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LevelUp with Lee-Ann

LevelUp with Lee-Ann

By Lee-Ann Watanabe
All things Mindset, Macros-Based Nutrition, Muscle and Business as a part Mexican, part Native Hawaiian female small business owner thriving in Honolulu, Hawaii!
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Exercise Addiction by Lee-Ann Watanabe - The Back Story

LevelUp with Lee-Ann

3 Tips to Boost Your Wellness Biz!
Learn my 3 simple strategies to increase your brand awareness and increase your sales. By doing these 3 things daily, you will be displaying a level of Competency and Confidence that will resonate with potential clients! 
August 24, 2022
My Fitness Addiction Part 2 - My Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis
In part two of my story (Lee-Ann), I discuss how my fitness addiction started and how my Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis leveled up my addiction into an uncharted territory.
September 27, 2021
How We Got Started In Our Fitness Journey - Part 1 Mom's Making me Manic!
Chera and I talk story about how we got started in fitness; the difference between having our mom in her 20s (me Lee-Ann) versus a mom in her late 30s (Chera) when growing into your own as a young girl navigating body change and some funny stories in between when your older sis (me Lee-Ann) big sis bosses you into doing some epic fitness shit! 
August 31, 2021
(Guest Speaker, The Art of Being) Using Exercise & Diet Addiction as an Emotional Crutch
Lee-Ann Watanabe is a guest speaker on The Art of Being podcast hosted by Coach Pati Hoyt. The Art of Being podcast was created to hear & share transformative stories from beautiful beings whose lives have been affected by mental/physical challenging circumstances which they not only overcame it, they are actually thriving today! Pati Hoyt went through her own mental & physical health journey which she overcame after many years dealing with it. Today, she has healed and transformed her life around. That’s why Pati became a Life Coach and is so passionate about helping others on their journey! These stories will give hope to someone who is still going thru their own healing journey.  On this episode, Lee-Ann discusses using extreme exercise and dieting behavior (her addictions) as her long time emotional crutch and when that exercise high stopped working, how Lee-Ann was able to transform herself out of this distraction and into her true calling. Her mission is to help ladies with the same. The take-away tip - ask for help, seek out support and know that you too can release what no longer serves you!
August 10, 2021
Overwhelmed & Anxious?
A client conversation triggered today's podcast episode - my mom client was drinking a bottle of wine every night and realized that she was dealing with mom guilt. What perfect way to discuss how to navigate feeling overwhelmed and anxious than with Sistah Chera who shares her journey of tuning out with distractions to now tuning in! 
August 10, 2021
How Chasing Perfect Created My Self Sabotage
Perfectionism means to hold oneself or other to the highest standards. But when I realized that chasing perfect also created a bit of self-sabotage, I wanted to dig deeper into why was I doing this? If I shoot for perfect, but always leave an exit strategy for myself, how am I perfect then? Do you struggle with a perfectionist mindset?  Have you ever been so afraid of failing at something that you decided not to try it at all? Or has a fear of failure meant that, subconsciously, you undermined your own efforts to avoid the possibility of a larger failure? Yep, it me. Listen for what happened, how I handled it and what I hope to learn moving forward.
August 09, 2021
Being Brave
Sisters in Blood, Vastly different in Nature we discuss our most recent act of being BRAVE; what being brave means to each of us and how you too can jump on the Be Brave Beautiful train! 
August 03, 2021
Should Parents Comment About Their Kids Weight?
I'm not a Doctor or a Therapist. Just your in person and virtual Honolulu Personal Trainer. BUT, I was once a child who grew up where my weight was (what felt to me) a constant issue. I definitely believe that this family dynamic contributed to my eventual disordered eating and exercise pattern which spanned nearly two decades. Am I cured? There is no such thing. It is a constant balance of navigating a murky middle where by you separate what's truth and what's fiction. This is the dark side of exercise; something seemingly healthy that when you fixate upon and obsess about it, it's never an issue because well, it's exercise after all (not heroin!) and when you are like me, in a very normal body that doesn't indicate "exercise addiction" you then just someone who is referred to as "very passionate about exercise." 
July 02, 2021
Guest January Johnson-Barros of Lilikoi Wear
When I met January, I knew I had to bring her onto my podcast. January is co-founder and co-owner of Lilikoi Wear, a Hawaii & Brazil inspired active and athleisure wear line empower women near and far! Her company's mission - "to create a positive impact. To support women in feeling powerful and beautiful when they put on Lilikoi Wear." In today's episode, we talk about the Lilikoi Brand; what sets them a part from other active wear lines and how you can get your. hands on their super cute stuff! 
June 28, 2021
Celebrating Non Scale Victories
Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t only about your weight! It’s a mental, physical, and emotional journey! Yet, we get so caught up with numbers – number on the scale; the jeans or dress size; the calories consumed or burned.  I’m all about tracking those metrics when my clients are in the right head space to do so; but, I also advocate that we celebrate ALL WINS, big or small that have nothing to do with numbers! We call these NON SCALE VICTORIES (NSV for short).   Focus on more than just what the scale or your size says.  Listen to today's episode to determine what questions you can ask yourself so that you too can celebrate NSVs!
June 24, 2021
Normalizing All Bodies in the Fitness Industry
I was a Guest Speaker on the Body Positivity Podcast with hosts Diana Gremillion and Arliss Dudley Cash.  We clear up the misperception that: -looking FIT equals being fit -how your close circle greatly contributes to food, fitness and weight-related disorders -and much more!
June 17, 2021
Exercise Addiction by Lee-Ann Watanabe - The Back Story
In episode one, I introduce myself and talk about how a life time of over exercise and food restriction really helped me achieve great things and more importantly, helped me overcome a lot of shitty stuff. It's all good when it's all good, but no one talks about the dark side of exercise, the point in which exercise becomes excessive, at all costs. 
February 09, 2021