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The Authentic Audience Podcast

The Authentic Audience Podcast

By Krista Ripma
Conversations with business owners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who have built a business authentically doing what they love.
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Episode 8: Launch Your Calling with Destinee Berman

The Authentic Audience Podcast

Episode 31: In the Blink of an Eye with Maggie Doyne
In this week’s episode, Krista is joined by Maggie Doyne, CEO and Cofounder of BlinkNow Foundation, a foundation whose mission is to support education and empower women in Nepal. Maggie shares how her journey to Nepal began when she was just 19, the small moment that had a profound impact on her and how we all can make a difference right now. They lean into the conversation around westerners in developing countries, and how we can best lend our support, time and money in the right ways. Maggie shares her advice for early-stage nonprofit organizations and the tell signs of a legit nonprofit organization and what to look for when deciding who and what to donate your time and money to. Powerful conversation with a huge change-maker! Authenticity wins, again!
February 20, 2020
Episode 30: Social Entrepreneurship with AmyAnn Cadwell
On this week's episode, Krista talks with AmyAnn Cadwell, Co-Founder of the Good Trade, a premier digital destination for sustainable lifestyle content, annually reaching 50M highly-engaged readers! They dive into what it means to be in a business for good, how she started the Good Trade and grew it to 50M + readers, the power of storytelling, her secrets to keep customers engaged, our responsibility as conscious business owners and how what you can do RIGHT now to create change for good in your business. We can learn so much from AmyAnn and The Good Trade makes it simple and convenient to shop smart and live sustainably.  Visit The Good Trade's website:
February 13, 2020
Episode 29: When Art meets Yoga with Amanda Giacomini aka 10,000 Buddhas
In this episode, Krista talks with Amanda Giacomini aka 10,000 Buddhas. They dive into art, yoga, business, spirituality, and working with your spouse. Amanda shares the story behind 10,000 Buddhas, her take on the world of social media, insights for new yoga teachers, the power of slow growth, and so much more. Amanda walks the talk, has made art and yoga her career without sacrificing her why and in this episode she reminds us how important it is to be of service and to trust in the process. Authenticity for the win!
February 6, 2020
Episode 28: The Myths We Live By with Mark Ripma
On this episode, Krista talks with her father-in-law, Mark Ripma. Mark recently retired after a very successful career. He worked in Silicon Valley in the late 80’s early 90s, and has been the CEO of multiple global companies. On this episode, they talk about the myths we live by, rituals, how our careers define us, success, his advice for millennials, meeting Steve Jobs, moments of inauthenticity, authenticity, and what inspires him most as a business owner. Mark is a wealth of information and we can all learn a lot from him.
January 30, 2020
Episode 27: Intuitive Business with Jordan Younger
In this episode, Krista talks with lifestyle blogger Jordan Younger. What started as a small blog in 2013 has now turned into a global brand, podcast, book and huge community. Jordan has managed to succeed at what so many people try to do, and on this episode, they dive into the business behind the brand. How Jordan makes business decisions, her why, remaining authentic, selling, pricing, haters and so much more. Authenticity for the win!
January 23, 2020
Episode 26: Ethical Consumerism with Liza Moiseeva
On this week's episode, Krista talks with Liza Moiseeva, cofounder of GlobeIn, the leading social enterprise subscription box company - and the only subscription box company to achieve official Fair Trade designation for its work supporting artisans from around the world and in developing countries. They talk about impact investing, for-profit vs. non-profit, fair trade, the importance of consumer education, social justice issues, and how to celebrate and not exploit people in developing countries as a westerner and how we can do better. Links from today's episode: The GlobeIn Website: Liza's Podcast: The Brightly Website: Dan Pallotta's TED Talk about charities:
January 16, 2020
Episode 25: Be Here Now with Krista Ripma
In this week’s solo episode, Krista gets vulnerable about her current situation and challenges she is dealing with personally and professionally. She opens up about her spiritual journey, how Ram Dass' passing has affected her, big lessons from 2019, and shares her goals and plans for 2020. This episode is a reminder that you can, in fact, change your story any time you want, but it’s always fully okay to be where you are and give yourself permission to be here now.
January 9, 2020
Episode 24: Make a Shift with Doug Cartwright
On this week's episode, Krista is joined by Doug Cartwright, creator and founder of the app, The Daily Shifts. In a world where many people have ideas for an app, Doug actually built and launched one successfully. He shares his story about how he went from being a salesman recruiter to a devoted meditator, and why he decided to shift his entire path and career. They dive deep into mindset, the spiritual journey, business, money, and of course authenticity.
January 2, 2020
Episode 23: A Reminder with Trevor Hall
On this week's episode, Krista sits down with singer/songwriter Trevor Hall. In addition to being one of her favorite musicians, Trevor and Krista are good friends and their friendship is a special one. In this episode they talk about the business side of creating music, Trevor's process, his spiritual path, Maharajji and success. Trevor shares personal stories as well as his most inauthentic and authentic moments in business. website:
December 19, 2019
Episode 22: The Most Authentic Audience with Angie and Ruby
On this week's episode, Krista speaks with Angie and Ruby, a mother-daughter duo on a mission to make the world a more inclusive, caring and accepting place for us all. Ruby is a 15 year old girl with an extremely rare genetic condition called Stromm syndrome, and Krista has been following their account @angieandruby religiously for years. With over 275,000 followers across their platforms, Angie shares stories and videos of Ruby to help shift the narrative around disabilities.  On this episode, they dive deep into the power of social media, authenticity, vulnerability, monetization, and what's next for this amazing pair. Krista even gets to speak with Ruby about one of her favorite topics, Frozen! This is a special interview and if you are questioning your faith in social media or humanity, this episode is for you.
December 12, 2019
Episode 21: Intentional Business with Krista Williams
In this episode, Krista chats with Krista Williams, Co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast, Blogger, Influencer, and badass entrepreneur. They talk all things podcasting, business, and authenticity. Krista shares her business advice on how to grow a brand successfully and intentionally and opens up about her process, tough decisions, and navigating the industry. For anyone looking to grow their brand and business the smart way, this episode is for you. Resources: Krista's blog: Instagram: @itskrista podcast: Almost 30 
November 27, 2019
Episode 20: Walking the Talk with Gay Hendricks
In this week's episode, Krista is back from Nepal and joined by one of her biggest inspirations in business, Gay Hendricks. Gay Hendricks is ax expert in business and relationships and has written over 40 books including The Big Leap and The Corporate Mystic. On this episode, they talk about mindset, how business and consciousness is evolving, and spirituality in business. Gay shares his best business advice and his best relationship advice and shares a little tease about his upcoming book coming out in the spring. This episode is a game-changer and must listen.
November 14, 2019
Episode 19: You've Got to Name it to Heal it with Krista Ripma
In this solo episode, Krista dives into the transformational summer she has had in both her business as well as her personal health journey. She shares about her upcoming trip to Nepal, money, growth, resistance, her health, and well, in typical Krista fashion, all of the things. She shares simple changes she has made that have created transformation in her lifestyle and daily mindset and she opens up about her insecurities and dives into the theme of valuing herself and remembering our worthiness.
September 26, 2019
Episode 18: The Power of Storytelling with Jennifer Lewis
On this episode, Krista talks with Jennifer Lewis, writer and editor in chief of Red Light Lit, a reading series and small press based in San Francisco. Jennifer has created a platform where emerging and established writers can explore love relationships and sexuality without misogyny and she believes poetry and storytelling connects us to humanity. On this episode, they talk about the power of storytelling, dive deep into identity, publishing v. self publishing, fiction v. nonfiction and what makes a good story. This one is for the storytellers, the artists, the creators, and of course the writers in all of us. Website: Instagram: @redlightlit
September 19, 2019
Episode 17: The Power of Mindset with Ryan Harris
On this week’s episode Krista talks sports with best selling author and Superbowl Champion, Ryan Harris. Ryan believes it’s every person’s right to be extraordinary and he speaks across the nation about Leadership, Mindset and financial literacy. They dive deep into the power of mindset, what is was like to win the Superbowl, setting goals, reaching growth edges,  and more. Ryan shares his biggest takeaways from the NFL, advice for public speaking, and the importance of valuing yourself. This episode is a must listen. Connect with Ryan: Website: Instagram:
September 5, 2019
Episode 16: Don't Just Sit There with Biet Simkin
On this week's episode, Krista talks with artist and spiritual teacher, Biet Simkin. Biet is impacting thousands of people through her art. She is founder of the Center of the Cyclone, an immersive meditation experience, and cofounder of Club SODA, an event series exploring sobriety. She’s been Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle and she just released her new book, Don’t Just Sit There: 44 Insights to get your meditation practice off the cushion and into the real world. In this episode, they talk all about finding abundance doing what you love, the inauthenticity of being human, how Biet returns home to herself, the tools she uses, her take on growth and wealth, and how it is possible to have it all and then some. This episode is a game changer, Biet is a force, and for anyone needing a gentle kick in the butt to value yourself and call in what you desire, this one's for you.  Find her at : or on instagram : guidedbybiet
August 22, 2019
Episode 15: The Business of Astrology with Debra Silverman
On this episode Krista talks with world renowned Astrologer and psychotherapist, Debra Silverman. Debra's mission is to heal the world through Astrology and has dedicated her life to teaching people how to understand Astrology and how to apply it to their lives. On this episode they talk about how Debra went from giving Astrology readings every day to growing an online Astrology school that certifies over 1,000 new astrologers every year. They talk about hiring, how to grow a business successfully and consistently, when to delegate, the importance of play, and the big moment that shifted everything into perspective for her. They talk spirituality, devotion, staying awake, and living a life dedicated to doing what you love. Debra shares her advice for young healers and entrepreneurs, and her most inauthentic and authentic moments in business. 
August 8, 2019
Episode 14: Authentic Relationships with the Yoga Couple
On this episode Krista talks with The Yoga Couple, Matt and Ash, Hawaii based yoga teachers, writers, and healers. On this episode they talk about making the conscious decision to brand themselves as a couple, and they go deep into relationships... What it is like working and creating with your partner, and how the spiritual path can look different for everyone.  We hear all about their new book The Inner Work, the process of writing it together, launching their first retreat, and the transformational year they have had in their business. They share their inauthentic and authentic business moments, and get real about spirituality, relationships, business, and love. 
July 25, 2019
Episode 13: Slabs of Truth with Janne Robinson
On the episode, Krista talks with beat poet and writer, Janne Robinson. She is the author of the book This Is For The Women Who Don't Give A Fuck, a public speaker, coach, and authentic and powerful business woman and entrepreneur.  They dive deep into Janne's journey of writing, the role social media has played, how she handles haters, her process for sharing so openly, and moments of inauthenticity. They talk everything from setting boundaries in business to botox and Donald Trump and more.  Janne is a powerful storyteller, a disrupter, and above all, will stop at nothing to share her truth.  Follow her on instagram: @jannerobinson 
July 11, 2019
Episode 12: Journey to the Mountain Kingdom with Emory Hall
On this very special episode, Krista talks with her best friend and partner in crime and in travel, Emory Hall. Emory is a CO based photographer, writer, creative + brilliant human. She and Krista dive deep into Emory's journey with Nepal. How her passion for photography turned into her career and life force, her creative process, and her spiritual practice that has inspired Krista and so many others. They talk about launching a trip to Nepal together and the friendship they have built over the last year creating together. Emory also shares her inauthentic and authentic moments and how to stay in integrity with a growing brand and audience. 
June 27, 2019
Episode 11: The Power of Vulnerability (and babies) with Alex George
 On the episode, Krista talks with Perma-Stoked brand-builder and marketer, Alex George. Alex uses his detail and expertise in creating a cohesive customer experience to launch, rebrand and grow businesses through is passion project Mountains Wave Marketing. Alex also happens to be married to Krista's best friend and has been a huge inspiration to her over the years in business and in life. In this episode, they talk about how they navigate their friendship and dive into Alex's process, how he is able to execute so many projects so effectively, his strategy around launching something new, and how he became so annoyingly good at planning. It seems whatever Alex sets his mind to he is able to accomplish.. all while having a newborn baby at home. Alex is dedicated to evolving, growing, learning, and making the absolute most of his time. And in this episode he lets us in on some of his secrets to success, and why he chose marketing as his new passion project. If you are looking to grow, rebrand, or launch something completely new - this episode is for you.
June 5, 2019
Episode 10: Growing Pains with Krista Ripma
On this week's episode, Krista shares a solo episode entitled "Growing Pains". She talks about the growth edges she has been facing in growing her own business and balancing that with growing her clients' businesses at the same time. She gets real and personal around her relationship with money and talks about value of time - in business and in her personal life. She shares new mindsets, tools, and practices she has been implementing in her life and some exciting new offerings and opportunities coming up. In this episode, Krista invites you to do a time audit of your  own life, encouraging us to take control over the things in our lives that we have control over. 
May 22, 2019
Episode 9: The Business of Yoga with Danni Pomplun
On this episode, Krista talks with Danni Pomplun, a San Francisco based yoga teacher, about all things yoga and business. Danni is super intuitive when it comes to his brand and audience. He leads sold out retreats and trainings all over the world. On this episode, they talk all about the business side of the yoga industry, how Danni was able to build and grow his brand so quickly, what it means to be real as a yoga teacher (and when real can be too real)... They discuss setting boundaries, authenticity, vulnerability, and Danni shares his insights into being a queer man in the yoga space. 
May 8, 2019
Episode 8: Launch Your Calling with Destinee Berman
On this episode, Krista is joined by her digital marketing guru, Destinee Berman. Destinee is a phenomenal digital marketer and strategist - she helps spiritual teachers and leaders bring their work online with the purpose of serving bigger. In this episode, they talk about when Destinee made the leap from the corporate marketing world into entrepreneurship, and working with clients that align with her passions and purpose. They dive into finding the balance between business and intuition, they share their daily rituals, how they stay sane, and the struggle many of their clients feel when blending their spiritual path with their business. They discuss Destinee's program, Launch Your Calling, why she created it, and how she helps people launch their offers in a mindful and modern way.  If you are looking to serve bigger, Destinee is calling... join her FREE Webinar here. 
April 26, 2019
Episode 7: Nonprofit or For Profit? With Leticia Reyes
On this episode, Krista is joined by Leticia Reyes, Cofounder and Executive Director of 109World, a nonprofit organization that helps social media influencers leverage their network and community through humanitarian trips.  They dive into the world of nonprofit businesses. Leticia shares the pros and cons of running a nonprofit, they talk the roller coaster ride and uncertainty that is entrepreneurship, time management, the pressure that comes along with doing what you love and making an impact, the beauty in stepping outside of your comfort zone, Leticia's “no assholes” policy, and the importance of staying true to your values. 
April 12, 2019
Episode 6: Speaking Your Truth with Erin Weed
In this episode, Krista talks with Erin Weed, creator of The Dig and founder of Evoso Academy about public speaking, marketing, and authenticity. Erin is a powerful speaking coach and mentor. She has coached hundreds of speakers and leaders, including some of the most successful Ted Talk speakers, and has her own Tedx talk: Dare to be Authentic. In this episode, they dive into Erin's programs, why they are so powerful for people, how she created them, and how she helps people speak their truth confidently on stage. They talk about Krista's transformative experience going through The Dig and Evoso Academy and what it was like for her speaking on stage for the first time. Erin shares how stepping into her authenticity changed her life and the power in knowing your word. For anyone interested in public speaking, or just curious how to share your message and speak your truth, this episode is for you.
April 2, 2019
Episode 5: WTF is Digital Marketing with Dan Austin
This episode goes deep into the world of digital marketing. Curious as to WTF digital marketing really is? How it works? Where to spend your money? Successful ad campaigns? Sales strategies? What is a Facebook Tracking pixel? With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Dan Austin is Krista's secret weapon at Authentic Audience.  Dan is a wealth of information when it comes to creating successful ad campaigns and so much more.  He was the Vice President of Vivende Universal, Director of Digital Marketing at Home Depot, EVP of a 700 person agency, IPG, a 30 billion dollar ad agency, and currently he is the interim president of BNG design - a digital marketing agency based in Laguna Beach, CA. In this episode they talk deep strategy, the 5 key elements in every successful ad campaign, the time they got fired, when to say NO, why email marketing is the best 401k plan for your business, and Dan shares his most authentic and inauthentic business moments. This episode is jam packed with value for everyone curious about the ever changing world of digital marketing. 
March 19, 2019
Episode 4: The Business of Marriage with Clay Ripma
In this episode Krista is joined by her business partner and husband, Clay Ripma. They talk about the BIG question: how do you work with your spouse? They talk about how they met, how the manage to spend so much time together, disagreements in front of clients, couples therapy, how the started Authentic Audience, their take on the world of digital marketing, and their future goals for their business. Clay shares his lessons he’s learned since working for Authentic Audience,  his take on FB ads, and his most authentic and inauthentic moments in business. 
March 7, 2019
Episode 3: The Embodied Influencer with David Pare
In this episode, Krista talks with her business coach David Pare about his new program, The Embodied Influencer. They talk how to create an online offer, how to put a price on your value, fears around asking for money and "sales" calls, ALL the resistance, the power in group coaching, and how his new program is the perfect solution for people wanting to take their gifts and turn it into a profitable online brand! If you are looking to bring your business into the online space and are not clear on where to start- this is the program for you. In this conversation, they get super real about what's involved when turning your passion into your career and exactly how David helps people do it successfully. To learn more about the Embodied Influencer program and to book a FREE call, CLICK HERE.
February 28, 2019
Episode 2: Revolutionizing the Yoga Industry with Lindsey Kaalberg
 In this episode Krista talks with Lindsey Kaalberg, Founder and CEO of Ritual Hot Yoga. Ritual is an all inclusive luxury yoga studio with an impressive business model. At Ritual all teachers are full time, salaried employees with paid sick time and full benefits. Lindsey shares her why behind creating Ritual, how she build a successful, scalable brand, how she handles moments of doubt, and how her and Krista balance their working relationship with their friendship. Use promo code: authenticaudience to redeem your complimentary class at any Ritual location. 
February 14, 2019
Episode 1: All of the things
In this episode, Krista Ripma, the Founder of Authentic Audience and host of this podcast introduces her business, her why behind creating this podcast and shares her story of how she got to where she is right now. From working in the Hollywood film industry to living in Aruba with Yoga Girl, and how she built a successful business doing what she loves.
February 6, 2019