actually the poop deck, but you knew that pun was coming) but we’re not mad, because she is SO DAMN CUTE. Izzy gets a well-deserved promotion, prompting the guys to give her lots of sh*t … but what did you expect? The crew spends a half day picking up trash on the beautiful island of Antigua and James is bummed because he can’t drink while doing it. Francesca and Eddie are pissed off when James and Elizabeth spend the night in the guest cabin without permission. You don’t want to see disappointed dad, kids. And when did Eddie become “dad”? Next week—Queen of Versailles!
January 22, 2021
#143 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1 Ep. 11: All Bets Are Off
It’s Viva Las Vegas for the ladies of RHOSLC! Stacy and Jordan dive into this trip to The Strip that’s filled with feuds and passive aggression. It’s Whitney’s vacation, but Mary won’t go, Meredith will think about it, and Lisa might find the time. Jen plays matchmaker with Heather and Big Daddy, then flips on Heather (again), questioning her loyalty in a shop full of $1k shoes. Whitney, Meredith, and Lisa hash it out at race track, where we learn Lisa’s driving skills are all Porsche and no bite.
January 21, 2021
#141 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 12: Blue Skies & UTIs
Some people may love her intelligence and wit, but we’re with Eddie on this — Rachel is a f*cking demon and an embarrassing one at that. Everyone has one of those friends, but it’s easier to ditch a friend than a fellow crew member. The crazy train keeps right on chugging through dinner as the foul-mouthed chef decides to talk shit about James RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Elizabeth doesn’t even really defend the shallow British douche canoe. Maybe James is willing to let go of his relationship with Elizabeth because of his bromance with Rob. They complete each other. In other news, the crew is dropping like flies, with UTIs and gastric distress all over the boat. Someone, quick — toss an antibiotic-filled life ring to this germ-infested group. The new guests arrive, bringing a less-offensive-than-anticipated little Yorkie with them. One of them is high-key flirting with Ashling, who somehow takes the bait. We. Don’t. Get. It. The episode ends sadly with Captain Lee talking about the son he lost to an overdose. So very sorry for your loss, Cap. And no, it wasn’t your fault.
January 20, 2021
#140 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep.7: You So Bad Boy
Glad to finally have a night alone, Brandon and Julia enjoy a naked romp in the hot tub, but apparently, they didn’t cover their tracks well enough, because Detective Mom is on to them. Papa Ron is pissed off, too. If Brandon doesn’t start working harder around the farm, his relationship with Julia just might not work out (wait, what?). Zied’s cooking coffee in Rebecca’s apartment while she’s at work. He is so boring and so excited he see her again now. Natalie’s on the warpath because she can’t find her ring, so she lets Mike know that he’s an obese, classless drunk with a low IQ. Let's see if she gets that ring now. Amira makes it to Amsterdam and we could not be happier for her (run, girl, run!). Tarik and Hazel only have eyes for…other women. Yara was engaged when she met Jovi, making us wonder what she did with the ring. Whatever it was, she should do it again and head back to Ukraine without looking back. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! See you next week! Fuck hold up a pepper
January 19, 2021
#139 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 10: In Hot Water
It’s all about breakups and makeups on this episode of RHOSLC. Meredith and Seth are back together (and disgustingly affectionate)! Jen is still spiraling from the wine glass smash at Sharreiff’s party- her marriage is on the rocks and she blames EVERYBODY but herself. Heather is upgrading Beauty Lab, Lisa is “uplifting” women, and Mary is still broadcasting live from her chaotically couture closet. Lesson of the week? A trip to the Manson family hippie spa can solve anything. 
January 15, 2021
#137 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 11: Blood in the Water
Whose side are you on — James/Elizabeth or Francesca? Team Rachel or Team Eddie? What you answer says EVERYTHING about you (although what it says, exactly, we have no idea). One thing we can all agree on, however, is that Rachel’s seafood extravaganza puts all other vaganzas to shame. In other news, Delores jumps off a perfectly good boat…again. Captain Lee is forced to endure dinner with the Karens for a second time. Izzy definitely has the ‘Rona. And Rob clearly wants to get down with James. And no, we’re not drunk. We just want to lead the band.
January 13, 2021
#136 90 Day Fiancé: Season 8, Ep. 6: The Real You
Natalie and Mike seem to hate each other, but their charade continues nonetheless. The cosmopolitan Kyiv native has been transformed into Cinderella out in rural Sequim. She’s cooking and cleaning and dreaming about the diamond ring she *used* to have. Jovi’s friend Sara takes Yara out…ostensibly to be kind and keep her company. But when she asks Yara “how do you feel about strip clubs” it seems like she has some kind of ulterior motive. Maybe she wants Jovi for herself. Or maybe she used to date him and has a vendetta out against him. Or maybe she’s just jealous of Yara’s style—definitely the best we’ve seen on 90 Day Fiancé. WE HATE ANDREW! He’s wearing his all-inclusive resort bracelet on the balcony overlooking the ocean while poor Amira wastes away in a Mexico City detention center. Zied finally makes it to Georgia, only to be trolled by Rebecca’s daughter and son-in-law-to-be on his first night. So. Mach. Angry! Hazel finally meets Auri and it’s a legitimately sweet moment. Stephanie and Ryan look like they’re close to the end…before they ever begin. She speaks to him like she’s his mom, and he has had it. But who wouldn’t? Check out the first 15 minutes of the episode on IG (@KikiandKibbitz) and YouTube (Kiki and Kibbitz). There, you’ll see how hot Brad really is and how big Brianna’s drink really is (as well as her awesome sugarcane-fiber straw…keeping’ it sustainable, peeps!). Go get yo’self some cone bread and we’ll see you back here next week!
January 12, 2021
#135 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 9: Hip Hop & Heartbreak
The latest RHOSLC is “shahbulous” and “shahmazing”! Mary is back just long enough to show off her 20K sq. ft.  hoarder’s den and stir the pot against Jen. Has Mary been demoted to a friend-of? We learn that Heather’s ex withheld sex as punishment, but Meredith and Seth are ready to get it on. Sharrieff’s 90’s Hip Hop party is a hit- until it hits the fan! Drunk Whitney slurs out that Lisa and Meredith fear Jen, and that Meredith has a secret boyfriend. Wine glasses get smashed and Heather runs for cover as Jen has her 90th meltdown this season. 
January 8, 2021
#133 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 10: Steamy Vibes
We’re back from our holiday vacation and wow — what an episode to come back to! We’re lulled into a false sense of security with the vapid James and Elizabeth making out in the hot tub (yawn…they deserve each other). Izzy’s complaining of a head cold (or is it the ‘Rona?). Then here comes yet another gaggle of drunken charter guests, who consume the boat’s entire store of Moet et Chandon in the first few hours. You know, par for the Below Deck course. But just when you think it is (literally) safe to get back in the water, things take a turn to the port side in a way no one sees coming. Instead of passing out like a normal drunk person, charter guest Delores is suddenly swaying at the rail, asking for fish food, while the tux-bedecked Captain admonishes her not to jump into the water. Undeterred, she abandons ship in her party dress, prompting Lee to erupt in a series of curses. Once she’s safely back aboard, the furious captain announces their charter is over. Is it? We’ll just have to tune in next week to find out.
January 6, 2021
#132 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 5: Who’s the Boss?
Julia and Mike might be the only somewhat-normal people on this season. Julia is definitely TRYING, which is more than most rational people would do when faced with Brandon and his psycho parents. Although she’s (rightfully) terrified of the giant pigs (they’ll eat your babies), she negotiates with the hens and stays calm, even when Brandon’s mom humiliates them both for the hickey on her neck. Mike somehow retains his composure, too, even while Natalie tries to control his eating habits, his drinking habits, and anything else she decides she doesn’t like about him. So what if he thinks God’s an alien? Let the man eat his damn tomahawk steak. Yara and Jovi clearly deserve each other, although we felt bad for Yara after hearing about her miscarriage in Croatia. Stephanie’s cousins are reacting the way the rest of us are, re. Ryan — shaking their heads in disbelief. Rebecca moves into some kind of crazy warehouse, while poor Zied and his family tearfully say goodbye at the airport. Tarik tries to convince Hazel that French toast is breakfast food (Natalie didn’t buy it and neither does she) and wants them to get married in the spiritual center where Edward Cayce’s couch languishes behind velvet ropes. So. Much. Crazy. (Said in Zied’s accent.) Big thanks to Jen for filling in. See you next week!
January 5, 2021
#131-Bonus Episode with Camp Getaway alum Dr Monica O'Neal
Harvard trained psychologist and Camp Getaway cast member Dr. Monica O'Neal joins Jordan and Jen to discuss the hilarity and heinousness of Hilaria Baldwin's trans-nationality grift. (We see you, Hillary!) We also reflect on the RHOP reunion and Monica's experience of being turned into a negative archetype she couldn't even recognize. 
January 3, 2021
#130 90 Day Fiancé BONUS episode, featuring Usman "Sojaboy" Umar!
Usman "Sojaboy" Umar stops by to check in, say hi, and let us know how his post-90-Day life is going since filming is over. Find out what life in Nigeria is like during COVID, how his music career is going (spoiler alert: he's got a new music video coming out!), and yes, even a little bit (well, more than a little) about Baby Girl Lisa. Our first video interview ever--check out the footage on YouTube here: 
December 28, 2020
#129 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 7 Fashion Faux Pas
The Brooks Marks fashion show is here! One tracksuit- ten models? The ladies dive into their personal issues with a level of honesty that's rare among  Real Housewives. Jen nearly lost Coach Shah because of her anger issues (thank you anti-depressants), and Lisa won't slow down her career to focus on family (8-year old Henry is ready to have triplets). While Whitney struggles to keep her dad sober, Heather has a heart-to-heart with her daughters about divorce, love, and her self-worth in the Mormon church. Meredith is still vague about the status of her marriage, so Jen drops the bomb that M has a boyfriend in NYC. There's nothing that Prozac and a Hitachi Magic Wand can't fix here!
December 25, 2020
#127 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 8: No Way, Rosé
It’s our last podcast of 2020, so, bottoms up, kids! On this charter, the guests are a cross between the Lucky Charms leprechaun and Rainbow Brite, once again proving that money can’t buy you class. That said, they might not be as entitled as Elizabeth, who finds “work” an imposition on her aspirations towards enlightenment or James, who thinks “taking work seriously” is a sign of poor character. That is why they call it “work,” children. But who cares—here comes Rob, who’s not only hot, but a brainiac, to boot. He comes from a long line of pirates and hookers…who could ask for more than that? Maybe in 30 years he’ll attain Captain Lee status (as IF that’s possible). Happy New Year, everyone—may 2021 be a year where no one ever comes armed with only one bottle of rosé, where we can once again travel freely, and where pandemics are just a thing you read about in the history books. Cheers!
December 23, 2020
#126 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 3: Bless This Mess
The hilarity level stays high in this episode (we’re still so grateful The Other Way is over — so depressing!) with three beautiful Eastern European girls suffering intense culture shock. Julia is stunned that Brandon’s mommy wants to spend every waking minute with them and interrupt what could be a promising bang trip. Yara does not want to stay in the bayou with her swamp boyfriend and thinks his mom’s fricassée (which looks delicious) doesn’t have tasty flavors. Jovi demands to stay at mom’s overnight…probably because he wants to get drunk and not drive home. Natalie is terrified of how dark it is on the way to Squim and finds his house cold and dirty (and appears frightened of his cat). Hazel is also overwhelmed by Tariq’s big house, which he thinks is clean, but has half-eaten food in the kitchen and clutter everywhere she looks. This week we meet a new couple—Andrew and Amira. Amira is chic and French. Andrew wears funny hats and runs a daycare in Roseville, CA. This should be fun. We won’t be live next week, but will be airing an exclusive interview with Usman Sojaboy Umar! Happy holidaze!
December 22, 2020
#124 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 6: Sundance City
It‘s Sundance season in SLC and these ladies are busy! Lisa Barlow is in mogul mode coordinating a jillion events (self-appointed #QueenOfSundance), and Meredith is prepping for Park City Fashion Week (Park City has a fashion week?). Jen’s film premiere at the Shah Chalet brings us a Pump Rules crossover with Katie and Lauren from Utah- but the main event here is watching Heather get her groove back!  Mary NEVER fails to sketch us out- how do you not know your cousin/housekeeper of 20 years?? Also, how are Brooks‘ generic tracksuits considered fashion?  How did we not see  that Brooks is like nails on a chalkboard before this?  
December 18, 2020
#123 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 7: Runaway Chef
Oh, yeah. She’s a bunny boiler. Chef Rachel has gone full psycho. We knew it was coming, but we had no idea how far it would go. We recap the episode, and then we spill all the inside tea (more to come later in the season, so stay tuned!). On this episode, Sunshine sinks down below the horizon and he finally gets that plane ticket home. Somehow, Elizabeth — who turns out to be an incessant complainer — survives. There are no participation medals in yachting, LIZ. A cautionary tale about alcohol, kids: some people (like us) just get silly when they drink. Others (like Elizabeth and James) get horny. Still others (like the bunny boiler) go full Mrs. Hyde and get straight up SCARY. Who said this season was boring? Side notes: 1) Brianna’s sound is a bit wonky, since her power went down and she had to record on her phone. 2) If you hear ice cubes clinking during the episode, that’s Jen, who’s on her second glass of rum (ask her how big a “glass” is—dare you). 3) And when you hear the ADORABLE accent and sexy voice, that’s our number-one fan, King Willie, who finally left us a voice message! Virtual hugs (with masks on), our friends. Stay safe, stay home, and please take care of each other.
December 16, 2020
#122 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 2: Shame on You
The foreign spouses are landing and we’re taking bets on who’s going to break up first. The episode title “Shame on You” can definitely apply to 80% of the couples. Shame on Brandon for not telling Julia about the separate rooms. Shame on mom and dad for being so bass-ackwards, too. The shame doesn’t stop there — Jovi and Yara obviously hate each other. He’s completely unconcerned about her needs, and she’s yelling because his taste in decor is “I don’t care” and because she doesn’t have enough hangers. (They’re doomed.) Rebecca runs around telling everyone who will listen about what bad judgment she has for importing an obvious axe murderer with no job history. Mike has forgotten what a total bitch Natalie is and kicks poor uncle/cousin Beau out with his great moto jackets. Meanwhile, Hazel can’t wait to get to the US because of all the hot chicks. Then again, she’s coming to be with Tariq, who’s literally cutting up cilantro with a sword (yes, really). So, maybe she should get out quickly. Stay home, stay safe, and stay well, everyone. See you back here next time!
December 15, 2020
#120 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 5: Ladies Who Lunch
The chaos continues at Mary’s Met Gala luncheon when Jen Shah calls her out for a convenience store “phobia“. Poor Valter. 7/11 didn’t deserve this! Meredith’s marriage reaches a breaking point (Is she having an affair?? Will she make it work with Seth?), and Whitney is taking her dad to rehab.. again. Heather struggles with being the cool, modern mom and Mormon outcast, and Lisa FINALLY admits that she isn’t perfect. LB may throw Rolexes out the car window, but she still deserves gifts ”just for breathing”. 
December 12, 2020
#119 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 6: Just Another Day In Paradise
Ahoy there, maties! Below Deck might be a little slow this week, but we’re as buzzed and enthusiastic as ever! That said, if we were charter guests, there’d be no spilling red wine all over the gorgeous teak deck. Sit your puppy ass on the porch, peeps, because it’s just bad form. Rachel has lost her fool mind, but not quite enough for Jen. We’d like to see a little more drama, but maybe we’re a bit desensitized after the shit show that was last season’s Below Deck Med. Captain Lee is as salty as ever, but can you blame him? UC Berkeley or no, Shane can’t even count to four to properly drop the fenders. Thrust this, baby (visualize Brianna flipping Shane off). The Americans on the show are just making us look bad, but we promise you, rest of the world, lots of us work plenty hard without complaining. (Look, we’re podcasting on a work night!) Stay safe, everyone. Wear your masks and stay home or you’ll leave Captain Lee standing on deck with his dick in his hands. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
December 9, 2020
#118 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep.1 : I Think You're My Future Wife
Ahhhh, another season of 90 Day Fiancé OG! We’re stoked—new season, new couples, new mess. And after the bummer that was 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, it’s a welcome relief. First, we’ve got a demon man baby whose mom is so involved with him that she’s calling the OB-GYN to get birth control for her soon-to-be-imported Russian daughter-in-law. Next up, a cute Cajun boy who has the good sense to be nervous about his Ukranian fiancée (she’s not sure she loves him, soooo). Rebecca and Zied are back (so mach beautiful!), as are the ill-fated Mike and Natalie. The common thread? None of these fools should be together (and we’re here for it). Anyone want to take bets on who will break up first? Seems like an excellent drinking game. Stay well, stay happy, and stay home, everyone! Leave us a voice message here: See you back here next week!
December 8, 2020
#117 BONUS EPISODE: Jerry O'Connell!
The man, the myth, the WWHL Clubhouse LEGEND, Jerry O’Connell, joins Stacy and Jordan for a very special edition of Kiki & Kibbitz! We discuss all things Real Housewives at the deepest of levels -- RHOC, RHOSLC, RHOBH, RHONY, and more. We dive into current headlines rocking the Bravosphere (divorces, bankruptcies, sobriety issues, and coming out), as well as his real-life experiences hanging with Bravolebs. Jerry has seen it all, met them all, and filmed with most...and now he’s on K&K to share! 
December 4, 2020
#116 90 Day Fiancé the Other Way, Season 2: Season Finalé
It’s a wrap for Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way! Unlike pretty much every other episode of the season, the finalé was almost upbeat — and not just because we’re so relieved it’s finally over. Ari and Bini get engaged, Brittany gets smart and leaves Jordan, Jenny is happy with a promise ring (geez), Deavan looks beautiful in her wedding dress (try to forget how that story ends), and Kenny and Armando *literally* ride off into the sunset. Thanks to our intrepid guest co-host, Stacy Noelle Conner, and stay tuned for the return of 90 Day Fiancé OG next week!
December 3, 2020
#115 Below Deck: Season 8, Ep. 5: Champagne Wishes and Caviar Screams
Champagne, caviar, and foie gras…all the things that expensive yacht charters are made of (except if you’re us, in which case, just bring on the bubbly). This season of Below Deck has finally started to heat up after a bit of a slow start. Somehow, Sunshine didn’t get fired after his nap (maybe next week) and Rachel is approaching full-tilt crazy. We object to the half-empty plates, of course. Gordon Ramsey is definitely screaming expletives at the screen, if he’s watching. It looks like something is missing (such as a giant slab of filet mignon…just sayin’). These guests aren’t quite as evil as Charley, but they’re still not folks you’d want to invite over for dinner. Basically, eff us in the mouth—if I’m cooking, keep your booty in the seat, yo. Elizabeth has crystals in her bra and seems like she would make a great match for stoner Shane. They’re equally sloppy about their work and flaky AF. At least this week’s beach picnic went better. Stay safe and visit for the best skincare products we know…and to support your favorite podcasters (that’s us—duh!). Till next time, hugs, kisses, and champagne dreams, friends!
December 2, 2020
#114 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 3
It‘s Thanksgiving week and RHOSLC is giving us a feast of drama to be grateful for! Heather copes with Mormon guilt as she plans a 5-mom baby shower, and Mary opens up to Meredith about her, umm, unusual marriage and wedding night. Brooks starts Vag-Gate against Jen Shah, and tensions boil over a canceled sleepover (Are they in junior high?). We get to see Preacher Mary in action at her church (that gold mic!), and Whitney’s Roaring 20’s party that isn’t very 20’s. 
November 27, 2020
#113 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 4: Do Not Disturb
This week on Below Deck, we continue with Jax and Dax and Max (or whatever their names are — does it really matter?). Thanks to the slow pace of the interior staff, they’re so wasted that they’re basically two jello shots away from a jet ski accident. Lest you forget, those girls were LITERALLY starving. Someone, quick, tell them what literally means. And while you’re at it, explain what tipping is and why one should do it. The crew goes out for yet another ho-hum night, returning to the boat faster than any Below Deck crew ever. Maybe they bore each other as much as this episode is boring us. We close out the episode with Shane sleeping in his bunk while everyone else is working, sporting a “Do Not Disturb” eye mask. Eddie sees him and stalks off, hopefully to tell Captain Lee and end the collective torture. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay safe, wear your mask, and consider spending a quiet holiday at home. Cheers!
November 25, 2020
#112 90 Day Fiance The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 21: The Cost of Love
This episode of 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way was filled with tears and scary parents. Case in point: Sumit’s mom. She could kill a man with those laser-beam eyes and that terrifying, chubby index finger. The histrionics! We’ve never seen a grown man on his knees in front of his mother crying like that before. And hopefully, we never will again, because it requires way too much valium. She’s scary, but not as menacing as Yazan’s father, who is literally plotting his death. So endearing (yikes). Brittany finally has an "aha" moment and breaks down in tears that rival Jenny’s hysteria. Ari’s mom is pretty adamant that she doesn’t want her grandson growing up in Ethiopia (but she’s not as scary as the others). The moral of this episode: if your parents aren’t trying to kill you, you should remember how lucky you are. See why we’re waiting for 90 Day classic to come back? We need some damn laughs! Stay safe out there, people — wear your masks and remember…those little chlorine gas cards on lanyards will not prevent you from catching the ‘Rona!
November 24, 2020
#110 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 2
Meltdowns on the snowy mountain tops of Utah! Jen’s party ends with a half-apology from Mary (Hospital Smell-Gate?) while Lisa and Whitney are just getting started on their tequila feud. Meredith (aka Brooks’ Mom) reveals that her marriage is on the rocks, and the ladies head for a staycation ski day at Snowbird. Weak skills on the slopes, but plenty of conflict at dinner over swingers and text etiquette. Does Lisa really radiate love and kindness? Is the thumbs up emoji a big F U? 👍👍
November 20, 2020
#109 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 3: Max and Dax's Excellent Adventure
Just in case budgie smuggling wasn’t enough for you, this week on Below Deck gives us the gift of a naked woman covered with sushi (to which Jen objects violently, on the grounds that the human body sheds 40,000 skin cells a day. Why’d you have to ruin it for the rest of us, JEN?). This episode is full of all the stuff Bravo is made of — muscle-bound guys with one-track minds, ditzy blonds, and entitled rich kids. Captain Lee has had it with crying stews, broken ribs, and Sunshine. Vodka’s the answer, but an elusive one at that. The new guests are either self-made geniuses or *those* kids in your high school you always wanted to beat up. We’ve got a new stew and she’s charming, but already exhausted. So yeah, we’ve got even more crying in yachting on this episode. Grab your Dramamine…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
November 18, 2020
#108 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 20: Not on My Watch
On this episode, Jenny and Sumit find out that they’re finally cleared to get married. Somehow, Sumit doesn’t look thrilled. Is homeboy having second thoughts? Ariela’s parents visit Ethiopia and Father Ari seems shocked that it’s a third-world country. We wonder if he knows how to use Google. They’re ready to start chipping in on the bills, but not before they tell Biny that he shouldn’t do what he loves, because he can’t support his daughter in the style to which she is accustomed. Again, Dad—Google is your friend. It’s not like there’s a booming tech market in Ethiopia and you knew he wasn’t a damn lawyer. We’re shocked that Yazan wasn’t more pissed off when he shows up to pick up Brittany and Angela and they’re effing WASTED. He’s so eager to win her back that he doesn’t even get pissed when she cuts off a lock of his hair. But the next day, he takes back what he said about being willing to wait a year to get married. Cheesedick and Melyza are a waste of screen time—prove us wrong. Kenny and Armando are still our faves, but not as much as Daughter Hannah, who understands better than anyone that love is love. In South Korea, Elicia is on her way for the wedding, and it’s making Jihoon incontinent. We’d feel the same way. She’s terrifying. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
November 17, 2020
#106, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1, Ep. 1: Welcome to Salt Lake City!
Welcome to RHOSLC with Stacy and Jordan! The Mormon capital brings us the most diverse Housewives cast ever, with Tongan, African-American, Jewish and Muslim cast members lighting up the screen. We have all the Botox, narcissism, garish designer clothes, and male strippers that we expect and need, PLUS Utah's Favorite Son, Brooks, and Bravo's first ever... Grandma-Wife? Granddaughter-Wife? What do we call Mary? Salt Lake does not disappoint!
November 13, 2020
#105 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 19: Listen To Your Mother!
This season of 90 Day Fiancé the Other Way makes the Americans look even more embarrassing than usual, which is saying a lot. Brittany thinks that Jordan is the perfect place for a girls’ trip, so she and her bestie Angela head to the marketplace, flashing lots of boob and toe cleavage. Girl, Yazan is already getting death threats...give that poor fool a break. Ariela and Binyam just refuse to lighten the mood. Ariela has reached full-tilt paranoia and is looking through Biny's phone for recipients of his ass-bongo treatment. Unclear whether she finds anything, but it seems apparent that this relationship is headed for dramatic self-destruction (and we’re here for it). Neither Deavan nor Melyza can move their faces, which is suspicious, since they’re both too young for botox. (That said, we are sincerely sorry about Deavan's miscarriage.) Mother Cheesedick arrives in Colombia and the passive aggression is palpable. Meanwhile, Jenny and Sumit are spending their time playing some kind of undefined paddle sport in their apartment, trying to get through lockdown. They think it’s going to be extended for two weeks. If you only knew, kids. Warning: this episode is more offensive than usual, so don’t let your toddlers listen. Stay safe, people, and we’ll see you back here next week!
November 12, 2020
#104 Below Deck Med, Season 8, Ep. 2: There's No Crying in Yachting
Jen is literally drinking SKITTLES-INFUSED straight rum…that should tell you a lot about what’s in store for you on this episode! (And you thought that Brianna was the degenerate.) But now that we mention it, Jen’s liquor goes pretty well with the neon-themed dinner party on Below Deck this week. Poor Captain Lee is recovering from broken ribs, and now he has to deal with bears trying to f*ck a football and a sobbing chief stew. (Don’t worry, we didn’t understand that metaphor, either.) At least he’s not on service with Charley and his evil friends, who are never getting an invite to a Kiki and Kibbitz party. We’re glad that this was a light episode, because the world is too serious right now. So lift your glass, you yo-ho-hos, sit back, and take a minute! Once you’re good and lit, leave us a voice message at Maybe we’ll play it on next week’s episode!
November 10, 2020
#103 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 1: There's No Place Like Home
O Captain, our Captain! He’s baaackkkk and he needs his pants creased a certain way and his goddamn Cheerios properly prepared — got it? We kick off the episode with Captain in the hospital after falling in the shower. Eddie channeled our own anxiety … we can’t lose him, too! Izzy doesn’t know how to make an espresso martini, which should warrant immediate dismissal. At least she gets punished with a face full of bidet water. Rachel the chef — whose Louis Vuitton bag, phone, and keys were stolen in the supermarket — promises to be an amusing watch. We can smell the shenanigans brewing in the galley. We’re already one deckhand down, so the drama has begun. The Bravoverse is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to the absence of our gorgeous, snarky Kate Chastain. Chief Stew Francesca is giving us major Hannah Ferrier vibes, which is triggering even more mourning. Change is hard. However, no matter WHAT, we’re so glad to have a break from Captain Lurk from Below Deck Med, right? Leave us a voicemail and let us know what you think!
November 4, 2020
#102 90 Day Fiancé the Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 17: Are You Done Yelling?
From the 30-thousand-foot view, you could sum up this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé as “Mama Culture ain’t having your privilege.” All of the Americans are running up against major obstacles in their host countries…and losing. Brittany can’t understand that she can’t be with Yazan AND be a porn star/cam girl/rapper/whatever she is. Kenny is, sadly, facing the fact that gay rights in Mexico are a good five years behind the United States. Jenny is about to get a dose of reality after she realizes that there’s no way Sumit’s dad is going to say yes to their marriage…the list goes on. Sadly, we’re back to circumcision-gate this week, and it’s just as painful as last week. Jihoon’s got porn on his phone, and his friends have his back. Cheese Dick and Melyza are…well, who cares. Shout out to @Stellaspills! Thanks for the voice message!
November 3, 2020
#101 BONUS EPISODE, featuring Courtney Skippon, Below Deck Stew
We're so excited for the new season of the original Below Deck, and to get you as hyped as we are we're bringing you a bonus episode with last season's third stew Courtney Skippon. Don't let the RBF fool you, she's as sweet as she is funny and she's got loads of behind the scenes information that any true fan would want to hear. Check it out, and don't forget to tune in for our weekly podcasts throughout the season!
November 2, 2020
#100 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Reunion Part 2, featuring Chief Stew Adrienne Gang!
Ahoy there, maties! All aboard for the final episode of Below Deck Med Season 5! This week, we’re excited to welcome back the legendary OG of the Sea — our favorite guest Yo-Ho-Ho, Adrienne Gang! Adrienne was the first Chief Stew of the Below Deck franchise and was instrumental in the show’s conception. She’s full of behind-the-scenes scoop on the cast, Maritime Law, the very real need for Valium on board, and a host of strong (hilarious) opinions. We discuss how Captain Sandy and Malia sleep on a bed of lies, applaud Jess for telling those beasts to shut up and let someone else talk, and confirm that Rob is a roach and an affront to the human race. Let’s be real —  we’re seasick as hell from this season and are happy it’s over. Join us this weekend for an exclusive interview with Below Deck Third Stew, Courtney Skippon…and get ready to kick off a new season of Below Deck classic, returning next week. See you then!
October 28, 2020
#99 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 19: Bris-fully Ignorant
It’s Brad’s birthday and we’re gonna party like it’s a newborn’s first day home from the hospital (minus the sheep slaughter)! Whereas the fun of 90 Day Fiancé OG is watching bewildered foreigners be like fish out of water in the USA, The Other Way showcases the true obnoxiousness of the American people (your humble podcast hosts included). We will come to your country, flout your customs, reject your guacamole, and vomit at your sidewalk animal sacrifices. And that was just this episode! It’s hard to choose which American was most embarrassing on this episode — Ari, forcing Biny to walk home with the baby in the thousand-degree heat? Jenny, trying to give Sumit a ring before he’s divorced? Kenny, for jumping all over Armando for buying his kid a few bows and a snow cone? Deavan with her immature wedding fantasies? Brittany with her…well, just her everything? So. Many. Choices. We’ll let you decide. Tweet us at @KikiandKibbitz and let us know what you think. Feliz cumpleaños, Brad!
October 28, 2020
#97 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5: Reunion, Part 1
We’re in the final stretch, kids! Part 1 of the Below Deck Med Reunion is in the bag (and so are Jen and Brianna). This episode was *mostly* amusing, with the exception of the compulsive liar, Capt. Sandy, who continues to PISS US OFF. (We know we’re not alone in this!) Jen even provides hard evidence to contradict Sandy’s statement that she didn’t judge Hannah for not working in yachting outside of filming…Um, hay-lo, you said that in a recent article in Vanity Fair, lady! Andy does ask some of the tough questions (and Hannah does a great job of not answering them, too). Lots of areas remain to discuss—so tune in next week for our hard-hitting analysis. In the meantime, wear your life jackets and feel free to leave us a voice message at We look forward to hearing from you.
October 21, 2020
#96 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 16: The Consequences of Truth
It’s so hard to decide who’s the most irritating cast member on this episode: Ariela? Deavan? Cheese Dick? So. Many. Options. It’s definitely not Jihoon, who brings up the most important issue of all—Americans’ dirty anals. We agree that if we all had bidets, the world would be a cleaner, less-offensive place. This episode also begged the question—without botox, why don’t some of these women’s faces move (we’re looking at you, Deavan, Melyza, and Melyza’s mom!)? Even more important, do we have to move out of the country to save money on botox? Inquiring minds want to know. In other news, Ari and Bini have their baby, Armando and Kenny are the most beautiful couple in the history of the show, Devan and Jihoon don’t know how to wash a rug, Brittany and Yazan make no sense (duh), and Melyza gaslights Tim. Let us know what you think about the episode! Leave us a voice message at or message us on Twitter or Instagram at @KikiandKibbitz!
October 20, 2020
#94 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 15: Ready or Not
Welcome to episode 1 of Kiki and Kibbitz’ new 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way podcast, featuring Brianna and our newest co-host, Brad! It’s been six weeks, but we pick right up where we left off—with Brittany in Chicago. We knew she was a dummy, but we thought she might be smart enough to realize that you have to file for divorce to have one granted. Her mom has a lot more sense than she does, explaining that there’s something wrong when your man wants you to delete your social media profile. Granted, Mama’s taste in wine is questionable, but she’s still the smartest person on this episode. While fashion has never been a strong suit of this show, Ariela’s makeup makes us question whether she might hold stock in Wet n Wild. In India, Sumit is trying to prove he grew a pair since episode 14. While it’s hard to understand what they see in each other, we agree that he and Jenny do actually seem to be in love. In Mexico, Armando finally introduces Kenny to his family and unexpectedly blurts out the fact that they’re engaged. The reception is muted, at best. (Turns out that crickets sound the same in Spanish.) Like everyone else, we’re cheering hard for these two. During these crazy times, it’s nice to remember that real romance still exists in the world. If you love 90 Day TOW as much as we do, tweet us at @KikiandKibbitz and let us know what you thought about the episode!
October 15, 2020
#93 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 20: A Mighty Wind (Season Finale)
It’s been a long, rocky, seasickness-inducing ride, but the boat is finally in dry dock, people. It’s the season finale! This episode felt a lot like dejá vu. The same charter guests that have been on the yacht for the last three episodes are still on board and still bitching about how long the food is taking to come out. But Z must be punking us, because she leaves a huge tip—bringing the total for the season to a whopping $171,500! Not bad for six weeks of scrubbing latrines and kissing arse. The crew is overjoyed, even pretending to be happy when Capt. Sandy whips out the fake award certificates she made for them with the 1998 version of Microsoft Publisher. You *know* she’s full of crap when she compliments Malia for her sense of humor. Jess and Rob drag us through the cringey dying embers of their ill-fated relationship.  At the bar, Rob is doing his best to make sure Jess sees him flirting with the guests who have “accidentally” found them there, sending her into an epic tailspin (again). Girl, move ON already. Despite lots of schmalzy music and insincere reflection, the crew finally leaves the boat and leaves us to move on to the reunion…and it looks like a juicy one!
October 14, 2020
#91 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5, Ep. 19: The Bali is in Your Court
It’s the penultimate episode of the show and Brianna and Jen are taking sides on Butt-Touch Gate and whether or not Rob is even worth the effort. Bafflement abounds when it comes to figuring out why Tom can’t understand what “No Pork or Beef” means...twice. We finally give in and admit that in the landscape of Below Deck, Bugsy is a pretty great chief stew. There are moments of analyzing Captain Sandy’s persistent hypocrisy, as well as some straight-up fan girling over Captain Lee and Kiko’s Watch What Happens Live episode. Don’t miss out! Only one more episode left before we get some real-time dish at the reunion.
October 7, 2020
#90 Real Housewives of New York City, Season 12: Reunion part 4, featuring Elyse Slaine!
Season 12 of the Real Housewives of New York may be over for Bravo, but not for Kiki and Kibbitz! Today, we feature Reunion part 4, starring none other than Elyse Slaine, cryptocurrency mogul and friend to the NY Housewives. In this candid interview, Elyse tells the story of the rise and fall of her relationship with the Singer Stinger (spoiler alert: she got stung). Hear what really happened behind the scenes with their relationship. Find out who else she has known for years, who she just met recently, and how she feels about them all. Far from a hate-fest, Elyse takes responsibility for her own actions and reflects on how it all skidded off the rails. It’s a don’t-miss episode!
October 3, 2020
#88 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 18: A Real Handful
On this week’s episode of Below Deck Med, we jump right in where last week’s left off—with the demon baby chef man throwing a big tantrum. While at one point, this might have made us mad, we’re so jaded at this point (is this the 100th episode of the season?), that we just see it as amusing karma for Malia, who’s scrambling to save his juvenile arse from himself. After Tom yells at Bugsy, Captain Sandy tells her off, too, for enabling the crazed Englishman. We felt so sorry for Bugs that we almost forgot why we didn’t like her before this season. But we were gleeful once again when the Captain put him on blast in front of the crew. She loses her composure and gets a little emotional. But serves her right—she’s lost control and they’re all going down with the ship. As befits almost every episode, the guests are horrific monsters who behave in ways that rabid dogs would find shockingly aggressive. Most monstrous of all might be Rob, however. The dude with the way-too-aggressive face is gaslighting Jessica by making her appear irrationally jealous. But is it irrational? Spoiler alert: NO.
September 30, 2020
#87 Real Housewives of New York City, Season 12, Reunion Part 3
That’s a wrap for Season 12 of RHONY! Reunion Part 3 was Sonja’s time to shine. Though we know now that Century 21 folded, her digs at Ramona for fat-shaming her were epic. Andy is not above crawling on the ground for HW text receipts, but Dorinda and Ramona are at a stalemate in their friendship, and it’s hard to decide who’s worse. Luann gets a half-apology from Mrs. Medley (progress!), while freshman Leah is still *sniffing* out her loyalties with these ladies. Is this the final farewell for Dorinda, or a C U Next Season? Season 12 isn't quite over for Kiki & Kibbitz, though! Join us next week for a very special RHONY guest--you'll never guess who, but it will be JUICY. See you then!
September 27, 2020
#86 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5, Ep. Ep 17: Something's Fishy
Brianna and Jen cover all of Tom’s antics, Rob and Jess’s moans and groans, and the overall disgust factor of underwear hanging over your dinner table — but not before they do a deep dive into the hot topic du jour: Sandy’s Cameo video. Brianna thinks it’s a fireable offense, but Jen (no stranger to tin-foil hat theories) thinks there’s something much more nefarious going on. Join them and see if Tom is the only one in need of a 5150 or if Jen should get an adjoining padded cell.
September 23, 2020
#85 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Reunion, part 2
It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New York reunion picks right up where part 1 left off, without losing an iota of momentum. Too bad Tinsley’s boxing coach wasn’t there to defend her against the blond pit bull. Even sober, Dorinda deflects, deflects, deflects, and then goes for the jugular. Luann is the voice of reason, which makes us wonder if she’s been kidnapped and replaced by aliens. We relive the hilarious drunken cast trips, as well as the middle-aged cougars pouncing on every man they suspect has “jeans full of magic.” Ramona once again demonstrates that she does not understand how viruses are transmitted. She also denies having had a full facelift (but Jordan shares the behind-the-scenes story, as always!). We laughed, we cried, we got wasted. See you next week!
September 20, 2020
#84 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5, Ep. 16: Cool as a Cucumber
Be it yutz, putz, dick, prick, or git...when it comes to Tom they all seem to fit. Brianna and Jen treat you to another ragecast. But this time, there’s yet another crew member pissing us off. As Captain Lee would say, the whole thing has us madder than pissed on chickens. Rob and Jessica are back on their love boat, but it only lasts as long as he’s not cozying up to Aesha. The brooding gaslighter runs so hot and cold that Jessica doesn’t know whether to pack a bikini or a fur coat for Bali. Malia’s decided she doesn’t have time to supervise Rob, but considering she only manages three employees that doesn’t say much for her leadership abilities. Maybe if she spent a little less time in the galley she’d have a few minutes to spare. Tom is the most deserving of our venom, considering that he won’t stop swearing after being forced to get up and do his job instead of enjoying afternoon delight with Malia. We thought we missed Kiko before, but now we want him back more than ever. (Note: Brianna had a bit of a sound issue with her mic--hope you'll forgive us this time as we fix the problem!)
September 16, 2020
#83 Real Housewives of NY, Season 12, Reunion Part 1
Part 1 of the RHONY Reunion is here and the ladies are gorgeous and glowing (some a perfect bronze, others a jaundice yellow!). Ramona’s tone-deaf COVID antics strike a nerve with everyone, while Leah survives her freshman season as the future of the show. The stars of Part 1 are Dorinda’s rage and everyone’s drinking. We finally learn all about John’s shady business with Tinsley and Scott, and witness Dorinda’s jealousy-induced amnesia. What they can’t decide on is who is this season’s worst drunk, but our bets are on Mrs. Medley.
September 13, 2020
#82 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 6: Look Who's Squawking
The Potomac ladies are…fishing? Yes! And it’s hilarious. It’s like these women have never been outside before. That said, we completely agree with Candiace that bugs are unacceptable. (It will probably be the only time we agree with her, so let’s all relish the moment.) After the ridiculous finger-pointing fight with Ashley, Wendy finally sort of/kind of/maybe apologizes. She explains her perspective, which is legitimately complicated (because of her premature baby). Of course, none of it was Ashley’s fault. Ashley was gaslighted into bringing baby Dean after Michael made her feel like she’d be a bad mom for leaving him for a weekend. DUDE. But then we find out that maybe there was a reason he delivered this guilt trip—like the STRIP CLUB. Once again, the rumor mill is buzzing with allegations that this scumbag (we dare anyone to say they like him) has his iron in other fires, besides Ashley’s traumatized naughty bits. Can’t wait until next week! Hope you’ll join us then. Let us know how you feel about #RHOP this season so far! Tweet us or tag us on IG (@kikiandkibbitz both places). We look forward to hearing from you!
September 11, 2020
#81 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 15: Shot Through the Heart, and Ibiza's to Blame
This week's episode may not have been as offensive as the past several, but Brianna and Jen find plenty to complain about, starting with Rob. The brooding, faux-cerebral model's airs seem like an excuse to be lazy and toy with Jess's heart. Johnny Damon proves that money and World Series rings can't buy you class. And Sandy is more concerned about her breakfast than her 3rd stew's heart palpitations. What hasn't changed? Malia still sucks. 
September 9, 2020
#80 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 21: Viva La Dysfunction
Viva La Diva! It’s the #RHONY finale and Jordan’s farewell is a moving rendition of Luann’s new single. Let it not be said that there is nothing we won’t do for you, dear listeners. This was kind of a sweet episode, as far as most of the relationships were concerned. Legitimate exception: DORINDA. Girl, we just can’t with you and it seems like the Bravo editors feel the same way. We also get treated to Sonja’s drag party (where she’s pissed at Ramona for bringing a straight guy—her sloppy seconds, as usual—and she takes the mic to let everyone know), Lu-man doing her thing as often as she can co-opt the mic, and Leah just…fitting in?! That took a turn! But in the end, it was an iconic season—one of the best ever. One big, drunk slumber party. And we’re here for it. Onto the reunion and then goodbye till next time. Sniff. Wild ride. Have a great week and tune in for #RHOP and #BelowDeckMed!
September 7, 2020
#79 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5, Ep. 14: A Whole New Ballgame
AHOY THERE, MATIES! Double play this week—Johnny Damon and Aesha are baaccckkk. The American baseball player and his (er, ahem, cough, cough) charming wife are back on charter, ready to keep it classy, as always. After all, nothing says “class” more than your drunk guest staggering and falling in the first 10 minutes into charter, right? And speaking of class, well, Aesha might not have any, but she’s beyond welcome back to this shitshow of a season where almost no one is likable at all (Jess not included…who could dislike her?). That said, Captain Sandy and Malia are always there to bring the bitch factor. Once again, Captain Sandy, who has zero self-awareness, baits the guests to complain about the food. Next at bat, everyone’s got a problem with Rob, even us. He’s sulky and inappropriate and says all the wrong things to everyone on this episode. Malia, of course, seems gleeful to have yet another person to talk shit about. We wrap up the episode worried about Jess—hope she’s ok! What did you think about this week’s episode? Let us know in a voice message here:
September 2, 2020
#78 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 5: Look Who's Squawking
Brianna and Jen have finally chosen who they stan most in Potomac and it’s T’Challa! (And for two gals who are petrified of birds, that’s saying something.) They’re living for the shade from the African Grey and Karen’s stepping up her shade to keep up. But does Karen have a perch to stand on after that pink monstrosity she wore last week? Wendy comes in hot and no one is here for it. Plus trying to figure out who is the worst husband/partner proves to be a challenge because there are so many to choose from. Michael seems to be in the lead at the moment with more epic lows on the horizon. Give it a listen and be sure to share your thoughts!
September 2, 2020
#77 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 20: No Party Like a Mob Party, Plus Our Pick for the Next #RHONY Housewife!
KK welcomes back real-estate legend, #RHONY icon, and our pick for the next Real Housewife, Laurie Cooper (a.k.a. Dorinda’s realtor)! Brianna and Jordan get the inside scoop on Dorinda’s surprise departure AND Laurie’s possible future on Bravo—maybe Housewives? Million Dollar Listing? Her own show? One never knows! We break down this week’s episode with all the highlights (Ramona and Elyse. Hannah’s Roseanne jacket. Luann’s hostage cabaret!) and forecast the future of RHONY as the season draws to a close. We definitely haven’t seen the last of Laurie... but hopefully this is the last of Ramona!
August 30, 2020
#76 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 13, Featuring Below Deck OG Chief Stew Adrienne Gang!
Some of you remember her as the first Chief Stew ever on the first season of Below Deck, while others know her from her recent Reddit threads clarifying some of the technicalities of “Maritime Law.” Adrienne Gang joins Brianna and Jen to walk them through everything from how Below Deck came to be (did you know she helped develop the show years before the first season?) all of the way to what’s happening during this fecal fest of a season. Was Malia out of bounds to go into Hannah’s bag and pull out her medication and take a picture? Was Captain Sandy obligated to fire Hannah? How real is Below Deck, anyway? Most importantly: would she do it all again? Get ready for some v-e-r-y candid opinions and surprising (and hilarious) answers in this super-sized episode. And follow Adrienne on all social media platforms at @AdrienneGang!
August 26, 2020
#75 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 4: Celebrations and Strange Explanations
Relationships are front and center on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Potomac. First, we see Gizelle trying to understand and consider her daughters’ opinions on her reuniting with Pastor/Cheater Jamal. (Spoiler alert: they’re probably right to be concerned.) Monique and Chris have some essential misunderstandings (she wants to feel loved and supported; he wants more booty). Candiace and Gizelle get into it (but you ARE a Gizelle monster, G!), while Candiace and Ashley try to mend fences. Although Karen *says* she’s working on winning Ray back, the Huger housewarming party looks much more like Fiesta De La Karen, with “Ks” everywhere and no “Hs” in sight. And absolutely NO ONE understands what Karen is doing in that hideous Pepto-Bismol colored suit. Enjoy!
August 25, 2020
#74 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Episode 19: 21st Century Sonja
RHONY has a lot of issues with pantalones in Mexico! Ramona is pooping hers (WTF), and Dorinda is rocking a pair from Roseanne’s sofa afghan (ICONIC). Dr. Singer sends a group text diagnosis for Dorinda’s anger issues, but Mrs. Medley’s prescription is the RadarOnline archives of Ramona’s bad behavior. Leah and Bunny remind us again that therapists don’t always make great mothers, and Sonja finally gets her big day in business (sans the toaster oven)! Maybe Ramona can design a line of Depends to sell at Century 21.
August 23, 2020
#73 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 12: There's No Place Like Home
It’s Below Deck Med time again! We know we’re not alone in our continuing rage towards Captain Sandy and Malia, but we have to soldier on, friends. (Kiko and Hannah would want that for us!) In other news—holy crap, these guests are straight-up disgusting. Seeing that fat old naked man running around with a baby-arm-sized dildo gave us PTSD and we will never be the same again. We debate whether Bugsy was scared or smug when she found out she’d be chief stew. But the biggest and best news was Chef Tom’s self-destruction, which is the best karma for the evil twins. Enjoy and leave us a voice message here:
August 19, 2020
#72 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 3, featuring Mani from @MixingWithMani!
Mani from @MixingWithMani joins us this week to talk about Real Housewives of Potomac! This bubbly DC girl spills the tea and shares her special brand of insight with us. But insight aside, we *all* agree that Candiace is insufferable, Gizelle is shady AF (and we’re here for it), and Michael Darby is a POS. And no one is arguing with Gizelle’s daughters’ intuition about their father. If they are concerned about Mr. Chocolate’s character, well, Gizelle should be, too. Dr. Wendy comes out swinging this week and we find out that she’s as shady as she is intelligent and accomplished. In other news, Charrisse is still annoying, Monique is still a goddess, we’re sick of hearing about Ashley’s anal tear, and we love when Bravo breaks the fourth wall! Follow Mani at @MixingWithMani on IG and Twitter and check out her podcast!
August 19, 2020
#71 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 18, Featuring Behind the Velvet Rope’s David Yontef!
This week, podcasting demigod David Yontef joins us to share the inside scoop on #RHONY! After all, he doesn’t just *talk about* the Real Housewives of New York, he hangs out with them, honey! Find out who he thinks is as difficult as they appear, as well as who’s nicer and more interesting than they seem on TV. David also shares his predictions about the future of the franchise in light of Bravo’s attempts to be more woke and conspires with Jordan to gaslight Brianna about the scene with the shamanic ritual and the birds. (It HAPPENED, guys! It happened!) Listen and subscribe to David’s podcast here: and follow him on IG at @behindvelvetrope!
August 16, 2020
#70 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 11: Cabin Fever
What can we say? It’s another rage-cast! We *try* to keep it light by upping our rum consumption (you decide if it worked or not!), but it is what it is. And here’s what it is: MALIA AND SANDY SUCK. Malia has gone from prissy and annoying to scheming and vindictive. C’mon, girl, you don’t go looking for “evidence” in someone’s purse. And the way you told the Captain? Oh, hell no. You’ve lost us for good. Meanwhile, Brianna shares her girl crush (that arse, though!), we evaluate Tom, and talk about cabin-gate. Make no mistake, though: We’re #TeamHannah all the way. Let us know what YOU think—should Malia have reported this? Tweet or IG message us at @kikiandkibbitz!
August 12, 2020
#69 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 2 + Race in America special
Season 5 of Real Housewives of Potomac is building momentum, honey! Karen and Ray look like they’re headed for high-intensity drama. Hell froze over and Monique and Gizelle are attempting to be friends (let’s take bets on how long that lasts). Ashley has lost her fool mind and won’t leave the house, so the ladies throw her a party. Candiace (who peed on a stick for no apparent reason and is not pregnant--thanks for wasting our time) is there. Monique is PISSED because she had to dodge a warthog or a walrus (she’s not sure which). Ashley has a tear in her anus (thanks for the info) and Wendy might enter the shade contest. We’re here for all of it! We also discuss Bravo’s Race in America special, which we found outstanding. We hope you did, too. Let us know what you think! Tweet us at @kikiandkibbitz or tag us on IG with the same handle. See you next week!
August 12, 2020
#68 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 17: Back on the Hump
Bienvenido al la sh*tshow! Dr. Ramona has a diagnosis for everyone, and sadly, she's not all wrong. Dorinda and her 3(00) wine spritzers, Sonja and her "water pills." Luann hops back on the camel and Leah is keeping the peace! How did she keep a straight face with Ramona's maternal *delusional* lecture? How did that waiter balance four margaritas on his head? How are we all not in AA just from watching this? We'll see you at a meeting soon!
August 8, 2020
#67 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 10: Closing Time
There just isn’t a nice spin to put on it, we are mad as hell and tired of the micromanaging.  Captain Sandy destroyed one of the sweetest spirits ever to grace the deck and it doesn’t look like firing Kiko is going to satisfy her power trip. Brianna and Jen break down the saddest goodbye in Below Deck Med history and talk about the conspiracy theories that are flying around about next week’s episode. Jen (infused with some liquid courage) fulfills a listener request, too, causing pigs to fly out of Brianna’s arse! Don’t miss it.
August 6, 2020
#66 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 1: Old Testaments, New Revelations
The Potomac ladies are back and it’s off to a shady start. Good thing nothing has changed, despite all the damn babies. Gizelle is back with her ex-husband, cheater/pastor Jamal, and we’re dubious. Once a cheater, right? Certainly once a hypocrite… In other marital news, Karen admits that her marriage is on the skids, Robyn and Juan are back--no, never mind. SSDD. Ashley and Michael are still gross, Candiace’s husband is still acceptable (for a Real Househusband), and she’s still ghetto fabulous. And, of course, Monique and Chris are still rich as hell and charming, to boot. (#relationshipgoals) What’s more, Monique can potty train a bird AND a four-month-old at the same time, while taking care of two bigger kids and somehow managing to look ah-maze-ing (nothing new there!). It’s off to a roaring start and looks like it will be an explosive season!
August 5, 2020
BONUS EPISODE! The *Really Rich* Real Housewives, with Chris of IG's @madisonhabersham
We’re taking you on a tour of the *really rich* Real Housewives! Special guest, Chris, of IG’s @madisonhabersham, joins Jordan to discuss the Bravolebs who have the cash to match their flash. From fabric stores and family trusts to rose-filled villas in Beverly Hills, these HWs won’t end up on TMZ in foreclosure anytime soon. Cheers to champagne wishes and Botox dreams!
August 3, 2020
#65 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 16: Not Very Merry-achi
Let’s call this one #CancelRamona! Singer’s tackiness turns to cruelty as she attacks Leah’s mental health, then hides from her in NY AND Cancun like the coward that she is. Ramona greets the villa staff as her “servants galore," and we all hope that they spit in her ceviche. Luann shows a soft spot at her spa day for ex-felons and Katharine McPhee bangs. Dorinda has Leah’s back--but has anyone checked on Sonja?? There was A LOT more going on than rosé in her Coca-Cola.
August 1, 2020
#64 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 9: Viva Loss Vegas
There’s no other way to say it: This week’s episode of #BelowDeckMed pissed us off royally. Sure, go after Hannah, Sandy. She can handle it. But leave our Kiko alone! (We’re changing our name to “Kiko & Kibbitz," ok?) This episode ruined any remaining tolerance or fond feelings left over from previous seasons. We’re done, Captain. Done, I say! Most everything else is up for spirited debate. Was Malia’s “rescue” overdramatized? Did Hannah sabotage Kiko? Is Jess getting scapegoated? So. Many Questions. See if you agree with Brianna or Jen (there’s only one right answer here…you decide which one it is!). Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! Stay safe everyone! Air kisses! XO
July 29, 2020
#63 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 15: Sheer Madness
Luann is now the Countess de Prison Reform after her one night in Palm Beach. Sonja’s a quadruple threat- townhouse renovations, Ivy League lectures (WTF?), 86’d from a gay bar, AND trashing Ramona’s Not-So-Sweet Sixtyteen! Singer came through with her 50 closest acquaintances, but Leah and Lady Morgan provided the entertainment. Let’s hope stomping on a mirror brings seven more seasons of good luck.
July 25, 2020
#62 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 8: Rise and Don't Shine
It feels like Captain Sandy is playing a Below Deck version of Where’s Waldo, because she’s turning up in every scene. Kiko deals with the brunt of her hovering, on top of having to deal with Bugsy’s eye rolls over his sushi rolls. But It isn’t only Kiko’s skin that Bugsy is getting under. Even peaceful Jess goes at it with her, because she had the AUDACITY to ask her to try to enunciate more clearly over the radio. (We’re pretty sure you can guess who Sandy sided with in that bout!) Tensions also manifest between Malia and Rob, Sandy and Hannah, and even between the vegan demon and the poor innocent gluten-free pasta. Someone sage this boat, STAT! The negative energy has taken over.
July 22, 2020
#61 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 14: Remember Your Blue Stone Manners
Bluestone Manor needs Betty Ford Berkshires as the rosé fueled chaos continues. Dorinda flies back into her worn-out Jovani rampage and the Cabaret Countess flees in tears. Don't worry--all is forgiven the next day because no one can remember the night before. Leah made out with Luann and Elyse AND peed on a prince. Regal! Ramona now thinks that she's a dignified One Percenter, but we all saw what she did to that bathroom.
July 18, 2020
#60 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Episode 7: No Mushroom for Error
Jen and Brianna go a little off track this week…more than usual, anyway. Blame it on the rum, the fact that we’re easily distracted, or just go with it. After a long discussion about poor Jess, her amazing toughness, and her finger (as well as a detour to talk about how to detect whether someone is wearing extensions or not), we make sure to emphasize that Rob BETTER NOT F*CK WITH OUR GIRL. On this episode, Bugsy has a shining moment when she tells Capt. Sandy that Pete is basically a sexual-assault case ready to happen. And our intrepid Captain pulls no punches as she lets him know exactly how she feels about this situation. Malia tries to pile on afterwards, but too little, too late, girl. After that, Bugsy is basically unbearable—two-faced and pretentious AF. But the “meat” of the episode is those annoying vegans, who basically push our poor carnivorous Kiko over the edge. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
July 15, 2020
#59 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 13: "Not Feeling Jovani"
Whether you prefer to call it the Jerkshires or the Berserkshires, one fact remains the same: these women always go crazy when they visit. This time the decor is just as nuts as the behavior and Brianna and Jen break down all of the fights, as well as the tacky style. Should Ramona just leave the show already? Does Leah have anyone she can really bond with? And who let the Diva Countess out of the padlocked exorcism box? Halloween may be over, but these ladies are still scary as hell.
July 12, 2020
#58 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Episode 6: "Oh, Snap!"
Kiko isn't only a ray of Brazilian sunshine, but he's also a miracle worker. We break down the dinner for 12, Jess and Rob's romance (is he really single?) and try to figure out how a financial advisor can't do the math to leave a decent tip. Plus we share some of your thoughts from the Podcast Question of the Week!
July 8, 2020
#57 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 12: Eat, Drink, and Be Scary
Real Housewives of New York is back and we’re divided on the prognosis. Jordan says this episode fell flat, while Brianna—desperate for quarantine content—was more easily amused this week. Jill Zarin makes a lackluster appearance and the women compete to see who can be the drunkest and the bitchiest (Dorinda may have won both distinctions). In some ways, these ladies are the most patriotic among us: they sacrifice their sobriety and dignity so that we don’t drive each other insane during these crazy times. Happy 4th of July!
July 4, 2020
#56 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 5: Bringing the Thunder
Bugs is back. Although she says (like five times) that she's "bringing the thunder," she's basically a class-A ass kisser and Captain Sandy could not be happier about it (which is good, since everyone else seems to be pissing her off this season). The captain follows the new second stew around, loudly complimenting her every move and making everyone else feel uncomfortable. Although Hannah’s pretty put out with the captain, she seems genuinely happy about Bugs’ er, ahem, “great” table decor, finally realizing that her top-notch performance makes them all look better. Jess is worried that she might lose ground with Hannah, but she’s so dickmatized by Rob that she quickly forgets about it. With the exception of Scout, the guests on this charter are rude and entitled AF, leaving Hannah to mutter “I hate my job” under her breath. We see why, given that she’s basically a combination maid/waitress on a floating hotel. Seems like the perfect time for retirement!
July 1, 2020
#55 Kiki and Kibbitz Headline News Special Report: FIRE RINNA!!!
It’s time for the Bravo cameras to turn on Lisa Rinna. After six seasons of throwing heinous accusations at other cast members--drugs, drinking, diseases--we have to wonder what’s going on behind her closed doors. The fat-shaming! The gaslighting! The swastika! Did Harry move out? TIME TO OWN IT.
June 28, 2020
#54 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 4: Ace of Stew Face
Tensions are running high as the crew works to finish the charter with only two stews (not counting Kiko’s moqueca!). We find out that Bugsy will be the new 2nd, but whose idea was it? Certainly not Hannah’s. Is it production playing games? Malia getting her friend back on the show? Or Captain Sandy missing the heck out of Bugsy’s table decorations? Regardless of the answers, one thing is clear: if looks could kill, a boatload of people would be in Davey Jones’ Locker right now. Listen for your name as we shout out some of our favorite listener comments and theories! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
June 24, 2020
#53 Real Housewives of New York Special BONUS Episode featuring Laurie Cooper
A #RHONY LEGEND joins us today! Laurie Cooper, aka Dorinda’s iconic real-estate broker, dishes on her close friend’s journey and what she thinks of the other Housewives (she knew the Countess pre-Bravo!). We discuss LA v. NY (NY wins hands down for her), as well as her experience in real estate with the Trumps (Ivana was her client!). She’s the whole NY lifestyle fashion brand. Andy, get her a show!
June 21, 2020
#52 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 3: The Italian's Job
Well, Captain Sandy didn’t fire her, but she’s gone. Whether she was a production plant or not, Lara was definitely the bitchiest second stew the Below Deck franchise has seen yet. Maybe she’s a great actress. If so, she definitely has a future in film (if the role involves playing a mega-bitch on a mega-yacht). Meanwhile, back on the yacht, Pete’s got a problem with authority, at least when it comes to Malia. It speaks volumes when he shares that he was inspired by a female Domino’s owner he knew. Not because she was a great leader, but because if a woman could do it, he OBVIOUSLY could (our inference, but that’s what we do—we drink and we know things). How’s that working out for you now, deckhand? Any pizza empires in your future? That’s what we thought. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! XO
June 17, 2020
#51 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 11: Love Him and Leave Them
Seems appropriate that everyone was wearing costumes on this episode, since most of these ladies are fake AF. Dorinda has been nailing Tinsley to the wall for not sharing enough of her real life, but when she shares the news that she’s moving to Chicago to be with Scott, she’s just as contemptuous. Seems obvious that Dorinda is just looking for more ammunition for her taunts. In this episode, like the last two, she gets plain NASTY—lobbing insults about everything from Tinsley’s hotel room (which is bigger than some apartments we’ve lived in) to her not having children. Jealous, much?! #nobullying! #RHONY is on hiatus for two weeks…hopefully, we’ll be back with a cool bonus episode next week. Stay safe!
June 12, 2020
#50 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Episode 2: Can't Touch This
Who is the worst stew in Below Deck history and why is it Lara? How can Sandy see everyone else’s mistakes, but miss every insubordinate incident from her 2nd stew? Those are just a couple of the questions we try to answer as we break down episode 2. We also delve into some production-conspiracy theories and run through some of the latest news in the Below Deck Medverse. Join our crew, share your thoughts in a voice message (here:, or tweet us at @kikiandkibbitz!
June 10, 2020
#49 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 10: Something's Brewing
TEAM RAVIOLI! Getting the cast of RHONY to stumble 10ft from the bar to the dinner table is like herding cats. Ramona and Sonja think drunken-aggro cougar antics are "proper" behavior. Leah speaks for us all when she chucks the pasta at Singer. Is this season heading to the Emmys or rehab?
June 7, 2020
#48 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 1: I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie
Below Deck Med is back, baby, and it’s fueled by Girl Power this season (same with this podcast!). Captain Sandy, Hannah, and Malia will be leading the crew around the gorgeous anchorages of Mallorca (Majorca). We share our first impressions of the fresh, new faces and dish some snark about the familiar ones. Plus, we’re talking about the rumors already floating around after the first episode. Give yourself a little escape--sail away with Kiki & Kibbitz!
June 3, 2020
#47 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Episode 9: Hurricane Leah
Move over, Scary Island: Newport’s in da HOUSE. If RHONY was a competition to be the biggest drunk, we’d be hard-pressed to place odds, because this crew has alcoholism down to a science. On this episode, Leah literally goes off the deep end, babbling incoherently while running around and doing cartwheels in some strange manic state. Ramona can’t decide whether allowing Leah’s sister to join them is right or wrong, but Sonja isn’t concerned about propriety—just about making sure no outsider infiltrates their little circle. (No judgment implied; we’re grateful for the diversion!) Stay healthy, everyone. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
May 31, 2020
#46 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Episode 8: If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Russian Bath House
In the New York equivalent of Atlanta-level shade, Leah invites the OLG downtown to join her for a “spa day” at a sketchy-looking Russian bathhouse. Of course, they’re terrified (and we’re here for it). Tinsley won’t hand over her jewelry to the clerk with the flimsy-looking safety deposit box and who can blame her? Jordan breaks it down for us…would you leave $200k at that front desk? Next, Dorinda gets an intervention, but turns it right back around on Ramona (who deserves it, but hello—defensive much?), instead of trying to pick up what they’re putting down. This iconic episode ends with Dorinda in full meltdown mode at a “networking party” at Ramona’s apartment and Sonja’s revelation that Ramona was fat-shaming her. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! Stay safe out there. XO
May 24, 2020
#45 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, episode 7: How Ya Like Those Apples?
What is going on with Dorinda? No, really. What IS going on with Dorinda? This alcohol-soaked episode was 100% hilarious (as Brianna notes like 5 times—100% overkill). After a tour of her neighborhood of yesteryear (Grey Gardens says what?), Mrs. Medley spends the rest of the episode being drunk and disorderly, doing her best to replace Bethenny, but missing the mark completely. Her attempts to belittle “Tinsdale” are more pathetic than meme-worthy and we are HERE for it. Stay safe! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
May 17, 2020
All good things must come to an end and as much as we wish it didn’t apply to Survivor, Season 40 has come to a close. Fitting that they saved the best episode until last. Twenty Survivor greats took us on an epic journey and gave us their all. Join us as we break down the moves that led us to the Final Three and to our first EVER $2M prize winner! Thank you all so much for sticking with us to discuss, laugh, yell, and even sometimes cry over what is in our minds—the BEST show ever. Until Season 41...the tribe has spoken.
May 16, 2020
#44 Real Housewives of New York Season 12, Episode 6: Just the Sip
JACQUES IS BACK and Luann's old paramour looks like he's back from the grave, as well. The Frenchman is also engaged and Luann "couldn't be happier for him." (Why did that sound so insincere?) She tries to help him kick off a comedy career, but no one is laughing. It was so un-funny, in fact, that we completely forgot to mention this on the podcast. In other news, Luann is drinking again and we're evilly delighting in her fall from grace. What is it about someone like Luann that makes you just want to knock her off her throne? (Maybe because she thinks is on a throne?) Her friends also seem happy, probably because they think it makes them look less like alcoholics, by comparison. And speaking of drinking, Sonja's not doing it--except for tea and soup (WTF?). Dorinda is a "full-figured size 6" and Brianna wants to rage text her about it. We look forward to next week, although neither of us can remember what happened in the preview (#WeedIsLegalInCA). Stay safe! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! 
May 10, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR Episode 13: Bringing a Butter Knife to a Gun Fight
It's coming down to the wire on this penultimate episode of this unprecedented season. Normally, the end would be in sight for one or two dominant players. Not this time. WAW is a competition beyond all its predecessors. So many strong, fast, SMART players. Players who have proven themselves to be the very best in the game. To win against these legends is no small feat. Net-net: Baby, it's ON. Who do you want to win? What's more important--social game or physical game? Overt manipulators, or puppetmaster from behind? Which EOE player will get back in the game? So. Many. Questions. We need answers like Jeff needs a blue button down and khakis! Stay safe, everyone. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! 
May 9, 2020
#43 Real Housewives of New York, Episode 5: Not So Model Behavior
New York Fashion Week is here and we‘re front row for the sh*t show! Sonja’s clothing  line is coming together almost as well as her toaster ovens did. Tinsley relives her (faded) It Girl glory days on the runway, while Luann hijacks a hairdresser from the actual models. Leah receives the most passive aggressive cashmere sweatsuit ever, and love is NOT in the air for Dorinda and John. 
May 3, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 12: You Sure You Want to Do That?
Spoiler alert (ok, not really): In this episode, we stay consistent with our deep contempt for Adam, Ben, and Denise. (If you’re seeking fairness, you’ve got the wrong podcast, people.) On the other hand, Jeremy’s attitude during tribal council may have finally tarnished our blatant adoration. At this point in the game, the wheat is separating from the chaff. Some players are descending into madness (hello, Sarah!), while others seem to be developing strange, hypnotic powers (hello, Tony!). It’s coming down to the wire—looks like next week’s two-hour episode might be the epic last-chance battle for the exiled players to get back into the game. Listen! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! Stay safe, everyone. XO
May 2, 2020
#42 Family Karma, Episode 8: An Engagement to Remember
Join us as we say farewell to Family Karma--we hope it’s only temporary! Relive the auspiciously rainy Roka and find out whether our feelings about a certain “mother-in-law to be” have improved or gotten rockier.
April 30, 2020
#41 Real Housewives of New York: Season 12, Episode 4: Ain't No Party Like a Hamptons Party
We challenge you to name another show in the history of television that started with a drunk naked woman throwing a flaming tiki torch. Go on--prove us wrong. The party in the Hamptons was every frat party ever rolled into one, but substituting crazy drunk middle-aged women for frat bros. It's reallllly easy to see why Miss Leah "doesn't drink." Also "not drinking" is Countess Luann, who is spotted by astute Twitter users sneaking a sip of red wine. Sonja's "I'm in the Blue Book" meltdown is epic. We're amazed that she was able to up her game on the Crazy-Drunk-Bitch-ometer. Ultimately, we think it's arguably the best #RHONY season ever. Let us know what you think! Leave us a voice message! Send us an email at! Read Jens' blogs at! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! 
April 25, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 11: The Good Kind of Crazy
Spastic, extorted, victorious. Whatever adjective you choose they all fit one guy this week. Tony may be nuts, but he makes for good TV. Join Brianna and Jen as they run through all of the emotions the resident jungle nut put them through. Please rate, review, subscribe, and share. Stay safe, people!
April 25, 2020
#40 Family Karma, Episode 7: I Kinda Don't Like You
Join Jordan and Jen as they break down the sit-down between Monica and Anisha (with a little Bali tag-team action!). Next, they dive into the Aunty face-off between Reshma and Lopa. Winds of affection might be changing! Plus, is there a lamer dating move than feeding a hottie a cupcake airplane-style? (Spoiler alert: NO.) Rate/review/subscribe/share! Stay safe! XO
April 23, 2020
(Corrected and republished) SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 9: You Deserved It, Adam
The sweet, sweet satisfaction of Adam FINALLY getting voted off--now there’s something Jen and Brianna can get behind! How did he even stay on so long, whiny little punk that he is? Does anyone actually like that guy? While this episode description *seems* like it should describe somebody and something other than Adam and his dumb antics, you’re just not getting that lucky today. Because after having a total psychotic break at Tribal Council, followed by the “is-that-an-immunity-idol-nailed-to-that-podium” fiasco, there’s just nothing more to say, except SMH. Stay safe and happy everyone! Leave us a voice message! Rate, review, subscribe, share! XO
April 20, 2020
#39 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Episode 2: Don't Mansion It
Another artful episode of #RHONY, kicking off and closing with Luann grousing about her rooming situation at Ramona’s house. Oh, the poetic irony. Whether it was a subtle dig from Ramona or not, it’s still somehow soothing to see the Countess up to her old tricks. And although sober Luann is a novelty (and let’s face it, half of us can’t wait until she falls off the wagon again), at least we have sweet, drunk Sonja in full alcoholic swing. Like Jordan, talking about old money just makes her want to get shitfaced. (Is she looking for a new boy toy? He’s single.) And speaking of boy toys, Ramona is always on a stealth date and the girls are getting pissed. Is she searching for a new partner or getting lots of quickies? You decide. Either way, she’s a full-blown status-seeking bi-atch and Sonja’s had enough of it. She’s triggered, treating us to a full-scale drunk meltdown. Ahhhh, it’s good to be back.
April 20, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 10: Unlike Lightning, The Tribe Strikes Twice
It’s family visit time and everyone is crying. Except Brianna. Because she’s dead inside. In this episode, we analyze one of the toughest challenges the game has ever seen and marvel that we were actually cheering Tony on (because Ben was our alternative!). On the other hand, Sophie is a hag. Jen says so, so it’s obviously true. Alliances are built and toppled in minutes. Tyson feels the pain and flips ‘em all the bird. At least he got his first Survivor family visit. Rate/review/subscribe/share! Tweet us at @KikiandKibbitz! Stay safe!
April 18, 2020
#38 Family Karma Episode 6: Karma's a Beach
Join Jordan and Jen as they analyze the Key West trip. Is Shaan pretentious? Are we finally seeing the real Richa? And how in the world did it go from pole dancing to sucking a big bag of Ds in the Keys?
April 17, 2020
#37 The Real Housewives of New York City, Season 12, Ep. 2: Stooping to a Lower Level
TATTOOGATE IS ON!!! (Srsly?) The Cray Cray Cronies of the Upper East Side have already found a reason to look down on the new girl. After all, people with tattoos might kidnap you (y'all better stay away from Brianna!) and you don't even need a tramp stamp to be a tramp. When did this crew get so prim and proper? Meanwhile, who kidnapped Luann and replaced her with someone who gives a shit? In 12 seasons, it's the first apology she's ever uttered. In this episode, we also find out that Ramona is not the only one who apparently cannot pack her own suitcase. And speaking of Dorinda...we are seriously questioning her mental health at this point. Bottom line: when Tinsley and Leah are the normal ones, you know the world has gone completely mad.  Stay safe! Stay home! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!
April 11, 2020
#36 Family Karma, Episode 5: Frenemies for Life
Join Brianna and Jen as they discuss this week’s episode and Jen tries her hand at Gujarati. Dharma has your hosts cracking up, but her son Brian might get a dressing down as they revisit his passive-aggressive attitude towards Monica. Friendsgiving is on the menu, as are a litany of Anish’s phobias. Is marriage one of them? The love of all things Gopal abounds and they give their predictions on whether Key West is a bang or a bust. Don’t miss out on the laughter & fun! (Jen even swears...sort of)
April 8, 2020
#35 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Episode 1: Back in the NY Groove
Bye Skinnygirl! Welcome back drunk Countess! B is gone and Lu's probation is done.  How long before the vodka kicks in? Ramona couldn't fake cry--or pick a good weave--to save her life, and Sonja's apartment is right back at Grey Gardens (#hoarder). Leah is fun AND familiar--she's been hovering around Bravo for a decade trying to secure that apple. Dorinda says that Tinsley sleeps with men for shoes...but is sleeping with John for free dry cleaning that much better?
April 6, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 8: It's Merge Time
Everyone is dropping their buffs, but Richard Hatch (TBT winner, Season 1) isn’t on this season, so no one is *actually* in the buff. The merge is here! Does Brianna love more people than she hates? Is Jen finally warming up to Tyson? Can anyone be a bigger whiny baby than Adam? Tune in and find out!
April 4, 2020
#34 Family Karma, Episode 4: Sari, not Sari
Fire Tower goes down in flames when Bali reads Vishal and Amrit for the awkwardness with Anish. If the village idiot can't apologize here, he has no chance at surviving life with Lopa. Love is in the air as Nicholas comes to town and Monica pursues her passion... for DANCE. If Brian wanted it, then he should have put a ring on it.
April 3, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 7: Sandra Will *Always* Be the Queen, Jen
It’s the ultimate showdown. A Battle Royale between Brianna and Jen over whether or not quitters can still be queens. We pull no punches as we break down this week’s jaw-dropping episode. Does Jen’s uppercut land squarely on Sandra’s chin? Who deserves a throat punch more--Wendell, for being a perpetual jerk, or Michelle, for setting women back a millennium or two? Who are the hottest guys on this season? And most of all...who can we root for (and bet on) now that Yul’s been sent to EOE? (What do you think about Sandra's departure? Did she resign her title? Take sides on Twitter and tag @kikiandkibbitz to let us know or leave us a voice message!)
March 28, 2020
#33 Vanderpump Rules, Season 8, Ep. 12: All Daugs Go to Heaven
A pool party funeral for Schwartz’ lizard: EXTRA. An extra themed birthday party with Sandoval on stilts: EXTRA annoying. James gets his annual intervention from LVP, and delusional Lala’s ego needs an intervention of its own. The Witches of WeHo are Katie will have more time for knitting?
March 28, 2020
#32 Family Karma, Season 1, Episode 3: A Game of Telephone
Join Brianna & Jen as they take sides and stands when the first friendship fractures appear on Episode 3 of Family Karma! Is Bali a pot stirrer or just a good friend? Is Vishal avoiding stress or creating it? Is there a better one-liner generator on this cast than Anish? (Spoiler alert: NO!) We also explore whether Brian and Monica are a real-life Aladdin and Jasmine...or just people who understand great cuisine at highly appropriate times. 
March 25, 2020
#31 Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 10, Reunion Part III
Welllll, boys and girls, all good things must eventually come to an end--even this explosive season of #RHONJ. Collective sigh. In this final installment of the reunion, we conclude the saga of Teresa and Joe, watch the unceremonious dumping of Danielle the Dumpster Fire, and see Marge and Teresa finally make up. Bonus: Jennifer Aydin keeps her mouth shut! It all ends with the most curiously bizarre interpretation of a "time capsule" and a box of donuts with something to prove. Stay safe out there, everyone. Giant symbolic air hugs to you all. XO
March 23, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 6: From Pawn to Power Player
It's only fitting that Jen and Brianna should hold a virtual cocktail party to recap one of the best-ever episodes of Survivor. Ohio lifts a glass of moonshine and California raises a skinny margarita as we toast to what is arguably the most epic blindside/power move in the history of the game.  Like Sandra, we probably underestimated Denise, who started making rookie mistakes on day 1, disappearing into the woods with Adam to talk strategy. We called her a goat. Sandra told Jeff she wasn't a threat. SURPRISE. That's why they're Winners at War, people. TELL US HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT DENISE'S MONEY MOVES! Send us an email at, tweet us at @KikiandKibbitz, or leave us a voice message here: We just may play it on the podcast. Stay safe, people. We love you. XO 
March 21, 2020
#30 Vanderpump Rules Season 8, Ep. 10: Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Cauchi
Break out your container of Mee Maw's Beer Cheese and get ready to celebrate, because the wedding of the year (Lord, help us all) is finally OVAH! Spoiler alert: no one objected, Faith didn't show up with Jax's baby, and no one fainted in the 96-degree heat. So, kind of a smashing success, all things considered. The reception was a thing of beauty, featuring Sandoval getting his NSYNC on with Lance Bass, Schwartz delivering his version of the Gettsyburg address, and Jax throwing a temper tantrum over some missing vodka. Meanwhile, back in LA, the new cast judges each other in true throwback VPR style. Enjoy and please stay safe, friends. XOXO 
March 21, 2020
#29 Family Karma: Episode 2: Family Fun in Flannel
Our new favorite families are back with another episode, and better yet...they've brought more friends for us to get to know and love. Bali is a new "too hot and cool to be an auntie" addition. She could have easily been a Real Housewife and feels like home. Shaan Patel shows us how the other half lives. In a compound. With creepy statues. Plus will Lopa's mouth drive an irreparable wedge between the families? Tune in as Jordan and Jen gush and throw out their theories.
March 17, 2020
#28 Real Housewives of New Jersey, Reunion Part II
Reunion Part 2 or "Sex and the Jersey"? So many intimate deals to process! Joe Gorga's sperm count, Danielle's sex tape, Jackie and Evan's oral situation (or lack of). Is Teresa hosting Passover next season? Will Frank and Dolores reunite, or just admit that they already have? We really want Jennifer to STFU all around, but we NEVER, EVER want to hear about her BJs for Bill again.
March 16, 2020
#27 Vanderpump Rules, Season 8, Ep. 10: Jax's Last Hurrah
The 23rd pre-party for Jax and Brittany's wedding is...a Murder Mystery for Stassi!(?) Is this the real end of the Witches of WeHo? Are Stassi and Katie leaving Kristen behind, just like Schwartz left behind the marriage license? It's confusing to see Jax so reflective, but Brittany's castle onesie party was super "on brand." Max probably has the coronavirus now from Dayna dragging his necklace in kitty litter. BONUS: We fixed the sound! 
March 14, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 5: New Season, Who 'Dis?
Drop your buffs, people, it's time to talk! Join Jen and Brianna in a play-by-play of episode 5, where Edge of Extinction continues to corral some of the game's most legendary players. After the tribes are mingled and divided into three, it becomes a weird love/hate fest, filled with hero worship and Survivor-lebrity crushes. Suddenly, exes Michelle and Wendell are marooned on the same tribe, prompting some of the most amusing and awkward exchanges we've ever seen on the show. It all culminates in the takedown of The Godfather (cue death-march music). But like White Walkers, those who end up on Edge of Extinction are likely to rise again, more powerful and evil than before. BONUS: We fixed the sound! 
March 13, 2020
#26 NEW! Family Karma, Episode 1 (Spoiler alert: It's our new favorite)
Move over, Shahs. Family Karma has stolen our hearts. We go deep into Bravo's newest show about Miami's Indian community. The setting, the cast, the moms and aunties. Are Vishal and Richa meant to marry? Are Brian and Monica oblivious to their love? Is Lopa the new Vida? It all goes down at the Diwali Gala!  #FamilyKarma
March 13, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 4: Hubris or just Humorous? (Or "How to Play Like an Amateur," starring Adam)
Drop your buffs and join Brianna and Jen's tribe as they refresh your memory and prep you for the new episode. Throw your heads back in laughter watching Adam get beaten with a humility stick. Enjoy watching said two-faced weasel turn into a glorified manservant. Combine your tears with theirs as they review one of the most touching moments in 40 seasons, as Ethan struggles on EoE. Clutch your pearls and relive the excitement of yet another nail-biting challenge. Pick your side within the tribe on Sit-Out Sandra's contribution. Where else can you find so much info packed into half the time the show takes? What are you waiting for? Click now!!!
March 10, 2020
#25 Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 10, Reunion Part 1
The reunion starts with a bang, as Jennifer comes in hot for Melissa. While Jennifer says what we're all thinking about Melissa's fake storylines, Jordan and Brianna agree that she's clearly interested in getting punched in the face...and it could easily happen. It would be kind of a shame to ruin all of Bill's hard work, though, right? Jackie surprises J&B by saying that no, Dolores was not being antisemitic when she said she was "cut from a different cloth" and then they make nicey-nice. Dolores says she's good without a ring from David. No one believes you, Dolores. But we're glad you're moving in the right direction. Tune in next week for part 2!
March 10, 2020
#24 Vanderpump Rules S8, Episode 9: If You're Going to Drink, I Can't Stop You
Can a wedding last an entire year? It definitely feels like Jax and Brittany's has lasted at least that long; maybe longer. Meanwhile, James is serving up a hearty helping of abuse to Raquel, who *says* she's done with it and that this is his last chance. Anyone's guess if she's just saying that once again (what does she see in him anyway?). Sandoval issues an inauthentic apology to Jax, who inauthentically accepts it. Back to having two "best" men (does Jax know what "best" means?), Jax still explains that one Tom Best Man is not equivalent to the other Tom Best Man, logic that only Jax can manufacture or comprehend. 
March 9, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 3: Baby Shark. Doo Doo Doo Doo Dummy
Drop your buffs, because it's time to join Jen and Brianna as we take a deeper look at Survivor Winners at War, Episode 3.  Once again, it's an epic battle of the dumbasses, with Adam sharing his plan to get Parvati out with Rob. What are you THINKING, bro? Meanwhile, Natalie easily foils Danni and Amber, neither of whom seem like they're playing with a full deck. Sandra continues to prove she's got more tricks up her sleeve, catching a baby shark (which Tony picks up by the tail and almost gets bitten). Rob manages to avoid getting a single vote, despite being responsible for another tribe loss. And it all ends in tragedy, but with hope for the future. 
March 3, 2020
#22 Vanderpump Rules S8 E8: Ex-Best Man, Ex-Best Friend
We are SHOOKETH as LVP mourns the loss of another family member, the Queen Mother. Sandoval is lucky to be fired as Jax’s groomsman- the Cartwright/Taylor wedding is a nightmare, not a fairy tale. Lala's managing the Bel Air house reno because BJs for PJs aren’t paying the bills, and we’re 99% sure that Charli and Brett are actually siblings. Vanderpump with your Standerpumps, Jordan & Brianna!
March 2, 2020
#23 Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 10 Finale
WTF was she thinking? WTF was she wearing?? Hair pulls are the new table flips and Tre looked like Shirley Temple meets Atlantic City at the Jersey Shore. In Italy, Teresa and Joe are DEAD inside--almost as dead as their marriage. Does the family that Gucci sweatshirts together stay together?
March 2, 2020
#21 Ok, SURE, Andy. It was the painkillers.
After years of having his back, Brianna finally relents and admits that Andy Cohen acted like a sexist pig on the Below Deck reunion. Disillusioned, she and Jordan turn their attention back to what is *actually* important, namely, does Raquel have Stockholm syndrome? Do Jax and Brittany share one brain (or less than one)? Is Kristen *really* as athletic as she thinks? On Vanderpump Rules, we find out that yes, Gigi really is that big of a stoner and Mike's brothers have lost their fool minds and are entrusting him with a multimillion-dollar construction job. We round out the week with highlights from Real Housewives of New Jersey and Real Housewives of Atlanta. 
February 26, 2020
SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 2: The Price of Paranoia
Drop your buffs and join Brianna and Jen's tribe as they breakdown the second episode of Survivor Winners at War. Does Ben even understand the concept of the game? Is it possible for Denise to make worse choices in alliance partners? Was Tony punking all of us with that ladder, and do he and Sarah really think Cops R Us will work? Have some of the contestants suffered traumatic brain injuries since their wins or are they just that stupid? All this and more, including awarding their fire-token-worthy and torch-snuffing moments of the week! Join them on Tuesdays for a memory refresher and some laughs before each new episode.
February 25, 2020
#20 Is that a Jenga Piece Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
The Bravo gods have smiled upon us once again with an embarrassment of riches! On the #BelowDeck reunion, Andy manages to piss off the Bravoverse by appearing overly sympathetic to Ashton, Captain Lee is wearing white alligator boots, and Abbi's had a "glow up." Then, the #Shahs are back in town and J&B are STOOOOOKKKKKKEEEED! We jump right in with a housewarming party, Persian style, but with Kevin Lee "shi shi shi" flair! Mike, once again, has found his soulmate. GG, without taking a breath, jumps right into the histrionics. And (gasp!) Adam is sending dick pics to new buddies he's playing Naked Jenga with. On #PumpRules, we're playing arts and crafts and Scheana IS NOT JEALOUS. Meanwhile, the racist new duo, Max and Brett, are conspicuously missing after the controversy over their tweets. 
February 19, 2020
New Podcast! SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 1
New! SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR breaks down the triumphs, tragedies, schemes, and surprises from Survivor Season 40, the series' piece de resistance! In this inaugural episode, Brianna and Jen analyze the cast, reminisce about their original seasons, and debate the worthiness of some of the series' most notorious heroes and villains. Is Sandra the queen, or merely a cocky wannabe? Did Danni get too much botox? Is Tony a weasel, a cop, or both? Most of all, these cohosts squeal like little girls as they share their over-the-top excitement about this epic, 20-years-in-the-making event. Tune in Tuesdays for new episodes!
February 18, 2020
Bonus Episode: Attack of the Killer Bee
Yeah, yeah. We said we wouldn't have a new episode this week. But when Brianna was almost killed by a non-killer bee last Friday, we knew we couldn't keep it from you, our beloved listener/s (we're hoping there are at least 3 of you). So here is the bee-side, plus our reactions to the premiere episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. 
February 12, 2020
#19 Is It Farewell For These OGs? (And Do We Really Care?)
So. Many. Lies. In this dramatic episode, J&B lament the emotional roller-coaster and web of deceit woven by Mr. Andy Cohen. Is she or isn't she? Will she or won't she? We cover the rumored and confirmed departures of original housewives NeNe Leakes, Tamra Judge, and Vicki Gunvalson. By listener demand, we also share our professional opinions on the Jim and Megan Edmonds divorce drama.
February 5, 2020
#18 Money Shouts; Wealth Whispers
On #RHONJ, Jennifer and Jackie mirror Jordan and Brianna, as far as our feelings about $$$$ go. We discuss whether it's adorable or deplorable to count other people's money (and ask detailed questions about it). On #PumpRules, Season 1 Stassi makes a cameo and on #BelowDeck, Kate sinks to a brand-new low. Brianna (and her son Dylan) podcast live from Hawaii, where they share the unbelievable stories of Brianna's father, Dr. Jay, and his poor, poor helpers. Aloha!  
January 29, 2020
#16 Who Wants to Pretend They're Not a Millionaire, featuring Jen (@HWsWhisperer)!
This season of Vanderpump Rules opened with the news that the only OG cast members who still worked at SUR were Scheana, Jax, and Peter. In episode 2, we get the ol' bait and switch, when Tom Sandoval tells us he went back to SUR because he just missed it and because he likes to end the night with a wad of cash. Next, we have Ariana in a $$$ outfit, talking about she's bored and wants to come back to SUR.  J&B&J discuss the pretense here, with some of these cast members making close to $500k/season. Or maybeeeee they just want to make sure they stay relevant? You decide! At least Lala has the decency to constantly flaunt her wealth (wait, did we say Lala has decency?). On Real Housewives of NJ, we debate Jennifer Aydin's motivation for researching Jackie's wealth and whether it makes her a horrible person. Lastly, on Below Deck, we cover Rhylee's firing/not firing and whether Captain Lee really would work with Ashton again. And. So. Much. More. 
January 22, 2020
#15 Real Housewives of Atlanta Baby Mama Drama, with Raven (Unfriendly Black Hottie/@mainlybravo)!
Our buddy Raven is back to help us do a deep dive into the failing relationships of new moms Kenya and Porsha, as well as the new season of Vanderpump Rules (yay!). We kick it off with Jordan's analysis of why Megan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to "step back from their royal duties." Brianna gives advice on what *not* to do when choosing a life partner (spoiler alert: don't get married or have a baby with someone you've known for less than three months...we're looking at YOU Kenya and Porsha!). Raven explains how "Lauren from Utah" is literally the *opposite* of what the #metoo movement stands for, as well as an egregious cultural appropriator. And of course, we dig into the "did they or didn't they" with Dayna and Peter Madrigal on #PumpRules! 
January 15, 2020
#14 Vanderpump Rules' Peter Madrigal Stops By, Plus *So* Many Reunions
Happy freakin' New Year 2020, people! Welcome to Season 2 of Kiki and Kibbitz! We kick the season off with our biggest guest ever--Peter Madrigal, the SUR manager featured on Vanderpump Rules (and the most obvious candidate for the new Most Interesting Man in the World). In this exclusive appearance, Peter spills the tea on the upcoming season of #PumpRules, as well as on his latest projects, which include a new vlog series, a slots game app, and his new film "The Raiven Destiny!" J&B also take a look at the reunions for Real Housewives of Dallas and Married to Medicine. On #RHOD, everyone comes hard for LeeAnn (she deserves it), while she counters with her best compulsive lies. And it turns out that she's not the only racist on the show! On #Married2Med, actual grown-up women talk out their differences and squash their beefs, to the tune of high praise from the peace-loving Andy Cohen.  
January 8, 2020
Episode 13: Everyone is a Monster, Holiday Edition
On this final episode of the decade, we welcome Jen (@HWsWhisperer) back to the show to discuss the season finale of #RHOD and the #RHOC reunion. We discover that the ratio of monsters to acceptable human beings is quite high and decide to use the time to dissect these beasts' ghastly behavior (and there's a LOT of it). We also talk about the sad fate of Joe and Teresa on #RHONJ and Brianna's new "Hanukkah for Dummies" kit.   See you back for season 2 (with a tremendously exciting guest!) on January 8, 2020. Happy new year! 
December 25, 2019
Episode 12: No Hate for Our Girl Kate 🛥
Everyone gangs up on Kate this week on #BelowDeck, prompting the revelation that she is not actually a femmebot (and J&B are SHOOK). Meanwhile, Tanner and LeeAnn are still giant flaming a-holes and #RHOD Kam wins "most improved" housewife of the season. Tune in to find out who we think has fallen from grace! BONUS: A cameo from a very special #RHONY housewife!
December 18, 2019
Episode 11: Rocky Horror. Ping-Pong Show
Bravo hits the road this week with 4 cast trips! On #RHOD, the ladies attend a Thai ping-pong show and Kam takes to the whiteboard to explain angles and projectiles. On #BelowDeck, Tanner is messy AF and the crew visits the same Thai elephant sanctuary as the Dallas ladies. Dolores goes full old-school Italian on Jackie on the #RHONJ cast trip to Jamaica, where Jennifer takes an open-mouth shit bath with da horsies. Not to be outdone, #RHOC continues their turbulent trip to Key West, where everyone takes sides.
December 11, 2019
Episode 10: Top 3 Housewives' Dinners from Hell, Featuring HW Whisperer (Jen)!
Who doesn't remember the Dinner From Hell, featuring the iconic, e-cig smoking Allison Dubois on #RHOBH? Or Teresa's franchise-defining table flip on #RHONJ? What about the Bluestone Manor blowout on #RHONY? This week, we break down our top 3 messiest Housewives dinners! J&B are joined by one of our favorite tweeters, HW Whisperer (Jen), whose snarky sense of humor is the perfect complement to our dynamic duo.  
December 4, 2019
Episode 9: The Rise and Fall of the OGs + LeeAnne Dives Right Off the Deep End
This week on K&K, we discuss the historic rise and infamous falls of two of the most notorious OG Housewives: Nene Leakes and Vicki Gunvalson. Of course, we also *had* to break down LeeAnne's epic meltdown in Thailand and the reaction in the Twittersphere. As our literal shit show of the week, Brianna shares the events to come in advance of her colonoscopy. You're welcome.  #RHOA #RHOC #RHOD
November 27, 2019
Episode 8: Feelin' Like a Bag of Dicks, Plus Chris Keyes from OC Fashion Week Speaks for Himself
This week, K&K breaks down one of the barfiest episodes in Below Deck history. First, we discuss the Departure of the Ginger, the Descent of the Bosun, and the Night of the Tongue. Then Chris Keyes, the man mistakenly identified as a security guard at OC Fashion Week, comes with the definitive word on Dr. Deb and her relationship to people of color, including her use of the n- word, straight to his face.
November 20, 2019
Episode 7: #RHOA Premiere Breakdown, with Unfriendly Black Hottie!
K&K welcomes Raven (@mainlybravo) to discuss the crazy new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Find out how unfriendly she really is! (Spoiler alert: not very!) Find out whether Sincerely was sincere and why Kenya is the smartest, funniest housewife in the franchise. Let the wild kiki begin!
November 13, 2019
Episode 6: Top Three Real Housewives Relationship "Shit Shows"!
They say you can't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Fortunately, J&B don't care. So this week, we spend the episode judging the three most cringeworthy relationships on the Real Housewives: Shane and Emily Simpson, Joe and Teresa Giudice (although we can't pronounce their last name), and Jim and Meghan Edmonds. From abusive behavior to shady deeds, this is the episode where we "mention it all." 
November 6, 2019
Episode 5: Real Housewives of OC's Kathy with The Mic!
The fracas at OC Fashion Week was next level! But have you ever wondered if what you saw on screen was the *whole* story? Spoiler alert--it's not! In this episode of Kiki and Kibbitz,  Kathy Marino, Executive Producer of OC Fashion week (aka "Kathy with the Mic") comes to set the record straight.  Find out who the man in the expensive purple suit really was! Find out why Dr. Deb was *really* barging upstairs (hint: it's not what you think!).  Kathy explains it all, as well as why she so angry that night. 
October 30, 2019
Episode 4: LeeAnne Locken's Wedding Planner Steve Kemble, America's Sassiest Lifestyle Guru!
"Oh, I LOVE IT"! Steve stops by K&K, becoming our first Bravoleb guest! Listen as he shares some juicy nuggets you won't hear anywhere else (Luann and Erika's backstage feud over "Chicago"), gives us the behind-the-scenes look at LeeAnne's wedding (that dress designer scene, tho!) dishes on his best and worst dressed housewives, and reveals his top-five wedding-planning tips. Outside of Real Housewives of Dallas, Steve has planned events for President Bush, President Obama (Brianna almost faints), Oprah (Jordan almost faints), and many other huge names. Put on your boots and saddle up!
October 23, 2019
Episode 3: Ahoy There, New Below Deck Crew! Plus, Susan Walks the Plank
Join the kiki as J&B break down their first one-star review, give a hearty pirate welcome to the new season of Below Deck (including a prediction of who would win in a Chief Stew wrestling match), and talk about Tamra and Eddie humiliating Emily on #RHOC. They end with Fantasy Bravo Crossover and a two-for-one Shitshow of the Week.
October 18, 2019
Episode 2: An Emotional Farewell to Below Deck Med and Real Housewives of Potomac
Start folding your tissues into tiny squares as you listen to J&B talk about this season's final episodes of Below Deck Med and #RHOP. We also play Real Housewives Fantasy Crossovers and discuss the Shitshow of the Week.
October 11, 2019
Episode 1: Dallas Is Crazy and So Is Kelly Dodd
J&B catch up on this season of Real Housewives of Dallas and check in on OC. We also play “Fantasy Housewives Crossovers” and discuss some Bravo news of the week.
October 3, 2019
Minisode: Hi, We're Jordan and Brianna!
 Welcome to Kiki & Kibbitz with Jordan and Brianna, the podcast where the bagels always have lox and the jokes are always tasteless! Each week, J&B discuss celeb news and gossip, as well as our fave reality shows--especially those on Bravo!  In this Minisode, we introduce the podcast and Brianna interviews Jordan about his experience as Twitter's famous @RadziwillLee account.
October 3, 2019