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Lead the Wave - MSC Radio

Lead the Wave - MSC Radio

By Lead the Wave - MSC Radio
Lead the Wave is a youth initiative on MSC Radio, hosted by Ekta Somera, author of Made in Poetry. This is a show for young people with ambition, talent and bravery, who want to use their potential to make a difference.
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Madeleine Venter - 10/08/21

Lead the Wave - MSC Radio

Sonti and Roemello - 21/09/21
Roemello Shembe and Sonti Alpheus Lebopa are young entrepreneurs who built clothing brands as a stand against gangs. OMW Manaba by Sonti is a brand built to set you free, it empowers you to conquer hate and overrule bullies. Sonti wants to become a teacher to help youth when they are most vulnerable and encourage them to find their greatness. AntiGang by Roemello is the brand of the new nation for people with vision, people of action and people with class. Roemello aims to develop a clothing line where he can employ people suffering under gender-based violence or reform themselves as offenders and move the country forward. He wishes to be part of the solution and is excited to collaborate with like-minded people.
September 21, 2021
Irfaan Mangera - 14/09/21
Irfaan Mangera is the youth activism programme manager at the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, he is also an intersectional community and youth activist, human rights educator and youth development worker.
September 14, 2021
Pragashnie Naidoo - 14/09/21
Pragashnie Naidoo is the author of Specks of Dust, she first published a children’s short story "Naomi and Peter" in CEA Greatest Anthology Written to enter into the Guinness World Record 2017. Her passion lies in exposing the cracks of social constructs and discrimination especially against children in society, through the art of storytelling and writing. She has a BSc in Health Sciences and is working towards her Master’s in Education through the University of the People. Pragashnie also teaches online classes in writing, self-development and academics. You can learn more about her by visiting her website
September 14, 2021
Jatin Chavda - 07.09.21
Jatin Chavda is a South African traveler, fluent in English, Mandarin, Italian, French, Spanish, Gujarati and Afrikaans.
September 7, 2021
Sibahle Mzu Ngqele - 31.08.21
At the age of 14, he suffered a mysterious injury that left him unable to walk. Just days after this accident, his father passed away and Sibahle was left grieving and bereft of hope for his life as he knew it and the future he dreamed of. His disability caused him to feel shame within his rural community in the Eastern Cape – which can be a hard and judgmental place, where weaknesses are not looked on with much compassion, but God had a plan for Sibahle, and through sheer will and determination, he began to recover. He was hit by moving vehicles twice without being harmed and understood that although his dreams of playing soccer had been taken from him, there was a reason for this and there was much more he needed to do with his life. He came to Johannesburg where he could receive good medical attention and began to focus on building a new life for himself and has make his dream of being a published author come true. I Can and I Will contains 50 chapters that guide readers to understand that our true power lies within us. If we can only ignore the group-think and negative, chattering people around us and never, ever give up, then we are guaranteed to reach our full potential. If you know what it is you really want in your heart and have patience, diligence and a single-minded focus, then God will work with you, no matter what challenges you face. I Can and I will gives you all tools you need to succeed in making your life’s purpose a reality and setting an example for others to follow.
August 31, 2021
Avijay Harichund - 31.08.21
This young superstar found his voice at the tender age of six, and has learnt how to play a variety of instruments since then, he has participated in a number of shows and competitions. In 2014, he became a finalist in the African Mela competition, in 2015, he was selected as a representative for the South African Indian Lyric Writing Competition, in 2018, he became a finalist in South Africa's first indian singing reality show, Rising Stars. Avijay has also been selected to perform at a Neha Kakkar concert, among others which featured globally renowned artists, and he has now decided to further his knowledge in music under the training of Guru Monali Shome of the Drisha Music Academy.
August 31, 2021
Jenipher Peter - 24/08/21
Jenipher Peter is a Tanzanian Youth Activist is the founder of a non-governmental organization called Determined Society Organisation (DSO) which is dedicated to creating a conducive environment for the society to achieve their dreams. Targeting youth, children and women, it promotes self-awareness skills, entrepreneur skills and a mentorship program. Jenipher is involved in numerous development and environmental conservation programs, as well as charitable events. She is currently chapter coordinator for Africa Youth Leadership Forum at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (AYLF-TIA), and Volunteer Assistant Secretary at PLO Lumumba Foundation Tanzania.
August 24, 2021
Krish Govender - 17/08/21
Mr. Krish Govender is an entrepreneur and author of six books. He is also a qualified educator in Mathematics and Computer Science, and his first book is an original South African story titled “Finding My Family”. The second book is called “Losing My Family” and during the nationwide lockdown last year, he wrote an anthology of short stories called “South African Short Stories For Young Readers”. Mr. Krish Govender's message for the Youth is simple, never give up because success comes from hard work and commitment. "No person, who has started out from a poor family and became successful did it without hard work and commitment. There are lots of things to be done in our communities. One just has to look around and one will see how many things need fixing. If you wait or someone to stand up and fix it, you might have to wait for years. You can be the person that your community has been looking for to improve conditions. Don’t waste your talent’s on frivolous things, and when your head hits the pillow at night, can you say that you assisted one person improve their life?" - Mr. Krish Govender
August 17, 2021
Thabo Makhura - 17/08/21
Thabo Makhura is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Preacher and Author of "Do Something" which is also the name of his clothing brand. He is passionate about bringing change to society, he is the founder of revealing mysteries of Christ International Ministries and he aspires to be an inspiration to upcoming authors, motivational speakers and poets.
August 17, 2021
Madeleine Venter - 10/08/21
Madeleine Venter is a talented and diverse Christian author and blogger. Equally fluent in both English and Afrikaans. She has produced a number of essays, short stories, plays, children’s books and Christian novels. Over the years, her writing had been a blessing to many readers. She has a very special way with words, and – as a qualified teacher with an Associate Degree in Pastoral Counseling – a comfortable, informal approach to teaching important faith topics in a relevant, comprehensive manner. Her writing portrays a sensitive, observing spirit.
August 10, 2021
Jashmir - 10/08/21
Jashmir is a South African DJ, Producer and TikTok star, who is popularly known for his “Amaiphone (What If The iPhone Ringtone Was Made In South Africa)” among many others which have been trending on TikTok. Since the beginning of his career in 2013, Jashmir has ventured into musical genres such as Amapiano, EDM, Hip Hop and House Music, which are available worldwide, on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more.
August 10, 2021
Nonhlanhla Siwela - 03/08/21
Nonhlanhla Siwela is an 18 year old South African poet, activist, academic, independent thinker, and conversationalist. She believes in embracing her multifaceted nature, with a passion deeply entrenched in bringing about social change through poetry. Her poems critically evaluate and navigate the various social issues which are evident in our society. Nonhlanhla hopes to be a catalyst for informative discourse and provide healing or comfort to those who need it.
August 3, 2021
DJ REA - 03/08/21
Reanne David, popularly known as DJ Rea is a South African icon. She is currently in her final year of studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications. Reanne has been passionate about music from a young age, and she hopes that her passion will inspire others to pursue their dreams.
August 3, 2021
Kamogelo Masoga - 27/07/21
Kamogelo Masoga is the author of "Chasing the Dream" a collection of  short stories which depict the challenges we face, thus inspiring and motivating us as individuals.
July 27, 2021
Enricoh Alfonzo - 20/07/21
Enricoh Alfonzo is a content creator with over 5 million views, he is also a storyteller and author. His debut novel, titled 'The Cured: Rebirth' has been greatly inspired by and dedicated to his late grandmother, whom he considers a lighthouse through his journey.
July 20, 2021
Risa Raeanne Moodley - 17/07/21
This South African superstar has won the hearts of people globally with her voice. At the age of 20, she has written and performed songs for an American movie, and received call-backs for her performance in Las Vegas, USA, which also earned her an international award. Risa has released 8 Cd's and 4 original songs.
July 17, 2021