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Anointed With Power Ministries

Anointed With Power Ministries

By Kristen Lory Ministries
AWP is a place where both men and women can come and evolve in Christ, self, and relationships! Sometimes, being a Christian can be hard and many times we don’t want to talk about divorces, sex, body confidence and more! Let’s talk about it!
Cover art photo provided by Scott Webb on Unsplash:
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Are You Ready To Take Communion In 2019?

Anointed With Power Ministries

We are back!! Welcome 🙏🏾
Hi everyone welcome back to our podcast! The AWP family would like to welcome you all! 💥 please check us out on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube!💥we have a scripture challenge going on, we do prophetic mentoring and we take prayer request! 💥 please email us with any inquiries or prayer request 💥💥💥. Email: In this episode we talk all things Jesus, June, this current season, some tips on how to get organized, our country’s current state of being, and some instructions from the lord! Please leave us a message and enjoy! God bless!
June 14, 2020
2020 Revelation🔑🕊
Hey saints, we can’t believe 2020 is in one more day!! God is so good! To be able to see another year, another day, and another month is incredible! Take some time to reevaluate life! Goals! Strategy! Growing in God! Reading and praying! Let’s go into 2020 with a bang! Take a listen to our last podcast episode of the year! We love you and happy New Years 🎊🎆
December 31, 2019
A word for the next three months!
Rest and build! Inspired by Jeremiah 🕊
October 22, 2019
Wealth Transfer! God says Prepare! 🕊
God had me in 2 Corinthians chapter 8/9 giving, harvest, preparation
September 16, 2019
September (A month of miracles)
September is all about growing closer to God, prayer, reading, healing, and more! Don’t miss this series! God bless!🕊🕊🕊🕊
September 08, 2019
September Word! Judgement (A new thing or the same thing?)
Hey everyone welcome back to our AWP podcast! Please do not miss out on this word! Also, if you have any testimonies based off of our word or a similar word regarding relocations and jobs and maybe going back to school, please share! God is so good and wants what’s best for His body ( we his children) I studied genesis, kings, chronicles, psalms, for this word. The numbers 9,10,11,12 also became thematic Over the past few months and days. God is about numbers, colors, and seasons, always pay attention to His language and instruction! God bless!
September 01, 2019
The Lord says, You Shall Be The Head & Not The Tail!
Deuteronomy 28:13. The book of Daniel
August 24, 2019
To The Black Charismatic Church God Misses You! Come Back!
This is a message of repentance and correction. It’s also a message of love. God loves all of us and He sees us where we are. However, He will not tolerate anything that is outside of His will. The latest issues with some prominent leaders in the African American Church, is an eye opener of what God has already been eyeing and will be dealing with! More leaders will fall and they will fall publicly!
August 20, 2019
Restoring The Fivefold Ministry
It is imperative that we restore the fivefold ministry. Every church needs an apostle, (the blueprint) the prophet (the heart of god) the pastor ( the flock) the evangelist (bringing the people in) and the teacher (teaching Sunday school and helping in different ministries)
August 06, 2019
We Must Be Broken To Be Rebuilt
Hey men and women of God, I know that sometimes words and sermons can seem very sharp, but it’s necessary. Jesus rebuked Peter, the apostle Paul had to correct and equip the churches. This is how we grow, this is how we stay on point! Don’t be discouraged. Keep giving God your best and achieve big!
August 06, 2019
Kingdom Minded Monday’s: How Far Will You Go For God?
Are you willing to die for Christ? Are you willing to lose your life? We take a look at Acts 5:17, 2 Timothy chapters 1,2 and Joel 2:25!
August 05, 2019
Anointed With Power Ministries
Topics: Our name Change. Where God is taking this ministry.
August 04, 2019
Prayer For Healing, Release, Abundance!
Prayer and intercession is so important! Listen for a mighty release in the name of Jesus! Get in the habit of praying and worshipping God daily! God bless!
July 28, 2019
leaders and seasoned Christians, God is saying come back! Repent!
If you are in ministry/leadership and have been out of order, God said come back to him and repent!!
July 28, 2019
Prophetic word for the month of August! God is sending divine connections!
Who is your Naomi from the book of Ruth? Who is your Prophet Samuel (anointed king David) from the books of Samuel? We all need a key connection that will alter our lives, reshape and catapult our destiny! Will you follow the Holy Spirit to your key connection, or will you allow the enemy to distract you? God is a God of timing. Also, please be advised that every word is not for everyone. You need to know your season! God bless!
July 28, 2019
God said look for the doors!
This is a season of doors! Doors will open and doors will close! God said don’t be afraid to walk through the doors or to let them close!
July 26, 2019
God Said Give Birth!
Give birth to that baby! The baby could be your ministry, your business, your purpose! Don’t allow the enemy to abort your baby!
July 26, 2019
Planting Roots: Submit To Your Leader! Do You Have A Faulty Foundation?
Submit To Your Leader! Do You Have A Faulty Foundations? Once you submit to your leader, pray for growth in your gifts! Are you being utilized! Also, watch your small groups and affiliations outside of church. Check the leader who’s organizing that group. Are they submitted?
July 21, 2019
It’s All Supernatural!
Stop looking at the Natural and think supernatural!
July 20, 2019
Are You A Mover And Shaker? Or, Same Ol Lame Ol!?????
Hey ladies! Let’s be the light! It’s never too late! Don’t miss this video on consistency and balance!
July 09, 2019
Strategy, Legacy, Renewal, & Freedom
Hi ladies, what an honor it is to be before you all! If you need some positive reinforcement, this word is for you! Get a pen and paper and take notes. I also say 2018 instead of 2019 in the beginning, so I apologize in advance. Hehe! I’ve been doing that a lot lately! God obviously wants me to pray on something from 2018! But enjoy this video and message us with any questions. God bless!
July 02, 2019
Breaking Free From Bondage
Happy May sis! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! God is truly good! Listen, you don’t want to miss this episode! Dealing with continual sin, depression, financial issues, and more, listen to this for some assistance! Don’t leave 2019 the way you came in! Show the enemy that you aren’t playing anymore!
May 01, 2019
Business March!
Anchor • Endure!
March 01, 2019
Give Yourself Some Credit!
Hi, there! Hows your February going? Our AWP team has been thinking a lot about you! You know, It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday of life. As we navigate through life, wearing multiple hats, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves! Can you use a nice break? Check out our latest episode on giving yourself the credit you deserve! And we have some lovely announcements as well! Be fearless and be fierce!
February 02, 2019
February Joy
Let’s go into February strong ladies!! Reclaim your faith and power in Jesus!! Your body is your temple!
January 27, 2019
Inner Work
I don’t believe I have an attitude. I don’t cut people off while talking. I don’t get angry. These are all of the things that we are afraid to admit, despite knowing deep Down inside we need to. Let’s do the inner work together. Let’s dig deep so that the Lord can bless us even more!
January 03, 2019
Are You Ready To Take Communion In 2019?
Pocket Casts • Are You Ready To Take Communion In 2019?
January 01, 2019
Scripture Saturday
Hey ladies, besides some awesome announcements, check out what we have to say regarding communicating with God. Remember to rise and evolve always! God bless!!!!
December 29, 2018
All Things Kristen
Hey ladies, take a moment to learn about the voice behind the podcast! Find out how our podcast is run and more!
December 21, 2018
Pocket Casts • Dating As A Christian Woman
December 21, 2018
Are You Sitting On Unused Potential?
Hey AWP family, we hope all is well! Are you insanely talented in one area of your life, but you refuse to do anything about it? We all have natural gifts and talents. We are all sitting on unused potential. What are you sitting on? Let’s explore that for you and bring it to the surface! God bless and share this! We love you all truly! God bless!
December 21, 2018
Are You Giving Yourself Permission To Live Your Best Life?
Hey ladies, how are you? With Christmas coming, I know you are extremely busy, trying to get ready for this up and coming holiday. Let’s talk about permission. Are you giving yourself permission to live your best life? Have you given yourself permission to move on from a toxic past? Are you able to tell the people around you no? If you’ve said no to at least one of these questions, this episode is for you. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! Love and light to you my sister! God bless!
December 19, 2018
Mental Health Stigma
Are you currently battling mental health issues? Are you seeking out therapeutic help or considering it?Sometimes, prayer is not enough, and that is alright. God created different professions to help us, when he can’t get through right away. At times, the helping process can be long. And sometimes, only a few sessions might be needed to get you through a tough time. Medication might be necessary too. Either way, don’t be ashamed. It takes a real woman to want to work on herself and practice self care. We want you to evolve and grow. Let us know your thoughts!
December 16, 2018
Do Not Be Ashamed!
Do not allow your circumstances, be it past or present, put you in a place of shame! Let your wounds be your testimony of how good God truly is! Step on the enemy and your haters as you make your way to the top! God bless!
December 11, 2018
Are You Settling For What’s Familiar To You?
Often times, we don’t realize how much our childhood or where we grew up dictates our present. We take things along the way with us, good and bad. Think about some things you can offload for the New Year. What are you settling for today? We love you, we want you to grow and evolve. Healthiness is key! Keep allowing the Lord to shine his light on you, ask for forgiveness and keep moving ahead! Amen and God bless!
December 09, 2018
Are You Ready To Slay Your Goliath?
Hey ladies, here’s a midnight treat for you! Are you ready to rise and slay that Goliath? Let us know your story, and your current Goliath.. we all have had one at some point! Let’s get messy!
December 04, 2018
Overcoming Family Hurt and Betrayal
Have you undergone extreme hurt and or betrayal due to a family member? When we go through things, they can be very painful and many times we don’t understand why it happened? But just remember not only are you strong and a fighter, but God’s got this! You are a woman with a purpose, don’t let the enemy stop you from getting what God has for you. Take the time to forgive others and free up space for the Good stuff! God bless!
December 03, 2018
Are You Walking Out Your Purpose Or Are You Settling In Life? If So, It’s Time To Get Uncomfortable
Hey ladies, welcome! Welcome to our first AWP podcast episode. Are you just existing? Are you looking at your life and saying child where did the time go? If you said yes to those answers, that’s good! In order for God to bless us, he has to make us uncomfortable. Change and growth is messy! I recorded this episode right from my home while I had my coffee! How you doing? At the end you’ll hear a small feature from my son, asking me for breakfast. I kept that to show how powerful we are as women. We can be recording a podcast, making breakfast, and putting on makeup at the same time. Is that you? You go honey! Remember there’s beauty in imperfection. Take a listen and give us your thoughts and feedback on today’s topic. Have a blessed day, see you next Sunday, and remember you are so worth it!
December 03, 2018