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Life With Libbie

Life With Libbie

By Libbie
Spiritual and conscious based. Empowering women to find their self love magic and to use it to better their lives, relationships, and finances.
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Manifesting the Right Way With Lydia Bachmeier

Life With Libbie

How to Build & Cultivate Body Confidence
Learn how to love yourself deeper by acknowledging your worth & claiming your divine right to confidence in your body! This episode is all about practical steps to build your body confidence. Follow Libbie on Instagram Join the Abundance & Self Love for Magical Babes Community 
November 13, 2021
Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship
Follow Libbie on Instagram Join the Abundance & Self Love for Magical babes fb group (FREE)
October 29, 2021
4 Ways to Feel More Worthy
4 Practical ways for you to begin to align with your divine and unshakeable worth.  Follow Libbie on Instagram  Self Love & Abundance for Magical Babes FB Group
October 8, 2021
How to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts
This episode is all about how you can begin to activate and cultivate your spiritual gifts as well as how to strengthen them using your own divine power.  To contact Libbie follow on instagram & DM or Join the Abundance & Self Love for Magical Babes FB group 
September 14, 2021
Overcoming Self-Judgement & Victimhood
I talk about the steps of how you come into victimhood, what was in place before you were even here, how you came to agreement with false beliefs, how they are destructive forces in your life and how to confront these beliefs and replace them with the truth of love. Stop living in cyclical shame and trauma and allow yourself to become the victor, the conqueror, the bad ass warrior woman that you truly are.  To schedule your free sacred strategy call with me follow & DM me on instagram  Join the Abundance & Self Love for Magical Babes FB Group
August 26, 2021
4 Practical Ways to Begin Your Self Love Journey
Welome back to the LWL Podcast where we talk about all things spiritual & self love!  Today we talk about how to begin your self love journey by accepting yourself where you are at and how to take aligned action to deeply love yourself and step into your power, becoming the woman you dream of being.  Follow Libbie on instagram Join the Abundance & Self Love For Magical Babes FB Group HERE
August 10, 2021
Self love & Manifestation LIVE Q&A
Self Love & Manifestation Q&A - answering your questions! We answered: WHY you don’t like your body, why you’re always comparing yourself to other Instagram babes & how you can begin to love & appreciate your body truly deeply and immensely. Why you have insecurities in your relationship & how to build confidence in yourself so you stop sabotaging the love you have. Why you are always worried about what other people think of and how to release that shame for good so you can release your limits and ascend into the life you truly deserve. How the need to be in control becomes self sabotage and how you can address this to heal yourself, integrate your shadows and lower your anxiety. How to get out of your comfort zone while being in alignment and doing it with pleasure and excitement! Magical babe, if you’re ready to release the embodied structures of capitalism, patriarchy and sexism that have been internalized and sabotage your life & ready to raise your vibration so you can be in alignment with the divine rich and abundant life you deserve. Let’s have a girl chat, you and me where we will strategize step by step how to get you out of the bs mundane reality and into your divinity. Apply for your call here 
March 31, 2021
Wands, Potions, Manifesting & All Things Magick with Natasha Heard from Blessed Branches
Natasha Heard from Blessed Branches, the majestical maker of all things magical joins us to share her deep wisdom and knowledge about all things magical including wands & how to use them, potions & how to make & use them, as well as spirit guides, and how to love & empower yourself to manifest your desires. Follow Blessed Branches on Instagram Go to Blessed Branches Etsy Shop Join the Magical AF Babes FB Group Schedule your FREE call with libbie to map out your manifestations Follow Libbie on instagram
March 19, 2021
It’s OK to be Selfish
It’s not just okay. It’s important for you to be selfish. To put yourself first. To want beautiful things for yourself. To go for the life that is worthy of you and stop the settle and sacrifice. To schedule your 1 on 1 call with me to go from mundane to magic click this link:
March 16, 2021
The Power of You: How To Brand Your Biz With Pixie Grace
 Pixie Grace is a personal branding expert who focuses on helping entrepreneurs to Master Their Million Dollar Message & create Scroll Stopping content! Pixie teaches how you to use the power of your origins, story & skills to become a marketing queen. This episode gives you practical tips for you to start creating your own captivating content no matter what stage of business you are in. Plus- she's not afraid to call BS on toxicity, gaslighting, and other abuse within the online coaching world. Becomes Friends with Pixie Follow Libbie on instagram Join the Magical AF Babes Facebook Group  Friend Libbie on Facebook  Schedule Your heart to heart call with Libbie to pin point exactly what is holding you back, and step into your majestic magic. 
March 12, 2021
Energy of the Divine Femme in Every Day Life
Lately I have been having a hard time Receiving messages for myself. What I found was I was not tapping into my divine feminine nature and my energy. In today’s show I tell you how you can tap into your divine feminine energy and practical ways to use it in your every day life. Apply for your call with me here:
March 9, 2021
How to Use the Tarot with Pageant Queen Pixie
Christian, Pageant Queen Pixie, tarot reader, herbalist, youtuber and content creator gives you the BEST introduction to the Tarot. Sharing her own experience in going from restrictive religion to finding freedom in her own energy & spiritual gifts, Pageant Queen Pixie explains who the Tarot is for, what it can be used for, and how to read the cards. The Tarot is nothing to be scared of, as it is a tool that is used for you to tap into your own energy and intuition (that you already have) and helps to bring clarity in your life. Find Pageant Queen Pixie on youtube Follow Pageant Queen Pixie on Instagram Like Pageant Queen Pixie on Facebook Join the Magical AF Babes Fb group Follow Libbie on Instagram Schedule your Call with Libbie
March 4, 2021
Why You Have Guilt & Shame When Putting Yourself First
An anthropological perspective into the ways women have been kept out of the public spheres and made to be hidden in homes and how these have served to reinforce patriarchal systems and values even in today's society. I explain how systems of patriarchy have crafted and molded women's psyche to make them believe that they are lesser than men, and whose only worth and value is in serving others and putting everyone else before themselves. It is time for you to understand where the guilt and shame is coming from and how you can begin to release it and be confident in making you - your number 1 priority.  Join the Magical AF Group Follow Libbie on Instragram Schedule your 1 on 1 call with Libbie to find your energetic blocks & resistance
March 2, 2021
Spirituality & Politics in Business With Whitney Mcquade
Biracial Online Business Owner, Whitney Mcquade shares her story from soul-sucking corporate job to fulfilling Online Queen. If you are ready to start your very own online business with a spiritual twist, this episode is for you. Whitney speaks about overcoming major mental illnesses with her very own spirituality practices and how this gave her the strength to become a leader to thousands. She is a Black Lives Matter advocate and aims to create space for BIPOC women to be seen, heard, and valued in the online space.  Join Whitney's Facebook Group The Female Entreprenuer Community Follow Whitney on Instagram  Connect With Libbie Join the Magical AF Babes FB Group  Follow Libbie on Instagram Book Your 1 on 1 heart to heart call With Libbie (free) 
February 25, 2021
7 Daily Self Care Practices
7 Daily Self Care Practices that have the power to change the way you interact with yourself and raise your self worth. You deserve to treat yourself like the queen you are. These practices are all about embracing you, giving yourself the time and care that you deserve, and allowing yourself the freedom to express who you are. It is time for you to enjoy yourself, to love on yourself, and to deeply care for you.  Book Your Free Strategy Call with Libbie  Follow Libbie on Instagram Join Magical AF Babes
February 23, 2021
Freedom, Alignment & Manifesting With Ryin Lokietz
Leading Spiritual Mindset Expert & Manifestation Master, Author of The Universe is My Sugar Daddy, Ryin Lokietz shares how both herself and her family became free from a cult, and how this traumatic experience in childhood empowered her to own her power, live in freedom and teach others to do the same. We talk all about why living in your truth and alignment is so important to your manifestation. PLUS Ryin offers many practical tips to cultivate a deeper sense of love and stronger spiritual mindset. Join The Universe is My Sugar Daddy facebook group  Follow Ryin on instagram  Get The Universe is My Sugar Daddy Book Contact Libbie Join the Magical AF Babes Facebook Group Schedule your strategy call with Libbie  Follow Libbie on instagram 
February 18, 2021
3 Divine Ways to Own Your Power
You are a total power house babe. You have the ability to call in and create anything that you desire. **Owning your power is the ability to stand firm in who you are. **Standing firm in your excellence, greatness, beauty and wisdom. When you own your power, you are saying the universe "I am unshakeable". It doesn't matter what happens - you lose your job, go through a gut wrenching break up, your laptop breaks down, you mother in law yells at you... - whatever it is, you will handle with total ease and grace. Apply for your Call with Libbie Here to strategize your way from mundane into total magic Join the Free Magical AF Babes Group Follow Libbie On Instagram Follow Life With Libbie on Facebook 
February 16, 2021
Healing Relationship, Sexual and Personal Trauma With Isiasha
Going through toxic relationships, how to recognize the signs you're dating someone with problematic behaviours (which are trauma responses), how to heal from sexual trauma and so much more. Isiasha is a life coach and transformation facilitator. After going through 30 years of trauma, Isiasha has deep personal experience in overcoming addictions, sexual assualt, toxic relationships and so much more. She is now thriving, raising her daughters, taking her passions and turning them into businesses that change people's lives.  Connect with Isiasha via her website as well as on facebook: Follow Isiasha on instagram Connect with Libbie Facebook Instagram Join the Free Magical AF Babes Group Schedule Your Strategy Call from mundane to magic here
February 14, 2021
How I Manifested My Dream Home
My husband and I got serious about our manifesting, even when covid separated us, we were able to claim and call in our dream home. I tell you exactly what we did in order to attract in our beautiful house, that has everything we asked for PLUS more. Leave room for the universe to work its magic in your life.  Join the Magical AF Babes Group for free meditations and training on how to uplevel your life  Book Your heart to heart call with me here Follow Libbie on instagram
February 9, 2021
Shamanistic Healing with Alissandra Moon
Alissandra Moon is a Womens Empowerment Specialist, Psychic, Witch, and Healer. Togther, Alissandra and I talk about bringing down the patriarchy, why talk therapy doesn't work (for everyone), and how other spiritual modalities work together to bring peace, healing and wholeness. PLUS Alissandra shares her tips on how to use the magic of the moon to heal & how you can practice your own magic without any tools, and simply showing up as you!  Find Alissandra on Facebook Join the FREE  Power Priestess fb group   Schedule Your heart to heart call with Libbie to take you out of the mundane and into your majestic magic  Joing the FREE Magical AF Babes fb group Follow Libbie on Instagram
February 5, 2021
6 Signs You Have Abandonment Wounds (plus find your romantic attachment style)
Have you ever felt like your friends don't totally have your back? Do you find yourself scrolling through your partner's phone? Do you become clingy when you feel like you're being ignored? Do you feel like you need to prove yourself to everyone you meet? Are you worried about what other people think of you? It's time to get REAL about your abondment and how it is manifesting in and destroying your life, your self worth, and your relationships.  The good news is you don't have to be like this forever.  If you are ready to heal, reprogram, transfrom out of the abandonment and manifest the life of your dreams, stand up for yourself, reach your goals, and live from a state of pure magic, then I invite you today love to have a 1 on 1 chat with me where we will discuss exactly what you are going through, and make a plan for you to step out of the mundane and into your majestic magic. Apply here OR you can message me directly on any of my social medias and I will respond to you. Take a chance on you, you're more than ready, you are more than worthy.  Follow Libbie on Instagram Join the Magical AF Babes fb Group
February 2, 2021
Honoring The Self With Sonia
Sonia owner and creator of WMW retreats has a conversation with me about being wild women, having drunk selves who love to adventure, being seen heard and acknowleged. What it means to respond to emotions, looking deeper into the current situations that are really triggers, asking what parts of you are not being heard and seen. How to detach yourself from positive and negative judgments, letting go of past relationships and imagined futures. Meridians on planet earth and the body.  And so much MORE!  Connect With WMW  Follow WMW  Book Your Strategy Call from Mundane to Magic with Libbie Follow Libbie on Instagram Join the FREE Magical AF Babes fb group
January 28, 2021
The Spiritual Meanings of Number 27
Jan 26 is my Birthday! How amazing that it landed on a Tuesday when I release my solo episodes!  It is my 27th birthday so I talk all about the number 27. Interesting fun facts as well as the numerology understanding of 27 and what it means according to biblical and Hebrew tradition.  27 is all about humanitarianism, creativity, completion, and divine strength.  Follow Libbie on Instagram Join the Magical AF Babes Group
January 26, 2021
Emotion Code & PSYCH-K with Grethe
Grethe is a manifestation coach, Emotion Code and Psych-K Expert. She explains practical ways you can listen to your body in order to heal and release emotional pain stored within your body and mind.  Connect With Grethe and find out about her services here Life with Libbie listeners will receive a 20 % discount on their first session when using the coupon code LIBBIE. Connect With Grethe on Facebook  Follow Grethe on  Instagram Watch Grethe on YouTube: Love Yourself to Great Health  Follow Libbie on instagram Join the Magical AF Babes Free FB Group Apply to Work with Libbie
January 22, 2021
Living With & Overcoming Bipolar Disorder
It's no secret that I live with Bipolar disorder type 2. I get real on what it's like to be diagnosed with bipolar, what my manic episodes have been like in the past and how they have transformed as I have become aligned with my highest self.  If you are over your mental illness and ready to release its power over you and reclaim your divinity, lets have a heart to heart 1 on 1 chat to map out your mundane to majestic life.  Book your call here  Follow Libbie on instagram Find Libbie on Facebook  Join the Magical AF Babes Community (free fb group)
January 19, 2021
Mental Health and Coming Out with Jay
A personal inspiration to me, a childhood friend, Jay shares his story from growing up in a conservative Christian home, coming out as gay and coming out as trans in his early twenties.  This episode is so special and dear to my heart.  Always be you, magic happens when you are true to who you are.  Be inspired to love yourself enough to be you, even when its hard. As Jay says, its easier to be you than it is to hide who you are.  Join the Magical AF Babes FB Group
January 14, 2021
How to Get Out of an Emotional Slump
We are all there sometimes. Seeds of depression and anxiety started hitting me early in 2021. I explain how to overcome these thoughts and create more peace (and anything you want) in your life.  Get the Magical Babe's Self Love Workbook Join Magical AF Babe's Facebook group
January 12, 2021
Intro to Human Design with Shree Fulcher
Get a full introductory course to all things human design. If you have ever wondered what it is, how to read your chart, or generally curious, this is a value packed show explaining the basics to Human Design. Shree is a crystal shop owner, multi-modality healer, Human Design Expert and Coach, To contact Shree, book a HD reading with her, you can find her here: @ascensionobx via IG @awaken_w_shree via IG Join the Magical AF Babes Facebook Group Follow Libbie on instagram
January 7, 2021
Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone in 2021
Your 2021 is going to look exactly like your 2020 unless you get out of your comfort zone. In today's episode I share the ways that I have stepped out of my comfort zone personally and in my business as well as I am transitioning from 2020 to 2021 and how you can finally get out of your own way and into your dream life.  Find me on instagram  Join the Magical AF Babes Group  Email me today to join the Self Love Magic Group coaching program at: 
January 5, 2021
Personal and Financial Success with Candice Bakx-Friesen
Candice is a Real Estate Investor/Coach/Agent/Speaker, and a Financial Consultant/Coach. Candice shares how she started her business and how you can have personal and financial success. Contact Candice here: Follow Candice on Instagram  Contact Libbie: Follow  Libbie on Instagram Join the Magical AF Babes Group
December 31, 2020
How my life transformed in 2020
How loving myself transformed my entire life. Even with set backs like the pandemic separating me from my husband, 2020 was a thriving year.  Contact Libbie: Join the Magical AF Babes Group Follow Libbie on Instagram
December 29, 2020
Big Body Confidence with BODIED Katrina Nurse
Katrina "Treen" Nurse, owner of BODIED by Treen, shares her empowering life experiences about growing up as a big girl and the struggles that came with it. These struggles empowered her to start her own line for all women, all bodies. No petit sections, no plus size sections, just a place where all bodies can shop and know they will carry their size. Treen shares how she overcomes insecurities, finds confidence in her body, and how you can too.  Shop BODIED by Treen  Follow BODIED by Treen  Contact Libbie: Follow Libbie on instagram  Join the Magical AF Babes Group 
December 24, 2020
How to Surrender to The Universe
Find out what surrendering to the universe means, how you can do it, and how it will change your life. Release control and accept that any outcome does not affect your self worth. Walk in your magic babe.  Contact Libbie: Join the Magical AF Babes Group Follow Libbie on Instagram
December 22, 2020
Business Wellness & Mindset with Cherish
Glow Grow & Thrive  with small business pro Cherish speaks on the right mindset you need in having a successes business or side hustle.  Follow Cherish on instagram  Follow Libbie on instagram Join the Magical AF Babes Group
December 17, 2020
Being Enough for You
Do you feel like you don't measure up? Do you abandon yourself? Do you jump from relationship to relationship? Do you attract romantic partners who never stay? Not feeling good enough shows up in these ways. Find out if you have show any of the signs that have a belief that you are not enough, and how to move past this, to love and accept yourself as you are. Join Magical AF Babes Group Follow Me on Instagram
December 15, 2020
Manifesting the Right Way With Lydia Bachmeier
Manifestation Coach is here to let you know what you should be focusing on, what you shouldn't be focusing on , and how to pass your conscious mind to reprogram your subconscious beliefs.  Contact Lydia  Tiktok: @lydiabachmeier  Fierce Manifesters Group  Join my Magical AF Babes FB group Follow me on instagram
December 10, 2020
How to Love Your Body
Some REAL truths about why you don't love your body and how you can truly start to love your body inside and out. Join Magical AF Babes  Follow me on instagram  Contact:
December 8, 2020
Rockstar Sobriety with Brittany Graling aka GrlGlimmer
Singer, songwriter, pianist and all round incredibly talented musician, Brittany Graling shares her experiences of having a toxic relationship with alcohol, and how getting sober has benefited her career, her voice, and her life.  Follow Brittany on Instagram Like Brittany's Band The Sissy Fits Follow me on instagram Join my Magical AF Babes Facebook group
December 3, 2020
How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk & Beliefs
Why do you have limiting beliefs? Why do you feel not enough? Why do you diminish yourself and talk down to you?  In today's show I go over this and how you can recognize your negative self talk, habits and patterns.   I make taking action clear and so doable by showing you 3 steps to overcome negative self talk and beliefs.  Join my Magical AF Babes Facebook Group  Follow me on instagram
December 2, 2020
Trauma and Healing Through The Body with Cate Allen
Expert in trauma and recreating neurological pathways, using the body to heal itself, Cate Allen is here to share with us her invaluable insight on how you can begin to reconcile with your body and heal your trauma.   WATCH Life Hacks With Cate on Amazon Prime   Contact Cate: Find Cate on Facebook    Join the Magical AF Babes Fb Group   Follow Me on Instagram  Contact Libbie:
November 26, 2020
Embrace Your Inner Goddess
Easy and practical ways to embrace the Goddess that you already are.  Join my Magical AF Babes fb group: Follow me on instagram: Contact me: 
November 24, 2020
Sustainable Travel with Amina
Ever wondered how you can safely, ethically and sustainably solo travel as a woman? Amina began her start up company, Indy Odyssey Travel,  answering this question. Join my Magical AF Babes Facebook group here: Follow me on instagram: Contact me:
November 20, 2020
Problematic Christianity
In this interview with former ministry worker, Lauralynn Maurais, we discuss lessons the church taught us such as self-sacrificing love and how we see this being put into practice in our lives.  However, the church community itself is filled with problematic ideologies and behaviour. Lauralynn discusses why she and her husband chose to leave the church and the community they thought they would have for ever.  We also get into problematic, short-term christian mission trips. How great intentions aren’t really benevolent - Dismantling the whiteness, patriarchal ignorance of the church. Is today’s church really following what Jesus taught? When is it okay to leave the church? You are connected to Divine, with or without church. You don't have to search for something outside of yourself. You are enough and the answers you seek are all within you. 
June 7, 2020
Consistency - How to make the Universe show up for you
Motivation to keep you on track, light a fire under your ass, and get shit done! The universe loves you and wants to show up for you!  Connect with me: 
May 23, 2020
Lessons my best friend taught me
Every woman deserves to have a best friend in her life that not only motivates her, but one who also teaches her, one who can expand and empower her.
May 19, 2020
My mission, upbringing and a lot of unlearning
Growing up in a Christian home, unlearning and healing from shame. How anthropology literally changed my life. Follow on Instagram @life.with.libbie and Facebook at
May 15, 2020
May 14, 2020
May 14, 2020