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How to Reinvent Yourself While Staying True to Who You Are

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By Kourtni Mason
Millennial Dreamers is a podcast hosted by attorney and motivational speaker, Kourtni Mason. In each episode, Kourtni gives listeners easy-to-implement action steps to take their dreams from ideas to reality. Kourtni also profiles successful millennial entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders who are living life on their own terms and profiting from their passion.
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#MTYRetreat: Reflections on One of the Most Transformative Getaways I've Ever Experienced
During Cinco de Mayo weekend, I was in Cancun, Mexico for a very specific purpose - to connect, learn and grow with a room full of beautiful strangers at the My Taught You (MTY) Retreat. This was not just any group of strangers, though. This was a group of ambitious, like-minded boss women who came with open minds and open hearts to experience what would be one of the most transformative events we'd ever attended.  I have attempted to put my thoughts together many times. I even recorded a different version of this episode a week ago that got way too lengthy because I wanted to share EVERYTHING. But, I've settled into the fact that attempting to describe everything I witnessed, every quote I heard, all the things I learned and thought about could not even do it justice. I wouldn't do it justice. So, I will hold on to much of it in my memory. However, there were a few reflections - a few things I learned from this experience - that I believe can help someone else.  This episode was recorded last week, but because life (read: Murphy's law) happens, I'm sharing it with you a week later. I hope you enjoy!  Follow us on all things social: @millennialdreamers. More information about the next retreat can be found at 
May 29, 2019
Malcolm "MJ" Harris: A Multi-Millionaire Success Coach Talks Building Wealth and Mindset Shifts
Malcolm “MJ” Harris is an internationally recognized financial services CEO and motivational success teacher. He has built a multi-million dollar enterprise, National Care Financial Group, which has become one of America’s largest African-American owned financial services firms. He's been featured by: Oprah, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Prudential, and Ebony, just to name a few. While MJ has made millions, it is his mission to help others learn how to make more money, how to be successful in their careers, and how to grow their existing business through his program the Wealth Building Success Mentorship Group. Not only that, he is a global speaker who is traveling around the world, motivating the masses to live their very best lives. This episode is full of inspiration, nuggets of wisdom and hard truths. Let's get into it.  Follow MJ on all things social: @MJHarrisSpeaks or connect with him online at  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
May 14, 2019
Jon Renthrope of Cajun Fire Brewing Co: NOLA's First Black-Owned Brewery
In today's episode, I sat down with Jon Renthrope, the founder, CEO, and brewmaster of Cajun Fire Brewing Company, New Orleans’ first black-owned brewery. We talk about why he chose the craft beer industry, misconceptions about it, the lack of diversity within it, Cajun Fire's multi-million dollar land development project that will bring the brewery to New Orleans East, and so much more. This was a very informative interview and one I thoroughly enjoyed! It's a good day when you get to talk about beer. ;-)  Learn more about Cajun Fire on their website at   Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @drinkcajunfire.
April 24, 2019
A Conversation (Posthumously) with Nipsey Hussle - The Rapper, Entrepreneur, Visionary and Los Angeles Legend 🏁
The Hip Hop community has been rocked by the untimely death of rapper, visionary, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle. He was 33 years old. Not only did he make great music (his latest album "Victory Lap" was nominated for a Grammy), but he was a beacon of light for his Los Angeles community and supporters worldwide. He was a mogul in the making, and young dream chasers could look to his example on how to truly make something from nothing. He showed us how to "hussle and motivate" and taught us that the dream comes with "dedication, hard work, plus patience." In this episode, I have a posthumous conversation with Neighborhood Nip to pose a few questions that young Millennial Dreamers might want to know. To all those he inspired, the marathon must continue.  Rest in Perfect Peace, Nipsey Hussle the Great. Your impact on the world is immortal. 
April 8, 2019
It has officially been ONE YEAR since the first episode of the Millennial Dreamers Podcast was released. In today's episode, Kourtni talks about the journey from then until now. She also dives into today's topic, which is all about shooting your shot. As we enter into the second quarter of the year, it's time to reassess our goals. No playing small in 2019.  Let's get into it.  Follow @millennialdreamers on all things social. 
April 1, 2019
Nina: A Multi-City Radio Personality Who’s Taking Control of Her Career in Broadcasting
Have you ever met someone you instantly clicked with? That was the case in my very first conversation with today's guest, Nina. She is an on-air radio personality on multiple stations in multiple cities. You will hear how she got her start in radio broadcasting, some of the surprising challenges she's faced thus far, and why she believes her connections with other women will be the very thing to help her elevate in her career.  There was a LOT of laughing in this one. I hope you don't mind. ;-)  You can follow her on Instagram @Nina_1913 to see exactly what she's up to.   Let's get into it.   Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
March 7, 2019
Love On Yourself! - Valentine's Day Edition
Happy Valentine's Day!! In the midst of the excitement of the day, I wanted to talk to you about the most important form of love you can experience - self-love. In this bonus episode, I share a few ways you can make this day enjoyable, regardless of your relationship status. Let's get into it.  You can connect with me on all things social @kourtnirashon.
February 14, 2019
Walker Family Services: A Convo on Mental Health in the Black Community
We need to talk about mental health. I know it’s not the most comfortable topic to discuss, but it’s relevant. And, in today’s episode, we take a dive into the murky waters to understand how our experiences and our respective communities impact our mental well-being. I’m chatting with Frederick Walker and Keia Stepter of Walker Family Services to help facilitate this dialogue. It’s my hope that it’s one of many more discussions to come. Let’s get into it.
February 5, 2019
Janeya Griffin: The Commercializer and Techpreneur Straight Outta NASA
In today's episode, we sit down with tech maven in the making, Janeya Griffin, the Lead Technology Transfer Specialist contractor for NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. Known as The Commercializer, Janeya is also a strategy consultant, who focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs, universities, and small businesses build wealth by monetizing their talents and intellectual property.  In the interview, you will hear about Janeya's career in tech transfer, but also how a life-altering childhood experience shaped her perspective, fueled her ambition, and motivated her to join Concreates, a creative agency who's mission is to serve the men and women behind and beyond bars, as Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Strategist.  This one is so so good for any creative and is FULL of helpful, need-to-know information. You can follow Janeya on all things social at @JaneyaGriffin.  Let's get into it!
January 22, 2019
Sevetri Wilson: The History Making Serial Entrepreneur
In the very first episode of 2019, I sat down to chat with serial entrepreneur, Sevetri Wilson. Sevetri is the founder and CEO of Solid Ground Innovations, a strategic communications firm, which she started in 2009 and grew to a 7-figure company. As the ever-evolving business woman, she did not stop there. She later went on to start her second company, ExemptMeNow, a tech start-up in 2016 and has made history as the first Black female tech entrepreneur in New Orleans to raise over $2 million in capital for her start-up.  We take a deep dive into her journey in this episode and she shares a ton of advice she's received along the way.  You can follow her on all things social here: @sevetriwilson.  Let's get into it.
January 9, 2019
10 Habits to Adopt BEFORE 2019
In the very last episode of the year, I want to discuss a few habits we should adopt to make the New Year so much better than our last one. Let's get into. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates on all things Millennial Dreamers: @millennialdreamers.
December 4, 2018
Kayla-Marie Williams: The Path to Becoming a News/Sports Reporter, Host and Professional Athlete
There's something about grit. Grit and determination combined will take you further than your talents alone ever could. Kayla Williams is proof of that. Toronto's very own (*Hey, Drake!*) got her start as a weekend news anchor right out of college, but a series of setbacks and detours took her down a divinely orchestrated path towards realizing every dream she wanted to achieve. Kayla's story is one of perseverance, faith, and ingenuity. She gives us all the ins and outs of how she got where she is, while still setting and crushing more goals. Kayla is a living example that you can do it all, just not all at once. Follow her on all social platforms: @kaylamarieto.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
November 21, 2018
"Don't Kill My Vibe!" - How to Deal with Negative Coworkers
This topic was requested by one of our listeners, and it's one that we've probably all experienced - negativity in the workplace. In this episode, I give tips on how you can avoid getting sucked into office drama and prevent it from killing your vibe.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
November 13, 2018
Krystal Franklin: TV One Producer and Host on Growth, the Grind and Getting What You Want
I'll go ahead and prepare you in advance: this episode contains a lot of laughs and a LOT of inspiration. I sat down with Krystal Franklin, Senior Producer of Digital and Social Media at TV One, to discuss her path to becoming a producer, the grit and grind it took to get there, and the growth she’s experienced personally on her journey. We had a good time recording this one. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
October 30, 2018
“Ego is the Enemy”
Last year, I came across a book entitled “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. I heard Ryan on a podcast discussing this book, and there were so many “ouch” and “aha” moments that I had to get it the same day. It’s an easy read and one that I needed to remind me that ego can be one’s downfall. I discuss a few points from the book in today’s episode. Let’s get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
October 24, 2018
Totally Unplugged - I’m in Thailand!!
If we’re honest, we’re constantly tuned in to our phones, our emails, our work, etc. At some point, we must take some much needed time to disconnect and refocus. I'm doing just that. Currently taking a highly anticipated vacation through Thailand. Score!! I'm thrilled. But, before I immerse myself in all things Thai, I've recorded this brief episode about how to unplug. In the meantime, if you're interested in following my travel excursions, follow me on Instagram at @kourtnirashon. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
October 3, 2018
Kandice Guice: Attorney + Writer + Founder of #MoreThanPrettyCampaign
There is something to be said about a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it. That is today's guest through and through. Kandice Guice is a Louisiana-based lifestyle and beauty writer, attorney, and founder of the #MoreThanPrettyCampaign. She joins us today to give us the deets on why she became an attorney, what motivated her to start writing, tips for the everyday career woman, and the launch of her campaign that is already gaining tons of support and traction. We chat and laugh like old college buddies. You can find out more about Kandice's personal brand at, and follow her on all things social @kandiceguice. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
September 27, 2018
Greg Tillery of WeDat’s Chicken and Shrimp: The Journey
Gregoire "Greg" Tillery is the owner of the widely popular and rapidly growing wing shop, WeDat's Chicken and Shrimp. Though business is booming, he will be the first to tell you that success came after much adversity. Through it all, he has relied on his faith in God to keep him centered. On this episode, Greg shares the early challenges of his business, what drives him to keep going, and why customer service is the most important part of his brand. For more on his restaurant, visit He can be found inspiring the masses on all things social @wedatfoodtruck_. Let's get into!
September 20, 2018
Enjoying the Process Until You Reach Your Goal
Patience is a virtue, but it's also a pain when you're ready to get a move on it. A friend recently asked that I touch on this topic. She, like most of us, is having a hard accepting the process until she gets where she wants to be in her dream chasing journey. In this episode, I talk about why you shouldn't wait until goal-attainment to enjoy the process and a few tips that will help you stay present. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
September 11, 2018
Kiira M. Harper: Navigating Life as a Professional Dancer
In the very first interview on the podcast, Kourtni sits down with professional dancer and choreographer, Kiira M. Harper. Kiira has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Beyonce, Janelle Monae, Trey Songz, Tank, Drake and Alicia Keys. She shares how she got her start in dance, the moment she knew it would be her career path, and the inside scoop of life as a professional dancer. She also shares how she's carving out her own path and learning more about her purpose. You can follow Kiira on Instagram at @KiiraMHarper. Let's get into the it!  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
August 29, 2018
Quick and Easy Tips for Finding Your Focus
If there's one thing that we can be sure of today, it's that distractions abound. Sometimes no matter how good your intentions are for getting things done, you may find it hard to focus. In this week's episode, we discussing five (5) quick tips that you can use immediately to find your focus. Let's get into.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
August 24, 2018
I turned 32 years old on July 29th (woot woot!), so I decided to do a birthday edition episode. It turned into me discussing when its the right time to move on from a professional or personal situation. I talk about my experience moving on from a lucrative job, and I give insights on when you should consider taking a leap. Let’s get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
August 6, 2018
How to Break BAD Habits
Bad habits have a way of stifling our growth and progress. Though, interestingly, we all have the ability to change our habits if we really try. Today we're discussing easy-to-implement tips to help you break your bad habits and replace them with better ones. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
July 24, 2018
Just Say NO!
For many many reasons, it can be a real life challenge to say no to others (friends, family, coworkers, you name it). But we really do ourselves a disservice when we agree to too many things that ultimately take away from what we need to do for ourselves. Today, we discuss tips to help you say “no” and mean it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
July 12, 2018
Confessions of a Master Procrastinator
This is the 10th episode of the podcast!! Woot woot! In it, I'm discussing my achilles heel - procrastination. It's something I constantly fight against. And, I’m giving you some tips on how to combat your own procrastination one task at a time.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
June 26, 2018
"What You Focus On Expands...."
Not sure if you've ever noticed this, but what you focus on expands. Regardless of whether it's good, bad or indifferent. Today, we're discussing how our thoughts create our realities and how we can shift the way we perceive certain circumstances. All of this will help us manifest what we actually want, NOT more of what we don't want. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
June 22, 2018
Do DOPE Work....The Audience Will Come
In this digital age, it's easy to get wrapped up in wanting to create a platform for others to consume our content or learn of our services. Sometimes the focus is more on the platform than the work. BUT when you master the craft, your platform will naturally expand and the audience will come. Let's get into it.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
June 4, 2018
B.O.A.T.S. - Failure Was My Biggest Blessing
This week's episode consists of storytime. I'm sharing how failure snowballed into one of the best things that could have happened to me.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
May 21, 2018
PART 2: How To Reinvent Yourself - When You Have Too Many Passions OR Not Enough
After the first episode on "How to Reinvent Yourself," I recieved a message from a friend that outlined the frustrations many feel when thinking through the possibilites. Sometimes there's passion overload. Meaning, you have way too many things you're passionate about and aren't sure what path to travel down. Or, you aren't sure what you want to do, but you know you want more. If you fall into either category, this episode is for you. I discuss some action steps that will help you think it through.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
May 15, 2018
How to Reinvent Yourself While Staying True to Who You Are
Adulting is hard. *dramatic cry* And, it's even harder when you feel you haven't "figured it out" yet. Today's episode touches on how you can use your past experiences to create the work life you want.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
April 30, 2018
Dream Big: I Danced With Beyonce While Working as an Attorney
In today's episode, I'm taking it back to that one time I danced with the greatest living entertainer - Beyonce!! And, I did it while simultaneously working as an associate at my first law firm job.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
April 23, 2018
5 Quick and Easy Tips to Survive a Networking Event
Let's face it - networking can be a pain at times, especially if you're an introvert. But if you're looking to get ahead in your industry, grow a business or make new connections, it MUST be done. In this episode, I give 5 quick tips that you can use during your next networking event to help you get out of your head and engaged with complete strangers.  Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers. 
April 16, 2018
Ask for What You Want - Tips on Negotiating
The only way to get what you want in your work life is to ask. On this episode, I discuss what you should do before you begin negotiating with your boss. Follow Millennial Dreamers on all things social: @millennialdreamers.
April 9, 2018
Welcome to the Millennial Dreamers Podcast!
Introducing the Millennial Dreamers Podcast! 
April 4, 2018
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