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How To Fall Apart

How To Fall Apart

By Lia Hynes x Tall Tales
When Liadan Hynes’ marriage fell apart someone told her that things might never be ok again, this is a podcast that sets out to disprove that. A podcast about picking up pieces, where she talks to people about how they coped or didn’t cope when life went off the rails. About the things that helped them put it all back together. And about the fact that we are all dealing with the same things, so sharing is caring, as her four year old daughter tells her.
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Life after cervical cancer with Anne Nally

How To Fall Apart

Holly Carpenter on depression
Liadan talks to Holly Carpenter about her depression, about retreating from life when you’re struggling, how friends can help in those moments, toxic positivity on social media, the effect of modelling on her body image, and finding it hard to reach out when you’re struggling. Tw- this conversation covers eating disorders
November 17, 2020
Living with loss | HTFA with The Irish Cancer Society
This episode of How To Fall Apart with the Irish Cancer Society aims to be a support for all those who are living with loss. I speak to Irish Cancer Society night nurse who talks about the support she offers families in those final hours. Orla Judge talks about how the pain of losing her mum is easing over time and Tríona McCarthy opens up about the loss of her sister ten years ago and finding the things that helped her cope. 
October 23, 2020
Coping with grief and living with loss | HTFA with The Irish Cancer Society
Conor Ferguson talks about his wife Keelin Shanley; meeting as teenagers, their life together, her memoir A Light That Never Goes Out, how they coped with her breast cancer diagnosis, and managing grief. 
October 21, 2020
Living with and beyond breast cancer | HTFA with the Irish Cancer Society
This series of How to Fall Apart with the Irish Cancer Society aims to be a virtual support group for this currently affected by breast cancer. We will talk to women who have themselves received a cancer diagnosis on coping with treatment, living with cancer and what happens in the aftermath. We will also speak to a number of health professionals – GPs, consultants and nurses, for advice on different stages of the process.
October 16, 2020
Living with cancer with Trina Cleary | HTFA with the Irish Cancer Society
This series of How to Fall Apart with the Irish Cancer Society aims to be a virtual support group for this currently affected by breast cancer. We will talk to women who have themselves received a cancer diagnosis on coping with treatment, living with cancer and what happens in the aftermath. We will also speak to a number of health professionals – GPs, consultants and nurses, for advice on different stages of the process.
October 14, 2020
The treatment episode | HTFA with The Irish Cancer Society
This episode looks at the impact of breast cancer treatment, and the ways in which women learn to cope. Aisling Reilly, Aileen Murphy talk about their experiences, and consultant oncologist Dr Cathy Kelly explains what to expect.
October 9, 2020
Evelyn O'Rourke on receiving a breast cancer diagnosis when pregnant | HTFA with the Irish Cancer Society
In 2010, two days after she found out she was pregnant with her second child, broadcaster Evelyn O’Rourke was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the second trimester of her pregnancy she underwent chemotherapy. We talked about how she created a support about her, ‘outsourcing’ parts of her life, how she dealt with the fear, what her husband said to her that helped her get through, and coping with anxiety in the aftermath of cancer
October 7, 2020
The diagnosis episode | HTFA with the Irish Cancer Society
This series of How to Fall Apart with the Irish Cancer Society aims to be a virtual support group for this currently affected by breast cancer.  We will talk to women who have themselves received a cancer diagnosis on coping with treatment, living with cancer and what happens in the aftermath. We will also speak to a number of health professionals – GPs, consultants and nurses, for advice on different stages of the process. This episode features insight from Dr. Doireann O Leary, Helen Cody and Marie Fleming.  We would ask that at a time when we cannot hold the very necessary fundraising coffee mornings in person you consider making a donation on
October 2, 2020
Sarah Donovan on her breast cancer diagnosis | HTFA with the Irish Cancer Society
 The first episode in our new series, How to Fall Apart with the Irish Cancer Society. Over eight episodes, we will speak to a number of women about their experiences of cancer, from diagnosis, through treatment, to coping with the aftermath. In this episode Liadán speaks to mother of two Sarah Donovan who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of thirty-seven. Sarah underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as double mastectomy. After discovering she had the BRCA 2 gene, Sarah had surgery to have her ovaries removed. She is now cancer free.
September 30, 2020
Life after cervical cancer with Anne Nally
Anne Nally was twenty-nine years old and twenty-nine weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with cancer. We talked about how she coped with the treatment involved and the multiple symptoms she continues to suffer eight years later, as well the new Life After Cancer treatment centres she is involved in. Anne is one of the group of Irish women whose smear test was incorrectly read, and she talks about how she had tried to come to terms with the fact that her cancer would have been preventable, and finding her voice in advocating for herself and other women.
July 28, 2020
Life after Burnout with Daniella Moyles
Daniella Moyles talks about coming back from a breakdown, the behaviours that led there and learning to live slow. 
July 3, 2020
Sophie White interviews Liadan
In this special episode of How To Fall Apart, Sophie White steps in as host as Lia becomes guest. The friends chat all things book related - from writing process to boundaries to the flower dress renaissance.  How to Fall Apart is out now.
June 23, 2020
Life after direct provision
Ellie Kisyombe talks about grief and trauma in the aftermath of nearly a decade living in Direct Provision, how she is coming to terms with the lost years, and the new home she is building for her family. Liadán also spoke to Katie Mannion, Managing Solicitor with the Irish Refugee Council, who talked about some of the issues being experienced by people living in Direct Provision, and some of the ways we can help people currently in the system.
June 15, 2020
The mother episode
In our latest episode of How to Fall Apart, the Support Series, sponsored by Dunnes Stores, the Mothers' episode, @liadanhynes spoke to a number of mothers about how they are coping since Covid-19 began. How are they balancing career with no childcare, are they managing to mind their mental health? We spoke to @jenniemcginn @nataliebcoleman and @sashahearts
June 8, 2020
Bonus Episode: Stefanie Preissner on loss
This week we have a second episode, an interview with writer, actor and broadcaster Stefanie Preissner. Stefanie's beloved Nana Eileen Keary passed away last September. In this interview, which took place in two parts, just before Covid-19 restrictions and several weeks into social isolation, Stefanie discussed the nature of grief, our current collective grief, and what it is like to grieve in isolation.
May 24, 2020
The Grief Episode
This week's episode of How to Fall Apart, the Support Series, sponsored by Dunnes Stores, is The Grief Episode. Liadan Hynes spoke to Elle Gordon, who lost her father Trevor Gordon, about experiencing the final weeks of a loved one's life as a family in isolation, and the support offered by neighbours from a distance, to Siobhan Cullen whose mother Eileen O'Neill was the third person to die of Covid-19 in the country, on her mother's final hours and how hard it is to move through grief in lockdown, to clinical psychologist Nicola McGlade who spoke from her own experience on how grief changes over time, and clinical psychologist Dr Tony Bates on the difficulty of grieving in a world that for now feels fundamentally unsafe. She also spoke to Brian Dowling, host of the podcast Death Becomes Him, on what he has learnt about grief from his guests.
May 24, 2020
The mental health episode
This week in the mental health episode, we're covering what's often called reactive depression; depressed feelings caused in reaction to a specific situation, something a lot of us can relate to right now. @liadanhynes spoke to clinical pyschologist Dr Tony Bates @jigsawYMH and Gillian Roddie @evidentiallyyou about how they coped with their own experiences of depression over a number of years, and chartered psychologist Aisling Leonard-Curtin about how to help someone you are living with who might be suffering.
May 15, 2020
How to support in work
This week's episode of How to Fall Apart, the Support Series, sponsored by @dunnesstores is The Work Episode. We talked to psychotherapist Jason Brennan, psychologist Aisling Leonard-Curtin and @MuireannO_C @FionnualaJay and @aislingmkeenan about dealing with the current stresses within the workplace, managing the lack of boundaries and switching off when working at home, and the impact on mental health when we lose a job.
May 5, 2020
How to Support Single Parents
This week's episode of How to Fall Apart, the Support Series, sponsored by Dunnes Stores is about single parents. @liadanhynes spoke to Zoe Desmond, founder of @FroloApp Karen Kiernan of @1familyieland, Sam Dunne of @treoir, as well as clinical psychologist Rachel Warman, herself a single parent. We spoke about how to manage the issues facing single parents including loneliness, financial fears, and co-parenting challenges, and also how single parents might be in some ways uniquely equipped to deal with certain aspects of social isolation.
April 28, 2020
How to Support Children at Home
The first episode of How to Fall Apart - The Support Series, sponsored by Dunnes Stores is live now. For this six part series we’re asking the experts for advice on how to cope with the challenges we’re all facing. This episode focuses on children - how this affects them, how we can support them. We spoke to clinical psychologists Dr Tony Bates, Dr Nicola McGlade and Dr Olwyn Finnegan, as  well as clinical psychotherapist Dr Joanna Fortune, sleep consultant Lucy Wolfe, and parents Kate Gunn, Sophie White, Jackie Lynam and Helen Steele. We covered small children to teenagers. Huge thank you to everyone who spoke to me for this, and to Dunnes Stores.
April 14, 2020
Life after ADHD
Our guest this week is designer, artist and mother of three Helen Steele. Helen talks about having ADHD, how even from the first day of school she felt like there was something different about her, about the anxiety it caused which subsequently led to her developing an eating disorder. She talked about how sport and art helped her cope, about having a baby and isolation in motherhood after she moved away from Dublin, about her fitness range for Dunnes Stores and how for her exercise is about the mind rather than the body, and how she coped with a divorce after she and her husband separated several years ago.
January 17, 2020
Life After Losing A Loved One
My guest on this week’s episode is Nadia Forde. We talked about her parents separation when she was seven, her subsequent estrangement from her mother, how she coped when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and letting go and accepting that their relationship might never be what she had hoped. We also chatted of course about Nadia’s experience on I’m A Celebrity, body shaming and her own path to motherhood. Thank you to Nadia for her honesty, humour and openness.
January 6, 2020
What about when Christmas Isn’t the most wonderful time of the year?
We spoke to Jen O’Dwyer co-host of The Creep Dive and Mother of Pod, Soobie Lynch, @standingbythewall and all round creative genius, and Esther O’Moore Donohoe, host of podcasts the 80% and Esther is in Bits,  about when Christmas isn’t all joy and festivities, and it feels like the rest of the world is having the time of its life. We talked about when a family member is ill at Christmas time, about separation- both your own and your parents, about wanting to create new traditions or not wanting to for fear of things falling apart again. About having to reinvent your Christmas and getting over thinking things have to be a certain way for Christmas to be right.
December 19, 2019
Life after going freelance
We did our first panel! Aisling Keenan Sarah Rickard and Dawn Nolan talked to me about freelancer fear- what it is and how to deal with it. We spoke about making the decision to go freelance (or having it made for you by redundancy), anxiety and the ways in which freelancing exacerbates that, the isolation of working on your own, talking about money, valuing yourself, the never-say-no freelancer mentality, not getting paid, being self employed and single parent, and always being on.
November 8, 2019
Life After IVF
In this week's episode, boutique owner Mary Greene talks about her 10 year journey to conceive. It's an unconventional story with many highs and too many lows but an eventual surprise ending. 
November 5, 2019
Life after becoming a single parent
My guest today is Zoe Desmond, the founder of Frolo, the single parent networking app. Zoe became a single parent two years ago when her son Billy was one. At the time she really struggled with the sense of isolation from not knowing any other single parents, the loneliness and the sense of otherness. After finding nothing online that would help her meet others in a similar situation, she went on to create Frolo. The app launched five weeks ago and is now both a source of advice and an instigator of meets. Zoe talks about loneliness, how to navigate co-parenting, manage the times when your child is with the other parent, and creating your network.
November 1, 2019
Life After Miscarriage with Yvonne Hogan
Editor and journalist Yvonne Hogan speaks about losing her baby when nineteen weeks pregnant. “Grief is a physical thing, you can’t think your way out of it, you have no control over it,” she said in our interview. “Until something bad happens to you, you don’t realise bad things can happen. I just thought you got past twelve weeks and that was it.” We talked about the exhaustion of grief, about the decision to have another baby, figuring out just how to deal with this loss, how to talk about the loss of a baby. “There is no blueprint”, Yvonne said; she went on to set up a baby loss section on which is full of personal testimonies from women of all ages, including some who decades later told their story for the first time.
October 10, 2019
Life After Your Child’s Diagnosis
Stylist Paula Hughes talks about her daughter Kayla being diagnosed with the rare degenerative brain disorder Rhett syndrome. About chasing a diagnosis, advocating for your child, how they taught Kayla to communicate, looking after your marriage while also caring for your child, raising a second child within this situation, about still finding the joy in life, and about how their daughter’s love of food led Aura and her husband to create their food delivery business Kayla’s Kitchen.
October 1, 2019
Life After Alzheimer's with Sophie White
Someone recently asked Sophie and I if we ever run out of things to talk about, the answer is no. When we originally sat down to do an interview for HTFA, we chatted for nearly three hours. So we kept this second half for this week, when Sophie's first novel, Filter This, comes out. Sophie talks about her dad, Kevin Linehan, who died in 2017 after a long illness with alzheimer's. About when a loss takes place not in one moment, but over a number of years. Of what it is like to grieve for someone while they are still here. Sometimes when a person is gone, but also still infront of you, it is easier to make yourself forget what they were like, as it's too painful to remember. Soph talks about how she reconnected with her memories of her dad through meditation.
September 5, 2019
Life After Breast Cancer with Georgie Crawford
Georgie Crawford was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 when her daughter was just seven months old. A year after her treatment finished, she talks about coping with her diagnosis and her treatment, about mothering through sickness, and the aftermath of cancer-living with fear, the guilt and shame she sometimes feels around food, setting up her hugely successful podcast The Good Glow, and how the experience of having cancer changed her totally.
August 9, 2019
Life After Suicide
Our new episode of #howtofallapart is up now. Trigger warning, this episode is a conversation about life after suicide. I spoke to my friend make-up artist Eilis Downey, who two years ago lost her sister Lyn, who died by suicide.  “Knowing Lyn was to love her,” Eilis says. They had lived together, worked together and hung out together. In the aftermath, she said that she didn’t know how to be herself without her sister. But Eilis faced into her loss in a way I think is totally awe inspiring and a hugely helpful roadmap for anyone who has to come to terms with having to live with someone without whom they previously couldn’t imagine their life. She talked about not being angry at her sister. How she got through the first few weeks of grief. Starting counselling within weeks of her sister’s death, because she knew she wasn’t good at talking to the people close to her about how she was feeling, and because she didn’t want her life to fall apart. Trying to find a new normal. Accepting the fact that she might not ever be the same kind of happy again. On accepting a loss. How she wrote a letter to herself making a decision to live her life again. How when you’re grieving there will always be days when you feel sad,  no matter how much time passes. The language we use to talk about suicide.  “You learn to live without someone. It’s like a really bad break up. You have to figure out a way of moving on without them”. #podcast #lifeafterloss #lifeaftersuicide
July 20, 2019
Life After Loss with Elizabeth Gilbert
With her book #eatpraylove @elizabeth_gilbert_writer essentially wrote the manifesto for what to do when your life goes off the path you had expected it to go on. Here she talks about how her biggest mistake back then was thinking that she needed to stop going after one year. And that our lives don’t end in tidy happy ever after packages. We talked about her grief over the last year, in the wake of the death of her partner and best friend Rayya Elias, of how depression is often caused by blocking all feelings, about when grief feels like rage, how she deals with fear, what she thinks about #metoo, about female promiscuity, and her new book #cityofgirls which is about women and friendship, and how women can survive the consequences of their at times bad choices. This interview originally appeared in the Sunday Independent. Big big thank you to @cormac.kinsella for all your help setting this up #elizabethgilbert #podcast
July 8, 2019
Life After Your Body Breaks Your Heart
Journalist Elle Gordon was born with cerebral palsy and later developed hip dysplasia. She talked about feeling other, about the grief around letting go of expectations, on why acceptance is a process not a destination, and about talking honestly about living with a disability.
June 30, 2019
Life After Cancer
Our newest episode of #howtofallapart is up now with my brilliant friend and colleague journalist and author Emily Hourican, whose new book The Outsider is just out. Five years ago she was diagnosed with HPV mouth cancer. We talked about her husband David kept everything going so she could let all the balls drop, her treatment which involved her bolted to the table in a mask she compared to the man in the iron mask (swipe), about being self employed and having to keep going (she wrote an incredible column for the Sunday Independent during all of this) and not being able to just disappear into getting through, about anger when the narrative of your life changes from what you had planned, and how to cope when the person you thought you were vanishes. Emily is incredibly eloquent and honest, really grateful to her for such generosity
June 20, 2019
Life After a Break-Up
Tv presenter Cassie Stokes talks about coping with the recent break-up of her relationship, speaking publicly about grief, coming out, and being “the gay one” on Xpose. How to Fall Apart is presented by @liadanhynes and produced by @talltalespodcasts
May 30, 2019
Life in Direct Provision
Founder of Our Table, activist and Social Democrat candidate Ellie Kisyombe talks about living for almost a decade in Direct Provision, in a life over which she has virtually no control. About the strength she draws from the memories of her family and her life in Africa, overcoming depression, the importance of your own home, raising children within the Direct Provision system where they do not even have a kitchen table to sit down at, and the difficulty for teenagers integrating their life in Direct Provision with that of their school life, how the support and empathy of Darina Allen helped her to find her self confidence again, accepting her life here, and ultimately building a community of friends and a new life here. How to Fall Apart is presented by @liadanhynes and produced by @talltalespodcasts
May 24, 2019
Life After Your Marriage Falls Apart
Author and head of social media for Kate Gunn talks about how she put life back together after her marriage fell apart, about how grief can feel physically painful, how to mind your children through this process, learning to live without another adult, living with a spouse suffering from depression, about building a new home, dealing with panic attacks, and introducing your children to a new partner. How to Fall Apart is presented by @liadanhynes and produced by @talltalespodcasts
May 23, 2019
Life After a Nervous Breakdown
Author, journalist and podcast Sophie White talks about having a nervous breakdown in her early twenties, how recovery from mental health issues is an ongoing process rather than a one off thing, what to do when your sense of who you were deserts you, when depression looks like someone who is highly functioning, and post natal depression. How to Fall Apart is presented by @liadanhynes and produced by @talltalespodcasts
May 19, 2019