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Letters from the basement

Letters from the basement

By LFTB Media
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Kerala, Communists, Statues and Hypocrisy
In this year's full budget of Kerala, CPIM state government has  allocated 4 crores for construction of memorials to 2 politicians who  died recently. One of them was a convict in a corruption case. The very  same communists cannot stop ridiculing Sardar Patel's Statue of Unity in  Gujarat as an example of government wastage. This attitude is typical  of the Leftist ecosystem in our country. I discuss this in detail with  examples in this letter from the basement.
June 13, 2021
Pinarayi 2.0 and A Game of Thrones in Kerala
Pinarayi Vijayan was recently elected as Chief Minister of Kerala for a  second term. n addition to whether he is going to continue with the same  PR model of governance that proved successful for him and if he is  going to continue with the backdoor appointments and scams and scandals  that Malayalis don’t seem to mind, another aspect that needs to be  closely observed in the next 5 years is the developing power struggle  within Kerala CPIM. People who follow Kerala politics know, Pinarayi is a  master at political maneuvering and orchestrating power grab. The seeds  of the current power politics playing out in the Kerala CPIM were laid  ahead of the recent assembly elections when Pinarayi created an  arbitrary rule and denied tickets to most senior party leaders and  sidelined the few who got elected from inclusion in the state cabinet.  In this vlog I examine this brewing game of thrones in Kerala politics.
June 5, 2021
Why is a Soumya from Kerala among victims of terrorism in Israel
One of the victims of recent escalation of tensions between Israel and  Palestine is a nurse from Kerala, Soumya Santosh. In this letter from  the basement, I discuss how the news of her death was received in Kerala  and what caused her, and thousands of other Malayalis like her, to go  in search of livelihood in a war torn region.
June 2, 2021
Post-election violence in Bengal: 2021 season
As most of India is suffering under the 2nd wave of COVID pandemic, there is an additional humanitarian tragedy unfolding in the state of West Bengal. Following the recently concluded assembly elections in the state, supporters and active workers of the losing political parties, especially the BJP, are being persecuted and hunted down by the goon squads of the Trinamool Congress Party of Mamata Banerjee that won the elections. Tens of thousands, primarily Hindus of the state, have been displaced from their homes and have taken refuge in camps in neighboring states. As this perversion of democracy is still unfolding, the Indian state and those responsible for upholding the constitution have turned a blind eye. In this byte from the basement, I examine the cast of characters in this tragedy and identify those who are persecuting Hindus of Bengal and those who have abandoned them after promising justice.
May 15, 2021
Rahul Gandhi's (logic) free speech on COVID vaccine
Indian National Congress party’s owner and MP from Wayanad in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi has recently discovered the  meaning of word “free”. But he is yet to discover that free doesn’t  just mean getting things without paying for them but also for  being able to think without restrictions. In this byte from the basement I look at what is driving  his demand for free COVID vaccines and dive deep into the consequences of following up on that demand.
May 9, 2021
Welcome to the basement
WELCOME TO THE BASEMENT Letters From The Basement is an attempt to inform the Hindu society and coax it into action. This podcase will be a platform for original content and discussion on topics related to the culture, traditions, rights and politics of Hindus in India, and beyond. You can get updates of the latest posts on this podcase by subscribing to our Telegram channel. If you like what we do here and agree with our mission, please support us by spreading the word about this platform among your family and friends and by leaving feedback to improve the content.
May 9, 2021