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What Would Jane Do

What Would Jane Do

By Kollectivo Design Group
A podcast exploring women's work in cities and urban design. Brought to you by Kollectivo Design Group.
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Ep. 2 From Architecture to Urban Design in Cali, Colombia with Camila Baquero

What Would Jane Do

Ep. 2 From Architecture to Urban Design in Cali, Colombia with Camila Baquero

What Would Jane Do

Ep. 4 Designing for Women in Palestine with Wafa Butmeh
In this episode we are catching up with our friend Wafa Butmeh, an Urban Planner with UN Habitat in Palestine. She tells us about her work addressing violence against women in public spaces through urban design and she introduces us to her home of Battir, a small village near Bethlehem which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to the ancient Roman terraces nearby. We also get to hear a little about how she came to urban planning and design as well as some of the research she is doing independently, studying social mapping in communities. To see some of the places Wafa describes and a sneak peek of her social mapping project, check out the blog post for this episode here. Connect with us:
December 20, 2020
Ep. 3 Historic Preservation with Hannah Ratzlaff in Arkansas, USA
Just before we all went into lockdown in March, we spoke with our friend Hannah Ratzlaff about her work as an Exterior Design Consultant with Main Street Arkansas within the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. We chat about what it’s like learning architecture building by building, helping small business owners improve their space, and conceptual design can sometimes be misleading. As a newer resident of Little Rock Hannah also shared with us some of the spaces she’s been loving in the city and what makes her excited to live there. Check out this episode's blog post here: Connect with Hannah: Connect with us:
December 6, 2020
Ep. 2 From Architecture to Urban Design in Cali, Colombia with Camila Baquero
In this episode we are joined by Camila Baquero who shares her experience moving from emblematic architecture to urban design and planning in Colombia. We chat with her about Cali and hear about her concept to alter gated communities to better fit the urban landscape and serve residents of the city, as well as what it's like working as an urban designer in the planning department for a city that includes large tracts of rural land⁠. Check out the blog post with images of her work here. Connect with us:
November 22, 2020
Ep. 1 A Planner's Role with a Designer's Mind with Chin Chin Lam in Hong Kong
Back in the spring we had a chance to speak to Chin Chin Lam, who recently completed her masters in urban planning in London. After graduating from University College London, she chose to move back to her home country, Hong Kong, to start her new career. In this episode we are catching up with her about her experience returning home, how it is to practice urban design in a country topographically and culturally different to the UK, and how much the Placemaking theory fits into the context of an Asian mega city. Check out the blog here:  Connect with Chin Chin: Connect with us:
November 8, 2020
Trailer: What Would Jane Do?, A Podcast Exploring Women in Cities and Urban Design
Join us as we hear everyday stories from women, early in their careers, working in cities and urban design around the world.  Follow our blog here. Keep up with us on instagram, twitter, or at
November 1, 2020