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Peaceful Learning Podcast

Peaceful Learning Podcast

By Lara Ritson
A podcast series to help you through your parenting journey. You’ll hear from experts in the field of respectful and holistic childcare, other parents, their challenges and success stories, as well as, nannies and teachers. We don’t claim to have all the answers, what we do know is, this really works and would like to share our knowledge with you to let you know what’s out there.
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Children loving broccili??

Peaceful Learning Podcast

Neurodivergence with Rachel Harvey
This week I talk to Rachel about how to help children who learn differently to how the mainstream education system teaches. We learn about techniques and ways to encourage learning and create an environment that feels safe and nurturing for all to learn. To find out more, go to
August 31, 2021
Children loving broccili??
This week at Peaceful Learning, I have Rachael Wilson, registered dietitian specialising in family feeding, feeding disorders, disordered eating and body image from The Food Tree, sharing with us how to get children to eat food, even healthy nutritious food without having to bribe or reward good eating habits. Is that even possible? Find out here!
June 23, 2021
Week 6: Change: Ron Shuali
This week I talk to funny man Ron Shuali, a behaviour mastery expert and author of Breaking the Bullying Cycle, to discuss how we can change our interaction with children to get a more cooperative, interactive child willing to jump on board! His authentic passion for change can be heard throughout our conversation which kept me engaged the whole way through! TO see more check out his website
June 06, 2021
Perception: Pennie Brownlee
This week at Peaceful Learning, I'm joined by kiwi legend Pennie Brownlee, author of Dance with Me in the Heart. We discuss how our perception of a childs behaviour can make a huge difference in the outcome of that child.
May 28, 2021
Week 4: Sleep: Sophie Acott
This week I talk to holistic sleep coach and founder of Sleep, Play, Love, Sophie Acott, to hear some comforting words for those in a sleep deprived state! As a mother of four, she knows how challenging parenthood can be – let alone in the midst of sleep deprivation. She's been there, and she is here to help! 
May 20, 2021
Week 3: A Montessori Mind: Pamela Green
This week I have Pamela Green sharing with me ideas of Maria Montessori and the aspect that is often overlooked in centres, in training and within the home. Pamela has worked with the Montessori method for over 30 years! She is the Founder and Owner of Ananda Montessori, which is an environment for parents, caregivers, and their children to come and learn together. In her Parent-Infant, Parent-Toddler, and Parent-Preschooler classes, the guidance and facilitation of adults in care of their child is as important as the guidance of the Child. Along with these classes, she also does parenting classes, groups, and workshops, based on Montessori and Positive Discipline. She offers parent/caregiver mentorship, consulting in person or via video conference, for parents, teachers, staff, and schools. Meeting the person where they are, and in response to their unique needs. She works in the creation of Parent and Child Playgroups, such as at Ananda Montessori, and offers this training to those interested and is also a frequent presenter at Montessori conferences. She helps parents during pregnancy and has been teaching childbirth education and attending births since 1990. Offering guidance, support, workshops, and consultation in this area as well. She has also been acting as Head of School for over 30 years, and teaching in Montessori during this time. Phew, thats a lot! It was very inspiring to speak with her and I learnt quite a bit about the other side of Maria Montessori that I didn't know was there. Visit to find out more
May 15, 2021
Week 2: Play: Caroline Essame
This week we have Caroline Essame. She is a British occupational therapist and creative arts therapist with a Masters Degree in education specialising in play based learning. I enjoyed talking with Caroline and learned a new thing or two about the benefits of play based learning from an occupational therapist perspective. The art of working with children is a never ending learning journey! She has worked for over 35 years in the field of creativity and human development, with experience in health, welfare and education services in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK, the Philippines and India. Based in Singapore she is the pioneer of CreateCATT Developmental Play and works with pre-school children and school-aged children with special needs as well as  teaching at Singapore University of Social Sciences.  She is a consultant for Deepti special school in Kerala, India, a Playfutures Explorer for the LEGO Foundation and an award winning international trainer and author. i fyou'd like to find out more about CreateCATT, you can do so here: These are short and sweet, around 30 minutes as little golden nuggets of information to inspire you through your week.
May 07, 2021
Week 1: Presence: Deborah Carlisle Solomon
This week we have author of Baby Knows Best and RIE Associate Deborah Carlisle Solomon. Deborah was my RIE mentor from when I took RIE Foundations 5 years ago. In our talk, we discuss the power of absolute presence and observation to see what’s really happening with children and how not one size fits all.
April 28, 2021
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April 28, 2021
April 28, 2021
April 28, 2021