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By Kyra Oliver
Want to live happy and free? Create Y.O.U. (your own utopia) by learning how to think differently. It will change your life in ways you've never imagined. This is for you if you truly want to live a Lifestyle That Feels Good. insta @kyraoliver
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Interview with Kathy Elliott (Mom) and Rachel Elliott (Kathy's Daughter): Survival of a Daughter with Cancer and Their Story of Resilience Through Active Choices
Can you imagine, as a mom, sitting next to your daughter for months while she is in a coma, going through chemotherapy, you name it-- truly not sure of what's next? As someone who has lost a child, this is scary. But what they chose to do is amazing. This is a story of resilience, by both a mom and daughter, who came to understand the importance of the mindset during times of uncertainty. This podcast is so inspiring! If you know anyone that may be going through the trials of uncertainty, this is for you. A listen will help you understand that your "active choices" can not only change everything, but IS everything that will lead to joy during trauma.  You can find Kathy at: instagram @iamkathyelliott You can find Rachel at: instagram @rach_elliott Her Tedx Talk here: You can find me on: instagram @kyraoliver facebook and TikTok​ My website:​ #lifestylethatfeelsgood #8waysofbeing #healthyissexy #exercisehelpsme #exercisesavedmylife #resilience #kathyelliott #rachelliott #tedxtalk Much love,    Kyra
May 30, 2021
Interview with Instagram Influencer Tricia DeNardis: A Mom Helping Mom's with Fitness, a Healthy Lifestyle and Confidence
Tricia is one powerful woman who realized that helping others mom's is her mission. She is a wife, mom to 3, Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Postnatal Exercise Specialist and athlete that helps women stay strong and active during and after pregnancy.   You can find her on Instagram: #6monthspostpartum #momof3 #letsgetup #digdeepernation #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness  You can find me on: instagram @kyraoliver facebook and TikTok​ My website:​ #lifestylethatfeelsgood #8waysofbeing #healthyissexy #exercisehelpsme #exercisesavedmylife Much love,    Kyra
May 09, 2021
Momma Mulkey: A Parent's Perspective of a Former Heroin Addict Turned Competitive Triathlete
Karen Mulkey, also known as Momma Mulkey on TikTok, is the mom of former heroin addict Noel Mulkey. She shares her brave journey of fear and heartbreak through years of trying to help her son find his way out of his addiction. As a competitive triathlete (who qualified for Kona!), she knew that she could help her son find a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. Listen to her story. #noelmulkey​ #mommamulkey​ #lifestylethatfeelsgood​ #8waysofbeing​  Follow her on TikTok at​  You can find me at: instagram @kyraoliver facebook and TikTok​ My website:​ Much love,   Kyra AllRecently uploaded
May 04, 2021
Interview with Author and Model Mark Turnipseed: Former Heroin Addict and Alcoholic Who Overcame His Fear of Coming Out
Mark Turnipseed has quite a story to tell and I am so grateful that he opened up for all of us so that we can learn from him.  He is a fitness coach, mental health advocate, suicide survivor, model and LGBTQ addiction recovery advocate. Mark A. Turnipseed is the author of My Suicide Race: Winning Over the Trauma of Addiction, Recovery, and Coming Out. In this podcast, he shares some difficult experiences that nearly took his life several times. His willingness to be vulnerable and face his fears has provided us with the gift of his true and authentic self--  lean in and listen to this story.  Thank you for joining us! Please help Mark and me by sharing this story with someone that may need it. You can find Mark at: You can find me at: instagram @kyraoliver facebook and tiktok My website: Much love, Kyra
April 19, 2021
Interview with Roxy Kaiser: Sister Died in Car Crash at 17, MADD Rep and Fitness Influencer
Roxy shares her story of losing her sister to an alleged drunk driver, how she got involved in MADD, forgiveness, and self-care--all this is wrapped into such a great podcast. Listen in and learn how you can handle difficult life situations, turn it into good and how self-care will change your life and provide strong mental health.  You can find Roxy at: Thank you for joining us! Please help Roxy and me by sharing this story with someone that may need it. You can find me at: instagram @kyraoliver facebook @kyraoliver and @kyramoliver tiktok Much love, Kyra
April 05, 2021
Interview with Noel Mulkey: Former Heroin Addict, Overweight Turned Competitive Athlete
Noel is a former overweight drug addict who found fitness and triathlon, which ultimately saved his life. Noel shares his deep, dark and difficult journey as a heroin addict since 8th grade. The best part is how he changed his life and that he wants to help others change their lives. Noel turned things around and it was incredibly hard, but now he is a competitive athlete filled with fun and inspiration. Thank you for joining us! Please help Noel and me by sharing this story with someone that may need it.  You can find me: instagram @kyraoliver facebook @kyraoliver and @kyramoliver Much love, Kyra
March 30, 2021
Charming Interview with Southern Style Influencer Airica Puckett: She's Here To Help Make Your Life Better Every Day!
Airica is the essence of southern charm. Living in small town Tennessee, (and my hometown of Livingston!), Airica shares here story of marrying her 8th grade sweetheart (yep, you read that right...), an unexpected heart condition, how AP Style came to life and so much more. Airica is all about helping improve your life no matter how big or small and SHE LIVES AND BREATHES FUN. Listen in and share this with your best friend. Maybe this should be the next Netflix "real lifestyle stories" series!  You can find Airica on Instagram @airicapuckettstyle and on her blog at Thank you for listening. Much love to you! Kyra Want to find me?
March 15, 2021
How I Found My Mind, Body and Soul
In this episode, I share how I have created some recent changes in my life to help set the tone for my day. Through yoga, calming music, journaling and intention I have learned how to wake up with a relaxing vibe that stays with me, serves me and simply helps me be a better version of me. Listen in and share with someone you love.  Thank you! Much love to you! Kyra Want to find me?
January 27, 2021
The Perspective of a COVID Survivor and His Partner- REAL FEARFUL MOMENTS: Interview with Mark Richter and Patricia Yesche
Can you imagine your most fearful moment being that you can't breathe and you truly fear that no one will get to you in time to help you? That is just one of the many truths of my guests today, a man and is domestic partner, who share what happened and how they feel today. We need to understand what others are going through in order to grasp the reality of COVID. Please take a listen and share with someone you love. Much love to you! Kyra Want to find me?
August 19, 2020
How a Vision Grew an Audience of over 10,000 in a Few Weeks (and Helped Prevent Depression) Due to COVID: Interview with Matt Potts
Matt had a vision. Matt wanted to help others see the "Unintended Positives" of COVID. An award-winning advertising copywriter, scriptwriter, freelancer, artistic director, President & Chief Operating Officer, entrepreneur, and even a Six Sigma Green Belt in Process Management, Matt sees the world as a place of positive energy and with that, he felt that by creating a community on Facebook, he could pull all that energy together in a bold way-- and he did! Along the way, he's been the artistic director and playwright-in-residence for a theatre company where he wrote and directed his original works. He is a certified LifeCoach with a business he calls 2PointBe Personal Development Coaching. Listen to learn how Matt Potts has, and continues, to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Make sure to share this episode and others so that, together, we can help others live a joyful lifestyle. Thank you and much love, Kyra Check out: Unintended Positives from Shelter-in-Place 2020 Contact Matt directly by messaging him on this Unintended Positives Facebook page.  Matt's just launched his new website: Want to find me?
July 27, 2020
You GET to Empower Your Kids to Live and Lead a Joyful Life
You are empowered to help others, including your kids, to lead an amazingly joyful life-- something that is a privilege and a way to make the world a better place. And what's amazing is that you GET to do that. Learn how this works and why it is important to our culture.  Much love, Kyra More about me here:
June 11, 2020
Serial Entrepreneur, Wellness Warrior and Breast Cancer Survivor: Interview with Donna Sharp Suro
Donna is a fighter-- and, well, she had to be in order to manage the tremendous ups and downs that life has tossed her way from the difficult loss of her father to learning she had breast cancer. She doesn't give up and continues to speak truth so that she can help others all while pushing through crazy entrepreneurial decisions every day. Listen to this inspirational nugget that will help you see that you CAN survive and even thrive.  To connect with Donna: And more about me here:
May 27, 2020
Suffering In Silence: Interview with Kris Bachman and Mike Campbell
This is a great story of how two friends saw a need to help those suffering in silence and began to build it. They never expected it to grow so quickly and with such incredible support from Olympic athletes, NFL Football Players and accomplished Military die-hards to large corporations and more. Listen to see what they did and why. Please share to inspire others! Thank you.  Much love, Kyra Find Kris and Mike here: ttps:// And more about me here:
May 18, 2020
Stage 4 Brain Cancer Survivor, Author, Entrepreneur: Interview with Logan Sneed
Imagine driving down the road (literally) to soon find out you had brain cancer-- stage 4 brain cancer. Most of you know that what I care the most about is impacting the lives of others. And boy does our guest today do just that. Please join me in welcoming Logan Sneed who is a brain cancer survivor, 6 figure entrepreneur, top selling author, keynote speaker and so much more. Find more about Logan here: And more about me here:
April 28, 2020
How To Not Obsess Over Your Goals, But Still Be The Best: Interview with Lillian Crocker
Lillian Crocker, an 18 year old ice skater turned ballet dancer, is a gem of a person that has worked so hard to become a TOP ballet dancer. But it has been hard and at a young age, she has made tough decisions about her career. Lean in to hear how she deals with choices while looking ahead. This podcast is great for adults and those looking to be at the top of their game. Follow Lillian here and please share this podcast so that you can help Lillian and me inspire others. Much love! Kyra
April 23, 2020
Your Mindset Can (And Will) Pull You Out Of Depression: Interview with Andrew Schultz
This interview is incredibly inspiring. Listen to Andrew as he shares his vulnerable side and what he has done to create a beautifully present life.  Andrew Schultz is an international Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness & Transformational Coach, Podcast Host of “Positive Impact with Andrew Schultz,” and Speaker. He has one of the fastest-growing podcasts being downloaded in over 47 countries worldwide and is based on positive impact in the community.  Andrew was a stand out 3 time all-conference NCAA baseball player and an accomplished corporate Vice President wearing suits. He had it all going for him, but something happened. Listen up.  Links to connect with Andrew: Please share it forward! Share this podcast on your social media and with at least one person today. You can change their life! Connect with me! or
April 15, 2020
Social Media Addiction Help for Your Teen (and YOU!)_Interview with Alexa Mendes
Alexa Mendes is a 16-year-old high school junior who is driven to the point of wanting to help others-- truly amazing at such a young age.  Alexa discovered how social media was stealing joy from her life and she knew she had to do something about it. Learn what she did and how it can change your teen's life and even your own life. Other tidbits you will learn: what tools and games are great to use now, especially during the COVID-19 stay at home order. Alexa’s book, #Unsubscribed: How I am thriving in high school without social media (and you can, too) is available in both English and Spanish on Amazon. More information about her book and Gold Award can be found at The main link to reach her is or by email at
April 06, 2020
Using Your Mindset to Deal With Being Uncomfortable Plus Managing Your Day During COVID-19
This is an uncomfortable time and we are all in it together, but you can use your mindset to work through it and those challenging (or fun) ideas you have! Listen to this podcast to help you learn how to manage this stay-at-home-time in the best way you can. Stay positive! Thank you and much love! Kyra
April 01, 2020
Why Building Your Business Now Is More Important Than Ever_Interview with Hailey Rowe
In this episode, we get to hear how Hailey Rowe built her coaching and lifestyle business, why she did it, why she wants to help you and how she does it. Hailey talks about the importance of your value today, even in the midst of our stay-at-home lifestyle with the Corona Virus. And you will love the bonus content...Hailey sings for us! Check out this podcast! It is really good. Much love, Kyra Insta: @kyraoliver Facebook:
March 25, 2020
A Walk On The Beach With Me: Why Hope and Planning Is So Important Now
Hey Guys! In this episode, I share thoughts about the importance of hope and how planning your day can keep you motivated.  Enjoy! Much Love, Kyra
March 20, 2020
Why You MUST Do Self-Care
Self-care gives back in so many ways. This podcast tells you why and how to find some space to make time for y.o.u. Much love, Kyra @kyraoliver
March 02, 2020
You May Struggle, But Do Not Quit, Ever
Hey guys, check out this episode where I share my recent struggles with all that flu-like stuff going around and how it felt like a struggle to find motivation. Yes, I have to find motivation too! Much love, Kyra @kyraoliver Get a copy of my book on Amazon! KYRA OLIVER, Founder and CEO y.o.u. (your own utopia) I am an author, speaker, wellness influencer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, fitness instructor, ultra runner and triathlete who is passionate about my environment and community by living a lifestyle that FEELS good. ™
February 17, 2020
Why You Must Get An Accountability Partner
Want to make a difference and reach your goals? Get an accountability partner. I have one and she is amaze! Listen to this episode to hear my story about how my AP is changing my life. It's a super cool way to get honest feedback so that you can make wise decisions.  Much Love, Kyra @kyraoliver
February 11, 2020
Creating Bonds With Friends While Traveling And The Wedding
In this episode, I talk about how traveling with friends is amazing, build phenomenal bonds, and how you can ensure the best time ever-- one you will never forget. Also, my close friends got married! Listen to what they shared and how it is going to (already is) create a lifelong marriage for them. Love those guys! Find me @kyraoliver on FB and Insta and on my website at  Much Love, Kyra
February 03, 2020
If You Mess Up, Fess Up
We all mess up. In this podcast, I talk about how we need to be honest and open when we make a mistake and how to deal with those that seem to avoid supporting our positivity. Much love, Kyra
January 14, 2020
Are You Surrounded By Toxic Relationships
Quick episode today about why you need to care about who you are and the importance of avoiding toxicity. I am focusing on the launch of my 8 Ways Workshop on January 12. Here's the link if you want more info. Much love, Kyra
January 06, 2020
Only Y.O.U. Can Change YOU
What are you waiting for? Quit doing the things that do not serve you and start doing the things that will change your life now and forever. Your mindset in regards to ALL THINGS (love, fitness, healthy eating, goals and overall lifestyle) is where it's at.  Much Love, Kyra
December 31, 2019
Mindset Matters: How to Change Your Life and Someone Else's Starting Today!
This podcast is so important to your life and to anyone that wants to live a joyful life! This is a must-listen to help you be your best self and to stop sabotaging your life. Mindset Matters is critical to your survival in this world. Thank you and I love you! Kyra ps: If you are ready to have an amazing life, contact me for private coaching or to sign up for my online workshop. Space is limited and I only take on a few private clients so contact me today. Email me. insta @kyraoliver My book is available on Amazon.
December 16, 2019
Meriah Earle Interview: Achieving Her Olympic Trials Qualification A Standard (A BIG DEAL!)- Mind Games Are Just Games
This interview is so special! I am honored to interview Meriah for the second time about this phenomenal journey to the Olympic Trials. Listen while she tells us how the past 48 hours shaped her next steps towards a dream. insta @kyraoliver #lifestylethatfeelsgood #8waysworkshop @meriahearle Much Love, Kyra
December 10, 2019
Tony Cohen Interview: From Wall Street to Rehab to Resilience and Helping Others With Ketones and Self Defense
Tony Cohen has had challenges that would cause most to hit rock bottom and seriously struggle to bounce back. While Tony has obviously had his struggles, he has persevered with a goal of helping others through self defense knowledge and techniques and a healthier mind and body using ketones. Join us as we dig into Tony's story. #lifestylethatfeelsgood insta @kyraoliver Much Love, Kyra
December 09, 2019
Kaitlin Reed Interview: Starting At Age 12 With Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and Over-Exercising
Kaitlin shares her battles that started at the age of 12 and what she has done, and is still doing, to overcome them. Her desire and commitment to helping others shines through her real stories of trying to find herself. Lean in to this podcast now and help us help someone else with this beautiful vulnerability. @kyraoliver
December 01, 2019
LONELINESS: What Can You Do For Someone That Is Lonely Around The Holidays (Or For Yourself If You Feel Lonely)
Loneliness is tough and way too much of it happens every day- especially around the holidays. You can change someone's life with a simple text or by sharing this podcast. You CAN HELP OTHERS and YOU CAN CHOOSE TO NOT BE LONELY. Either way, listen, learn, practice--- make an impact.  Much love, Kyra @kyraoliver
November 29, 2019
Why Is Listening So Hard
Let's talk about listening and why it is a must-do! If you care about being your best for your family, friends and co-workers, lean in and help others by sharing this podcast. Thank you and much love! @kyraoliver
November 18, 2019
Meriah Earle Interview: Confident, Yet Humble. Her Journey To The Olympic Trials Plus Tips To Motivate You
Meriah Earle, an accomplished runner from San Diego and Olympic trial hopeful, tells us what she does to keep going. Learn some techniques straight from Meriah, how they apply to anything in your life by taking the pressure off a bit and how these techniques continue to drive Meriah today. 
November 12, 2019
How To Forgive So That You Can Be Free!
Forgiving is crucial to finding y.o.u. (your own utopia). In this episode, I offer up some techniques to thinking differently so that you can find freedom and way more joy.  Thank you for listening. Please share so that together, we can help others. 
November 04, 2019
Will Owens Interview: A Fearful Journey From Total Darkness:
Will Owens, a former Marine, takes us through his journey of falling deep into fearfulness. Learn what he did and how his lack of desire to live turned into a true desire to live for others. This podcast is raw footage of real stuff and is for anyone that wants to live a positive lifestyle. NOTE: This podcast contains some vivid descriptions of his journey. 
October 28, 2019
Are You Thinking Too Much of Yourself? Don't.
C.S. Lewis gives it straight in his quote "humility is not thinking less of yourself; it's thinking of yourself less." I LOVE this quote! Let's dig into this together. Insta @kyraoliver 
October 21, 2019
Stop Letting Those Voices Control Your Life
Whether you are trying to simply make it to your daily workout or make an impact on your community or the world, stop letting those little voices get in the way. You are in control of your thoughts. Much love, Kyra
October 15, 2019