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Lady Daddy Talks

Lady Daddy Talks

By Lady Daddy
A podcast hosted by yours truly in Charlotte, N.C., where we discuss the kinkyfuckshit happening near and far through a series of interviews, Q&A's, and community updates! [Disclaimer: Content from this podcast is to be considered #NSFW nor is it for listeners under the age of 18 years old without parental/legal consent!]
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Lady Daddy Talks: Collaring Ceremonies Pt. 1

Lady Daddy Talks

Lady Daddy Talks: Collaring Ceremonies Pt. 1

Lady Daddy Talks

Season 2 Teaser
Hi my kinky listeners! I hope you're ready for season 2 of Lady Daddy Talks because I'm switching things up! Stay safe & stay sane 💋 If you wish to be featured in this season and discuss our previous or present dynamic, please contact me before September 2021 at
February 28, 2021
Primals and Discord and Glitches-OH MY!
THE SEASON 1 FINALE OF LADY DADDY TALKS! Disclaimer: Due to unfortunate audio drop, you may notice incomplete or incoherent parts of the interview Lady Daddy talks w/ Creator & Organizer of Anomaly of Arkansas, Cephalo Fae, to geek over event highlights and panelists of KAMP Primal 2020, the complexities of primal identity & representation within BDSM communities and dishing out kinky shit show stories! Where you can find Anomaly of Arkansas: Instagram: Fetlife: @Anomaly_Arkansas & @AnomalyNWA Website: Support the #kinkyfuckshit:
November 4, 2020
Politics is my Kink w/ Yada Kinbaku
Lady Daddy talks with Shibari artist, Yada Kinbaku, from Bangkok, Thailand discussing her passion for rope, global issues surrounding sex work, life as a FemDom and cultural influences within BDSM!  Where you can find Yada Kinbaku:  Instagram & Facebook: @Yada.Kinbaku Fetlife: @YingYada
October 4, 2020
Community Update: Frisk.Chat
Lady Daddy gives an improvised, first impression review while scrolling through based in the United Kingdom! The frisky mission seems to be providing an innovative, sex worker friendly platform where YOU can be seen, heard, valued and apart of a community.  Does this sound too good to be true? Would you recommend this website? Is it time to hang up OnlyFans? Leave your comments below or submit a voice message here on the podcast via Voice message: Sparkle Kitty: Joe Budden Podcast:  The Lady Daddy Experience:
September 4, 2020
Lady Daddy Gives Advice
In this episode of Lady Daddy Talks, Lady Daddy goes solo on giving personal advice for event hosts, curators & leaders within the alternative/BDSM lifestyles. Make sure to share this particular episode with those who could benefit from the provided advice! For a self-typed transcript visit
July 6, 2020
Taking on the Mob w/ Push Durham
Lady Daddy Talks w/ Pete Cock of Push Durham discussing my envy & irony of never attending a kink party in New York (yet), his take on the recurring global pandemic COVID-19 and taking a stance on Black Lives Matter all while painting his vision of Push Durham! Where you can follow Pete Cock (Push Durham): Fetlife: @petecock Twitter: @PUSHDurham Instagram: @PUSHDurham
July 5, 2020
POC Representation Within BDSM & Polyamory w/ Trip
Lady Daddy Talks with Trip, the Founder & Organizer of Charlotte's POC Kink/Poly Community discussing the lack of safe spaces and representation for people of color within alternative lifestyles, tips on how to conduct your own events and even the controversy of Race Play! Where you can follow Trip: Instagram: @TalkOrgasmsWithTrip Twitter: @BellesToyChest Podcast: Lust, Lies & Libido Monthly Meetups:
June 1, 2020
Self Love is Sucking Dick w/ Headusa Divine
Lady Daddy Talks with Headusa Divine, the self-ordained Master Oralist, about her new book "The Official Blowjob Handbook Vol. 1", spirituality and even a few marketing tips for the newbies contemplating cam modeling/sex work!  Where you can find Headusa's content: Website: Email: Twitter: @iamheadusa Instagram: @nextlevelhead
May 3, 2020
Dating Kinky Gets Educational!
Shaking off our stir crazy during mandated Stay-at-Home orders during the Covid-19 pandemic, Nookie Notes joins me as we discuss the latest educational opportunities on, Cancel culture within the BDSM/Kink lifestyle and even her own dating woes!  If you wish to submit your erotic text messages for #LadyDaddyReads Instagram LIVE contact me at or slide into my DMs with your screenshots! Where you can find Nookie Notes:
April 11, 2020
Rebuking the #FuckShit w/ Coach Felyne
Rebuking #fuckshit with Coach Felyne while practicing social distancing via Zoom video chatting; we hope to enlighten your quarantine & chill session enforced by COVID-19 with this episode! Links for Coach Felyne: BDSM/EROTICA ASMR bedtime stories: Spoon app @ladydadyta1ks If you're interested in adding your business or collaborating with me in my kinky collective, contact me at
March 20, 2020
Lady Daddy Talks: Collaring Ceremonies Pt. 1
Happy Valentine's Day 2020, I present to you part one of the story entries from BDSM lifestylers, John Blaze and Nookie Notes about collaring ceremonies. If you enjoyed the #kinkyfuckshit, please leave comments on my social media pages or continue sharing your stories with me using #LDTCollaring or send voice messages via Anchor!
February 14, 2020
Kinky Roll Call: February-March 2020
A monthly segment where I announce upcoming #kinkyfuckshit occurring near and far. If you’re interested in enrolling your event details, please contact me to receive a Google form: Queer Kink Haven, a group in development to best serve the LGBTQIA+ community within the Charlotte, N.C. area currently available on! Sensation to Subspace without Impact LoftNC, Gastonia NC or Charlotte's PoC Kink/Poly: February Munch RSVP at or Charlotte Area Women Connect RSVP at International Women's Day! RSVP at Charlotte's PoC Kink/Poly: March munch RSVP at or Kinky Pop Up: Charlotte Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire RSVP at Eventbrite or
February 1, 2020
Lady Daddy Seeks YOUR Audio Submissions
In Kinkuary 2020, Lady Daddy seeks to hear your lifestyle stories about collaring ceremonies! To enter an audio submission download the Anchor app in the Play Store or go to and leave a voice message to be added to the next episode! Deadline for submissions: January 11th, 2020 For further questions or concerns contact me at any of my social media handles under @ladydaddytalks (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) or @ladydaddy on or simply email me at Commercial Ad brought to you by: Flamingo Revue presents: Dead of Winter January 18th, 2020 The Rabbit Hole, Charlotte, N.C.
January 4, 2020
2020's Kinky Roll Call: January
HAPPY KINK YEAR! A brief but unique list of upcoming debauchery occurring in January 2020: C.A.W.C. M.a.s.T. Charlotte's P.o.C. Kink/Poly Community For further detailed descriptions follow me on FetLife (@LadyDaddy) and user name @LadyDaddyTalks on Instagram, Facebook and now TUMBLR!  All regarding show inquiries contact me at:
January 1, 2020
Dispelling Cults & Planning Rituals with Illuminaughty
Recorded: August 2019 *Hyperlinks available to limited platforms* Lady Daddy sits at the altar with Master Klaw (Formerly @MrHaifisch) and TheHellsBelle discussing the origin of the House of Illuminaughty, vetting processes for play parties, dispelling cult rumors and more #kinkyfuckshit! Guest usernames: @MasterKlaw (FetLife) @TheHellsBelle (FetLife) @_illuminaughty_ (FetLife) Event AD brought to you by: The Flamingo Revue presents: JULY IN CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 14TH, 2019 @ 8 P.M.  Petra's Piano Bar, Charlotte, N.C. *CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS*
December 10, 2019
Lady Daddy Talks: Kinky roll call (December 2019)
Lady Daddy's LATEST segment where community calendar updates will be announced! If you wish to partake in the monthly roll call, please send inquires to:! Social medias: @ladydaddy (Fetlife), @ladydaddytalks (Instagram), Lady Daddy Talks (Facebook) SHOW NOTES:  *Hyperlinks available to limited platforms* Ole Saint DICK Play Party Event 12-7-19 Host: @Sav_underground (Fetlife) Savannah, GA Queer & Trans Rope 101 Workshop 12-8-19 Host: @QueerKinksters (FetLife) Durham, N.C. Social medias: ; Queer Kinksters(Facebook) & queer_kink_play( Instagram) HypnoKink in the Carolinas: Hypnosis 101 12-8-19 Hosts: @AmHypnotic & @MentalConfetti (Fetlife) Private home Steele Creek area of Charlotte, N.C. Social medias:  Tumblr: carolinashypnousa ("Carolinas Hypno USA") & Twitter: @CarolinasHypno Season's Beatings at Gray Wolf's Den Charlotte 12-14-19 Hosts: Gray_Wolf_snj (FetLife) Location under discretion Queen City Submissive Mentors Hosts: @Kit_foxslave and @ blueboxslave (Fetlife) Ongoing at various locations Foreplay! Goes South Host: @Metanoia (Fetlife) Petra's piano bar, Charlotte, N.C. Social medias: Facebook & Twitter @ForeplayGS
December 2, 2019
Episode 1: Lost in Mandyland
Recorded: June 2019 Lady Daddy falls down the rabbit hole and interviews Queen Mandy Kimrey of Mandyland Entertainment! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
November 2, 2019
Introduction of Lady Daddy Talks
Disclaimer: Content from this podcast is to be considered #NSFW nor is it for listeners under the age of 18 years old without parental/legal consent! Lady Daddy handles: Email: Fetlife Instagram
June 4, 2019