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Nostalgia & Now with Laguna Biotch

Nostalgia & Now with Laguna Biotch

By Laguna Biotch
On Nostalgia and Now with Laguna Biotch, Kelli breaks down some of your favorite reality television episodes and pop culture moments. Much like your favorite radio station, this podcast covers 90's,00's, and today! This podcast has been described as brunch. You'll leave being reminded of the fun times of pop culture past, present, and some unqualified advice.
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118. Goodbye to you
It's not goodbye, it's see you later. 
June 14, 2022
117. Life Update
So, it's been a while but I wanted to hop on and tell you all what's been going on! There will be new episodes coming with a rebrand that I hope you all love! 
March 21, 2022
116. The Hills 5x06, Red Re-release, Britney's Free, Audrina's Book, & More!
Recaps are back this week, Kelli recaps season 5 episode 6 where Jayde finds out about Brody and Audrina's shady business. What happens? Well, drama happens of course. Jayde is taking swigs of her Jager and ready to fight Audrina. It's very clear that her vacation baggage followed her home.  Other topics? The Challegen drama, Taylor Swift's Red re-release, Britney's free, Audrina's book, Astroworld, Adele, Kelsea Ballerini, Lindsay Lohan, and more! Intro: 00:00 - 7:12 The Challenge Drama: 7:13 - 13:55 The Hills 5x06 recap: 13:56 - 35:57 Red Re-release: 35:58 - 46:25 Pop Cultuer Brunch: 46:26 - 59:34 Outro: 59:35 - end Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
November 16, 2021
115. Purely Pop Culture: Kim & Pete, Zayn & Gigi, & More!
This week is all about the pop culture that is currently happening in Hollywood! No recap!  We talk about Pete and Kim, Zayn and Gigi, along with the Floribama Shore drama, Jessica Simpson, and so much more! Oh and Kelli gives a fun story about the time the police got her drunk and had her take a DUI test, for educational purposes of course. Use the time stamps below! Intro: 00:00 - 6:14 DUI Test: 6:15 - 10:54 Floribama Shore Drama: 10:55 - 18:02 Pop Culture Brunch: 18:03 - 30:13 Pete & Kim: 30:14 - 37:41 Zayn & Gigi: 37:42 - 52:13 Outro: 52:14 - End
November 02, 2021
114. The Hills 5x05, Chace Crawford, Jesy Nelson, Adele,& More!
Recaps are back! The girls decide to crash the boys trip to Hawaii and sparks fly almost immediately! That's right, Audrina has decided to make moves on her new crush Brody to help her forget about Justin. Lauren is barely in the episode but we are reminded she is there a few times. What's happening in LA? Well, Speidi decide to hang out with Colby and Ashley, something that will only end in disaster. Oh, I also talk about the alleged rumors on why Lauren was mad at Jen over Brody but not Audrina.  Other topics: What Kristin Cavallari has been up to, Adele's Instagram Live, Chace Crawford, Jesy Nelson's solo song, Demi Lovato's aliens, SNL, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Challenge drama and more!  Use the timestamps below!  Intro- 00:00 - 3:23 Keeping Up With Kristin Cavallari - 3:24 - 8:31 Floribama Shore - 8:32 - 11:56 The Hills 5x05 - 11:57 - 33:35 Pop Culture Brunch - 33:36 - 52:29 Outro - 52:30 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
October 12, 2021
113. Purely Pop Culture: Demi Lovato & Aliens, JoJo's Back, Eminem, & More!
Heeeey, how y'all doing? Sorry for the wait but I'm back this week with another strictly pop culture episode! The recaps will be back next week, I promise. This week, I give a life update and tell you about the current life phase I am going through. What else? Well, Dashboard Confessional's porch concert and the interesting community it took place in.  Other topics? The Challenge, Demi Lovato, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Adele, Jojo and so much more!  Intro: 00:00- - 9:46 Dashboard Confessional: 9:47 - 16:24 The Challenge: 16:25 - 22:50 Pop Culture Brunch: 22:51 - 43:02 Advice Corner: 43:03 - 55:58 Outro: 55:59  - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
October 05, 2021
112. Purely Pop Culture - Jay, Jana, & Kristin Drama, The Challenge, & More!
This week is a little different than most! Kelli talks about the Jay, Jana, Kristin drama that is currently circulating the internet! Are they were aren't they? Well, we don't have a clear answer but your host tells you all you need to know about them!  Other topics: The Challenge, Drake & Kanye drama, Kaley Cuoco, Brad Pitt, and more!  Intro: 00:00 - 4:26 Mental Health Chat: 4:27 - 11:13 The Challenge- 11:14 - 17:37 Pop Culture Brunch - 17:38 - 29:54 Jana, Jay, & Kristin - 29:55 - 42:39 Outro: 42:40 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
September 07, 2021
111. The Hills 5x04, Chase Rice (Allegedly), DONDA, Bobby Bones, & More!
Audrina has her eye on a new man now that she has decided to move on from musty Justin Bobby! The craziest part? He is a member of their friend group, no one saw this coming! Stephanie also proves that she is not cut out to work for Kelly Cutrone and Speidi finally goes to therapy. Oh, and you want to know why Lauren was mad at Jen about Brody but not Audrina? I will tell you that too!  Other topics: Chase Rice & Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler, Bobby Bones, Ronnie Magro, Floribama Shore, DONDA, and more!  Intro - 00:00 - 5:06 Kirstin & Chase RIce - 5:07 - 8:01 The Hills 5x04 - 8:02 - 33:36 Unqualified Advice - 33:37 - 43:39 Pop Culture Brunch - 43:40 - 55:54 Outro - 55:55 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
August 31, 2021
110. The Hills 5x03, Zoe & Channing, Call Her Heidi, & More!
This weeks episode The Hills is one of the most drama filled episodes of season 5! Heidi is back from Colorado and still mad at Spencer for taking shots and flirting with Stacie. Spencer is over the drama, Heidi wants to go to therapy, it's a big ol mess for Speidi! Lauren is also put in a sticky situation when Stephanie interviews for a position at People's Revolution. I also break down the more recent fight that happened between Kelly Cutrone and Stephanie Pratt!  Other Topics: Lorde, Ben & JLo, Zoe & Channing, Kacey Musgraves, Little Mix, Drama Queens Podcast, Dealing with anxiety, and more!  Intro/Life Update: 00:00 - 7:10 Call Her Heidi: 7:11 - 17:37 Brody's Birthday Brawl: 17:38 - 19:47 The Hills 5x03: 19:48 - 46:19 Brunch: 46:20 - 1:00:56 Mailbag: 1:00:57 - 1:12:27 Outro: 1:12:28 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
August 24, 2021
109. The Hills 5x02, Lollapalooza, Kelly Clarkson, & More!
This week we go down the road of a potential Speidi break up. Heidi finds out that Spencer did in fact flirt with Stacey the Bartender and decides to go home to Colorado to be with Darlene. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Spencer gets advice from someone you wouldn't expect. Oh, and Lauren has to put her foot down when it comes to Stephanie pushing Heidi's friendship.  Other topics: Love Is Blind, Lollapalooza, Kelly Clarkson, Simone Biles, DaBaby, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and more!  Intro: 00:00 - 7:46 Love is Blind: 7:47 - 16:38 The Hills 5x02: 16:39 - 39:20 Pop Culture Brunch: 39:21 - 53:48 Kaitlynn & Brody: 53:49 - 56:35 Outro: 56:36 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
August 02, 2021
108. The Hills 5x01, Scooter Braun, The Olympics, Lou Pearlman, & More!
We are back recapping The Hills! This is the last season that really counted, yeah I said it! Start off with season 5, we are aware it is Lauren's last season and curious to see how they will wrap it up. In this episode, Lauren is celebrating her birthday on a boat with some of her favorite people and well, one of her not-so-favorite people. Steph brings Heidi along for this boat ride and while they're sailing the harbor, chaos erupts on land. Spencer can't help himself as he goes off-script to fight someone we haven't seen in a while.  Pop Culture topics: Scooter Braun, Da Baby, the Olympics, Bennifer, Lou Pearlman, Britney Spears, and more!  Use the time stamps below! Intro: 00:00 - 8:04 Keeping Up With Kristin Cavallari: 8:05 - 12:52 The Hills New Beginnings: 12:53 - 20:29 The Hills 5x01: 20:30 - 47:37 Pop Culture Brunch: 47:38 - 1:07:12 Britney Spears Update: 1:07:13 - 1:16:26 Uqualified Advice: 1:16:27 - 1:25:44 Lou Pearlman: 1:25:45 - End Intro music - @GraceDotyMusic
July 27, 2021
107. The Hills 4x20, Jamie Lynn Spears, Gossip Girl Reboot, & More!
The time has finally come, after 20 episodes we can officially say goodbye to season 4 of The Hills. What happened during this episode? Well, we have a very heartwarming Lauren and Heidi moment followed by a heartbreaking Darlene and Heidi moment. Stephanie is the voice of reason when it comes to the courthouse wedding and Audrina and Justin are off on their first vacation together. The Hills are alive with only a little bit of drama! Other topics: Jamie Lynn Spears, Gossip Girl Reboot, Colin Jost, Rihanna & ASAP Rocky, Lamar vs Tristan, and more!  Intro- 00:00 - 3:27 Nashville Recommendations- 3:28 - 9:14 Gossip Girl Reboot - 9:15 - 18:02 The Hills New Beginnings - 18:03 - 26:35 The Hills 4x20 - 26:36 - 44:54 Pop Culture Brunch - 44:55 - 1:00:22 Outro  - 1:00:23 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
July 13, 2021
106. The Hills 4x19, Ronan Farrow, & More!
Well, this is it. Whitney's last episode of The Hills, can you believe?! We have an emotional rollercoaster of saying goodbye to one of our favorite members of The Hills. Will we ever see her again? Well, we are meant to believe that we won't! What else happens in this episode? Speidi goes missing! Well, kind of. Speidi decide to go and get married in Mexico. Yup, you read that right!  Other topics: Always the bridesmaid never the bride, The Hills Reboot, Ronan Farrow's Britney article, Drama Queens podcast, Ben & JLo, and more!  Use the time stamps below!  Intro: 00:00 - 7:01 TRL: 7:02 - 11:29 The Hills 4x19: 11:30 - 31:31 The Hills reboot: 31:32 - 40:34 Pop Culture Brunch: 40:35 - 53:05 Britney Spears: 53:04- End Intro by @GraceDotyMusic
July 06, 2021
105. The Hills 4x18 & Free Britney Deep Dive with Troy McEady
The Hills season 4 is slowly winding down and there are some big changes in the air! One of the main cast members is ready to take her talents to the opposite coast! Stephanie decided to dump her boyfriend and Lauren's family is moving out of their Laguna home. Changes just keep on coming!  Troy McEady from the Dunzo! podcast joins me to talk about everything Britney Spears. From her court appearance to her career to the key players in her conservatorship, we leave no stone left unturned! #FreeBritney Other topics: My connection to MTV'S Fat Camp. CW drama, Nicole Kidman, The Jonas Brothers, Jana Kramer being shady, and more!  Intro: 00:00 - 8:18 MTV Fat Camp Connection: 8:18 - 12:47 The Hills Reboot: 12:48 - 18:49 Mini Brunch: 18:50 - 32:17 The Hills 4x18: 32:18 - 50:42 Troy McEady & Britney Spear deep dove: 50:42 - End Intro song - @GraceDotyMusic
June 28, 2021
104. The Hills 4x17, Speidi Drama, Nick Cannon, & More!
The Hills 4x17 is here and it's all about trust! It's all about how you can't have friends if there is no trust. Do you agree? Well, Audrina and Lauren decide to hash out their fight. In Speidi land? They are hanging out with Nana Pratt. Yup, another family member because they have no friends.  In 2021, Speidi is still causing issues with their co-stars! Speidi recently went on on a rant about Jason and Ashley Wahler, which I recap. Get prepared because they are still messy as ever.  Other topics: TV dads, One Tree Hill Podcast, Nick Cannon, BSB+NSYNC, Brian Austin Green, MGK, KUWTK, Chrissy vs Michael, The Housewive & The Hustler, and more!  Use the time stamps below!  Intro: 00:00 - 11:03 TRL: 11:04 - 14:23 Speidi Drama - 14:24 - 25:56 The Hills 4x17 - 25:37 - 47:01 Brunch - 47:02 - 1:02:52 OTH Podcast - 1:02:53 - 1:06:39 Outro - 1:06:40 - End  Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic 
June 22, 2021
103. The Hills 4x16, Bennifer, The Chicks, & More
This week on The Hills, we are reminded about when Audrina spread a nasty little rumor about Lauren! That's right, this is the Lauren and Justin rumor episode! What did I take from this episode? I would never want to be on Lauren's bad side. Is Audrina trying to become the main character? I go into detail about what I think about this little rumor.  Other topics: OTH re-watch podcast, Bennifer, Katie Holmes, Lorde, Lamar vs Aaron, Kelsea Ballerini, The CMT Awards, Morgan Wallen vs The Chicks, and more!  Use the time stamps below!  Intro: 00:00 - 5:19 CMT Awards: 5:20 - 9:29 Teen Mom 2: 9:30 - 14:26 The Hills 4x16: 14:27 - 35:03 Pop Culture Brunch: 35:04 - 56:07 Unqualified Advice: 56:08 - 1:02:03 Outro: 1:02:04 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
June 15, 2021
102. The Hills 4x15, Keeping Up With K Cav, & Maggie Kelly (BestOfBravo) Joins!
This week we go over The Hills season 4 episode 15, where we are realizing Lauren is very much a side character on her own show. This episode is jam packed with drama though! We find out that Holly is living with the Laurens, Speidi also find out. Audrina is falling head over heels for Justin Bobby while her sister Casey is like, wait a minute. Oh and there's no Brody in this episode! Maybe he is busy looking for his hug. Maggie Kelly from the incredibly popular Instagram account Bestofbravo joins us this week too! She gives us all of her opinions when it comes to the Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and more! No, I mean it, we cover many things Bravo, I learned that the mob might be involved with one of the families? Well, he also talk about The Challenge, The OC, and Jessie James Decker.  Use the time stamps below!  Other topics: Gus from Floribama Shore, Ronnie Magro, Drake Bell, Kristin Cavallari, Zayn Malik, and more!  Time Stamps: Intro: 00:00 - 7:41 Keeping Up With Kristin Cavallari (Part 1): 7:42 - 13:04 The Hills Reboot: 13:05 - 20:27 The Hills 4x15: 20:28 - 42:33 Keeping Up With Kristin Cavallari (Part 2): 42:34 - 46:11 Pop Culture Brunch: 46:12 - 1:04:29 Maggie Kelly Joins! : 1:04:30 - End  Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
June 08, 2021
101. The Hills 4x14, Friends Reunion, & Annabelle Desisto Joins!
Well, it looks like Whitney's time on The Hills is starting to dwindle down. Lauren and Whitney take on New York City for NY Fashion week and Whitney falls head over heels for a guy named Jay. We've all been there! While the girls are hanging out on the east coast, the west coast is fairly quiet! Speidi decide to go out to a club opening and of course Brent Bolthouse is there! Will Heidi talk to him? Listen and find out!  Annabelle Desisto (AnnabelleDesisto) host of 'Adderall and Compliments' joins us this week for our brunch segment! We talk about what working with Joan Rivers was like, her mortifying time on Jersey Shore, and how she is buddies with PrattDaddy. Annabelle also talks about her time being an extra on Glee and which shows were complete nightmares to work on! To round out our segment, I also forced her to watch an episode of The Hills New Beginnings so we of course touch on that. A lot of laughs were had and I hope you enjoy!  Use the timestamps below! Intro: 00:00 - 5:13 The One With The Friends Reunion: 5:14 - 10:55 TRL: 10:56 - 17:39 The Hills 4x14 Recap: 17:40 - 37:19 Annabelle Desisto Joins! - 37:20 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
June 01, 2021
100. The Hills 4x13, The Hills Reboot, & Jemmye From The Challenge Joins!
The 100th episode is finally here and we are recapping The Hills 4x16! This episode makes you wonder if MTV was trying to make Audrina the main character now that Lauren is slowly stepping back! What else happens? Well Heidi has a serious talk with Brent and Audrina is moving on out of the guest house!  Jemmye Carroll from The Challenge All Stars currently streaming on Paramount+ joins for the 100th episode! We talk about everything from her Real World and Challenge experience to dealing with grief and her thoughts on Bennifer 2.0. So pop open your White Claw and enjoy!  Other Topics: Bennifer Olivia Rodrigo Ronnie Leaving Jersey Shore MGK Jonas Brother & Kelsea Ballerini Ariana Grande Demi Lovato Make sure to use the time stamps below! Intro: 00:00 - 6:59 TRL: 7:00 - 10:49 The Hills New Beginnings: 10:50 - 19:33 The Hills 4x16 Recap: 19:34 - 36:31 Pop Culture Brunch: 36:32 - 58:43 Jemmye Carroll - 58:44 - End  Intro song by - @GraceDotyMusic
May 25, 2021
99. The Hills 4x12, Josh Duggar, Raya, & Brigette Myer Joins!
The Hills 4x12 is basically an Audrina take over! There is barely any Lauren, a bit of Stephanie, a bit of Brody, and even a snippet of Brandy. Yeah, that's right, the legendary singer Brandy makes an appearance! The episode mostly revolved around Audrina's love life, the triangle she has found herself in with Corey and Justin Bobby is about to break. So who does she choose? Well, I will tell you what, it's not the right choice in the end. Also this week, Brigette Myer (@buildwithbrigette on Tiktok & Instagram) joins to talk about some of our favorite nostalgic shows. We talk Seth and Summer, One Tree Hill, M*rk Schw*nn, body positivity and more!  Other topics: Josh Duggar, Justin Bieber, Summer House, Teen Mom 2, Little Mix news, Raya and more!  Use the time stamps below!  Intro - 00:00 - 7:59 TRL - 8:00 - 15:00 The Hills 4x12 Recap - 15:01 - 36:26 MTV Show Roundup - 36:27 - 47:04 Summer House Drama - 47:05 - 53:44 Pop Culture Brunch - 53:45 - 1:13:39 Brigette Myer Joins - 1:13:40 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic 
May 11, 2021
98. Lo Bosworth Is Here!
Lo Bosworth joins Nostalgia & Now to talk about all things LoveWellness and life after reality tv! Kelli and Lo get real about what happened during the whole Audrina thing and we find out she was there for one of the biggest moments in pop culture. What is it? Well, you'll have to listen to find out! Oh, they also chat about New York City and what 00's look should be brought back.  Be sure to like and subscribe!  intro music by @GraceDotyMusic 
May 06, 2021
97. The Hills 4x11, Speidi vs Stephanie, Ryan & Reese, & More!
This week on The Hills we have a very Audrina and Justin Bobby heavy episode. Everyone is in Cabo celebrating Brody's birthday but Audrina is not having a good time at all! Will truth and time tell all with these two? Oh, Speidi also goes on a double date with Steph and her new boo.  Other stuff that I cover this week? Steph and Speidi fighting, the Teen Mom OG reunion, Zac Efron, The Challenge, a special Ryan and Reese deep dive.  Use the time stamps below!  Intro - 00:00 - 6:45 TRL - 6:46 - 11:10 Teen Mom OG Reunion - 11:11 - 22:07 The Challenge Finale - 22:08 - 26:47 The Hills 4x11 - 26:48 - 45:38 Speidi vs Steph - 45:39 - 48:54 Pop Culture Brunch - 48:55 - 58:23 Ryan & Reese Deep Dive - 58:24 - 1:16:25 Outro - 1:16:26 - End Music by - @GraceDotyMusic 
April 26, 2021
96. The Hills 4x10, Kravis, & Brad Fischetti From LFO Joins!
This week Brad Fischetti (@bradfischetti) from the iconic group LFO joins us! He talks about the start of LFO and what he is doing to keep the legacy very much alive! We talk boy bands in the 90's and what he is up to now!  I also take us through the very Audrina heavy episode of The Hills 4x10. Will she bring Justin Bobby to Cabo? Does she really like Cory? I mean, I guess in the words of Justin, truth and time tells all. Oh, and Whitney is starting to get much more of a bigger role in the world of The Hills.  Other topics I talk about? The Challenge, Demi Lovato vs a frozen yogurt stand, Kourtney and Travis (Kravis), among other things! Oh, and of course I give some unqualified advice on when you know it's time to quit your job.  Intro - 00:00 - 4:10 TRL - 4:11 - 11:17 The Challenge & Floribama Shore - 11:18 - 17:56 The Hills 4x10 Recap - 17:57 - 39:32 Pop Culture Brunch - 39:33 - 47:52 Unqualified Advice- 47:53 - 54:47 Interview with Brad Fischetti - 54:48 - End Intro performed by @GraceDotyMusic
April 19, 2021
95. The Hills 4x09, The Hills Reboot, Teen Mom OG Finale, & More
The Hills New Beginnings has dropped it's trailer and I get into what Kristin is up to lurking on the West Coast! On top of that, a lot of pop culture happened this week, Khloe Kardashian, Colton Underwood, and more!  I also recap 4x09 of The Hills where Holly is trying really hard to play match maker!  Let's hang out! Be sure to use the timestamps!  Intro - 00:00 - 4:28 Stephen Colletti Moment - 4:29 - 9:46 Teen Mom Finale - 9:47 - 20:36 Pop Culture Brunch - 20:37 - 32:08 The Hills 4x08 Recap - 32:09 - 54:16 The Hills Reboot Preview - 54:17 - 59:06 Outro - 59:07 - End  Intro performed by @GraceDotyMusic
April 14, 2021
94. The Hills 4x08, Demi Lovato, Life Update, & More!
I'm back! Sorry for the two week hiatus, it was unexpected but I am back and ready to talk! I fill you in on what's been going on with me, why I took my break, and the big change I made in my life.  I also break down the 4x08 of The Hills, which has one of the most underrated scenes of all time. You need to listen to find out what I think it is. Other than that, Darlene stops by to surprise Heidi for her birthday but she is the one who is surprised when she sees Spencer there. Lauren is over the Steph and Doug drama... Well, maybe she is.  As far as pop culture? t Demi's latest YouTube documentary, Ariana Grande joining The Voice, Taylor's rerelease of Fearless, and more! Intro - 00:00 - 7:47 Future Guest update - 7:48 - 9:02 TRL - 9:03 - 14:26 Fictional Character Real World- 14:27 - 17:04 The Hills 4x08 Recap - 17:05 - 38:50 Pop Culture Brunch - 38:51 - 53:11 Outro - 53:12 - 55:03 Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
April 05, 2021
93. The Hills 4x07, The Grammys, & Nick Thomas From The Spill Canvas Joins!
On this episode of Nostalgia and Now, I do my best to tell you all of my thoughts on not only the Grammy's but also the whole J.Lo and A-Rod situation. I mean, we need to talk about it, right?  On this episode of The Hills, Lauren is away on a vacation to Italy with her family. With Lauren gone, drama should be at a minimal, right? Wrong! Steph decides to risk it all for a boy that she shouldn't and Audrina can't wait to spill the tea!  Use the timestamps below!  Intro: 00:00 - 7:28 TRL: 7:29 - 12:23 Floribama Shore: 12:24 - 16:42 Pop Culture Brunch: 16:43 - 28:28 Lo Bosworth's Recent IG Post: 28:29 - 32:15 The Hills 4x07 Recap: 32:16 - 49:37 Nick Thomas from The Spill Canvas Joins: 49:38- End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic 
March 16, 2021
92. The Hills 4x06, Meghan & Harry, Pretty Little Liars Shallow Dive
One this episode of Nostalgia & Now, I recap The Hills season 4 episode 6. Holly decides that she is going to reach out to an unexpected friend and Audrina realized Justin Bobby is trash. Well, she may realize it but will anything change?  I also cover Meghan & Harry's sit down with Oprah, theres a small pop culture brunch where I tell you who the next celebrity dad is going to be and I break down all of the Pretty Little Liars drama. Make sure to use the time stamps! Intro: 00:00 - 6:48 TRL: 6:49 - 10:59 The Hills 4x06 - 11:00 - 28:32 The Hills reboot update: 28:33 - 30:35 Pop Culture Brunch: 30:36 - 34:20 Meghan & Harry: 34:2- 43:34 Pretty Little Liars Shallow Dive: 43:35 - 58:27 Outro: 58:28 - End Music by - @GraceDotyMusic 
March 09, 2021
91. The Hills 4x05, Max Martin, Fighting With Friends, & More!
This week we have a lot to cover! In 00's fashion, I take a moment to talk about Max Martin since it was recently his birthday. It's about time we start to publicly thank him for all of his bops over the decades. Floribama Shore premiered this week, Teen Mom brought the drama, and The Challenge is forever a great show. Lady Gaga's dogs get dognapped, Nick Jonas has a new song, Bieber has a new album and so much more! What happened on The Hills? Well, we are introduced to an up and coming artist, we get a mascara tear, and Holly is over Spencer. The drama just never stops.  Timestamps: Intro: 00:00 - 8:10 TRL & Max Martin Tribute: 8:11 - 15:52 Weekly MTV Recap: 15:53 - 26:52 The Hills 4x05 Recap: 26:53- 46:26 Fighting With Friends: 46:27 - 49:39 What's Up With Heidi?: 49:40 - 50:55 Pop Culture Brunch: 50:56 - 59:45 Unqualified Advice: 59:46 - 1:06:59 Jonah Hill: 1:07 - 1:09:33 Outro - 1:09:34 - End Theme by @GraceDotyMusic
March 02, 2021
90. How Tall Are They?, The Hills 4x04, Nick Jonas, & More
This week, Nick Jonas announced a solo project, Demi Lovato announced her YouTube series, and Kimye is dunzo. Those are just a few topics we cover during our pop culture brunch. This week I also decided to find out just how tall the cast of both Laguna and The Hills are.  As we recap The Hills 4x04, we are in Vegas and there is a lot of drama in the city of sin! Brody  "I Hate Drama" Jenner stirs the pot, Stephanie Pratt stirs the pot, and Holly Montag is making her way to the small screen.  Intro: 00:00 - 8:19 Keeping Up With Kristin Cavallari: 8:20 - 11:21 How Tall Are They?: 11:22 - 14:13 TRL: 14:14 - 19:31 The Hills 4x04 Recap: 19:32 - 39:19 Pop Culture Brunch: 39:20 - End Intro by @GraceDotyMusic
February 23, 2021
89. The Hills 4x03 & Troy from the Dunzo Podcast Joins!
Every once in a while, there is an episode of The Hills that is meant to set up the season. That is what this episode does. Yes, there is some drama between Doug and Lauren, we do get to see Whitney in New York City but most of the main characters aren't really in this episode. We don't have any Lo, Audrina, no Justin Bobby. During this episode of Nostalgia and Now I cover the Justin Timberlake apology, Morgan Wallen's apology, and Taylor's re-recording!  I'm also super excited to welcome our guest Troy McEady of the Dunzo podcast! We dive into all things pop culture from the Free Britney movement to the darker side of Hollywood to celebrities we wish had most respect on their names. Troy is truly a wealth of knowledge and I hope you enjoy our slightly chaotic deep dive.  Time stamps: Intro - 00:00 - 1:57 TRL - 1:58 - 5:49 The Hills 4x02 - 5:50 - 26:16 Teen Mom/The Challenge - 26:17 - 30:20 Pop Culture Brunch - 30:21 - 36:54 Troy McEady joins - 36:55 - End Intro music by @GraceDotyMusic
February 15, 2021
88. The Hills 4X02, Morgan Wallen, Framing Britney Spears, & More!
Last week pop culture was a bit quiet but this week it is back in a big way! Kristin Cavallari is out there playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, The Hills reboot is really trying, and let's even get into the craziness that is country music at the moment. No really, I go over everything and then some, including Jana Kramer trying to kick up some drama. Make sure to use the time stamps below!  Intro - 00:00 - 5:34 TRL - 5:35 - 11:43 Teen Mom & The Challenge- 11:44 - 19:17 Pop Culture Brunch - 19:18 - 34:26 The Hills4x02 Recap - 34:27 - 49:38 Diversity (Laguna & The Hills) - 49:39 - 53:42 Keeping up with Kristin Cavallari - 53:43 - 55:45 Laguna & Hills Cast Updates - 55:46 - 56:43 Framing Britney - 56:44 - 1:01:45 Unqualified advice - 1:01:46 - 1:08:24 Super Bowl & Outro- 1:08:25 - End Intro by @GraceDotyMusic
February 09, 2021
87. The Hills 4x01, Teen Mom OG, SNL, & Jeff Epstein (@itsjeffepstein) Joins!
This week is a big week on Nostalgia and Now! The Hills recaps are back, I told you that they would be! Lo and Audrina are going to be totally dunzo after this episode, so we think at least. In my story corner, I talk about the time I almost ended up in a threesome during CMA fest and my worst date ever. This week there is more to cover than just our typical pop culture, Teen Mom OG premiered, I talk about my Challenge thoughts, and actually stayed up late enough to watch SNL!  Oh, Jeff Epstein (itsjeffepstein) finally joins that podcast too! We talk about everything from addiction to Blake Lively to what 00's celebrity we want to party with. Be sure to use the time stamps below!  Intro - 00:00 - 2:35 Storytime - 2:36 - 8:57 TRL - 8:57 - 14:42 Hills Recap (4X01) - 14:43 - 34:22 Teen Mom OG - 34:23 - 40:30 The Challenge - 40:31 - 44:54 SNL - 44:55 - 47:04 Pop Culture Brunch - 47:05 - 52:20 Jeff Joins - 52:21 - End Intro by @GraceDotyMusic
February 02, 2021
86. Where Are They Now, Everyone Is Doing Great, Very Cavallari vs Southern Charm
I'm back! After nearly six weeks, I am back to bring you all things pop culture and catch you up on what the Laguna Beach cast is doing now. There is a theme song, can you believe it? Luckily this week, Madison from Southern Charm decided to go a little insane and the Very Cavallari cast had some words for her! I catch us up on some pop culture news and admit I was wrong about a few celebrity couples. Use the time stamps below to find what you're looking for!  Intro - 00:00 - 5:30 TRL- 5:31 - 12:17 Pop Culture Brunch - 12:17 - 29:26 Everyone is Doing Great -  29:27 - 32:33 The Challenge: 32:22 - 36:14 Unqualified Advice: 36:15 - 44:47 Very Cavallari vs Southern Charm - 44:48 - 54:53 Where Are They Now - 54:54 - 1:05:15 Bye - 1:05:16 - End Intro by @GraceDotyMusic
January 26, 2021
Evermore Recap With Lex Niko
The incredible Lex (@lexniko) joins me to break down every single song off of Taylor's surprise album Evermore! Of course, we can't help but spiral into some other things like PR relationships, texting your ex, and Netflix murder documentaries. But who do we think Goldrush is about? What about Tolerate it? Give this podcast a listen and fall down the Swiftie rabbit hole!  -Please forgive me for the audio, I don't know what happened but my mic went a bit wild. 
December 15, 2020
Being Iconic With Danny Pellegrino
Danny Pellegrino (@DannyPellegrino), author, comedian, host of Everything Iconic helps me round out season five of the podcast! What do we talk about? What don't be talk about?! From his love of Bravo, his distaste for Very Cavallari, Jessica Simpson Thursdays, and more. We go over a lot of pop culture in these 40 minutes! Check out the full list of topics below! Topics Laguna Beach The Hills The Hills Reboot Lo Bosworth Very Cavallari The Challenge Bravo BSB vs NSYNC Jessica Simpson Jax and Brittany Kelly Clarkson Grocery Store Anthems and more! 
December 09, 2020
Purely Pop Culture: Jay & Kristin, Taylor Swift on Disney+, The Grammys, and more!
This episode there is no episode recap of The Hills! This episode is just pop culture! What do I talk about? Well, Jay and Kristin decided to have a petty off this weekend, I dive into that. The drama behind The Grammy's and Justin Bieber pulling a Katherine Heigl, we have to talk about that. Taylor Swift's concert on Disney+ and how I almost snuck backstage at a Taylor concert.  Other Topics: Gossip Girl A Teacher Shawn Mendes Documentary Happiest Season The Crown
November 30, 2020
The Hills 3x28, Surviving Thanksgiving, & Pop Culture with Ryan Bailey
The time had finally come for the end of season 3 of The Hills. Yes, a reality show with 28 seasons is absolutely bananas, but it's the end. Will Audrina move out? Will Heidi stay in Vegas? You have to listen to find out!  Other Topics: Taylor Swift The Crown Thanksgiving Tips AMA moments Ryan Bailey also join the podcast where we talk Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Justin Bieber, pop stars, Max Elrich, and more!
November 24, 2020
Basically Brunch with Lex Niko
Lex (@LexNixo) and I decided that we missed chatting over mimosas about everything from teen dramas to the first celebrities we had crushes on. So we did just that. Please enjoy while we go through all things pop culture, no seriously, all things. From Scooter and Taylor to Marissa Cooper's alcoholism, there's something for everyone! Oh, she also went to a recording of The Hills Aftershow, so we dive into that just a bit.  Topics: The best Chris The OC Justin Bieber Kai and Jacob Scooter and Taylor Laguna (mostly Lauren Conrad) Sexiest Man Alive predictions Scott and Amelia The Bachelorette Raya dating app Living away from your family during the holidays and more!
November 19, 2020
The Hills 3x27, The Challenge, Sexiest Man Alive, & Gossip Girl!
The Hills are alive with the sound of Audrina and Lauren drifting apart. Even though Audrina just moved into the guest house, it might as well be a million miles away! While Audrina tries to reach out by inviting The Laurens to a studio session, The Lauren's only want one thing, sushi of course. The rift continued to grow when The Laurens bring home a little surprise without talking to Audrina first. Heidi is also ready to boss up on her own and takes on a new position with new responsibilities.  Other Topics: Bridget Thoreson author of "XOXO: A Cocktail Book" joins to chat about all things Gossip Girl Grey's Anatomy (spoilers head) The Challenge is coming back! Who will be sexiest man alive? Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis 
November 17, 2020
The Hills 3x26, The Bachelorette, & A Lot More!
What happens when an old flame slowly comes creeping back into Lauren's life? You pray that it's going to work out! While someone from high school comes back into Lauren's life, she is slowly losing a new friend. Will moving in with Lo and Audrina be a mistake? Will Stephanie stop being friends with Lauren to get along with Speidi better? So many questions so little time. Other Topics: Michael Ray & Carly Pearce Megan Fox vs Brian Austin Green The Bachelorette Hillsong Drama Working retail Ariana Grande Little Mix Dating
November 10, 2020
The Hills 3x25 & Jessica Joins The Podcast!
Well, The Hills are alive with drama! There's tension brewing between Audrina and the Laurens but she is getting close to a ghost from her past.  24:47 - Jessica from Season 2 joins the podcast! We talk about her life now, the reality tv shows she loves, who she still talks to and more!  Other topics: Karlie Kloss The Holidate Chelsea from Teen Mom Scarlett and Colin Taylor Swift 
November 03, 2020
The Hills 3x24, Laguna Reunion Recap, A Shallow Dive Into The Vampire Diaries
Season three of The Hills is slowly coming to and end but the drama isn't! While Lauren is focusing on her career and being fairly unproblematic, the rest of the cast can't say the same. Heidi channels her inner Bad Girls Club when she sees Spencer talking to a few girls at the bar. Audrina is trying to be friendly with Heidi again but isn't sure if it's going to work out. This episode does leave us with a few questions. Will Lauren leave Teen Vogue? Will Speidi get back together? Will Audrina ever have a full storyline again? Other topics: My guest for next week! Laguna Reunion Little Mix Shawn Mendes The Vampire Diaries
October 27, 2020
The Hills 3x23, The Bachelorette, & More
What is Heidi up to? That is what Lauren wants to know once she finds out that she's trying to get close to Audrina again! Why is she trying to get back into everyone's good graces? Lauren is also definitely missing her work wife Whitney so is she trying to get with People's Revolution? A lot of change is happening but one thing is for sure, Lauren doesn't trust Heidi.  Other Topics: Who has been sliding into my DMs? Adele's New Music Hangovers The Bachelorette Zoey 101 Reboot Nichole Ritchie & Cameron Diaz Teen Mom 2 Laguna Reunion
October 19, 2020
The Hills 3x22, Laguna Beach Reunion, The Hills Reboot Update
What happens when Lauren invited Stephanie to her birthday party? Drama happens! That's right, Stephanie has decided to embrace her friendship with Lauren and Speidi is not having it! Once they find out that she did in fact go to Lauren's birthday, she has to face the music with Spencer and Heidi. Lo also starts o voice her concerns about their friendship as does Audrina. Just how much drama will the Stephanie and Lauren friendship cause? We will have to wait and see!  Other Topics: Laguna Reunion The Hills Reboot Update Demi & Max Morgan Wallen Trip back home A new person blocked me Quarantine baby update
October 11, 2020
Gossiping In Stars Hollow With Kate Kennedy
I sat down at Luke's Diner with Kate Kennedy from the incredible podcast Be There in Five. We sipped our coffees while reminiscing about the easy days when the most important thing in the world was your Buddy Info on AIM. Chatting about everything pop culture we decided to switch from coffee to mimosas while we  decided to dive a bit deeper.  Is she a Kelly Clarkson fan? Was she Team Kristin or Team LC? What is her go to Bath and Body Works lotion? How does she feel about Paris Hilton? You'll have to listen to find out!  Be sure to follow Kate on Instagram @BeThereInFive and listen to her podcast, Be There in Five! 
September 21, 2020
The Hills 3x21, KUWTK Ending, Paris Hilton
Just when you think Lauren can live a drama free life, something else happens! With Whitney being in New York and working for Kelly Cutrone, Lauren decides to finally go back to school. It's the first day and who walks in? Stephanie Pratt. That's right! She is sitting one seat away from her arch enemy's sister. How uncomfortable is that. Other than that, Whitney is working her first NYFW show with Kelly and is nervous!  Other Topics What I would've changed on Laguna Lisa Love Demi Lovato's fiance KUWTK Ending Taylor Swift ACMs Paris Hilton's YouTube Documentary
September 15, 2020
The Hills 3x20, Teen Mom 2, Jay & Tomi
Whitney and Lauren are back in Los Angeles which means we are back to the drama! Things with Heidi and Spencer are only getting worse and Heidi is starting to realize that maybe going on a little break wasn't the best idea. Spencer also finds a new place to live while he and Heidi take their break. Brody tries to hug Lauren at Les Duex and she said nope! That's right, no hugs for Brody! Whitney also makes a bit life choice and we meet Kelly Cutrone again.  Other Topics: Jay & Tomi One question I would ask Spencer Teen Mom 2 Usher Grief Cancel culture vs consequences CW Shows 
September 07, 2020
The Hills 3x19, The VMAs, & Colby Dee From Very Cavallari Joins
Lauren and Whitney are in Paris for the ball! Lauren will no longer be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris because her and Whitney take the city by storm! Although she finds out some news about Brody, she doesn't let it ruin her time. In fact, it only pushes her to have more fun! Back in the states, Spencer travels to Colorado to try and win Heidi back. Will it work? We will have to see.... Other Topics: The 2020 VMAs Colby Dee joins and spills Very Cavallari tea 
September 01, 2020
The Hills 3x18, Lauren & James Drama, BSB vs NSYNC
Well, the time has finally come for Lauren to go back to Paris. That's right! Lauren will no longer be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris. Well, she doesn't really know that until the end of the episode but it's still exciting! In other news, Speidi is having serious issues and Heidi decides to make a big change. Brody seems like he is getting more serious about being with Lauren but she is just focused on Paris. This episode very much feels like a season finale but it's just setting us up for some of the biggest drama yet. Other Topics: Lauren Conrad & James Charles drama Bartender Stacie, Sheana Shay, & John Mayer Throuple Jay Cutler cooks The Society being cancelled Friendship advice Work advice BSB vs NSYNC 
August 26, 2020
The Hills 3x17 & Cara Maria from The Challenge Joins!
Will Brody settle down his playboy ways to finally get more serious with Lauren? Are Justin Bobby and Audrina really dunzo? What about the Speidi wedding, is it happening? There are so many things up in the air but it just seems like everything in The Hills universe is shifting. Other Topics Rom-com life update Miley Cyrus (31 min mark) Cara Mara from The Challenge joins the podcast! 
August 18, 2020
The Hills 3x16, Teen Mom 2, StePHEN & Kristin
This episode of The Hills is filled with drama from meeting She-Pratt to a fight behind a dumpster. It is great television that will leave you wondering, is it really over for Justin and Audrina? Truth and time tells all. Other Topics: Teen Mom 2 update Jake Paul's house raided Kristin & Stephen Jay's deactivated Instagram Celebrities defending Ellen
August 10, 2020
The Hills 3x15, Ellen, Spooky Stuff
Whitney is officially part of the new Holy Trinity when it comes to The Hills. Our girl is no longer just asking Lauren how her weekend was because she is now going out with Lauren! Whitney is become more of a staple in this series now that Heidi is swept up in Speidi. This episode we see Whitney flirt with a hot personal trainer while Lauren cheers her on. Heidi on the other hand has massive drama with Spencer because he isn't taking wedding planning seriously.  Other topics: Speidi Recapping Laguna/The Hills Replacing Ellen Black is King Kim & Kanye Paranormal Activity The Trouble With Moving Is....
August 03, 2020
The Hill 3x14 & Folklore Recap
The moment is finally here, the biggest moment of Hills history. That's right. It's time for Lauren to forgive and forget Heidi. That's all I am going to say. This is a MOMENT.  Other Topics: Dave Franco Dixie Chicks Kanye West MGK&Megan Fox Taylor Swift's new album Folklore
July 28, 2020
The Hills 3x13, Hills Reboot Update, The Challenge Finale, Kanye
The Young Hollywood party is finally here and Whitney is put to the test! She is in charge of everything that is happening not only at the front of the house but also back of the house. Lauren can only do so much during this event because again, Whitney put it all together. It's Whitney's time to shine! What will happened when the red carpet gets backed up? Hillary Duff is running late! So much is going on, will Whitney be able to reel it in? Heidi is also celebrating her 21st birthday but will she had a big party? Truth and time tells all. Speaking of Justin Bobby, is he finally ready to put a label on it with Audrina?  Other Topics Naya Rivera The Hills Reboot Update The Challenge Finale Carly Pearce & Michael Ray Morgan Wallen Kanye West #FreeBritney Hayden Panettiere Covid
July 20, 2020
The Hills 3x12 & Gleeking Out Deep Dive
It's Whitney's time to shine with Amy in New York City! Lisa Love sends Whitney and Lauren to New York for a quick meeting with Amy and the rest of the team over there to present for the Young Hollywood Party. Is Whitney prepared? Well, she told Lauren that she didn't practice, not even once! Lauren on the other hand gets to leave Teen Vogue and head over to Marc Jacobs where she gets to meet him! What else happens while the girls are in New York? Spencer runs into Frankie who tells him to call Brody and make up. Spencer does call Brody but will they make up? The episode ends with a little cuddling on the couch with Brody and Lauren. Will they finally be official? Will they continue to break our hearts? Who knows?!  Other Topics: Dolly Parton Rumor Kanye For President Kacey Musgraves Divorce Glee Deep Dive Looking back on my 20s 
July 06, 2020
The Hills 3x11, Jay's Instagram, Jessie James Decker Drama (Part Deux)
Remember last time Lauren went to a male model casting and Jason got mad? Well, Lauren goes to another male modeling casting but she's single so she decided to live it up a little bit. A little surfer looking model named Gavin decided to shoot his shot with Lauren and they end up exchanging numbers! How will Brody feel about this? Well, we find out pretty quickly that maybe Brody No Drama Jenner is a little jealous. What happens when Lauren brings this Gavin character to Brody's for a cookout? You need to wait and see. Oh, Spencer is also mad at Heidi for working all the time.  Other topics: The Hills Reboot Update Jay Cutler's Instagram Brody's triple date What do you call someone you were kind of dating? Garrett Hedlund & Emma Roberts Lack of POC in teen dramas Jessie James Decker allegedly back on her bullshit 
June 30, 2020
The Hills 3x10, Jersey Shore Finale, Chris D'Elia
What happens whenever Jen Bunney shows up? Nothing good, that's for sure. The episode starts off with Lauren being very self aware and apologizing to Audrina about how she has treated Justin Bobby. The episode continued to seem to be a more positive one but then, Jen Buneny shows up. Her and Lauren grab lunch and she spills that news that Heidi is telling everyone Brody spread those sex tape rumors. What does Lauren do? Well, she goes right to Brody to ask him. What does Brody do? Finally admit that it was in fact Spencer who spread those sick little rumors.  Other Topics: Kristin's Father's Day Post to Jay Jersey Shore season (Series) Finale I'm still mad at MTV Ansel Elgort and Chris D'Elia Be sure to rate and subscribe!
June 23, 2020
The Hills 3x09, MTV Drama, & Bravo Drama with Ryan Bailey
There has been a clear line drawn in the sand in the land of The Hills. Spencer and Heidi are definitely on the outs with the rest of the crew while they decide to live it up in Vegas for Brody's birthday. The Vegas vacation is full of making out, Audrina drama, and Brody speeches. What more could you want? Heidi also gets a surprise when she finds out that Elodie no longer works for Bolthouse after she says she will cover a shift. Drama, drinking, and chaos should be the tagline of this episode. My good friend Ryan Bailey from So Bad It's Good with Ryan Bailey stops by to help dig into the Stassi, Kristin, Bravo drama. If you didn't know, he is definitely an expert when it comes to all reality television. Not only do we address the Bravo drama, we talk about The Hills and our wildest celebrity encounters! We also maybe fan girl over one another just a little bit!  Other Topics: MTV Drama Loving yourself Kelly Clarkson Dreamstreet
June 16, 2020
The One With Lucy On The Ground
-All ad revenue from this episode will be donated to My Block, My Hood, My City- Lucy from the hysterical Instagram account LucyOnTheGround joined me to talk about some of our favorite shows. We get into Vanderpump Rules, The Challenge, and Taylor swift among other things.  -Black Lives Matter -Quarantine -How she started her account -Bravo Shows (real housewives, VPR) -Favorite band members -The Challenge -Taylor Swift -The Kardashians 
June 08, 2020
The Hills 3x08, Vanderpump Rules, (Kinda) Kaylor
Well, it looks like Lauren and Jason aren't going to be getting back together. He drops a bomb on her at lunch about his new girlfriend and even invited Lauren to a housewarming party. What could go wrong, right? Well, you definitely don't see the surprise that happens at the party coming. Whitney gets to work with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and needs to make sure the band's photoshoot goes on without any issues, Lisa has eyes on her. Heidi is gearing up for the wedding but is Spencer ready? We're not so sure.  Other Topics: Kaylor Scott & Sofia Stephanie Pratt Vanderpump Rules Going to events alone Anxiety going back to work
June 02, 2020
The Hills 3x07, Kristin vs Lauren, Brody's New Bae, MGK & Megan Fox
The time has finally come, after six episodes, Speidi and Lauren meet face to face again. What makes it even crazier? Jason is there too! The ultimate showdown at Ketchup happens this episode. Audrina also gives us a tiny update on her and Justin Bobby, just a little one though because she is barely in this episode. What else is going on? Whitney is in the midst of planning the Young Hollywood party and Lisa gave her the task of finding the right event. Heidi and Elodie get into it, well Elodie tells Heidi what we are all thinking. Oh, and I finally give my own opinion on the alleged sex tape. Other Topics: Very Cavallari being dunzo Lori Loughlin Plea Deal Kristin vs Lauren Spencer being interviewed on Brad Behavior MGK & Megan Fox Brody & New Bae
May 27, 2020
The Hills 3x06, Mary Kate & Ashley, American Idol
Although we know that Brody and Spencer had a broseph break up, the former bros are barely in this episode. We find out that there is a promotion at Bolthouse that Heidi really wants very bad. So bad that she is willing to sneak around behind Elodie's back for it! Audrina and Lauren are spreading their dating wings by trying dates with new boys but it's hard when both of their pasts keep sneaking up. Audrina can't let go of Justin Bobby and who pops back up in Lauren's life? It might surprise you!  Other topics: Jay & Kristin Corner Bieber Corner Ask me anything Mary Kate and Ashley American Idol
May 19, 2020
Ohhhh Talans Here
Ooooh Talan finally joined the Laguna Live Fam! I was and still am so excited about this one. Per usual there are a few technical difficulties but it wouldn't be a Laguna Live without that. Talan and I talk about Laguna, his life in Hollywood, Nebraska, and everything in between!
May 18, 2020
The Hills 3x05, PR Relationships, Teen Mom OG, Quarantine Thoughts
Well, it looks like the bridge that was slightly burnt between Lauren and Brody has officially been mended. After Speidi starts to slip away from Brody, he turns and decides to hangout with Lauren again. How does Spencer feel about that? Not well bitch. The episode is full of Audrina wanting a label and Justin Bobby saying no way, Brody and Spence fighting, and a fun little Lauren and Whitney moment. What more could you want? Oh, there's also a Sunday Funday at the Roosevelt where Brody and Lauren get a little bit flirty.  Other Topics: Jay's Instagram Teen Mom OG PR Relationships (I'm sorry Taylor) Quarantine Thoughts What I'm Watching Kardashian's Triggering me
May 11, 2020
The Hills 3x04, Kristin, Jay, Kelly, Gigi & Zayn
Who wore combat boots to the beach? You already know! This episode we have a party at Brody's place in Malibu with the crew while Speidi take a weekend to go to Colorado. Is Spencer upset to be missing the cookout that he and Brody put together? Not really, Brody is actually more upset than Spencer is. We do get to see how Heidi's mom feels about the whole Lauren drama and Heidi isn't really ready to talk about it. Audrina is done with Justin Bobby and Lauren ends up breaking Brody's finger.  Other topics: Jay, Kristin, and Kelly drama (or not?) Some celebrity encounters Gigi Hadid and Zayn's baby news. Be sure to subscribe and rate! 
May 05, 2020
The Hills 3x03, The Jonas Brothers, Kristin & Jay
During this episode we get to know a bit more about the elusive Justin Bobby that has crept back into Audrina's life. Does Lauren like him? Will Justin and Audrina make it official? There are a lot of moving parts in this relationship and we all know that truth and time tells all. Speidi is starting to get into the swing of being a couple and doing things together which is exciting for Heidi. She also breaks the news to Elodie that her and Spencer are engaged.  Other topics: Kristin & Jay's divorce The Jonas Brothers.
April 27, 2020
The Hill 3x02, Kelsea Ballerini, Ellen (Allegedly) Degeneres, Morgan Wallen
Well, the time has come for a Spiedi engagement. That's right! It has only been a year but Spencer is ready to marry her and she is ready to marry him. What a time to be alive! Guess who else we meet during this episode? None other than the man, the myth, the legend, Justin Bobby. This episode is a nice set up for how the rest of the season is going to go.  Other topics: Zooming with Kelsea Ballerini Shawn & Camilla Morgan Wallen & a baby? Ellen Degeneres Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan
April 21, 2020
Live With Jason Wahler
There are some technical difficulties during some parts of the interview, I apologize for that but for the most part you can hear crystal clear!  Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach and The Hills joined the Laguna Live Fam to discuss his journey from reality tv bad boy to living a sober life. While we reminisce about his former reality television life we do find out a little bit about The Hills New Beginnings. Truly and incredible conversation with someone who has grown a lot over the last 13 years. 
April 15, 2020
The Hills 3x01, Kristin's Quarantine, Hayden (allegedly) Panettiere
Well, we are on to season 3 of The Hills and this is definitely the season where it all changed. Someone spread a sick little rumor about Lauren and she is not here for it. What happens when your best friend becomes your worst enemy? Well, we are about to find out! One of the greatest moments in reality television occurs during this episode.  Other topics: Kristin's quarantine Hayden Panettiere deep dive What happened to Tim? Shawn & Camilla Make sure to rate and subscribe! 
April 13, 2020
Live with Cami... But make it a podcast!
A few Fridays ago Cami from season 3 of Laguna Beach and I decided to hop on a live and talk about life, Laguna, and everything in between. I will say that there are some audio issues with the clip but we did our best! I hope you enjoy it if you ended up missing it while it was well, live. 
April 03, 2020
The Hills 2x12, Brody's New Bae, Tiger King, Teen Dramas
Well, we have come to the end of another season. It's time to wrap up season 2 of The Hills with one of the most repetitive episodes in the series. No, for real. The entire episode is Heidi asking people if she should move in with Spencer only to not listen to them. Lauren's attitude towards Heidi is as cold as ice and we find out who her new roommate is! We also find out that Playboy Spence plans on keeping his homeboy phone even though he is moving in with Heidi full time.  Other topics: Brody Jenner's new girlfriend Tiger King Shawn & Camila pap walks Cancelled concerts Social distancing Teen Dramas 
March 31, 2020
Allegedly: One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl behind the scenes drama
We are all stuck in quarantine so I wanted to try something new, do something a little bit different where I have an episode dedicated to more than just Laguna/The Hills and random pop culture. This week I took a deep dive into what allegedly went down behind the scenes of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. The drama, the hook ups, the everything.  Want to know what really went down between Chad and Sophia? I will tell you! Mark Schwann also creeped on a member of Very Cavallari before they were legal, you get all of that gossip. Want to know if Leighton and Blake really hated one another? I have that covered too!  Want to see if I mispronounce Harvey Weinstein's name again? I sure do! 
March 29, 2020
The Hills 2x11, Taylor vs Kanye, Coronavirus, Shows to Binge
The world is going absolutely insane so let's take a little moment to talk about the episode of The Hills where Whitney falls. This episode we see Super Intern Emily again but this time the girls all get along and work together. Most of the episode is surrounded by an appearance on Good Morning America and the aftermath of Whitney's tumble on live television. We do see a big Speidi blow out fight about her not being ready to move in with him just yet.  Other topics covered: Finding normalcy in the times of Coronavirus Shows to binge watch Taylor vs Kanye take 10000 Amanda Bynes
March 23, 2020
The Hills 2x10, Britney Spears, Bieber, Demi Lovato, & Work Drama
Lauren Conrad is finally 21 which means she can now legally show off her drinking rather than hide it like she has for the last four years of her television career! Very exciting stuff! This episode should be called The Return of Jen Bunney because she decided to try and  become friends with Lauren again. How do you think that goes? Brody and Lauren also start flirting again, Spencer gives a birthday toast, and Heidi is willing to have Lauren be mad at her. What a wild episode!  Other topics: Beiber's Stadium Tour Is Britney okay? Is Amanda Bynes okay? Lizzie McGuire reboot Demi Lovato comeback song Dealing with people you don't like at work
March 10, 2020
The Hills 2x09, Love is Blind, Nashville Tips, & More
It is New Years Eve and in the world of The Hills, that means drama! Who will Lauren kiss at midnight? Will Heidi show up or ditch her? So many questions! Spencer is also starting to put a little more pressure on Heidi when it comes to moving in with him. She wants to do it but also knows if she makes the move, Lauren will never forgive her. One of the best parts of the entire episode is that Lo Bosworth is back. No more Bunney, we have Lo!  Other topics: Rom Com Life Update Love is Blind Nashville Tips Jersey Shore Very Cavallari
March 03, 2020
The Hills 2x08, The Kardashians, Love Is Blind
Spencer and Heidi take a trip up to Santa Barbara for a little get away from Los Angeles. Lauren and Audrina go on a double date and Whitney is ready to take the next step in her career. Lauren and Heidi are planning a girl's night but will Heidi make it back in time? Truth and time tell all. Other topics: Very Cavallari The Kardashian Love is Blind Honey Boy Work Stress 
February 25, 2020
The Hills 2x07, Very Cavallari, Floribama Shore, & Hobbies
What happens with Jen Bunney and Heidi Montag start becoming besties? Nothing good! This episode Bunney is turning 21 and seems to turn her back on good ol friend Lauren who is already fighting with Heidi. What happens next, no one saw coming. Did Bunney really hook up with Brody though? I dig into the real reason why Lauren was so upset with Jen. Other Topics: Very Cavallari The Bachelor Floribama Shore Mental Health Hobbies
February 18, 2020
The Hills 2x06, Demi Lovato, & Jersey Shore
Well, it is the beginning of the end for Heidi and Lauren. With Spencer coming between them and Lauren wanting her friend back, Heidi is stuck in a rough situation. What's even worse? Heidi told Spencer what Lauren actually thinks about him. That causes a lot of drama at the club between Spencer and Lauren, giving us a big scene. Brody is also stuck between the two but he doesn't really seem to care at all.  Other topics: Demi Lovato partying at a strip club Jersey Shore overview Kail from Teen Mom 2 
February 11, 2020
The Hills 2x05, Very Cavallari, Miss Americana, & Moving Advice
Heidi and Spencer are having their issues and Heidi just isn't sure what she wants to do. Does she want to give Spencer another shot? Lauren is starting to really hate Spencer as are all of Heidi's friends and co-workers.  Other Topics: -Taylor Swift - Miss Americana -Justin Bieber Documentary -Moving to a new city -Starting a new job
February 04, 2020
The Hills 2x04 & MTV Throwback shows
Well, it looks like Audrina and Spencer have switched places when it comes to being enemy number 1! Heidi and Audrina have a heart to heart and Spencer goes to Area with some playboy bunnies.  Other topics: -Cheer -Grammys -Old MTV shows
January 28, 2020
The Hills 2x03, Very Cavallari, Brad & Jen, Teen Mom
With Heidi's birthday party coming, you know that it's about to be a big ol drama fest! Will Audrina be invited to the party? Will Lauren and Brody finally kiss? There are so many things that could possibly happen!  Other Topics: Brad & Jen Very Cavallari Teen Mom Bullying in the work place
January 21, 2020
Jessie James Decker, Meghan & Harry, Bieber & Lyme, Very Cavallari & The Hills S2X02
Well, Lauren does a great job at a photo shoot and gets to go on a date with a new hottie. Heidi has a pregnancy scare and Spencer takes it surprisingly well. Other topics: - Justin Bieber and Lyme disease - Jessie James Decker Drama - Very Cavallari - Meghan & Harry - Floribama Shore
January 15, 2020
The Hills - 2x01 - Out With The Old....
Well, the summer is over and we are on to season two of The Hills. Lauren didn't go to Paris, Whitney did (she didn't really but okay), Heidi has a new man, and Audrina is enemy number one! A lot has changed in Los Angeles and we are getting set up for a season full of drama!  Other Topics. -Bieber -One Tree Hill -Hustlers -YOU
January 07, 2020
The Hills -1x10- Timing Is Everything
This is it, the end of season the first season of the iconic series The Hills. Lauren is offered an internship in Paris but is supposed to spend her summer with Jason. What on earth will she choose? There is also an appearance from someone who meet in the later seasons that I completely forgot about! Heidi is excited to be single, Audrina is just as excited. Remember everyone, always choose Paris.  Other topics - Floribama Shore - The Challenge - Camilla Cabello - Pop culture stories of the year
December 24, 2019
The Hills - 1x09- Love Is Not A Maybe Thing
Well, the time has come for Heidi and Jordan to officially be dunzo. After she realizes he doesn't really speak to her in the kindest manner she admits that she can no longer be with him. Lauren gives her bestie some advice and drops one of the most iconic quotes in the entire series while she is doing it. This episode is a very Heidi heavy episode with a lot of tears flowing. We also find out some interesting news about Lauren's summer, she wants to spend it with Jason in a beach house! How will Heidi feel about that? Other topics: -Romcom life update - A look into celebrity "blinds" - Very Cavallari Christmas Special 
December 17, 2019
The Hills - 1x08 - Why Can't You Just Be With Me?
It is Lauren's 20th birthday and all that she wants is a drama free night with Jason! Will that happen? Come on, we all know that there's no way a birthday can go down without any drama. Jason spins into a jealous rage when he finds out that Lauren had to work with male swimsuit models. The whole episode revolves around Jason and his jealousy. There's definitely trouble in paradise.  -I also get into the Very Cavallari drama that is starting to heat up on social media -Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon -What I'm watching -Anxiety -Dealing with the holidays -My 10 years reunion 
December 10, 2019
The Hills - 1x07 - Somebody Always Has To Cry
The holiday season is happening on The Hills! What did Jason get Lauren for Christmas? Will Heidi get the puppy she's always dreamed of? The anticipation is killing me! No holiday can go on in Los Angeles without drama though, right? Jason and Lauren get into a pretty serious fight after Lauren gets a phone call from an ex crush. Jason spins into a jealous rage but realizes his mistake after Jordan yells some sense into him. Will he make it to be Lauren's first real New Years kiss? Other topics: -AMAs -Going to a party and not knowing anyone -Dealing with the holidays -Justin Timberlake -Sam Hunt
November 26, 2019
The Hills - 1x06 - Boyfriends & Work Don't Mix
It is Heidi and Jordan's six months anniversary but unfortunately, Heidi has to work! She finally gets to work at clubs but it is ruining the anniversary that she had planned with her main man Jordan. What is a girl to do? Speaking of what is a girl to do, Lauren forgives Jason for being a clown at his birthday so they're on good terms again. Lauren is very busy with Whitney dealing with a DKNY/Teen Vogue fashion show. When one model fails to show up though, guess who steps in to take her place!  Also covered on this episode -My Kohls experience -Child stars -Dan Schneider -Jeffery Epstein - Pete & Kaia -Holidays being tough -RomCom life update  
November 19, 2019
The Hills - 1X05 - Jason's Birthday
Lauren and Jason are back on but she has to work on his birthday! Can you believe that Lauren has to work on her boyfriend's birthday? Well, neither can she. If you want to have a fun drinking game while rewatching this episode (on hulu or Amazon Prime) I highly suggest you take a drink every time she mentions Jason's birthday.  While she works he plays gold and then they head to his birthday dinner. Will it crash and burn? Will he be rude about her missing the day part of his birthday? On another note, Audrina has a date with a model named Danny and Brian is very jealous about it. As always I tackle a few different things other than Laguna and The Hill. Well, kind of. We talk about Mischa Barton and how I am worried about her, Heidi Montag and her wine bottle, and Jelena. I give some advice about how to survive a holiday party at work, how to try and have healthier relationships with addicts in your life, and how to grow an Instagram page, among other things. Make sure to rate and subscribe! Follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
November 12, 2019
The Hills - 1x04 - Lauren & Jason Take Two
If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that Heidi really hates her job. This episode is all about how Heidi wants to quit because it is not what she thought it was. The other half of this episode? Lauren goes back to Jason, that's right. Even though she saw him kiss Jessica, Lauren wants to give it one more chance. Did she change the bad boy? Will Jason kiss another girl in front of her? All of that is very much up in the air. I also talk about Jenelle Evans, Brody and Josie, along with a few other key topics!  Be sure to rate and review. Thank you! 
November 05, 2019
The Hills - 1x03- An Unexpected Call
Heidi starts her job with Bolthouse Productions and it isn't exactly what she thought it would be. Full Time? Having to stuff envelopes? Horrible! Lauren gets to fly to New York but it isn't the trip that she expected and when she comes home she has an unexpected call from a ghost from the past. Audrina and Brian go out on a date, so how does that go? There's a lot to get into in this episode!  I also go into why Kelly and Kristin had a falling out and my thoughts on the Jen Bunney and Lauren fall out.  Be sure to rate and subscribe! 
October 29, 2019
The Hills 1x02 - A Change of Plans
What happens when Heidi gets a job and decides to quit school? Well, Lauren isn't very pleased with her bestie to say the least. I find out what happened to the cast of Buckwild, I give some luke warm tea on Audrina's new man, and catch you up on my rom-com life. 
October 22, 2019
The One With Shannon Ford
Shannon Ford formally of Very Cavallari currently of @ProbablyShannonFord joined me this week on the podcast! It starts off with us ordering our Pad Thai which was supposed to be just us sound checking, but I decided o keep it because it was a very natural conversation about food, spice, and sex. During the podcast we talk about how she really felt about her "villain" role on Very Cavallari, how to get over a friend breakup, what song would describe her, among many other things. We also get to find out which Very Cavallari cast member she would want to be stuck in an elevator with.  This podcast was brought to you by two bottles of champagne and a shot of tequila. 
October 15, 2019
The Hills -S1x01 - New City, New Drama
We are now onto The Hills, arguably one of the most iconic reality shows of all time. Will Lauren get the internship at Teen Vogue? Will Heidi be able to stay in school? Who in the world is Audrina? There are so many questions!  Truthfully, the first episode of the series is very quick but a great way to introduce us to Lauren's new life in Los Angeles.  I also give my thoughts on Ronnie, The Challenge, and an update on why my RomCom life is dunzo. 
October 08, 2019
One Last Wave
That's it, Laguna Beach is officially dunzo. Well, there is that season 3 but I have decided not to take a deep dive into it. We go over the final episode of Laguna season 2, we laugh, we cry, and we realize how old we are because there is a payphone.  On top of Laguna we talk about the national treasure that is Brittany Snow, the Carter Family drama, along with a few pieces of advice from myself. 
September 24, 2019
Nothing More To Say
Now that Fight the Slide 2005 has cleared, it is time to come back to reality. Jason did in fact kiss Jessica, Lauren really did witness it, so how will she deal with it? She will throw a party and invite everyone except for the two of them. Even Kristin is invited!  I also spill a lot of Very Cavallari tea and talk about the controversial 9/11 post that Kristin put up. 
September 17, 2019
I Saw You Kiss Her
-I am very sorry for the random placement of Alex singing Hello, I forgot about it and then had to add it- Okay, now that I got that PSA out of the way, let's talk about some PDA! What does the cast of Laguna do when there is a really bad landslide in their town? They create a benefit called Fight the Slide 2005! As you can imagine, nothing in Laguna can be done without some drama and this episode has plenty of it.  LC watches Jason kiss Jessica then continues to run a fashion show after it, Dieter is ready to fight Jason but doesn't and Jessica is pretty positive she never had a chance to even kiss Jason. This episodes walked so every other episode of reality TV could run. After the episode I talk a little bit about what I call the "dark days" of my early 20's and then hope to remind everyone that they are not alone. 
September 09, 2019
The End Of The Beginning
All good things must come to an end, like high school. The gang graduates and it is way more emotional than season 1, don't fight me on that. We find out what everyone got for graduation gifts which is the most important thing. Will Casey and Alex M make up? Will Kristin gain the freshman 15?  Things are just starting to really heat up in Laguna though, and by in Laguna I mean between LC and Jason. Will he change for her?  On another note, I talk about the Backstreet Boys concert, Trisha and Aaron, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, and answer the question about Kaylor (well kind of).  Make sure you rate, subscribe and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
September 02, 2019
Taylor Swift Lover Review
A little bit different than the typical Laguna podcast but as a Swiftie I felt it was my job to talk about her newest album Lover. It came out almost a week ago but I wanted to be able to really listen and enjoy before dove headfirst into the album!  I hope you all enjoy! 
August 29, 2019
Boyfriends Are Like Purses
What better way to start a summer than with a BBQ at the Conrad Castle? Let's add some burgers, red solo cups, and a jacuzzi. Wait, who is LC dating?! The whole entire world of Laguna is shaken when we find out who is macking on LC. They find each other really cute though. Oh and as for Kristin? She doesn't have time for boys, she is too busy checking out her new car!  As far as the rest of the episode I go into why I think my friend's boyfriends don't like it, how I accidentally started some Instagram drama, and I give you an update on my rom-com life drama, or it's actually becoming a drama, I think.  Be sure to rate and subscribe! 
August 20, 2019
Our Last Prom
Well it's finally here, the last dance for all of the seniors that will be graduating. Will Talan  ask Kristin to prom or is it a proposal? Will Alex M be cool with Jason taking sophomore Cami? There are so many questions that we need answers to! I give a little behind the scenes info of who was really dating who during this time and there are even sound clips! We are moving on up. I also dive into the Kaitlynn, Brody, and Miley saga, I am still not totally sure what's going on but I am here for it. You will also find out why I feel like my life is currently a Rom-Com. 
August 12, 2019
Don't Hate The Game
It is finally here, the fiesta is here! Alex H and Kristin throw a raging fiesta but decide to leave a few people off of the guest list. Kristin also does something when she's not thinking right. We get a little Stephen and LC moment in San Fran! It's definitely a very fun episode with just the right amount of drama!  I also go on a bit of a rant about how I feel about each of the Teen Moms. 
August 06, 2019
Lies and Goodbyes
Well, for starters lets talk about the fact that Kristin is going to San Fran to see Stephen and isn't going to tell Talan! What is going on with that? Casey spreads a sick little rumor about Alex M and Alex M takes my spot as one of the MVPs of the whole season, along with another brunette you guys may know.  Other than the episode I talk about the Heidi and Justin Bobby Christian song, how to deal with one sided friendships, Taylor Swift of course, and my Chelsea Handler moment over the past weekend. Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe! 
July 30, 2019
Cabo Cabo Cabo
It is Cabo round two for Kristin and the rest of the cast! We step back into the same hotel and gross clubs that we did the season before. The only difference is that Jessica and Alex M get into it rather than Stephen and Kristin. This is honestly A+ television and  I am more than happy to cover it! 
July 24, 2019
The Hills Reboot Recap
So here we are three episodes into The Hills Reboot and I don't think that I am loving it. Instead of breaking the episode down scene by scene I kind of just ramble off how I feel, what I like and what I don't like about it. 
July 10, 2019
What Goes Around...
What happens when Jason and Alex become official, well, it doesn't go well. There's a bonfire which means drama, Cami walks in on something, and Jason continues to be the worst. Okay, well Jessica kind of becomes the worst too!  I talk a bit about The Hills: New Beginnings and friend issues.  Be sure to like and subscribe! 
July 08, 2019
Get Over Him
Well, Jason and Jessica are officially over which means Jason and Alex M can officially be together. What does Jessica do? She calls him a million times while she is in Mammoth with her friends! Kristin and Talan flirt, Alex H calls her out, and Lauren finds out Stephen took Kristin out on Valentine's Day. I also talk about what would happen if it was a true teen drama with hot snowboard instructor Johnny. Okay, I also dive into the Taylor Swift stuff, just a little bit, talk about my first concert, and a few other things! 
July 02, 2019
The Hills New Beginnings Recap With Jemmye!
"Lost in space Audrina face" Jemmye from Real World and The Challenge joins me to talk about The Hills Beginnings! We are both surprised by our favorite cast member so far is,  how we feel about the whole Audrina and Justin Bobby thing, and Brody being the victim in all of his relationships.  We also talk a bit about The Challenge and Taylor Swift. We really had no choice. Be sure to rate and subscribe! 
June 26, 2019
I Hate Valentine's Day
Want to know my guesses for The Hills Reboot? I tell you at the end! First we need to find out what happens in Laguna when Stephen shows up on Valentine's Day and how Jessica handles the break up with Jason. 
June 23, 2019
Winter Formal
Just like bonfires, if there is a dance in Laguna there will be drama! What would you do if your date was bringing your enemy to the dance? I will tell you what I would do, sit outside and be upset just like Jessica did! I break down Alex asking Jason to Winter Formal and why Laguna Beach wasn't allowed to film on school property!  I also talk about expanding the Laguna Biotch brand. Be sure to rate, subscribe, and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
June 20, 2019
More Than Friends
This is the episode where you realize how truly awful Jessica and Jason are together, and now sneaky Alex M can be. We also get to see a very drunk Taylor and Talan have a chat where she has some choice words when it comes to her feelings about Kristin.  I also talk about living alone for the first time and how I feel about The Hills reboot!  Please rate and subscribe, be sure to follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
June 11, 2019
It's Hard To Say Goodbye
What happens with Kristin and Lauren have a birthday party on the same episode? Well, Lauren goes to Mexico with Stephen and Kristin has her eyes on Talan. There is also drama between Taylor and Talan, looks like love triangles are the in thing with Laguna forever.  I also talk about my move, social media, and then a few other things!  Make sure you rate, subscribe, and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
June 04, 2019
You Can't Trust Him
Jessica, Jason is cheating on you! Things start to seemingly heat up between LC and Stephen along with Jason and Alex M. We also get to see Jessica take shots in the backseat which is very exciting. I also get into how I am planning on handling Very Cavallari next season!  Be sure to rate, subscribe, and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
May 21, 2019
Since You've Been Gone!
This week we roll into season 2 which we all know is the best season of the three! I break down the first episode drama, we find out what some of last seasons favs have been up to, and I also talk a little bit about the season finale of Very Cavallari!  Be sure to click subscribe so you never miss an episode!  Also be sure to follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
May 13, 2019
It has finally come, the season final of season 1! There is a bonfire, there are tears, and of course the iconic moment with She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 playing in the background. I also tip toe around the #FreeBritney movement and talk about my Taylor Swift experience that I will talk about for the rest of my entire life!  Be sure to hit subscribe and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
April 28, 2019
The First To Go
After a wild senior year, the summer is finally ending and Trey is the first to go. I break down the episode that has Trey saying goodbye to childhood pet, the town he loved, and all of his best friends. It's a real emotional roller coaster. I also end up breaking up the Spiedi and Stephanie drama, what I think Taylor Swift is doing, and how the Kelsea Ballerni concert was!  Be sure to subsribe and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
April 21, 2019
Reagan From Very Cavallari Joins!
I am so excited that Reagan from Very Cavallari joined me this past week! If you didn't know I was on her podcast Relatable with Reagan and Jennica last week and she returned the favor! Jennica wasn't planning on joining but I am sure glad that she did! Listen to find out how Reagan ended up on Very Cavallari, her favorite Nashville spots, and why you should always leave your IPad at home if you're planning on going to a bar.  Be sure to subscribe, rate, and follow Laguna_Biotch on Instagram! 
April 14, 2019
Graduation Day
As we go on, we remember, right? The crew tackles graduation day which leaves room for very little drama! There is a lot of skateboarding, graduation gifts, and it's just a great day. I totally forgot to quote Lo saying "Everyday is a fashion show" and I will never EVER forgive myself. At the end I talk a little bit about what is going on in my life and why this podcast was a bit messy. 
April 07, 2019
Colby Dee from Very Cavallari Joins!
Colby Dee from Very Cavallari joins me to chat about everything from Very Cavallari (duh), to crying, to Kelly Clarkson, to her own music! Listen to get a little bit more insight about her issues with Kaylee and how Kristin Cavallari is as a boss! 
March 31, 2019
Grin & Bear It
The crew goes camping, Christina sings at her dad's church, and Lo goes on an absolutely awful date! I also get into my anxiety, how to handle small talk, and traveling tips. 
March 24, 2019
The Last Dance
I go over the last prom for LC, Lo, Stephen, and the rest of the crew! After I break down the episode I talk a bit about Very Cavallari, hint at some potential podcast guests, and my loyalty to certain cast members. 
March 19, 2019
The Best Part Of Breaking Up....
This episode I break down Trey vs Little Man, the Blink 182 concert, horrible editing, and the Shannon vs Kristin saga! 
March 10, 2019
Alex H Joins The Laguna Biotch Podcast!
Alex H was nice enough to join the podcast to talk about life after Laguna, moving to Hawaii, friendship breakups, Aaron Carter and more this week! 
March 03, 2019
What Happens In Cabo....
A deep dive into the Cabo episode of season 1, a shallow dive into the Lo and LC drama, Hills reboot release date, and finally tell you the first guest on the podcast! 
February 24, 2019
18 Candles
This episode is a very Christina and Morgan heavy episode where I talk about her Broadway audition, her birthday, and how LC and Lo were on the I forgot you list. I also talk about the nasty DM I received and if Laguna was filmed in 2019. 
February 17, 2019
Fast Cars & Fast Women
The birth of the word Dunzo and Stephen dances with a Gigi Hadid lookalike! 
February 09, 2019
The Bonfire
If there is a bonfire in Laguna you know that means there is going to be drama. This week we take a deep dive into the second episode of season one where Morgan doesn't get into her dream school (or does she), Trey hosts and AYA open mic night, Kristin and Jessica cook! Let's get into it! 
February 02, 2019
The Black & White Affair
If you loved Laguna Beach on MTV, I am serving you with all of the nostalgia possible by giving a rundown of each and every episode! 
January 27, 2019