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Krz Podcast

Krz Podcast

By krz creationz
Welcome to Krz Podcast, hosted by Nikita Swaminathan and Angela Doncsev. Follow for a bigger look into the company, Krz Creationz, where you will get the chance to hear personal insights to the hottest topics, hear unique stories of other small businesses, and so much more!

As always, “go krazy. get creative.”
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krz podcast | ep 2 • addressing the topic of mental health

Krz Podcast

krz podcast | ep 4 • pride month of june
with the start of pride month, we wanted to dedicate an episode to the LGBTQ community, as a way of displaying our support! we, as a brand and individually as well, stand for embracing one’s uniqueness, and promoting love! we hope you enjoy this episode! don’t forget to be kind, go krazy, and get creative!
June 10, 2021
krz podcast | ep 3 • learning to embrace yourself
come join us as we discuss the importance of embracing ourselves and learning to love our differences through letting go of the habit of comparing ourselves with others. we talk about personal experiences and ways of coping with this very common issue.
May 20, 2021
krz podcast | ep 2 • addressing the topic of mental health
with the COVID-19 restrictions, many of us have been feeling very isolated and often depressed, both of which are completely valid emotions, even with recognizing our privileges and resources in regards to our physical well beings. in this episode, we address the topic of mental health and propose ways in which you can better cope. while these are our personal reflections, we hope you feel more supported after listening. 
May 06, 2021
krz podcast | ep 1 • creation of krz creationz
welcome to krz podcast! in this episode, you will hear the story of the 'creation of krz creationz' and learn a little about the hosts, nikita and angela. 
April 28, 2021