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Welcome to the Know Yourself podcast! I'm Dan Udale and I've struggled with anxiety and PTSD since I was 16. I'm here telling you my story because I absolutely love and am passionate about shining a light on mental resilience, mindset, and self awareness. I feel this way because of the major impact the tools I have learnt have had on my life and I want to share it to get a conversation going that can cultivate individuals understanding who they are, what their triggers are, that it is ok to feel depressed/anxious/lonely, and that you aren't alone out there!
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Know Yourself - Episode 63 - A interview with Bipolar Barbie

Know Yourself podcast

Know Yourself - Episode 90 - An interview with Aoife Kinsella
Hey podcast fans! Thanks for checking out this episode, our guest today on the show is Aoife Kinsella (Pronounced EE-FF-A) , Aoife is an integrative therapist residing in London who is originally from Ireland. Aoife shares with us what it is like for someone to have online therapy as Aoife has recently trained in that, Aoife walks us through what an integrative therpaist is, what to expect from counselling sessions, we also talk about the role a therapist has to play as a business person and a therapist at the same time which was interesting. I hope you enjoy the episode and please hit me up with any feedback on twitter @knowyourselfpod or instagram @dudale92. 
September 14, 2019
Know Yourself Podcast - Episode 89 - Surviving my first panic attack
Welcome to episode 89 of the podcast, I appreciate the ongoing support and love! In this episode I go deep and personal as I describe the build up to my first panic attack, what it was like to have one, and restarting a new therapy journey with CBT. I hope you get some value from this episode and it is able to give you some insight if a loved one has panic attacks, or helps you understand more about yourself if you have them too :)
September 07, 2019
Know Yourself Podcast - Episode 88 - Practical Positivity
Internally in my own head I’ve been pessimistic and negative until the last 12 months ago where I really started to shift my perspective in life towards positivity. Up until that point I was tired of platitudes and bumper sticker remarks about positivity until I realised there is some practicality and concreteness to positivity. So this episode is me sharing my life before changing my mindset and the principles that I think anyone can pick up and adopt into their own lives to help them everyday! I hope you enjoy the episode and please hit me up on Twitter @knowyourselfpod with any feedback :)
September 01, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 87 - An interview with Neal Conlon
🚨Brand New Podcast Interview🚨 I’ve been trying my absolute best to get Neal Conlon on the Know Yourself Podcast for a while, we both had scheduling conflicts, wrong time and wrong place, and it felt like we not get the chance to talk. I was really lucky that I was able to get something booked in with Neal, and let me tell you I’m so glad that I did! There’s a certain wisdom that comes from Neal, I mean he is a former Marine... but something more than what he experienced during 2 tours of the Middle East, and travelling around the globe. It’s a sense of humility and a depth of character which immediately struck me. I feel like there is something we can all learn from someone like Neal who explains what it was like to come out of the US Army into civilian life, the transition, the challenges, picking up a brand new career stocking up vending machines, all the way to becoming Senior VP of a Cyber Security form where Neal travels the globe! It’s truly amazing how journeys can become full circle, and I really think that this is a story that can benefit a lot of people, so it would mean the world to me if you can first of all check out Neal’s Instagram @iamnealconlon and secondly check out the brand new podcast episode where I interview Neal! Link is - Available on Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play Music - and much more platforms! Link in bio also! #personaldevelopment #army #selflove #empathy #selfawareness #selfcare #selfdevelopment #career #grateful #mindfulness
April 15, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 86 - How to start a podcast
It’s finally recorded, and posted! A lot of you have been asking me for a while how to start your own podcast, this always makes my day when people ask me because I’m able to give back and introduce people to such a wonderful medium of content! Podcasting can be intimidating, people use a lot of big words, and it can seem like an insiders club if you know what you are doing. Here’s the secret though, I don’t know what I’m doing. What I will tell you in this podcast episode though is everything I have learnt to date. I will teach you which podcasting platform to start on, I will teach you how to market your podcast, I will teach you where to podcast artwork made, I will teach you how pillars of content work, and how you can use your podcast to make a blog and much much more! I literally share all the goodies! It meant a lot to me doing this episode and I’m really passionate about what I’ve done so if you get any value out of this podcast episode please refer onto a friend or family member as it would mean a lot to me to be able to help out more peeps! You can listen to Know Yourself on Apple Podcasts - Google Play Music - Spotify - - and much much more! #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #mentalhealthawareness #empathy #selfawareness #selflove #selfcare #selfdevelopment #positivity #howto #knowyourself
April 04, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 85 - The 5 minute journal
I have done what I think is my favourite EVER solo podcast episode, I was in the zone for some reason tonight and dropped some major gems about self care and journaling that I wanted to share with you all, I got a little bit excited I’m not going to lie and wanted to release the episode tonight! 😌 So here it is! I talk about why self care matters to me, and the different ways that people deal with things. This helps me go onto explain how in my training to become a therapist I had to journal every single week and it forced me to confront things about myself that I had avoided in the past which was something that I loved and hated at the same time! 🤔 I had an epic conversation with and she taught me the value of writing short journals, and I think I might have even taught Sarah about the value of my epic long journals, so it was a win/win! This is where I started experimenting and I’ve managed to figure out a way of journaling that’s manageable and easy to do each day, called the five minute journal! 😍 This is a practical podcast episode and I’m proud of all the info in my head that’s come together to make something super useful and it would absolutely mean the world to me if you could take a listen and pass it on to a friend if you think it brought value to you 🙏🏻 #selflove #grateful #gratitude #emotionalintelligence #mentalhealthawareness #selfworth #kindness #positivity #empathy
March 14, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 84 - Anxiety & Panic attacks
Know Yourself - Episode 84 - Anxiety & Panic Attacks - I chat a little bit about my experience with Anxiety and PTSD to advise on some of my techniques to combat and help myself when an anxiety or panic attack hits 🙏🏻
March 11, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 83 - Anniversary Episode 🥳🥳🥳
Can you believe it guys? It’s been a year today since I started Know Yourself in my Kitchen!!! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has listened religiously to the podcast and has been so supportive it means a lot. If you haven’t already, hit me up on twitter at @knowyourselfpod or Instagram @dudale92 to say hello so I can thank you 😄 I appreciate your attention and time and here’s to more years 🙏🏻 I hope this podcast helps someone like my dad did for me 😌
February 25, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 82 - An interview with Sarah Colloby from Time to Change
I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity last year in November to go to a Time To Change event in Redditch where I got to speak with one of the Mental health champions on stage in front of a live audience! The interview is around 20 minutes and we cover off vulnerability with men, Burning out, and sharing stories about both of our backgrounds. After 20 mins we open up the floor for Q&A and take some questions from the audience which was really cool. I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you so much for listening 😊
February 23, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 81 - Conditions of worth
Hi guys! Thanks for checking out this episode, it’s in response to some feedback I got in the comments section of Instagram asking if I could do another video on conditions of worth, I stripped the audio from that episode to make this podcast episode so I hope you enjoy, any questions hit me up on twitter @knowyourselfpod or @dudale92 on Instagram 🙌🏻😊
February 16, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 80 - Interview on MHBC Podcast
Know Yourself Episode 80 - This is a pretty cool throwback episode to when I appeared on the Mental Health Book Club podcast. If you are new to the podcast this is a pretty good episode to catch my story with my mental health and emotional development journey and to see what I’m about 😄💯🤘🏻
February 09, 2019
Know Yourself - Episode 79 - An interview with Shinjini Das
Hey Hey, What’s up Lovely people??? I’ve got such a special podcast episode for you on Know Yourself! This lady I had the pleasure of interviewing is 26 and is an author, CEO of Das Media Group, Global influencer, HuffPost contributor, Speaker, advocate for Equality, and much much more. . Shinjini Das is not a person to overlook, her energy and charisma of having a Go-Getter attitude is quite something to reflect on, and I implore you if you haven’t listened to the podcast before or are a little bit curious that now is the time to check it out. There have been so many great guests recently and with Shinjini joining us on Episode 79 there is lots of awesome content to give yourself a treat with! . Shinjini talks quite candidly about ambition, learning to fall in love with yourself, coming from an immigrant background, making it in the media from 0 followers to have over 100K, Entrepreneurship, authenticity, and empowering men and women. What was so refreshing was how we chopped it up about pushing away from the outside pressures of what friends and family want for you, realizing what you want to gravitate towards through self-awareness and pursuing that despite the wishes and judgments of others. . We also talked about what Shinjini would do if she had to start out from 0 again and it was a great moment because Shinjini said it’s about the mindset, it’s about the growth instead of the things that the growth might obtain for you which I really liked. . Check out Shinjini @speakershinjini for her content, to find out more about what it is to be a Go-Getter, the memoir, articles, and much more. . The latest episode of Know Yourself is available on - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play Music - and more! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe the podcast if you got value as it would mean the world to me! #knowyourself #gogetter #podcast #authenticity #kindness #positivity #entrepreneur #personaldevelopment
December 10, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 78 - An interview with Sarah Rees
Woop woop! It’s Thursday which means a brand new podcast episode for Know Yourself 😍 In this episode I interview Sarah Rees who is a CBT therapist and author of “The CBT journal” . Sarah is an incredibly well informed individual and in my mind an expert at breaking down quite complicated narratives and ideas into easy to digest chunks. Sarah did exactly that on this podcast episode where she explains exactly what CBT is, what EMDR is, the benefits of journaling, and Sarah’s background story which is fascinating! . It’s so nice to have a a knowledge expert like Sarah on the show to be clear up some areas that I wasn’t sure of and I know a lot of others would have questions about too ☺️ Check out Sarah’s website for more awesome resources! . To check out Episode 78 of Know Yourself Podcast head over to - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play Music - and much more!
December 06, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 77 - How to handle breakups with Elizabeth Overstreet
🚨🚨🚨 Exciting news 🚨🚨🚨 I have a great news about a new podcast episode that I did in collaboration with Elizabeth Overstreet! We had some great comments and feedback about the episode and we were asked if we could do another Podcast episode focussed around Break-ups. . There’s so much to think about with break-ups, there’s the memories, telling people close to you about it, the music that reminds you of that moment when you made that song “your song”, getting used to being single again. Elizabeth and I talked on the episode about how breaking up with someone is a similar emotional process to grieving for someone you have lost. . Elizabeth raised some amazing points in this episode about how the period after a break-up can be a great time for redefining ourselves and reflecting on what we might want in the future. It’s a great time to re-evaluate and get yourself back into priority. . This is a great episode and I’m really excited for teaming up with Elizabeth again
December 04, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 76 - An interview with Emma from ECBC
Good evening lovely people! If you want a real guide on navigating self-care, mindfulness, and figuring out who you are then look no further! I interviewed Emma who founded not for profit ECBC Manchester for Episode 76 🐝 Emma was such a great person to interview because she had so many useful things to say, has a lovely personality, and is so bright and positive about life. . Emma started ECBC out in a remarkable way, finding a real ambition to tackle loneliness and isolation and a need to get out of the house and talk to people in person about mental health Emma started using Meet Up to find others that had experienced problems with their mental health. 🧠 . Emma talks quite candidly about her first meet up and how much it surprised her about how many people turned up! There was no pressure for people to open up if they didn’t want to, even listening can help, which I am big believer in too. ECBC also organises other events such as walk and talks where people can get out of the house to walk around the park and other areas and be around people that have experience in mental health issues which can lead to quite therapeutic conversations in a relaxed, safe, and comfortable environment. . I really admire Emma’s get up and go attitude to life, and it’s not surprising that the team has grown at ECBC and the events are becoming more and more popular as people find a safe haven to talk about a difficult topic. It’s a special project and have no doubt that this will lead onto help so many people locally on Manchester and nationally too. . The latest episode of Know Yourself Podcast can be listened to on - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play Music - and much more. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and big thank you to Emma too
November 29, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 75 - An interview with Alicia Paz
Good evening lovely people, I’ve got some great news which is that a new shiny podcast episode is now available on Know Yourself! I loved the interview Alicia and I did together, after talking I genuinely went away and looked at my life at lot differently than I had before. I realised that authenticity is a large part of being accepting with yourself and happy with yourself. . These are lovely words but what do they mean? Alicia talks about eating candy bars in the morning, piled up clothes where the washing basket used to be, mouldy bread in the fridge. Sometimes we don’t have it all together, and that’s ok. I got such comfort out of hearing that, it’s not an excuse to brush things off, rather a way of living that accepts sometimes there are more important things and that sometimes we might not always have our stuff together! ☺️ . It’s funny because authenticity allows our true selves to shine through too, how awesome would it be for example if you met the love of your life and you could be your quirky, geeky, strange, different, and unique self with that person because you check out on judging yourself at the door.🤔 . The thing I love about Alicia is that she brings such a real world view to therapy, gives everybody a chance no matter what walk of life they come from, and is pragmatic combined with compassion. I’ll never forget the conversation I had with Alicia because it made me a better podcaster, a better person, and a more comfortable with myself 😍 . Working at a crisis centre is tough and Alicia explains some of her journey in today’s episode - check it out at - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play music - and more!
November 26, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 74 - An interview with Robson Lindberg
Robson Lindberg is awesome. Let’s just say that from the beginning. He’s a speaker, mental coach, podcaster, and the worlds TBI patient. What’s TBI? Traumatic Brain Injury. During an ice hockey game Robson was checked or to any folk who aren’t familiar with Ice Hockey terms was tackled. Robson’s was hit the ice so hard that he was out cold for over 2 minutes. That injury would go onto result in memory loss, degraded motor function, and mental health issues. . Robson was a great guest on the show because of the vulnerability, honesty, and level of detail he goes to about his rehab towards a life that enables his freedom and independence again 😊 We spoke about Finnish culture, Saunas, training for and then completing his first Iron Man competition, the story of recovering from such a severe brain injury, changes in personality, memory loss, and fatigue. There is so much in this episode! . There’s a really key moment in the episode about 37 minutes in where Robson is talking about being in the shower after going back to visit family and hearing a voice in his head which challenged him into admitting to himself that he was suffering with brain injury and that he was not ok. It was a particularly key moment, and it was emotional to say the least. . This episode is a long one and we chop it up about so much that I know you will get a lot of value from it. Let me know in the comments section below what you think 💭🤔 Your opinion matters! You can find Robson @robson.lindberg and you can find out more about Robson on a website he is a part of called . The latest episode of Know Yourself Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play music - - and many more platforms 😊
November 22, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 73 - An interview with Laura Barton
It’s Monday which means another brand new sparkly podcast episode! This interview like all of the others that have come before this, is important. In this episode I chat with Laura Barton who is an author of a book series called project Dermatillomania, Laura also works in communications for Canada BFRB which is a non-profit that looks at Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours such as skin picking. . For as long as I can remember I have picked my skin on my fingers, sometimes until they bleed. I do not like doing it, sometimes I don’t even know that I am doing it. I think because it’s been with me for so long I’ve not given it any attention and even hidden it from myself. I didn’t have any awareness about it until seeing Liz Atkin’s TedX talk called “Re-imagining Compulsive Skin Picking: Art for Recovery”. Then Laura reached out to me. . Talking to Laura on the podcast was the first time I had spoken about this in public with anyone but Laura’s knowledge on the subject and her own experience with Dermatillomania gave me great comfort and made me think how useful it will be for anyone else that has been struggling with skin picking. Laura has offered me support outside of the episode and I have joined a great Facebook group around skin picking to help understand the disorder some more. . To hear more about Laura’s experiences and her story check out episode 73 of Know Yourself on - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play Music - and much more. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below and leave rating and a review on the podcast, it would mean the world to me 😊
November 19, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 72 - An interview with Heidi Light
Happy Thursday! I hope you are having the best day! I have a new podcast episode for you today with a lovely lady called Heidi Light all the way from Canada. Heidi is an author, counsellor, Reiki Master, Medium, and knowledge seeker on alternative methods of therapy. . This was an interesting episode for me because whilst I don’t have any knowledge about these practices and methodologies, I have my own opinions that were formed from a lack of knowledge on my part and also because traditional therapy has been able to help me. I’m open minded enough to understand that some people are helped in other ways which is why it was such a pleasure to have Heidi on the show. . Heidi walks us through what a Medium, Reiki Master, and energy healer does. Heidi chats about her book which explains in detail the ethical implications of working in the field of alternative medicine and therapies. We also talk about what to avoid when looking for mediums and Reiki Masters. I just found the whole conversation fascinating really because I don’t believe in these practices myself but love Heidi’s knowledge, continuous development, thirst for ethics, and passion on the subject. . It really was a great interview and I hope that you get a lot out of it because Heidi was such a great guest on the show. You can reach Heidi on twitter by searching for Heidi Light and also by going to her website 😊 . The latest episode of Know Yourself Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play music - and much more
November 15, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 71 - An interview with Dan Burton
Hey what’s up you lovely people? I took a break from podcasting and posting over the weekend which topped up my tanks so that I can have the pleasure of letting you know that Episode 71 of the Know Yourself Podcast has now dropped which is an interview with Poet and author Dan Burton @danburton10 😁 . I met Dan at the start of October at Worcester Litfest & Fringe in association with mental health awareness week. I was invited by a mutual friend and I have to say I didn’t regret it. Dan was one of many talented poets performing sets which included material from their own work and other poets too. Dan’s poetry had a particular mental health background that drew me in and made me feel what he was feeling. . We spoke weeks later and organised an interview in person which I always love because it’s a great excuse to eat biscuits and gulp down some warm coffee. Seriously though it was a pleasure to chop it up with Dan though because the guy is so easy to talk to and has such a passion for poetry and writing. . We spoke about what to do if you are thinking about writing poetry but not sure where to start, how to get over writers block, how poetry is a great way of developing and displaying empathy, and so much more. The people that know Dan often talk about his kindness, authenticity, and skills as a poet and writer. I’m proud that I had him on the show and hope that you love the episode ☺️
November 12, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 70 - An inteview with Megan Peek
Happy Thursday! I have a brand spanking new Podcast episode for you today which comes from all the way across the other side of the world in Perth Australia. I had the pleasure of Talking to a lady called Megan Keen who told me her story with mental health and how it has impacted her daughters life too. . In this episode we talk about Megan’s background being hospitalised as a teenager suffering with mental illness, working in the Air Force, began working as a carer for a close family friend who was coming to the end of her battle with bowel cancer, and as an assistant nurse, physiotherapist and more. Megan has then had 2 children, raising a family whilst battling with her mental health. . It was a real privilege to speak to Megan because I got to hear many perspectives, from Megan’s own perspective of her mental health journey, to hearing the perspective of a parent that has a child struggling with their mental health, and also to hearing an understand of what it is like for Megan’s daughter when she is feeling suicidal or like she wants to self-harm. . What I loved most though was Megan’s practical and common sense approach to parenting and caring for her daughter that at times has intense mental health needs. Megan walks us through how she communicates with her daughter about self-harm, incremental progress as opposers to talking big leaps, and respecting someone as an individual. . There is a trigger warning because this episode mentions suicide and self harm. The audio is a bit choppy on places because of the lag on the call etc. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it ☺️
November 08, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 69 An interview with Elizabeth Overstreet
Hey you! Yeah you! I have really got a treat for you today 🤩 I met a Lady called Elizabeth Overstreet on Twitter who is a Love Coach and Relationship Expert ❤️ This was such a great episode because of he energy, enthusiasm, and passion that Elizabeth has for helping people understand themselves and relationships to find the love of their life🙏 . Having Elizabeth on Know Yourself was such a different dynamic because I haven’t covered off relationships before and is such an important conversation for us to consider when examining our personal development and growth and just figuring out who we are as people. Elizabeth chatted about how sometimes we need to figure out ourselves a bit more before we can look externally which showed me that she has such a natural intuition about relationships and the dynamics within them. . For me this was an all time episode because Elizabeth brought such a lot to the table around a topic that I hadn’t given myself permission to talk about, I know there will be others out there that will benefit from hearing about self-worth, finding the right partner, navigating the dating scene and much more. . I want to thank @thenewrulesofdating for joining me and would say to you to follow her for awesome content around this area! . The latest episode of Know Yourself is available on - Apple Podcasts - Google Play Music - Spotify - and much more ☺️
November 05, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 68 - An interview with Terry from Giving Voice to Depression podcast
Hey! You there! Do you like deep and meaningful conversations? Do you like the sound of two podcasters chopping it up about mental health and life? Are these rhetorical questions getting in your nerves? Well if so GREAT 😁 I Skyped with Terry from the Giving Voice To depression Podcast to interview her about life, starting the podcast, and dealing with depression in adulthood. . Terry was a wonderful guest, she shared so many different stories that really touched my heart with emotion, meaning, and compassion. The stories about dealing with depression alongside her sister, starting out as a volunteer for a crisis hotline, some of her favourite podcast episodes from Giving Voice to depression and much more! . I connected with Terry on a lot of different topics but more importantly felt a strong connection to her as a person. We laughed, we even got teary in some parts, and we both contemplated and offered out advice to the audience about navigating our emotional landscapes - feelings, and coping with mental illness. . You don’t want to miss this episode for some jaw dropping stories, the warmth and compassion that Terry brings to the table and the soul and wisdom that oozes from her personality! You will love this! . The latest episode of Know Yourself Podcast is now live on - Apple Podcasts - Google Play Music - Spotify - and much more 😊
November 01, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 67 An interview with Angela Mercer
Happy Monday Instagram! I was lucky enough last week to be able to interview Angela Mercer at her beautiful home in Ombersley out in the countryside 😍 I always appreciate face to face interviews because there is an certain intimacy about it that really helps me capture the essence of the person I’m with 🙌 . So what did we talk about I hear you say? Well we covered off a lot! We chatted about approaching a child if you think they may be suffering alone with a mental health issue, learning to love who you are, auditing your environment including friends and family, and most importantly Angela’s story to becoming a Rapid Transformational therapist. . It was a great interview and I’m proud of Angela because this was her first ever podcast interview and she did so well in composing herself and pushing outside of her comfort zone by coming on the show it gives credit to her work that she is constantly improving and trying to get better. . Angela’s website is where you can find more information about her, blog posts, and more about her story. Angela is also active on Facebook and has a page there😊 . Today’s episode of Know Yourself can be found at - Apple Podcasts - Spotify under “podcasts” - Google Play Music - and much more 😁
October 29, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 66 - An interview with Frances Hickmott
Hey what’s up? Listen, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a lady called Frances Hickmott over in London Ontario! This lady has had quite a career as a volunteer manager, Writer, and speaker. It was amazing how wise and reflective Frances has been on her life and the events that have been happened within it. . I think I found a kindred spirit when I read Frances’ blog post “Failure to launch” which focused on the long shadow that hangs over someone when there has been childhood bullying in someone’s life. It resonated with me in a powerful way and I knew that the interview would be great because of that 😊 . In today’s podcast episode we chop it up about adversity and how it makes us stronger and more resilient as people, developing self worth as an individual, and we talk about Frances’ experience with post-natal depression and the effect mental illness can have on our lives. . You can listen today’s episode on - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play music - search for Know Yourself Podcast to catch up the 65+ episodes where we explore mental health and personal development together 😊
October 25, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 65 - An interview with Fern Lulham
Hey what’s up? Trials in life, adversity, and hardships can take many forms. Fern was born with a disability where part of her eyes has not formed like it has for the rest us. Let me tell you, that this does not stop this woman. I admire the mission that Fern is on to talk to people, organisations, and companies about what is the same between people with a disability and everyone else. . Fern talks about how people that are blind still want the same things as everyone else in life, they have desires, ambition, and struggle with insecurities too. It took me twice to hear this in the interview until my paradigm in my head was changed. I realised that it’s not about what’s different. It’s about what is the same about us. If that’s not a message worth talking about then I don’t know what is! . We talk on today’s episode of Know Yourself about Vulnerabilities, Fern’s speaking career, Self-awareness, and mental health. I hope that this episode blows your mind like it did for me. Fern has got an easy to listen to voice, a passion for people, and a great story. . Today’s episode of Know Yourself can be found on - Apple Podcasts - Google Play Music - Spotify - and many more platforms 😊
October 22, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 64 - An interview with Chris Young
Happy Monday everyone! I have some wicked news that will perk up your day, and if it doesn’t perk up then I have no doubt hearing this podcast episode will leave you humbled and inspired. . I drove out to Warwickshire to a little Village called Illmington to meet with Chris Young who is an author of a book called “Walk a mile: Tales of a wandering loon”, I was lucky enough to record the episode in his beautiful home surrounded by countryside with Sheep in the back garden. Chris also introduced me to having a cup of tea with 2 tea bags in it! . Chris above all believes that people are fundamentally good, we want to be kind to other people, we want to look out for one another. So with that ethos in mind and a passion for talking to people about his own story with mental health illness Chris set out on an epic journey to travel around the country. He would rely on the kindness of strangers to get from place to place, and met some incredible people with their own stories.
October 15, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 62 - A Collab with the High Note
Shaun Smith is an awesome guy that I met on Instagram no more than a couple of months ago. We listened to each others podcast and I was blown away by how similar we were even though our podcasts were about completely different things! After weeks of talking and getting to know each other we decided that a collaboration just had to happen between music and mental health. So Shaun and I made playlists for each other on Spotify and shared it with each other. We decided that we would have a week to listen to the playlists before recording the episode where we wouldn't have an agenda other than to talk about the music and how it spoke to us. I loved the relaxed style of this episode and I hope you love it too. I had such a great time!
October 01, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 61 An interview with +7intelligence
Do you like rhetorical questions? Do you like video games? Do you like 2 guys talking about video games? Are you interested in Mental health? In my best game show presenter voice, in that case check out the latest episode of Know Yourself where I interview Ches Hall who runs a podcast called +7intelligence. . Ches understands that the social aspect of gaming, he speaks intellectually on the podcast episode about the benefits of gaming on mental health, and we chop it up about some of our favourite gaming experiences over our lives. Ches raises some mega interesting discussion points through the interview and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and having him on the show! . Ches has his own website called where you can check out more content from his podcast and other awesome resources which includes a discord channel 😊 thank you so much from me for taking the time to support the podcast, if you feel as though you got something or enjoyed today's episode feel
September 24, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 60 - An interview with Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas is quite a remarkable man, he has taught me a lot, left an impression on me, and most of all made me feel as though it doesn't matter which way we start our journey or the path we follow or what we go through but that we strive to educate not only ourselves and other people around us. It's something I believe in massively and something that I think Sam has encapsulated perfectly. . In today's podcast episode where I interview Sam, we chop it up over his battle with his Bulimia, running his charity MGEDT, and being recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Sam day to day runs a Men Get Eating Disorders Too, which is a charity focussed around raising awareness, providing support services, and training to the general public and companies. . Sam is a Huffpost contributor with quite a catalog of articles around mental health and even his most recent diagnosis on BPD. Sam is honest, open, and completely fascinating in his interview and I hope you enjoy it too 😊
September 17, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 59 - developing self-awareness
Hello there! Yes you! So I talk about lots of things like positivity, mindset, self-worth, and self-awareness. It's all pretty heavy and is great to write a post about but that won't always give you lovely people perspective. Sometimes getting your hands mucky and learning about yourself is the only way to discover these things. . I don't like to talk about stuff unless I have tried it myself or know enough about it to have an intelligent conversation. The picture and hopefully this caption will give you what you need but if not drop me a DM or comment and I will help you out. The aim of the game with this diagram is developing Self-Awareness. . So to complete this exercise/challenge/task grab yourself a pad of paper and a pen, draw out a line and at one end of the line we'll call this your "earliest memory" and and the end we'll call this "Now" as in today. The goal is to document along the top of the timeline positive milestones in your life, things that have really moved you and sta
September 10, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 58 - An interview with Ruth Fox
Ruth Fox is an author, mental health advocate and footballer. In this interview she details out her experience with mental health in college and university whilst also explaining what it was like to be in the system after being admitted to hospital. Ruth explains the inspiration behind her book which comes out later this year and tells a truly compelling story about going from wanting to take her own life, to campaigning for mental health.
September 03, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 57 - An interview with Kim Mole
It's Monday so I have another smashing podcast interview for you lovely people. Therapy means a lot to me because of the massive value I got from being taught how to develop my self-awareness, battle my demons head on, and being able to talk in a non-judgemental environment. . I was lucky enough yesterday to interview a lady called Kim Mole who is a therapist with what we call an integrative approach in counselling. It means that Kim encompasses a wide range of therapy models to suit a client. We chop it up in this episode about mental health, what therapy is, what type of person becomes a therapist, how to find a great therapist and much more. I think there is a lot of different groups of people that will get a lot out of this episode. . Kim's calm open minded demeanour comes across in this interview as we delve into her origin story of becoming a counsellor, what it is like to have family and friends not understand what you do for a living, and what the training is like to become a
August 27, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 56 - An interview with Dan Martinez
What's good Podcast? Listen I appreciate your attention so I won't waste your time. I have recorded a podcast interview with a lovely guy from Stockton California called Daniel Martinez. Dan has Bipolar Disorder 1. . We chatted about his journey with Bipolar from his first psychotic break, to coping mechanisms, and helpful advice to anyone that is suffering. Dan is very honest about his experiences and it definitely gave me a new perspective on Bipolar and how it impacts people's lives. Dan has really taken ownership of his illness and has come a long way, which shows on his holistic view of life. Dan shares a similar vision to me in that he wants to help others that are struggling with mental health too! . Dan has had ups and downs and it is so great to speak with someone that has come back from homelessness, being hospitalised, and in a bad place to having a wonderful fulfilling life with a great support network around him like his best mate Oswaldo who has helped with other friends
August 21, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 55 - An interview with Jon Darling
Sometimes you meet people in life and you have a good feeling about them before you have even spoken. It is safe to say that is the case with Jonathan Darling. Through the serendipity of Instagram hashtags I was looking for posts under #makepositivitylouder and the second post I saw was Jon's. . His picture caption read "Took a root wring and jacked my ankle half way through. Really slowed me down but that's part of it". It really spoke to me because of the mental fortitude it takes to carry on sometimes when we hit a bump in the road. We connected on Instagram and I got him on the podcast for what I believe is an all time episode! . We chopped it up about positivity, Empathy, Jon's 24 hike challenge that changed his life, meeting his wife, writing leadership articles, raising children, and many more things. The conversation got me really fired up because of Jon's energy and passion that really spoke to me, we got really deep and spoke about a lot of areas of mental health and persona
August 16, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 54 - Mental Health, start the convo!
I'm sick of hearing online tweets or Instagram posts of "We need to start talking about Mental health." My view is be the change you wish to see in the world and get started! In this episode I will show you how!
August 12, 2018
Know Yourself - Episode 53 - Positivity
This episode is about positivity, my journey over the last 2 months with it and how it can change your life 😊
August 12, 2018
Know Yourself - 43 Immediacy
April 19, 2018
Know Yourself - Q&A Episode 1
Welcome to the first ever episode of Know Yourself Q&A! We have some awesome questions from some of the followers of the podcast. Hope you enjoy!
April 14, 2018
Know Yourself - 36
April 05, 2018
Know Yourself - 34 Empathy
Today I went over something I'm really quite invested in which is Empathy. It can be a powerful skill which can be learned! It will help you understand other people's worlds, what their problems are, and even another persons dreams or aspirations.
April 03, 2018
Know Yourself - 32 Recovering from a knock
I'm having a hard time at the moment, I've had something happen to me and it's made me question my identity and reference that I have of myself in my head. I talk through what it is like when this happens and tools and advice to help you.
March 29, 2018
Know Yourself - 31 Finding a mentor
Welcome to the latest episode of Know Yourself which focusses a lot around a book I have just finished called "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins, I go into the book aswell as talking about approaching learning with an open mind, and how to find different mentors in your life.
March 28, 2018
Know Yourself - 30 Opinions
This is an interesting episode for me because it is something I still have to keep in mind and work on every day which is that no other opinion matters about myself than my own opinion. I have days when I believe that and days where I don't, what I share with you today can help break that cycle if you are still valuing others opinons above your own and I hope this helps on your journey.
March 27, 2018
Know Yourself - 29 Mindfulness Mondays pt.3
Latest episode of Mindfulness Mondays where I cover off some more tips and advice on how to stay mindful, I hope this delivers some real value for you.
March 25, 2018
Know Yourself - Irritation and what to do with it
I am pissed off right now! I thought to myself what better time to audit my thoughts with you guys on a podcast and give my tips ablut what to do when feelig this way! Check it out and see what you think, I give some tools on how to deal with irritation and frustration.
March 22, 2018
know Yourself - 26 Perspective
I've been thinking a lot lately about persepctive and how we can all change the way that we tackle adversity or issues with a fresh perspective, whether it is setting a goal and executing, or even stepping out the house for the first time in days because the anxiety you have is crippling you. Take a listen and see what nuggets I can offer to help with your journey.
March 21, 2018
know Yourself - 25 An interview with Nic Newling
Today has been a very special day for me. I reached out to Nic about a week ago over Instagram not even expecting a response because of the kind of influence and exposure that Nic Newling has on the mental health world. I had the absolute delight and pleasure of interviewing this wonderful person to bring you an epic conversation on mental health.
March 20, 2018
Know Yourself - 24 Mindfulness Mondays pt 2
This is the second in the series of Mindfulness Mondays, today I talk about auditing your thoughts to understand why you might be distracted or upset, and I talk about active listening and how this can help you become more mindful and bring some quality to your relationships and conversations. 😊
March 19, 2018
Know Yourself - 23 Knowing Everything
I used to think that I knew everything. I thought I could predict the future of an event I was anxious about so I would leave any situation that I wasn't comfortable with. I also thought that I had learnt a lot of things and therefore didn't need go learn anything new. Find out how this held me back from understanding and knowing myself.
March 18, 2018
Know Yourself - 21 Pressure
Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself? Do other people put a lot of pressure on you and it all feels too much? I go over some tips and tools that have helped me understand where mental fog and stress can come from. Check it out and see what you think 😊
March 16, 2018
Know Yourself - 20 Indulgence
Can you believe it's episode 20 already? Bonkers! Have you ever struggled with eating? Have you ever struggled with controlling your weight? Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? For a long time this was my reality, I abused my health, I fed and poisoned my body. It led to a lot of negative feelings about myself and my confidence was at a crippling low. I talk today about the mindset changes that can help you conquer these battles 🙌✊️
March 15, 2018
Know Yourself - 19 Judgement
The fear of judgement stopped me from sharing my anxiety and suicidal thoughts from my family. I had this twisted sense of pride that told me you can't share with other people because that's weak! I talk a little about this in the episode and my thoughts around sharing the weight of your emotions or anxiety with a family member or friend.
March 14, 2018
Know Yourself - 18 Procrastination
Procrastination crippled my personal and professional life for a long time, like most of my life. It affected my financial, emotional, and mental wellbeing because of one thought. I can do that later. Becoming self-aware of your procrastination can be create growth, productivity, and motion towards achieving your goals.
March 13, 2018
Know Yourself - 17 Mindful Mondays
I'm starting a new weekly series on Know Yourself called Mindful Mondays. This is a more practical episode which brings focus to day-to-day life through Mindfulness. Here I share tips that I have used to stay Mindful when in anxious states.
March 12, 2018
Know Yourself - 16 Resentment
Resentment is a topic that I haven't really covered off before on the podcast, it's something that can be all consuming and is something I have held onto before I really started grow. Letting go of resentment in my life brought me more valuable and meaningful relationships and can do the same for you too!
March 11, 2018
Know Yourself - 15 It's getting tough
You might have started doing some stuff for yourself, you're seeing a little change or nothing at all. You're thinking to yourself, man this is tough. Welcome to the game, is what I say. Changing yourself, or developing yourself is difficult, it takes courage, discipline, grit, and hope. In today's podcast, I talk about what to expect when improving yourself, and some strategy ways of thinking to get you in the zone.
March 10, 2018
Know Yourself - 14 Fireside chat with Akmal & Pedro
I attended the Crushing It! book launch event hosted by Gary Vee and the Gary Vee team on 08/03/2018 and let me tell you it was phenomenal. Meeting Gary and all of the different people that day was an absolute pleasure and I honestly just had one of the best days. I met some likeminded people like Akmal and Pedro. We got talking and it was getting real deep so I started recording so we didn't lose this epic conversation about immigration, the education system in our country, what drew Akmal & Pedro towards Gary Vee? You'll love this quick fireside because I know I did.
March 09, 2018
Know Yourself - 13 Inspiration
I'm in LDN baby! I visited Shoreditch in LDN today to attend Gary Vaynerchuk's pop-up shop on Brick Lane to celebrate the release of his latest book Crushing It! Gary gave me permission to start making the podcast by helping me understand that it's not healthy to dwell and that whilst we are out there debating what to do or whether to do it, other people are already crushing it! His podcast the Gary Vee audio experience opened up my eyes and check it out to have yours opened to 😍
March 08, 2018
Know Yourself - 12 Self Maintenance
In today's podcast I talk about about self-maintenance and looking after yourself so that you don't burn out. When was the last time you sat and watched a film - not to procrastinate but to let your brain switch off from the day a little bit. I talk about my own experience at the moment and what I'm doing to sort it out.
March 07, 2018
Know Yourself - 11 Ownership
I'm today's episode I talk about ownership where I really take a deep into taking responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Sounds ridiculous right? How can I take ownership of my thoughts and feelings? Hear me out. I go over habit 1 of Stephen Covey's book the 7 habits of highly effective people which is called Proactive and it really changed a lot of things for me.
March 06, 2018
Know Yourself - 10 When you're having a crap day
I had a topic in mind for today already but I got up on the wrong side of the bed and was feeling shit, this podcast covers off what to do on the days you feel like that and how to bounce back! Remember it happens and it's about Mindfulness 😊
March 05, 2018
Know Yourself - 09 Validation
In this podcast I go over a topic that has been in my head for the last week or so which is validation. Do you tie your self-worth to what others think about you, or what you think about you? I go over this and the evolution of anxiety, being out control, in control, and being proactive against your anxiety.
March 04, 2018
Know Yourself - 08 Gratitude
Gratitude is an interesting topic that I've only discovered recently, the practice of it can cultivate focus and more meaningful relationships in life. Check this episode out to see what gratitude can do for your life.
March 03, 2018
Know Yourself - 06 Ask for help
I got deep and emotional in this episode to talk about asking for help. I never asked for help out of a sense of pride and it cost me a lot of things, and nearly my life. I didn't think I was worth saving, didn't think anyone would understand, that there was even anything that could be done. I had a conversation with my dad that changed my life. I explore asking for help in this podcast to provide some real value to anyone struggling.
March 01, 2018
Know Yourself - 05 Mindfulness
I felt for a long time that Mindfulness was a gimmick or jargon that was said in the counselling/psychology/self development world for a long time until I heard something that made me think about it differently. Check out this episode to see what my take is on it and how it can help you in your life
February 28, 2018
Know Yourself - 04 Rewiring your fear
This episode talks about fear. I didn't understand this emotion for a long time, and is something that I felt like haunted me every day in my early adulthood. I read a book recently called feel the fear and do it anyway and knew that it's contents would help a lot of you that have struggled with fear too.
February 27, 2018
Know Yourself - 03 Levelling up
This episode kinda picks up where we left off with Selfworth and covers what it takes to make a habit and what it can do for your life. This levelling up brings confidence that can be transforming.
February 26, 2018
Know Yourself - 02 Self Worth Vs Selfishness
I cover off an important topic which is self worth. When something has taken away the confidence you once had it can be struggle even getting up in the morning, I go through something that has helped me which is to build on my self worth.
February 25, 2018
Know Yourself - 01 Self Awareness
The aim of this episode that I recorded in my kitchen is to understand a bit about my background and story about my battle with PTSD and anxiety and a brief look at what it did to me emotionally and mentally to help any of you that are suffering or struggling understand that you aren't alone as it was one of the most powerful realisations for me! Let me know what you think IG @dudale92
February 25, 2018