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Chick Lit 4 Life

Chick Lit 4 Life

By LC Lewis
Five college girls get together to discuss how they want to reclaim the term “Chick Lit” - who decides what type of literature is intended for “chicks” anyway?!
Series 1 discusses Irish author Marian Keyes’ work
Series 2 discusses the work of Jane Austen
Series 3 looks at Unusual Heroines
Series 4 explores work by writers of colour
Series 5 is on LGBTQIA+ authors

Written and recorded by LC Lewis in her bedroom.
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Series 3 Episode 3: Lucia's War

Chick Lit 4 Life

Series 3 Episode 3: Lucia's War

Chick Lit 4 Life

Series 5 Episode 3: Juliet Takes A Breath
And we're back! The girls' third book of Series 5 on LGBTQ+ authors is Gabby Rivera's joyous "Juliet Takes a Breath". While fangirling over, quite possibly the most lovable main character we have ever come across, the girls talk: - First and foremost, how we CANNOT HANDLE how much we love Juliet. Seriously. Why is she fictional? We need to hang out with her IMMEDIATELY - Juliet's journey after she comes out, and how her foundation of love with her family makes it even more affecting - How Juliet's tendency to get overwhelmed, freak out, but then do the thing anyway makes her our actual hero, move over Beyoncé - How through doing that, Juliet identifies and creates her own relationship with feminism - Speaking of feminism, Juliet (and hence the girls) talk about where white lady feminism falls short - Not to mention all of the super-gross parts of ourselves and our behaviour we came across in that discussion - Plus our further fangirling over Titi Wepa and cousin Ava, Kira The Hot Librarian ™, and a lot of oversharing on how Juliet's Mam, as an imperfect, loving mother, makes us cry like bitches Oh, you want to hear about the tangents? Well... - Chloe goes in unnecessary depth into the BangBangCon experience and the gif-only conversation she and Clee had during it - Clee can't speak spanish (we disagree) and Chloe can't say many of the words for "vagina" (we heartily disagree) - Though we should use this opportunity to say this week's episode has some stronger language than usual, listener discretion is advised - Oh and speaking of listener discretion... - We found out during recording that our very own Katie Murphy has guest written some sexy fanfic with LC's baby sister @btsfantasty on Instagram. She is not happy that we know about it, but that is part of the fun All that and muchos fangirling over how much we seriously want to be best mates with Juliet despite her fictional status, on this episode of Chick Lit 4 Life!
April 25, 2021
Series 5 Episode 2: All My Mother's Lovers
And we're back! The girls' second book of Series 5 on LGBTQ+ authors is Ilana Masad's stunning "All My Mothers Lovers". In discussing possibly our most divisive main character to date, the girls talk: Said divisive main character - is Maggie super selfish or just grieving the loss of her mother in her own way? How the grieving process can have you come to terms with your parents' humanity, often too late the reality of desire - and how we can be boxed in by what qualities are "acceptable" to be attracted to We also get into the differences between the Hindu god Shiva and the Jewish tradition of shiva. Which is not something I thought I'd ever be typing. Are there tangents? Why do you ask questions you definitely know the answer to? We have some Miocic Ngannou pregame excitement and a plug for The Bash with Petesy and Niall if that's what you're into Some discussion on Chloe's granny sounding like the most terrifying person ever BTS not getting a Grammy but we have their upcoming Japanese album to look forward to But despite that, we can't co-opt Takeshi Murakami's intellectual property just because it flawlessly symbolises everything J-Hope is. Oh man we love him so much For all that, PLUS an update on whether Deano has returned to the Two Tyres One Chain family (#ComeHomeDeano) tune in to the latest episode of Chick Lit 4 Life!
March 27, 2021
Series 5 Episode 1: Rubyfruit Jungle
And we're back! The girls' first book of Series 5 on LGBTQ+ authors is Rita Mae Brown's bestselling "Rubyfruit Jungle". In discussing (arguably) the first lesbian protagonist in popular culture, the girls talk: - The effect of a shining superhero lead character in tackling oppression - How that makes us feel as gals that love a bit of emotional struggle and nuance - Interestingly, how Molly's self-belief trips our (super-Irish) "Notions" alarm, and how that's just very uncomfortable - Plus Chloe Cullen in her best dramatic performance to date! And we did not go on one tangent! Okay that was a lie. We did foray into - How OBSESSED we are with all the people making epoxy resin charms and jewellery on Instagram, we just CANT with you people!! - Saoirse's unwavering dedication to PopSugar fitness videos. And the fact that she does them with no shoes on. Which we insist is weird. It IS weird, right?! - And of course, finally, Katie's crazy forehead-vein. We don't know how it took so long to bring it up to be honest  It's all here in this week's Chick Lit 4 Life!
March 9, 2021
Series 4: Episode 6 - Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982
Another year, another round of book talk the girls need to have! The girls' first book of 2021 and the last in our series about authors of colour is Cho Nam-Ju's feminist powerhouse "Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982". In discussing this stark novel's approach to laying out the cadaver that is misogyny and disregard for women, girls, sisters and mothers, the girls talk: - The physical and mental health issues motherhood and pregnancy present (and we had NO IDEA) - Sexual assault and how small actions build up over time (why are you feeling our bra straps?!) - What if sexism isn't just an outdated societal rule? What if it's a tradition? One that we're proud of? - How sexism affects children (maybe it's NOT adorable when little boys bully the girls they like!) - and how having the luxury of choice changes everything Plus, I mean, there were always gonna be tangents, right? - With our first Korean novel, we had to go into how Run BTS! and our K-Drama obsessions informed our enjoyment of the book, right? - Not to mention Katie's, ahem, flawless pronunciation? (She cannot say 승연 to save her life) - Way more apologising than we've seen on previous episodes - maybe the subject matter brought us closer as a group? - AND, the piece de resistance, Deano from 2 Tyres, 1 Chain fame advertising his one-man musical, Deano - Nice to Meetchyou (working title) It's all here in this week's Chick Lit 4 Life!
January 11, 2021
Series 4 Episode 5: Kitchen
Well this is surprising...we managed to get this episode up despite LC working like an IDIOT the last few weeks. GO TEAM This week the girls get stuck into Banana Yoshimoto's classic "Kitchen",  discussing, among other things: -Are we reading the author or the translator? - How the abnormal becomes normal once it's your everyday life - Is Chloe as goodlookin as Eriko? (spoiler: She really isn't) - Anger over misgendering and how it's pretty cool it's an automatic response now - The life within inanimate objects in a home - Loss and how it manifests for different people - Soulmates Vs Settling - Normals (aggresively normal people in your life) vs AbNormals (the opposite. Obvs) - Mammy & Daddy Murphy being couple goals  Did the girls go on tangents you ask? Well if the following count as tangents given they had NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT: - Hanger. Seriously. - Coco pops v s granola bars and the foodiest Easter Eggs we've ever done (Except for katie's. Because she's the worst) - The Grammys and whether prizes are something to get excited over - What the Queen of England's treehouse probably looks like - The faces Chloe pulls when she's dancing - A listening party for the highlight of the new BTS album - Dis-Ease All this and a LOT of cackling, right here at Chick Lit 4 Life!
December 13, 2020
Series 4 Episode 4: The Vanishing Half
And we're back! Despite LC's impending collapse due to exhaustion (yay!) (full-time job + creative output x copy-editing your sister's EXCELLENT sexy fanfic = burnout, it seems) we have gotten this episode up! Take that lockdown!! This week we talk about Brit Bennett's beautiful "The Vanishing Half". We are seriously having a tough time figuring out if we have a favourite book so far this series, because this one is yet another INCREDIBLE addition. The girls get into: - The choices a person makes being a product of how they were taught as children - The contrast between running away from yourself vs becoming who you want to be - How we're just finding SO MUCH RACISM buried in ourselves (it's deeply upsetting) - and outside expectation and how it can mess with a person Oh and the tangents? Well... - a VERY bare-bones run down of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine interim data review results and how excited we all are - Chloe giving some very sound advice re: sending nudes - Cliodhna's on-air imaginary date with Lupita N'yongo (no seriously) - Mario Kart being the video game of choice to get the shift during - And of course, your standard CL4L BTS update (including, Yoongi's recent surgery, the lack of white-washing in the latest batch of promo photos and how we're HERE FOR IT, and, y'know, JK sending Chloe secret messages through his BE concept photo) It's all here in this week's Chick Lit 4 Life!!
November 14, 2020
Series 4 Episode 3: Queenie
And we're back! This week the girls get stuck into Candice Carty-Williams' timely and hugely important "Queenie" What did they come across? Well...among others: - How important it is to have heroines (because yes Queenie is a female hero) that are not trying to make you, the reader, like them. Which made us love Queenie even more tbh - That maybe the romantic love story isn't the thing we're interested in - How relatable and heartbreaking Queenie's self-destructive actions are, BUT - How we can't wrap our heads around the toll systematic racism must have on someone's mental health. Seriously, it's terrifying. But you want to know about the tangents right? Well, as usual, this week did not disappoint: - Jungkookie-Oppa had a livestream this week. And his hair was tied up. Chloe had many thoughts -You all might have seen on Instagram that LC's baby sister has started writing fanfic. So we talk about that for a bit... -And y'know, that Katie's trapped on campus during this latest lockdown. So there's the whole zombie apocalypse vibe she's rockin right now... Queenie is available on Kindle and at all good booksellers (shop independent if you can!) You can find more information on Candice Carty-Williams at and follow her at @CandiceC_W #podcast #podcastlife #podcastersofinstagram #booktag #readersofinstagram #amreading #bookstagram #booknerd #bookish #bookreview #bookclub #allthebooks #fortheloveofbooks #booklover #bookworm #books #bookcommunity #reading #literature #bookgeek #bookobsessed #readingwomen #bookaddiction #bookaddict #booklife #fiction #currentlyreading
October 25, 2020
Series 4 Episode 2: The Trouble With Rose
And we're back! This week the girls talk their way through Amita Murray's gorgeous "The Trouble With Rose" In doing so, we learn about: - Great Indian Families (bonus points for recognising EVERYONE YOU'RE RELATED TO THEREIN) - True acceptance, both self-acceptance, and acceptance by others, and how rare it is - The girls' killer one liner notes on repeated themes in the book (in fairness that's mostly Saoirse) Said notes that kept cropping up were:               - OMG IT ME               - SYMBOLISM!!               - OH SO SAD               - I BET SIMON SMELLS AMAZING               -THIS IS LOVE!!! And it wouldn't be one of our episodes without approximately TEN THOUSAND tangents Which include: - BTS's Dynamite being a comment on racism in the music industry (Katie's goin hard here) - Jungkook's see-through shirt on Jimmy Fallon last week. Like for ages. - Saoirse explaining "macaroni in a pot" (no seriously) - And Saoirse finding  The Roots' Black Thought just ever so attractive (Oh he's very handsome) The Trouble With Rose is available on Kindle and at all good booksellers (shop independent if you can!) and you can find more information on Amita and her work at
October 9, 2020
Series 4, Episode 1: The Tainted
And just like that we're back with Series 4! You guys may remember that we wanted to do this series specifically on writers of colour, and our first book is Cauvery Madhavan's "The Tainted" What do the girls talk about? Well, our goal with this series is to challenge our relationship with race and racism and we got right into it with The Tainted Turns out we learned we have a LOT of preconceptions about what it is to be Indian. And we're now pretty sure all of them are wrong We talk colonialism and why is it that Ireland and India aren't going for pints together, bonding over their shared British colonial past - complete with mistreatment of "uncivilised natives" and groundless massacres We also talk about the book's thoughtful treatment of what it was like to be an Irish Protestant in the years following Irish Independance Our sectarian brain-chips were going completely haywire But aside from all that heavy stuff, we also talked: Possibly the most satisfying love triangle since Final Fantasy VII The levels of book immersion achieved with The Tainted (somewhere between "Total" and "Waking Dreamscape") The Easter Eggiest book since Dr Seuss stopped writing And Katie's continued dependence on sexy fanfic It's all here (along with the triumphant return of D-Doy!) on this week's Chick Lit 4 Life - available on Anchor and anywhere you get your sexy, sexy podcasts Visit for more information on Cauvery's work and pick up your copy of The Tainted at all good booksellers
September 25, 2020
Series 3 Episode 7: Chewing Gum
And the girls are back! This week we've got a bonus episode in our series on unusual heroines, with the girls getting deep and meaningful about Michaela Coel's masterful series "Chewing Gum" - available to stream on All4 and Netflix. What do the girls get into you ask? Well - - It turns out they know way more about Catholic Saints than you'd think. Yeah we don't know how that one came up either... - Which naturally turned into Katie Murphy vs Organized Religion. The eternal battle wages on... - But then we just devolve (as usual) into fangirling over how cool 14 year old Saoirse was and have a heated debate over how to say "Dorset Street" correctly - Oh and the show! Yes, we spent an inordinate amount of time fangirling over Michaela Coel (seriously, we just can't) - We hear Saoirse do, quite possibly, the *worst* East London accent anyone has ever done EVER (it's a borderline hatecrime) - How Chewing Gum's Tracey might be our favourite main character in anything *ever* - such joy, such fun, such BONE STRUCTURE - Oh AND Katie's second Woke Alert (slash history of being a secret racist) There's definitely way more in there but we're being super dumb and forgetting it all, so I guess to catch up on everything properly you're just gonna have to listen!
September 2, 2020
Series 3 Episode 6: Fangirl
Well gang here we are! This week the girls talk the incredibly charming Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell -  the lightest of our look at unusual heroines so far and (maybe as a result - we're very sorry Ms Rowell *sadface*) the most tangents per minute we've gone on in an episode to date. What tangents you ask? Well: - We start off pretty strong with revisiting Katie's past as a Harry Potter fanfic writer herself (OH YOU READ THAT RIGHT) - But then take a detour through sexy/smut fanfic and how Chloe justifies reading it (in fairness, she makes some good -though slightly unexpected - points) - An impromptu haiku (though it may actually be a senryu on further examination...) - Chloe starting on Katie for excluding her from key details from her life - Closely followed by Sarah's way too enthusiastic overview of Cardi B's new song with Megan Thee Stallion (the phrase "Moist Lady Bits" may have appeared more than once) I mean, they do talk about the book too, to be fair. We've got: - Cath's relationship with her family and how the girls did or didn't vibe with it - How much we dig Cath's anti-glow up (big fans of the anti-glow up here at CL4L) - Whether we buy that Levi is that nice (considering that Saoirse is absolutely that nice, so) - And Saoirse being unintentionally NOT Chick Lit 4 Life because she was reading arsey literaty books in her spare time (it's an occupational hazard when you read literary fiction for fun, we have to cut her some slack) All this and an ad for what Katie terms "a sanitary pad you stick to your mask" on this week's Chick Lit 4 Life! #novel #books #feminism #rainbowrowell #fangirl #fanfic #bestsellingbooks #chicklit
August 12, 2020
Series 3 Episode 5: Where The Crawdads Sing
Another fortnight, another book to tear apart with our girls! This week the girls dive into Delia Owens' acclaimed debut, Where The Crawdads Sing - a touching exploration of humanity and relationships both with people and the world around us, and what it means to be truly alone.  How do the girls manage their second week of super deep topics? Well I'm glad you asked! - We start off with Chloe being propositioned by some random aullad on IG (it wasn't JK, just so yiz are aware) - Take a whistle-stop tour of the gorgeous language used by Owens throughout the book - which weirdly brings us to a brief intro to cellular biology - Whether a book can have notions about itself - which might be the most Irish thing we've talked about so far - How if Chloe's sisters turn out to be Instagram Influencers the girls will never stop making fun of Chloe EVER - Cliodhna's childhood fantasy to run away to a deserted island Enid Blyton novel stylee and live on berries and wild honey - What the bathroom situation is on said island escape  - And our continued obsession with how we think fictional characters smell (nice characters. This is unrelated to the bathroom discussion. We shut Sarah down before she could go there) All this and way way more - the girls had an actual physical need to race through this book and are so excited to share their thoughts on it! #novel #books #feminism #deliaowens #wherethecrawdadssing #romancebooks #romance #bestsellingbooks #literature
July 29, 2020
Series 3 Episode 4: Convenience Store Woman
Well gang here we are! This week the girls talk literary prize winning Convenience Store Woman, by Sayaka Murata - an ultra-modern, hilariously deadpan examination of what it means to be different, what it is to truly find your place and the cost of conforming to others' expectations.  How do the girls get into such deep concepts you ask? Well: - We start off with an examination of why Katie now wants BTS merch (oh you read that right) - A detour through how Murata's gorgeously succinct prose reminds the girls of Ridley Scott's Alien - How society accepts and rejects people like it's some gross wobbly collective of...wobbly stuff (the Alien thing might kept going here) - Katie's first Woke Alert - a three minute a parallel between Keiko's copying her coworkers to try to look like a person and the effects of advertising on the general populace - Chloe blowing everyone's minds with her unbelievable grasp of symbolism - Thomas the Tank Engine and how mentioning it can break the tensest of situations - An introduction to the girls' friendship charter (specifically the section referring to how conversations about food impact ongoing silent treatment) #novel #books #feminism #sayakamurata #conveniencestorewoman #prizewinningbooks #bestsellingbooks #literature
July 16, 2020
Series 3 Episode 3: Lucia's War
Well gang here we are! This week the girls get their socially distanced heads around Susan Lanigan's new novel "Lucia's War" - a historical novel about strength, race, motherhood and what love can and can't achieve against the odds. They go even further over time than they did last week but it was absolutely necessary the girls had too many ideas like seriously!! Said ideas include, but are not limited to: - Physical attraction vs intellectual attraction - "Good" vs "Bad" mothers and is that even a thing? - The events and effects of WWI - The girls forgetting that there even was a WWI - The fact that Lucia's War reminded Cliodhna and Saoirse that they have to re-watch Beyonce's Lemonade (and so should EVERYONE EVER) - Katie not understanding the sexy, sexy importance of fanfic - Cliodhna introducing the gang to the idea of Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn ship sexiness - How Blackpink probably can't have a chicken fillet roll when they have their period And like that's not even all of it! So you better get started folks - there's a lot of Chicks, Lit and Life in this one! Lucia's War is available on Amazon and more information on Susan and her work at #romance #chicklit #romancenovels #susanlanigan #luciaswar #irishwriters #historicalfiction #ww1 #wwi #blackbritishhistory
June 30, 2020
Series 3 Episode 2: Jane Eyre
This week the girls pull apart Charlotte Bronte's eternal classic, Jane Eyre. They go way over time because there are loads of excerpts they absolutely have to read, not to mention their discussions around: - Jane's self-sacrifice and how that does or doesn't set her up to cope with her life of crushing disappointment - Just how big a pr*** Mr Brocklehurst is (hint: enormous beyond quantification) - Mr Rochester: Ugly sexy or that one ex that was way too into with you? - The weirdest/most amazing Kindle typos ever - Saoirse's glue gun crafting skillz - Katie playing too much GTA and what it means for a feminist to shoot virtual hookers for fun - Chloe's ingenious plan to get Katie to attend (AND PARTICIPATE IN) a livestreamed BTS concert Oh it's a whole lot of...well tangents...but still, they do talk about the book for some of the time. Honest #janeeyre #charlottebronte #feminism #chicklit #classicnovels #womenwriters
June 16, 2020
Series 3 Episode 1: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
This week the girls get stuck into Gail Honeyman's glorious debut "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine", a gorgeous celebration of humanity, connection and how beautiful and unique everyone's own normal can be.  The girls talk: - Oddness and our reactions to it - what makes an odd person and do we ignore them? Because it looks like we might... - Family dynamics - supportive, toxic and everything in between - Just how important human interaction and being your authentic self really is I mean, they also talk about the BTS Festa and how Chloe needs to log off Instagram for like 2 seconds, Katie's heroic defeat of Radditz during her lockdown Kakarot binge and Saoirse's continued savagery (Saoirse so spicy!) Basically they explore the deepest recesses of the human soul, is the thing
June 3, 2020
S2 Episode 7: The Longbourn Letters & The Other Bennet Sister
This week the girls continue their discussion on Pride and Prejudice, supplementing their discussion with Rose Servitova's "The Longbourn Letters" and Janice Hadlow's "The Other Bennet Sister” Topics discussed (while Saoirse's next door neighbour aggressively cuts their hedge and what ever chair Cliodhna is sitting in squeaks obscenely loudly) include: - Mary Bennet, heroine extraordinaire - Mr Bennet as a secret leading man - Why unsympathetic characters become unsymapthetic in the first place, and should we laugh at them? Additional tangents include:  - The highly improbable existence of the Illuminati - How Chloe is bearing up without the MOTS7 world tour - Online gaming with your family like a loser - a la Casa de Flannery - Katie's hidden past as a Harry Potter fanfic author Oh it's all VERY exciting gang!
May 6, 2020
S2 Episode 6: Pride and Prejudice
This week the girls get their teeth into Jane Austen's masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice. They spend the entire hour agonizing over: - The upsettingly thick layer of sexual tension running through all of Lizzy and Darcy's conversations (so sticky...) - Hate-flirting as a viable way to meet your soulmate - How amazing it is to have a heroine openly own a serious mistake in judgement, and not place herself in exile or throw herself off a cliff afterward - Who is their favourite character (it's currently a between six way tie between Lizzy, Darcy, Lydia, Mrs Bennet, Mr Bennet, Mr Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh - with an honourable mention for ugly-sexy Colonel Fitzwilliam), and - Who gets the excerpt reading Oscar this episode: Chloe for her magnificent delivery of "We neither of us perform for strangers" or Sarah's actually life-changing Lady Catherine. The Academy have a long night of deliberations ahead of them. Other topics include: - A surprisingly indepth history of K-Pop lightsticks (and yes you do need one) - A very successful demonstration on how reverse psychology may work in convincing your toddler, or 19 year old friend from Drumcondra, to do something - A quick plug for Westworld, which is always welcome. Especially considering Saoirse's slightly weird crush on Ed Harris...which we're not sure what to do with...
April 29, 2020
S2 Episode 5: Northanger Abbey
This week the girls talk muslin, men and murder when they get stuck into Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. It's another one that Saoirse thought would be too thin on the ground to fill up a whole show, and yet again, how wrong she was.  Topics covered include: -Katie's best dramatic reading to date (we still haven't recovered) -The discovery that Dublin's cheesiest, and yet most popular nightclub existed in 1800's Bath -Satire vs Spoof and how in the hell Jane Austen managed to nail both genres in the 19th century -Henry Tilney being the absolute hugest ride we've ever seen in a book written before 1990 Also, an update on Chloe's extreme balliage experiment and an insight into Katie's egocentric side (she thinks she's Quentin Tarantino or something) The Prince Regent got nothin' on our girls, is what we're sayin'
April 22, 2020
S2 Episode 4: Mansfield Park
This week the girls get stuck into Mansfield Park - a novel that Saoirse thought was gonna be super dry and only give us a half hour's worth of material tops. Instead, the girls talk social mobility, pickup artist culture, the importance of staying true to one's values and just how funny is the name Fanny (spoiler: very) Other topics include: - Possibly our biggest girl crush to date - Chloe falling off her chair (seriously) - Saoirse going 4 for 4 with the wig snatching run she's got goin' - And a return from 2 of our most loved advertisers from college It's all in here in this week's Chick Lit 4 Life: Jane Austen!!
April 15, 2020
S2 Episode 3: Persuasion
The girls argue over whether Persuasion's slightly darker tone and shift to emotional depth from sparkling dialogue is a good or bad thing. As expected, they do not agree and go back on what they say a few times, confusing themselves and everyone else in the process. Though they do decide that this is the most romantic of Jane Austen's novels they've read so far and that Sir Walter, to use Chloe's phrase, is a bad bitch. Other topics include, but are not limited to: - The lack of blessed palms in the greater Kildare area following Palm Sunday during quarantine -Katie's burgeoning addiction to Animal Crossing - Whether Animal Crossing is better than Tomb Raider, and - The correct pronunciation of the word "seaside" Just because the girls are locked down it doesn't mean the fun has to stop!
April 8, 2020
S2 Episode 2: Emma
This week the girls discuss Jane Austen's Emma, from the comfort of their respective, socially distanced homes. The girls talk about the heroine Jane Austen was sure no one would like (hereafter referred to as "the original mean girl"), her journey of self-discovery through the book and just how good they think Mr Knightley smelled (hint: very). Of course they wound off topic, with other discussions included (but not limited to): - Chloe's recent spamming of Katie's WhatsApp with questionable gifs - Cliodhna's inability to take part in remote Tuesday night pizza - Miss Bates being everyone's favourite character ever, and - The fact that Jane Fairfax was actually the heroine all along (mind-blown emoji) Tune in, wash your hands, go for a walk while staying 6 feet away from everyone else, the world is your oyster folks!
April 1, 2020
S2 Episode 1: Sense And Sensibility
The girls are still social distancing but it didn't stop them from getting stuck into Sense and Sensibility by the inimitable Jane Austen. The girls talk feminism in the 1800s, sad girl aesthetic vs depression, Saoirse Fierce and her housebound wig-snatching ability, and Katie and Cliodhna treat us to an improvised scene where two gentlewomen discuss whether a can of Guinness will affect their marriage prospects. I mean, you kind of have no choice but to listen, right?
March 25, 2020
Bonus Episode: The Empress Ki
An extra special bonus episode for our listeners practicing social distancing like a load of legends. In the battle against cabin fever, the girls discuss The Empress Ki, a Korean drama series they’ve been binge watching since the college closed. Verdict? Chloe finds far too many men in armour ridey, and Saoirse brings moral relativism into a discussion about said armour based rideyness. What’s not to love?!
March 18, 2020
Episode 7: Grown Ups
In this week's episode, the girls finish out series 1 of Chick Lit 4 Life with Marian Keyes' latest book, "Grown Ups". Topics covered include the shadow self as defined by Carl Jung, the nature of judgement and self-judgement, eating disorders, whether people with tattoos are a - attractive and b- employable, and Chloe's vaguely troubling preoccupation with BTS. It's all in here folks, so let's get down and enjoy yet another installment of whatever the hell this is!
March 11, 2020
Episode 6: The Break
The girls discuss Marian Keyes' The Break, maybe the most serious novel (or maybe just the one that hit closest to home) the girls have discussed so far. What it means to be in a relationship, how you keep a relationship healthy over time (a bunch of 18-year-olds are exactly the people to be discussing this), emotional affairs and crisis pregnancy all show up in this week's show.  But perhaps most importantly, Chloe and Saoirse spend an inordinate amount of time fangirling over the latest BTS video, and oddly an old WINNER promo (we'll explain later). Also, Cliodhna invites Chloe to take part in a BTS themed thought experiment that may or may not shatter her entire worldview.  It's intense stuff. 
March 4, 2020
Episode 5: The Mystery of Mercy Close
The girls fangirl over Helen Walsh in their discussion of The Mystery of Mercy Close and explore their views on depression and related treatment. In doing so, they talk in riddles about K-Drama "The Empress Ki", find out who G-Dragon is (kind of) and reminisce about the boy-bands of days gone by. Because those things all relate to each other. Right?
February 26, 2020
Episode 4: Angels and Anybody Out There
Today the girls discuss Angels and Anybody Out There, a Walsh double whammy! They also get into how their childhood sitting rooms were decorated, their parents' taste in ornaments, and a brief tangent on cancel culture. Such craic!
February 19, 2020
Episode 3: Last Chance Saloon and sexy, sexy consent
Today the girls talk about Last Chance Saloon - their first non-Walsh book - and bring back Rachel's Holiday for a discussion on some different angles on what it means to give consent. They are super terrified of being cancelled as a result. There was an ill advised joke made after the broadcast and Cliodhna had to go home she got so freaked out. So be nice folks, poor Clee is in an awful state.
February 12, 2020
Episode 2: Rachel's Holiday
Today, the girls discuss Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes. Chloe is surprisingly right-wing about the whole thing, Saoirse brings the Jungian perspective on addiction, Cliodhna is outed as a Dragonball Z fan and Katie...well Katie is just enjoying Rachel's boyfriend Luke. Oh, and Sarah needs to bring water to the studio next time. 
February 5, 2020
Episode 1: Watermelon
Today, the girls discuss Watermelon by Marian Keyes. Saoirse sits too far away from her microphone, Sarah can't figure out what that weird clicking noise is in the background and Katie has a weird fixation on Jamie Lee Curtis. Chloe and Cliodhna are also there, doing most of the swearing. 
January 28, 2020