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By Kiana

Everyone knows a Low-key Genius around them. Someone who doesn’t always get all the recognition or spotlight, but their work speaks for them. LOWKI GENIUS invites creatives, and people who are unique in their crafts to speak in depth about who they are, and the WHY behind what they do.
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EP 1 - Pilot ft. @yamilexkimberly


EP 4 - STAFF meeting
If you're reading this ... we've made it to that turning point of the year where sh*t gets real. Catch up with me real quick, and let's unpack on Summer 21', Transitions & what life has been teaching recently!
September 20, 2021
EP 6 - Your Name is Everything ft. @Zetinebaa
Seems for Aimej the journey has only just begun ! Had the best chat with Founder of Aimej Jimay /eye(meh)-he'mai/ on the root of her Brand, Her story and the WHY behind it all .. Stay tuned for new drops @Aimejjj
April 20, 2021
EP 3 - A Well Rounded Woman ft. @Ivankasan
Ending Woman's history month with un Artista especial, and amazing Model @Ivankasan -- As she shares with us a piece of her reality, and all the intricate things that make her who she is today. A well rounded woman who inspires through educating us on emotional intelligence, therapy within Caribbean culture, and fulfilling her passions one way or another !
March 30, 2021
EP 2 - Written in the DNA ft. @diviiine__
Join me for a long awaited chat with talented Photographer, free spirit, and my great friend @Diviiine__ ! Sharing details on her journey navigating life, being a creative, and what it was like for her to shoot the entire Fantazine Calendar 2021 !
February 22, 2021
EP 1 - SNAKES ft. @Mizaiah_
New Year, New SZN ! @Mizaiah_ has officially entered the 2021 chat with an amazing new single “SNAKES” ... Giving us everything on the visuals, his creative journey, the WHY behind it all.
January 21, 2021
EP 8 - Connecting Piece ft. @Rondonbeats
Let’s end SZN 1 on a calm note with Music Producer/Enthusiast @Rondonbeats, a humble character coming out of Yonkers, NY whose worked with people ranging from well known artist to upcoming new artists the likes of Dave East, Styles P & Iman — giving us a peak into his come up in the game.
December 11, 2020
EP 7 - "It's LIMITLESS" ft. @Supa_Kev
Health is Wealth with @Supa_Kev a true SUPER being -- Founder of TrapBall NYC, Artist Consultant, and Meditation Practitioner/Health & Wellness Guru @VeganBotanika .. Divine Creative Expression on all levels is simply what it's all about !
November 13, 2020
EP 5 - "Shoutout to Tulum !" ft. @Lbbsociety
The category is REALNESS with Kiahra the Founder/CEO of @lbbsociety ! Listen to the designer give us behind the scenes details on her come up as an Entrepreneur, touch on body positivity & give tea on what's next for the brand. Check out the swimwear line
September 30, 2020
EP 4 - Cloud Queen ft. @Bree_person
Join me & @Bree_person an awesome Installation Artist and Set Designer ; chat about all the behind the scenes details of her work, her progress as an artist, who she is & the WHY in between it all! Feel free to Tap in
September 17, 2020
EP 3 - Whole Lot of Fashun Sh*t ft. @Kevynnv
Uh-ohhh Back again ! Tune in with me & @Kevynnv, a super unique designer from the Bronx deep dive into his craft & discuss a whole lotta fashion sh*t. Check out his work on
September 03, 2020
EP 2 - Moon Goddess ft. @kimondarun
New month, new episode ! Get to know @Kimondarun an amazing a woman who wears many hats. As a Playlist Curator, Chef, Videographer, and Photographer ; she gives us all the deets behind her projects. All playlists available on all platforms
April 03, 2020
EP 1 - Pilot ft. @yamilexkimberly
Happy Women's MONTH & Cheers to the 1st Episode of LOWKI GENIUS! get to know : @Yamilexkimberly multifaceted CEO of @officialsoulcare , @yamilexkimberlyofficial & @badass_fork !
March 18, 2020