Words from the River

Episode 1

An episode of Words from the River

By Laurie Nave
Words about words...North Alabama writer living on the "singing river" talks with other writers about their work and shares some of her own stories
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Words about words...North Alabama writer living on the "singing river" talks with other writers about their work and shares some of her own stories

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Episode 6: Brianna Bennet
Brianna Bennett is currently in graduate school completing her M.A. in Publishing and M.F.A. in Creative Writing. She'll graduate in 2020, and she'll be working to publish first book around that time too. She'll eventually be including excerpts from that book, but you can also find snippets on her Twitter feed. Brianna's Website:  www.llittlebutfierc3.com Brianna's Medium handle: https://medium.com/@littlebutfierc3 Join www.medium.com today for only 5.00 a month! Follow Words from the River at wordsfromtheriver.com
November 15, 2019
Episode 5: Interview with J K Allen
JK Allen wrote her first story when she first learned how to write and hasn’t looked back since. Common writing themes that can be found in her work address identity, everyday magic, and the type of strength that can be found in ordinary people. She is the author of the Angelborn series. She is currently working on a new series in the works. Her reading tastes are as varied as the genres she enjoys writing, from Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling. When she’s not writing, you can find her painting, drawing, or lost in another world between the pages of a book. Or on Facebook. Instagram: www.instagram.com/hijinkswriter Facebook: www.facebook.com/hijinkswriter Twitter: www.twitter.com/hijinkswriter Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/juliakyong Website: hijinksblog.wordpress.com amazon.com/author/jkallen
November 8, 2019
Episode Four: Jack Binkerd
This week I'm talking with Jack Binkerd, a musician and songwriter who lives in Nashville Tennessee.  It's a great conversation with lots of creativity and humor.  Jack has released two EP's and performs in a variety of venues.  He's an accomplished vocalist and guitarist who writes innovative music.  Enjoy his music on Spotify at: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6NUVEQvgMD5R5nojGYV6wZ?si=xzMwtkz_QSeBRxTJ5nX_7A Follow me at www.wordsfromtheriver.com Sign up for the newsletter! https://upscri.be/ilzfnt
October 31, 2019
Episode 3: Final Friday Fiction: Evil House
Can a house be evil? In Decatur, Alabama, there sits a house that no one can live in for more than a few days.  Years ago, a young couple moved in, only to move out less than 3 days later, refusing to speak of what happened within the walls. Welcome to Final Friday Fiction on Words from the River.  In honor of Halloween, this Friday's fiction reading will come from a tale of horror, Evil House, written by Laurie Nave - hey, that's me!  I hope you enjoy it.
October 25, 2019
Episode Two: In terview with Toni Crowe
I'm very excited to have award-winning and Amazon best-selling author Toni Crowe with me today.  Toni is a corporate vice-president who retired early to pursue writing full time.  She wrote her 6-book memoir series in just six months!  The basis of her books is that working hard and being smart (WHBS) is not enough to be successful. Everyone can use a helping hand. Her books were written to offer that hand. Her latest book, Bullets, and Bosses Don’t Have Friends was an Amazon Bestseller. The book is an exploration of what it takes to succeed in corporate America. The book offers a collection of the interesting and provocative challenges in Toni’s career. She offers her solutions to tough leadership the problems and invites the reader to participate via exercises at the end of each chapter. When she is not writing, Toni and her husband love traveling, especially to visit her children and grandchildren. When home in Florida, she sits by her pool reading with two cats, Tall and Dark on her lap. When the right puppy comes along, he will be Handsome.
October 17, 2019
Episode 1
Welcome back to Words from the River, coming to you from the banks of the Singing River in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I’m Laurie Nave, and I’m excited about our fist author interview today. His name is Lee Hutch, and he released a work of historical fiction in March of 2019. Lee is a retired firefighter turned history professor and author. Spent 15 years as a firefighter/arson investigator. He has a BA and an MA in history, as well as an MS in criminal justice. Since 2004, he’s been teaching college history. He and his wife, Anastasia, live in the Galveston area with their five cats, who I am sure rule the house with a firm hand (smile). Lee’s debut novel, So Others May Live, was released in March 2019. If you are a fan of historical fiction, particularly World War Two, you will absolutely enjoy it. It follows the exploits of a firefighter in Berlin during the war. Lee is also a winner of American Book Fest’s American Fiction Award. When he’s not writing Lee loves watching 1940s movies, which makes perfect sense for a history buff, and listening to the Red Sox. I hope he’ll forgive me for being a Braves fan (smile)
October 11, 2019
Episode Zero: The Singing River
Welcome to episode zero of Words on the River, a podcast about writing, writers, and words in general.  We are hailing from the Tennessee River, named the Singing River by those who inhabited it first, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. If you aren’t familiar with the area, it’s a little town tucked into Northwest Alabama, known as the “Hit Recording Capital of the World” back during my childhood, thanks to Fame Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. This week, since there is such a rich creative history along the river where I live, I thought I’d share a bit of the folklore that led to the Name “Singing River,” which inspired the title of this podcast.
October 3, 2019
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