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On The iTeach Podcast, we discuss the current state of Personalized Learning and Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices. We cover everything EDU including high level (state and district) policies and procedures, building-level strategies for change management, individual classroom best practices for new and innovative teaching, learning tools and pedagogies, and interviews with educators across the nation that are pioneering this important work. Use the hashtag #iteachpodcast to share your thoughts, questions, and ideas with us on social media.
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iTeach Live, Episode 3

The iTeach Podcast

The Moment I Realized…I Can Handle the New Norm
We're challenging our ideas on how our work as coaches and education in general have changed since the pandemic!
June 8, 2021
The Moment I Realized that STEAM is a Journey!
Listen and learn from an expert in the field implementing STEAM in her school! 
April 23, 2021
The Moment We Made a Podcast with a Maker
In this episode Max and Luke discuss Maker Education as an extension of STEAM education, how students can use making to growth mindset, and even how IKEA plays into this movement in a more authentic way.
April 16, 2021
The Moment We Discussed Assessment with the State Superintendent
In this episode, Max interviews Georgia Superintendent Richard Woods about his views on testing and assessment. As an educator of 30 years, Superintendent Woods has a wealth of experience from which to draw, and that reveals itself throughout the interview.
March 26, 2021
Season 6 Episode 4: The Moment I Realized Testing Should Be Different
KSU iTeach's Jamila Colbert and Tamika Duffey discuss high-stakes testing from a teacher's perspective as they reminisce back to the days they were classroom teachers pre-pandemic and try to relate with teachers who are currently having to prepare students for standardized testing during a pandemic.
March 12, 2021
The Moment an Author Helped Us Understand Literacy
Join us this time as Tamika Duffey interviews educator and author Allyson Wingston (author of Roll Over, Roll Over, Going Down South, and My Aunt K.). Allyson sheds some light on all that literacy can and should encompass from this teacher turned author's point of view!
March 1, 2021
The Moment I Realized Literacy isn't just about Reading
This episode features Hannah Rome and Max Gertz discussing pragmatic literacy in the classroom, how it is changing, and how we can incorporate different literacies into the classroom.
March 1, 2021
The Moment I Realized I Needed a Podcast Like This
Join our cast of coaches to relaunch the iTeach Podcast. Welcome to Season 6, where we are playing with education, finding educators in all lines of the position, and discussing the efficacy and effects of technology on the classroom. It's a whole new season, and we are excited to discuss it with you.
March 1, 2021
Collaboration At Its Finest
In this episode, I am discussing the benefits of building a team of teachers and colleagues by creating a professional learning network (PLN). Growing Your PLN Blog Squad Up Resources
September 22, 2020
Bitmoji Classrooms
Back to school with bitmoji classrooms! You've probably heard by now of many educators creating bitmoji classrooms for their virtual learning platforms. In today's episode, Ronald talks about the benefits of using bitmoji classrooms with your students and staff. Resources: Ronald's Bitmoji Office AJC Article
August 25, 2020
Do's and Don'ts of Being an EdTech Coach
At the end of the year, we REFLECT. In this week’s episode, I have my fellow KSU iTeach coach and social media manager for iTeach Kristen Klinger (@KristenStoll6) joining me and we are going to be talking about the do’s and dont’s of being an edtech coach. This is a great episode for current ed tech coaches to refresh their coaching practices and new educators that are entering the profession to use in their coaching toolkit. Check out the new KSU iTeach Resources hub for more information.
June 1, 2020
Maker Ed
In this episode, we talk MakerEd with KSU iTeach Coaches Leigh Martin (@leighmlibrarian) and Luke Zeigler(@lukeAziegler). Learn about the maker movement in remote learning, different strategies, and resources that you can use tomorrow with your students and families. Episode Notes: Twitter: Follow @Iteachmakerbus for maker updates and resources. Leigh Martin - @leighmlibrarian Luke Ziegler - @lukeAziegler Ksuiteach youtube channel - MakerEd@Home Padlet TinkerCad -  Instructables -
May 18, 2020
Ways To Assess During Remote Learning
Happy April and Happy Spring Break!!! In this week's episode, I am joined by my fellow KSU iTeach coach Max (Twitter: @therealmrgertz). We are talking about different ways and strategies to assess students during remote learning.
April 8, 2020
Teacher Self-Care
In this episode, Ronald & KSU iTeach coach Summaya (Twitter: @artsyeducator) talks about strategies to stay refreshed and feel good about yourself when your career is taking care of students. Resources Try this free booklet from Yearcompass. Coaching Collab Information at  Follow KSu iTeach on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @ksuiteach
April 1, 2020
A Culture of Resource Sharing
In this episode, I am joined by the amazing & resourceful Anna Bilyeu (Twitter: @anna_bilyeu). Anna is also an educational technology specialist for KSU iTeach. We are going to be talking about how teachers can support other teachers by collaborating and sharing and creating resources.
March 25, 2020
Remote Learning & Virtual Coaching
With the recent spread of the coronavirus causing schools to shut down across the nation, Ronald, Jamila (@JC_TeachTech) and Hannah (@H_Rome_iTeach) discuss remote learning and the concept of virtual coaching and how it can be beneficial to schools and teachers across the world.
March 18, 2020
Relationships Are Key! 🔑
In this week’s episode, Ronald talks about the importance of building relationships with your students that helps create a conducive learning environment.
February 10, 2020
EdTech & Closing The Achievement Gap
On this week’s episode, I am joined by Andrew Canle (@AJCanle) to discuss how we can utilize technology integration in the curriculum in order to close the achievement gap.  Twitter: @SpiffyTechGuy, @AJCanle  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - @ksuiteach  Subscribe. Rate. & Leave A Review  #iTeachCoaching #iTeachMaker #iTeachOnDemand #iTeachPodcast #iTeachPodcast #iTeachTalks #iTeachAsks #CoachingCollab
January 30, 2020
20/20 Vision
In this episode, Ronald discusses being intentional in setting goals using technology, mindsets, and starting the new year off right. Don't forget to rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Please be sure to follow KSU iTeach for updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest Host: Twitter @SpiffyTechGuy #iTeachCoaching #iTeachMaker #iTeachOnDemand #iTeachPodcast #iTeachTalks #iTeachAsks #CoachingCollab
January 9, 2020
Meet Ronald Catlin
Happy NEW YEAR!! We are back for Season 5! Meet the new host of the iTeach podcast, Ronald Catlin.  In this minisode, we get to learn more about who he is and what’s in store for this season on the podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review “The iTeach Podcast” on iTunes. Follow me on Twitter @SpiffyTechGuy and follow @ksuiteach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and more.
January 2, 2020
iTeach Live, S4E1 - Kicking Off A Super School Year
Welcome Back! WE are so excited to be back for season 4 of iTeach Live. In this episode, we talk about strategies to help teachers get to know their students WITHOUT having to give them a learning inventory. Also, our very own co-host Dr Anissa Vega is busy fishing in Alaska so iTeach Instructional Coach and Social Media Director, Kristen Klinger, joins us live in studio to talk about all the new ways you can interact with iTeach on the web. Give it a listen, hit the subscribe button, and let us know what you think online using the hashtag, #iteachlive.
August 5, 2019
iTeach Live, S3E10 (Full Show) - Year in Review
In this episode, Andy and Dr Vega talk about the incredible interviews that took place on the show over the past year.  You can lean more about KSU iTeach at our website. You can follow the iTeach Live crew on Twitter @iTeachEdTech2u (Andy), @stephsteph83 (Stephanee), and @lokeyvega (Anissa). You can connect with iTeach on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
May 29, 2019
Sydney Jensen, 2019 Nebraska TOTY
In this clip from the April 22 iTeach Live, we interview Sydney Jensen. Sydney, a Georgia native and graduate of the University of Georgia, is the 2019 Nebraska Teacher of the year. She currently teaches ninth-grade English and partners with colleagues as an instructional coach at Lincoln High School, the largest and most diverse school in Nebraska’s capital city. Her interests include Instructional coaching and why every teacher needs a coach, mental health supports for students and teachers including trauma-informed teaching, secondary trauma & compassion fatigue, and teacher recruitment and retention. You can connect with Sydney on Twitter at @syndneycjenson. You can lean more about KSU iTeach at our website. You can follow the iTeach Live crew on Twitter @iTeachEdTech2u (Andy), @stephsteph83 (Stephanee), and @lokeyvega (Anissa). You can connect with iTeach on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
May 6, 2019
iTeach Live, S3Ep (Full Show)
In this episode we speak with Sydney Jenson, Nebraska's 2019 TOTY, and Jamie Gaddy, the voice of We also talk with @ksuiteach Instructional Coach, Ana Hale about Camp NaNoWriMo, a virtual writer’s retreat, designed for maximum flexibility and creativity.  You can follow Sydney on Twitter at @sydneycjensen. You can follow Jamie and on Twitter @homeschoolcom. You can learn more about Camp NaNoWriMo on their website. You can lean more about KSU iTeach at our website. You can follow the iTeach Live crew on Twitter @iTeachEdTech2u (Andy), @stephsteph83 (Stephanee), and @lokeyvega (Anissa). You can connect with iTeach on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
April 30, 2019
Strategic Foresight Exercise w/Dr Anissa Vega
In this clip, Dr Anissa Vega, a certified Futurist, leads us through a quick demonstration of a strategic foresight exercise. If you are interested in using strategic foresight in your school or district's strategic planning, you can contact Dr Vega at You can follow Dr Vega on Twitter at @LokeyVega. For information on any of the innovative services offered at KSU iTeach, check out our website at or email us at You can find us on all the major social media platforms at @ksuiteach.
April 22, 2019
iTeach OnDemand with Hannah Rome
In this clip, Hannah Rome talks with us about iTeach OnDemand, an innovative new service from KSU iTeach that allows us to support teachers anytime, and anywhere. For more information about OnDemand or any of the innovative services offered by iTeach, check out our website at or email us at  Hannah can be found on Twitter at @H_Rome_iTeach.
April 16, 2019
iTeach Live, S3E8 (Full Show)
In this episode, we talk about iTeachU and iTeach OnDemand, our new and innovative ways we are supporting students, teachers, and administrators. iTeach Instructional Coach, Hannah Rome is in the studio with us share how iTeach OnDemand provides educators with access to the support they need; anytime and anywhere! Think of is as the "Netflix" of educator support. iTeachU is our response to all the educators we work with that are frustrated with old, non-personalized professional development. Read more about these new and exciting offerings on our website! Just click the picture (of the actual human you will chat with) if you have questions or want to provide us with some feedback.
April 11, 2019
iTeach Live, S3E6
In this episode, we speak with Dr Julie Warner, a research analyst at the US Department of Education. Julie is a NBCT, has worked as an education policy advisor for Sen Al Franken and the Office of the White House, and has served as Tech Director for the Coastal Savannah Writing Project. We talk with Julie about personalized learning, micro-credentials, literacy in the maker movement, and several of her personal projects and books.  17:35 - Julie's new book 20:40 - Julie's views on personalized learning 27:24 - Micro-credentialing 45:35 - Literacy and the Maker Movement 59:35 - Julie's new book and mistakes we've made 1.32:35 - Teenagers learning with and through smart phones 1.44:35 - Closing *All views expressed are Julie's personal views and do not represent the views of the US Department of Education
January 21, 2019
iTeach Live, S3E5
This is our "Year in Review" and "2019 Preview" show where we discussed the past year at iTeach (things like MakerBus launch, things learned at/from conferences, future casting, ITEC 7600, and other accomplishments) and previewed some exciting things we have on the horizon for 2019 (things like iTeachU and iTeach On Demand)! Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts. #iteachlive #personalizedlearning #sweatervestprotest
November 27, 2018
iTeach Live, S3E4
In this episode, special guest (and iTeach alum) Heather Cox joins us from Microsoft to talk about how Microsoft software and hardware can be used to support personalized learning. You can follow Heather on Twitter @MrsHCox
October 30, 2018
iTeach Live, S3E3
In this episode of iTeach Live, we discuss Individual Path and Pace and how without them, you cannot be "personalized" learning. Listen in on the conversation to learn more about what is possibly the most misunderstood component to a truly personalized learning experience.
October 8, 2018
iTeach Live, S3E2
The latest episode of iTeach Live focuses on Student Voice as an essential condition for Personalized Learning. The team talks about what student voice is and how to begin incorporating it in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. EDU in the News is also featured in this episode, as well as some current pop culture trends. Timeline: Intro/Edu in the News Student Voice 32:24.723 --Elementary 35:53.762 --Middle 48:17.986 --High 1:03:17.070 Pop Culture 1:33:59.030 What Are You Reading? 1:38:50.000
September 3, 2018
iTeach Live, S3E1
In the first episode of Season 3, we discuss executive function; what it is, it's impact on personalized learning, and why we chose "executive function" in lieu of some other proprietary term (Hint: it's all about the data). We also discuss strategies that teachers and parents can implement immediately to promote executive functioning in their students and children. Join in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag, #iteachlive.
August 6, 2018
iTeach Live, Episode 5
In this episode of iTeach Live, we pay homage to the request show we grew up on, TRL Live! We field questions from listeners on a variety of subjects that range from "What can I do this summer to prepare for PL in the fall?", to "What all does iTeach do?" As always, let us know your thoughts and questions using the hashtag #iteachlive via all your social media outlets! Key Discussions: [9:32] - EDU in the News [23:31] - Segment 1: TRL [25:28] - Question 1 [36:20] - Question 2 [45:28] - Question 3 [58:43] - Question 4 [1:18:31] - Question 5 [1:27:04] - Question 6 [1:31:28] - iTeach Services Explained [1:49:33] - Summer Schedule
May 28, 2018
iTeach Live, Episode 4
In this episode, we have streaming issues, sound issues, and recording issues! Even still, we forged ahead and recorded a show full of great content. We covered authentic and adaptive assessments as an essential condition for personalized learning. We also had special guest, Leigh Martin (@leighmlibrarian) in the studio to talk about the KSU iTeach MakerBus and all things makered. And finally, we finished the show with 2 bits on summer PD and the second installment of Plug In Parents. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts! Use #iteachlive to let us know what you think of the show and if there are any topics you would like to discuss in a future episode.
April 23, 2018
Essential Conditions - Learner Voice
We discussed Learner Voice as as essential condition for personalized learning on episode 3 of iTeach Live on March 26, 2018. This is the recording of that discussion.
April 16, 2018
Interview with Anthony Kim, CEO of Education Elements
We interview Anthony Kim, CEO of Education Elements on Episode 3 of iTeach Live on March 26, 2018. This is the recording of that interview.
April 12, 2018
iTeach Live, Episode 3
In this episode, we interview Education Elements CEO, Anthony Kim about his new book, The New School Rules. We also talk about Learner Voice as a n essential condition for personalized learning and how teachers can begin to incorporate learner voice in their classrooms. We had David Lockhart, The Big Guy in a Bow Tie, come by the studio to talk about HyperDuino in his segment, Gadget Time. And finally, we introduced a new segment called "Focusing on Frameworks" where we broke down the SAMR model of technology integration and what it really means for personalized learning in the classroom.
April 9, 2018
iTeach Live Essential Conditions: Mastery Dispositions
In this segment, we talk about mastery dispositions as an essential condition for personalized learning. We discuss not only what "mastery dispositions" means and how it relates to personalized learning, but what teachers can do right now in their classrooms to move towards a mastery disposition!
March 12, 2018
iTeach Live, Episode 2
iTeach Live is the new format with hosts Andy, Stephanee, and Anissa. In episode 2, we talk about Mastory Dispositions and what teachers can do right now to move towards mastery in their own classrooms. We also talk with instructional coach, Ana Hale, about badges and micro-credentialing that teachers can acquire to personalize their own professional development. Finally, introduced a new segment called Plug In Parents where we discuss the difficult topic of parenting connected kids. We address screen time in particular in this episode.
March 5, 2018
Special Episode - Steve Garton, Live at GaETC 2017
We got to sit down and chat with Common Sense Media's Steve Garton at GaETC 2017 about everything from parenting today's connected children to managing systematic change at the state level. You can follow Steve on Twitter @sgarton121. You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel at
December 12, 2017
Tony Vincent, Live from GaETC 2017
We got the opportunity to talk with Tony Vincent at GaETC 2017! We talk about everything from the new iPhone, missed opportunities with students, and the merits of project based learning. You can follow Tony on Twitter @TonyVincent. Learn more about Tony and/or check out his learning resources at You can watch the interview on our Youtube channel @
December 6, 2017
Special Episode - Nearpod, Live @ GaETC 2017
Listen in as we chat with Carlo and Amber (from Nearpod)about all things Nearpod! They were kind enough to stop by our booth at GaETC and fill us in on all the new features and even dropped some hints on some upcoming! You can follow Carlo on Twitter @Nearpod_Carlo; You can follow Amber on Twitter @PeppyZestyTeach; Learn more about Nearpod @ You can watch the interview at
November 28, 2017
Special Episode - Jaime Casap Live from GaETC 2017
This very special episode was recorded live from our booth at GaETC 2017. Listen in as Google's Education Evangelist, Jaime Casap, talks with us about trends in education, Personalized Learning, and Google's involvement in the Dynamic Learning Project (with Digital Promise). You can follow Jaime on Twitter @jcasap. You can watch the video of this interview on our YouTube page @
November 14, 2017
Episode 16 - iTeach Coach Feature - Nisa Peek
Get to know KSU iTeach Instructional Technology Specialist Nisa Peek in this episode of Education 3.0. Nisa is the second longest serving member of the iTeach team and is the project lead for our Paulding County Schools project. She shares with us some valuable tricks that she uses to help clear her mind and focus on the big picture, while at the same time not losing focus on #onesmallthing. Give it a listen and if you like what you hear, subscribe today. You can follow Nisa on Twitter @NisaPeek.
November 7, 2017
Episode 15 - iTeach Project Feature - Tech Eds
In this episode, we talk with PCSD Tech Eds project lead, Nisa Peek to get a "peek" at the grassroots change she is leading in Paulding County Schools. Nisa shares with us everything from the humble beginnings of the Tech Eds program to the "District of Distinction" awards they have received since pushing the project out. Listen in to hear some of Nisa's strategies and tips for leading and managing systematic change from the bottom up on a shoestring budget! You can follow Nisa on Twitter @NisaPeek. You can learn more about the Tech Eds on their website,
November 2, 2017
Episode 14 - iTeach Coach Feature - Heather Cox
In this episode, I talk with Heather Cox about how she supports coaches in the field. We also speak about missing the classroom and how new coaches need to be assertive when trying to fill their calendar. Heather shares with us some of her strategies for coping and identifying what teachers need and when. Listen in to keep up with the conversation as I never have any problems talking openly and honestly with Heather (Spoiler: She just needs a mic)! Don't for get to subscribe and if you like it, share it with your friends. You can follow Heather on Twitter @MrsHCox.
October 31, 2017
Episode 13 - iTeach Coach Feature - Jackie Souffrant
In this episode, I travel to College Park to talk with KSU iTeach Instructional Technology Specialist, Jackie Souffrant. Jackie came to us via her own personal pursuit for happiness. She epitomizes what it means to "love what you do." And that love shows when she walks down the halls of her schools as her teachers and students obviously love her back. Listen in as we get to know Jackie and how "loving what you do" means just as much to your clients as it does to you. You can follow Jackie on Twitter @JackieSouffrant
October 24, 2017
Episode 12 - EDU Mashup, GaETC Preview
Join me, Heather, and special guest Stephanee Stephens as we go over all things GaETC 2017! We cover who to see, what to leave with, and how to survive for first timers and conference pros. Don't forget that we will be broadcasting live from the venue and will have tons of freebies and give-aways! Come by and see us at the conference and, as always, don't forget to hit that "Subscribe" button.
October 19, 2017
Episode 11 - iTeach Coach Feature - Kristin Siembieda
In this episode, we get to meet 21 yr teaching vet Kristin Siembieda. Kristin leverages her unique experience with the Ranger Service and love for outdoor education to motivate and inspire students and teachers in the schools she supports. Listen in to get to know her and learn some of the strategies she employs in both of the Title I schools she serves. You can follow Kristin on Twitter @kmsteach31
October 18, 2017
Episode 10 - iTeach Coach Feature - Alex Larson
Listen in on Alex and I discuss how her early exposure to a personalized, co-taught environment has shaped the way she supports her schools today. And learn that she is not only the in-house Microsoft expert for the iTeach team, but she supports a Microsoft Showcase School and one-of-28, Teach-to-One schools in the nation! How good is the work Alex is doing? Just ask the US Department of Education's Office of Ed Tech (@OfficeofEdTech)...or read about it at the link below! You almost can't tell we forgot to plug in the mic :) You can follow Alex on Twitter @Alex_n_wndrlnd Read about the work KSU iTeach and Alex Larson are doing at Bear Creek Middle School:
October 10, 2017
Episode 9 - iTeach Project Feature - Wheeler County with Special Guest David Lockhart
KSU iTeach project lead, David Lockhart and I talk about how he brings personalized learning and the maker movement to one of the poorest counties in the nation. He also gets to work with the STEM and Innovation team from the second largest school district in Georgia. Learn some of his strategies for balancing the load with two school districts on opposite ends of the spectrum. You can follow David on Twitter @bigguyinabowtie.
October 5, 2017
Episode 8 -iTeach Coach Feature - Kris McBride
In this special episode, Andy chats Kris McBride, the longest server member of the iTeach team. Kris has a unique roll with the team in that she is one of the Project Leads for our largest contract and she gets to "coach the coaches." Tune in to learn some of the strategies and best practices Kris uses to support our embedded coaches in the field. You can follow Kris on Twitter @ijustkeepswimn
October 3, 2017
Episode 7 - iTeach Coach Feature - Phil Wagener
In this episode, we get to meet KSU Instructional Technology Specialist Philip Wagener. Phil came to iTeach from Illinois and uses his experience as a traveling musician to engage and personalize learning for his students. Listen as he shares some of his unique strategies for success and the exciting projects he is currently working on. You can follow Phil on Twitter @PhilipWagener
September 25, 2017
EDU Mashup E1S1
EDU Mashup co hosts Andy Boyle and Heather Cox talk with KSU iTeach Director Stephanee Stephens, and KSU Bagwell College of Education professor Dr Anissa Vega about personalized learning. They cover everything from Maria Montessori and her role in personalized learning to state and national policies that are complicating the implementation of personalized learning and education 3.0. You can follow everyone on Twitter at : @MrsHCox, @Stephsteph83, and @LokeyVega
September 23, 2017
Episode 5 - iTeach Coach Feature - Ana Hale
In this episode, we get to Meet KSU iTeach Instructional Technology Specialist Ana Hale. Ana has a unique set of challenges presented to her as she is embedded in two schools that couldn't be more opposite each other. Learn some of the strategies and tools that Ana uses to personalize learning for both a low SES elementary school and one of the highest SES high schools in the district. You can follow Ana on Twitter @AnaHale
September 23, 2017
Episode 4 - iTeach Project Feature - Vanguard with Special Guest Heather Cox
In Episode 4, Heather Cox enlightens us on what it means to be "Vanguard". She also catches us up on the Vanguard team in Fulton County Schools and some of work she has been doing with other districts in places as far away as Maryland and Texas. Follow Heather and the Vanguard team on Twitter here: @MrsHCox and @FCSVanguard.
September 23, 2017
Episode 3 - iTeach Coach Feature - Trent Stapleton
Andy and Trent talk about personalized learning and what it looks like in a north Atlanta elementary and middle school. Trent shares his unique journey to iTeach and some of his favorite strategies for success! You can follow Trent on Twitter @StapleTech. We apologize for the noise on this episode, but Hurricane Irma forced us to improvise and record at a local Starbucks.
September 12, 2017
Special Episode - Andy Boyle
In this special episode, Andy Boyle introduces us to the podcast format and schedule. You can follow Andy on Twitter @iTeachEdTech2u.
September 5, 2017
Episode 2 - What Is iTeach - Stephanee Stephens
In episode 2 of Education 3.0, we get to meet Stephanee Stephens, Director of iTeach at Kennesaw State University. Stephanee fills us in on what and who exactly iTeach is, her journey to iTeach, and what iTeach is working on right now. Follow Stephanee on Twitter @StephSteph83.
August 30, 2017
Episode 1 - Education 3.0 - Stephanee Stephens with special guest Dr Traci Redish
In episode 1 of Education 3.0, we get to meet Dr Traci Redish, chair of the Instructional Technology Department in the Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University and Stephanee Stephens, Director of iTeach at Kennesaw State University. They walk us through an explanation of what exactly Education 3.0 is and recaps of EDU 1.0 and 2.0. Keep up with and follow our guests here: @TraciRedish, @KSUITEC, @KSUiTeach, @Stephsteph83
August 28, 2017