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Walks with Strays

Walks with Strays

By Kim Hiles
Heal • Empower • Create
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In this short episode Kim talks about her marriage and how all relationships are mirrors that can bring about healing and change. If you are interested in more on this topic, check out
April 23, 2022
2022 Be the change!
Kim talks briefly about what we focus on, we see more of. Focus on what you wish to see in your life and in your world. Here's to 2022!
April 23, 2022
Forgiveness - recreate the story
Do you have regrets? Are you not able to forgive yourself for things done or not done? This guided meditation will walk you through an activity designed to forgive, heal and bring closure to a situation in need of healing. It's a way to bring back lost energy.
April 23, 2022
Healing with Crystal Energy
This is a guided meditation that takes you on a journey into the forest, to a crystal pyramid.  A wonderful journey to release limiting beliefs and all illness.  This journey can bring healing and self love for mind, body and soul. At the end there is an extra few minutes to bask in the relaxation if needed.  End music by Lesfm from Pixabay
April 17, 2022
Journey to Sanctuary
Do you need a quick getaway? Take a journey to Sanctuary, a place made just for you.  You will have a moment to connect with your Guide and gain clarity if needed. This journey can bring relaxation, clarity and peace back into your life. 
April 17, 2022
Journey to the Center of the Earth
A relaxing and meditative journey to the Center of the Earth.  Maybe the earth has a message for you?  Sit back and enjoy the ride to the center of the earth. 
March 15, 2021
Parenting is a trip part 2
Kim continues her dialogue. In this episode Kim talks about our "bad mommy" moments and how we can heal from them. Giving empathy, having positive intent, focusing on what we want are all ways that help build self esteem and self love for all.
February 25, 2021
Parenting is a trip!
Kim talks all things parenting. It's a trip, right?! Formerly Kim's Korner, Kim from Walks with Strays shares parenting insights and tips.
February 23, 2021