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As I Am

As I Am

By LaToya Maria
A warm welcome beautiful souls. As I am was created to help you release the magic within. This show is about empowerment, truth and learning to accept yourself as you are.

Tune in as I intimately share my own truths, musings, meditations and so much more!
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As I Am

As I Am

A New Timeline: Things To Come In 2021
Welcome to The New Timeline!! Season 2 Coming soon love...  For now here's where to find me: Website: Flow with me on YouTube Meditate with me on Insight Timer You can find me on the 'Gram sometimes... @yoga_enchantress
January 10, 2021
Agency Over Your Pleasure: Get Embodied with Desirè
Welcome back beautiful souls! In this episode, LaToya communes with her fellow sensual sister Desire’! Desire’ is a Sensual Liberator, Pleasure Activist and owner of Sugar and Sage. A beautiful being that is an all around Divine Goddess full of wisdom! We’re talking everything from sensuality and the power of breath, to yoni eggs and making pleasure practices accessible. You are in for a treat! Here's the playlist for this episode because duhhhhh! Available on Spotify: Support Black Womxn’s businesses. Learn more about Desire’ and Sugar and Sage here: Website: Instagram business: @sugar.sage Personal: @iampolebunny Connect with me and my offerings: Website: Instagram: @yoga_enchantress Preorder my yoga ebook “Yoga Doesn’t Care If You’re Flexible” and access all my offerings: Gratitude offerings are appreciated to help me maintain all of the things I share.
July 3, 2020
A Black Womxn's Rage
When will we be protected? A call for women to take up arms and protect ourselves! Black Womxn, we are  GOD's! I love you! Mother, daughters, friends, healers, activists.
June 15, 2020
Black Folk & Sustainability: Reflections with Carrington On Self-care and How Nothing Moves Without US.
In this episode LaToya communes and relates with Carrington of Parts Homegrown regarding all things sustainability, veganism, plants, yoga and just being dope black womxn! You can connect with Carrington on her social media platforms  Instagram: @withcarrington  Flow and breathe with her on YouTube Parts Homegrown with Carrington.  Check out her blog: So you can dive into her vegan food goodness! Make sure you purchase Carrington's book of poetry Plush Don’t forget to preorder my yoga ebook for beginners “Yoga Doesn’t Care If You’re Flexible” on my website Support Black Womxn Carrington’s Venmo: @tckernodle LaToya’s PayPal:
June 12, 2020
Embrace the Erotic: Rediscover Your Power. Conversations with Seshata Rose
In this episode LaToya welcomes her first guest Seshata Rose! The Queens explore Seshata’s erotic art, literature, sensual liberation and laughs. This is a raw look at the inner world of two liberated black womxn who unapologetically show up for themselves and each other. About Seshata Rose: "Seshata Rose is a Brooklyn born, Atlanta native serving as an educator and writer that has a deep passion for sharing the emotions and thoughts that humans feel but often suppress and/or can’t find the words to say.  Her passion for literary enlightenment has always played an essential role in her life and in June 2017, “Soul Touching”, her self published debut book, was released.  She finds enjoyment in assisting others with sharing their work, by manuscript editing and self publishing consulting. She is a strong advocate for sexual/sensual liberation in women and body positivity.  Seshata attends various events to speak on the aforementioned topics." Purchase Seshata’s work and learn more about here offerings here: Website: Instagram & Twitter: @seshata_rose Referenced in episode: Audre Lorde essay: Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power  Spotify Playlist to help you tap into your erotic nature: Embrace the Erotic. April & D’real’s podcast Relationships with Plants Black Imagination curated by Natasha Marin Connect with me: Subscribe to my newsletter: Instagram: @yoga_enchantress  Access my offerings:
April 25, 2020
Choose Healing: All Is Coming With Ease
Sistas how y’all feelin’? Brothas y’all alright? This episode is for er’body! In this episode LaToya shares her personal experiences and the impact the current global crisis has had on her life. LaToya invites you to reimagine your life at this time; with musings, reflections and of course a meditation! You will explore a deeply relaxing guided meditation to help ease stress and anxiety. If you enjoy please share this with your tribe! Episode references: *DIY Natural Disinfectant: Fill a 16oz spray bottle with mostly, high proof (+70%) alcohol; such as vodka or rubbing alcohol. 1/2 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide Top with essential oil of you choice recommendation: -30 drops tea tree essential oil -15 drops lemon essential oil -15 drops lavender essential oil -15 drops eucalyptus essential oil *Book recommendation: “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson *Favorite Vegan Food recipe accounts: @veganbowls @withcarrington (she is also a yogi and plant mama!) 🌱 👋🏽 *Join my mailing list to get a freebie I’ll be rolling out next week and to get updates about the release of my beginner friendly yoga e-guide!!! Follow me on Instagram: @yoga_enchantress to get the links to my latest offerings. I hope you enjoy and continue to breathe with ease. xx
March 26, 2020
The Other Side of Fear: Liberation!
In this episode LaToya sheds light one of the most common fears we deal with, why we perpetuate this fear and how to navigate through it so you can live your best damn life! As always, she gives insight on her own personal journey of acknowledging and overcoming her fears and limiting beliefs. While giving practical ways to live a life of intention, love and liberation. Stay tuned and experience a guided meditation to solidify your liberation.  Connect with LaToya here: Instagram: @yoga_enchantress YouTube: Yoga Enchantress Website: Are you interested in yoga? Curious about how you can transform your wellbeing? Do you have a desire to embrace and embody your divine feminine energy?  Would you like clarity on how I can support you with that?  I was led by spirit to open  "​Enchanted Explorations"…an opportunity to explore, expand and reclaim your magic. During your virtual Enchanted Exploration, I will share how to transform your wellbeing through: Mind-body-breath yoga and somatic embodiment to connect with your divine self. The importance of self care to create optimal work-life balance. Why hardening and forcing isn’t in alignment with your feminine energy. If you're curious about: Committing to a more mindful and high vibrational wellbeing practice that's in alignment with your specific energy. Asking questions about anything from beginning your yoga practice, or how to embrace and empower your divine feminine energy. Curious about my offerings? (Flows, meditations, sound healing, existential wellbeing.) Gaining guidance on how to begin awakening your powerful creativity and receive support to release the magic within! This session is for you!  Come as you are. This is a non-judgement, compassionate listening, intuitive alignment virtual 1:1 session.
February 22, 2020
Who Am I: Loving Your Authentic Self
Welcome! This is the 1st official episode of "As I Am" Authenticity is an important quality for LaToya and she wanted to be true to that and allow things to unfold naturally. A natural progression of As I Am would be sharing more about herself. *CORRECTION* ((I somehow managed to say 2006 instead of 2016, which is when I began my yoga journey.)) Tune in as LaToya shares who she really is and what's been important on her journey so far. LaToya dives into her passions, her not so pleasant start with yoga, and the turning point in her journey. You'll be invited to take a deeper look into your own self image with some reflections, meditation, and a journal prompt!  Find LaToya here: Instagram: @yoga_enchantress YouTube: Yoga Enchantress Website:
January 30, 2020
Musings from the Enchantress
Let’s release the magic within!
January 23, 2020
As I Am
This guided meditation was created to help you release any doubt that you are worthy, as you are. Find a quiet place, calm yourself and let’s begin...
January 23, 2020