Sweet Wasabi -International Japan Topics- by Kilaracomedy

Japanese Owarai & Comedy w/JJ

An episode of Sweet Wasabi -International Japan Topics- by Kilaracomedy

By Kilara Sen
Kilara Sen (formerly known as Kaori), Japanese comedian, introduce Japanese cultures and news which Kilara and the world are currently interested in, live-recorded at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo in Roppongi every Tuesday. Sometimes it might go controversial, but with international guests, this show would light up international society of Japan. We are always welcome you jump in to the live-recording!!!
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Japanese Drunken Salarymen (Businessmen) & Dating with Japanese guys
Fall is officially coming because I started wearing "Heat-tech" !! Shared my thoughts about "drunken Japanese salarymen" who are now representing Tokyo's night scene, and "dating" ! Includes exciting events around Tokyo information of the week!!!
October 17, 2018
Japanese Owarai & Comedy w/JJ
With having JJ, a Canadian comedian in Japanese-style as the guest, we share stories about Japanese comedians' life and how Japanese comedy known as Owasai is like!!
October 10, 2018
Women Only Car (Train) in Japan w/Patrick Behuhuma ( from DR Congo)
The very 1st episode of "Sweet Wasabi" brings Kilara's events' co-host, Patrick Behuhuma from DR Congo!! With audiences' friendly joining, discussion about "Women Only Cars" and interesting stories about African family goes so fun!!!
October 3, 2018
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